Video: BMW M6 Competition vs. Porsche 997 Turbo

BMW M6 | April 12th, 2009 by 11

The fellows at Drivers-Republic took the time to compare the BMW M6 with Competition package against the beautiful, classy and fast Porsche 997 Turbo. BMW …

The fellows at Drivers-Republic took the time to compare the BMW M6 with Competition package against the beautiful, classy and fast Porsche 997 Turbo. BMW M6 Competition is powered by the 5.0 liter V10 engine producing 507 horsepower.

The newest generation 997 Turbo is powered by a flat-six 3.6 liter turbocharged engine outputting 480 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. Now the question is: will the 997 Turbo be able to keep up with the more powerful M6? Are horsepower a decisive factor these days?

Take a look!

[Source: Drivers-Republic via 4RingBlog ]

11 responses to “Video: BMW M6 Competition vs. Porsche 997 Turbo”

  1. Elio says:

    The M6 has to be one of the most thrilling cars I’ve ever driven. The engine is very, very, special.

  2. Dirk says:

    Silly to compare if the M5 was limited to 155mph, would like to see the comparison without limited

  3. jon H says:

    how is the M6 competition different than the normal one?

  4. Doug says:

    Isn’t the porsche 3.8L ?

    It’s pretty cool the way they synchronized the driver videos. It would have been better if they’d done that on the driver + car shots too.

  5. Gil says:

    heh. this is nifty!

  6. Alan says:

    It’s a pity that they didn’t use launch control. I would love to see both cars using launch control. :(

  7. Matski says:

    M6 Competition is not massively different to the standard M6. Most noticable feature from the outside is the bonnet with the prominent creases down the middle, the car also sits 10-12mm lower on its suspensions with slightly wider tyres (half inch). Under the bonnet their are no real changes other than tweaked driver aids such as ABS, DSC and M diff.

    All round probably just a fractionally sportier drive, but I reckon that you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference between this and the normal M6 from behind the wheel.

  8. Gragop says:

    @Doug: The Turbo is the 3.6L – I think the GT3 has a tuned version of the 3.6 as well.

  9. Elio says:

    @Alan: The Porsche would have destroyed the M6 if they used launch control, as stated in the video the 911 has much better traction due to the four wheel drive and rear engine layout. But beyond the initial traction the M6 will run the 911 Turbo very close until the limiter.

  10. Kay says:

    BMWs are just rubbish. A 450hp Porsche abuses the almighty 507hp M6.. the one good ride BMW fans have been bragging about. No doubt, M6 is great, but c’mon guys .. car journalists are always on BMW’s side of the story. BMW is clearly over-rated. If Mercedes Benz isn’t living up to their hype, BMW can’t. Cos I know for a fact those guys at Mercedes Benz have better engineering history than BMW.

    Oh.. to the guy who says it’s silly to compare both.. don’t cry, the comparison is fair. 5.0L 507hp V10, against a 3.6L 450hp flat six engine. By all calculations, BMW should’ve launched before the Porsche and should’ve maintained lead until.. it reaches it 155mph speed limit.

  11. John Pham says:

    @Kay: The M6 is a pretty old car now, although it may be the current 2009 model, its based off a platform [S85B50 engine and technology] developed about 3-4 years ago.

    To say BMW is over-rated makes other brands look overrated also. Your opinion of BMW as overrated is based upon what? Your hatred against it? It’s clearly obvious you don’t like BMW, but why necessarily degrade it?

    BMW is not overrated and I can give you many reasons. Sure, like most European cars, its price can be a little ‘disappointing’ and ‘misleading’; but in terms of engineering; I have to say it is one of the best. Hence why most journalists vote in favor of it.

    You say Mercedes Benz have had a ‘better engineering history’?
    – Mercedes-Benz can ONLY be better than BMW in terms of elegance, luxury and reputation – being the oldest brand.
    – Mercedes-Benz can ONLY be better than BMW in terms of pioneering technologies…such as how they pioneered seat belts and air bags.
    BUT…NOT in engineering.
    – Mercedes-Benz have been known for elegance and stunning-looking cars (even at times more than BMW). But thats it. Although the AMG in-house tuner is great; its pretty much a car with a beefy, humongous, over-sized 6.3L M156 V8 engine. Despite a great car and being ridiculously fast, the car is no exceptional ‘evolution’ or ‘benchmark’ to engineering. It wins awards and gets the favorite vote because most of the [insert class]-63 AMGs are faster than most its rivals. If an AMG is given credit for its speed and beefy power; who is to say a Cadillac CTS is good also?

    If Mercedes-Benz REALLY was ‘better’ than BMW at engineering; how hard can it be for Mercedes-Benz to win awards at the International Engine of the Year award? For the oldest, most respectable, globally recognized brand that is known for its high quality-assured craftsmanship; it surely can’t be that hard to win a stupid medal/title?

    The award might seem stupid, but the majority vote of 50+ different automotive journalists around the world says a lot about which brand ‘engineer’ better engines than the other, especially when it is the core component of a car. The same can be said for Wards Top Engine List – can’t be hard for it to win some either?

    You might argue that Mercedes-Benz also make good engines, its true and is one of many reasons why you’ll find an AMG engine in a Pagani Zonda F. But you’ll find BMW engines being utilised in other cars as well. One should recall the famous, past-time Mclaren-F1 and the present Ascari A10 – an even faster car than the Pagani Zonda F.

    Although I’m not particularly in favor of BMW at the present moment with some of its designs [excluding the Xs, 7 series and 3 series], I find it reputable when it comes to ‘engineering’ – which you so happen to diss it for.

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