Luxury Sedans: 2009 BMW 528i, 2010 Mercedes Benz E350 and 2009 Audi A6

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One of the most popular comparisons in the higher-end luxury sedans market is the one between the popular BMW 5 Series, the E-Class from Mercedes …

One of the most popular comparisons in the higher-end luxury sedans market is the one between the popular BMW 5 Series, the E-Class from Mercedes and Audi’s luxury sedan, A6. The folks at Automobile Mag decided to test the new 2010 Mercedes Benz E350 against the current BMW 528i model, and the Audi A6 3.0 Turbo.

Recently, we have also attempted to compare the new E-Class, but this time, against the new generation 5 Series, represented by a “silly” leaked photo that we’ve seen. But, let’s see what the Automobile fellows had to say:


“In the past, the traditional German rivals in the mid-size sedan segment – the Audi A6, the BMW 5-series, and the Mercedes-Benz E-class – played specific roles and carved out their own places in the market. BMW positioned the 5-series as the dedicated driver’s car, Audi was first to offer four-wheel drive and direct-injection engines, and Mercedes emphasized comfort and prestige.

This scenario is about to change with the arrival of the new E-class, which is destined to shake up the hierarchy with new values, new qualities, and a new look. The ninth-generation Mercedes mid-size sedan has carefully conserved core brand values such as better-than-average packaging, a cosseting ride, and an emphasis on passive and active safety, but Mercedes engineers were determined to break new ground, and the result is the sportiest and best-handling E-class ever.

It also is available with a host of new driver-assistance and creature-comfort options, and it has an interior that sets new standards in terms of fit, finish, and surface materials. On top of that, the design – whether you like it or not – is a big departure from its play-it-safe predecessor.”

Continued: Luxury Sedan Comparison: 2010 Mercedes Benz E350, 2009 Audi A6, 2009 BMW 528i

  • Giom

    I’m unfamilliar with BMWs model line-up in the States, but is this 528i a direct competitor in this comparison? It seems out paced by the more expensive rivals -duh.

    Still, surprisingly, it hung on quite well, I thought.

  • Babak

    @Giom: You’re right. 535i would have been a better competitor, but I’m guessing they couldn’t get a 535i from BMW for their competition.

  • Kubica

    Mercedes Benz looks good… but just wait for the new 5er

  • jon H

    535 would spank both other bahn burners. so much torque.

  • younona

    This luxury car has a nice price and good performances. The design is a modern one, also the new technologies used.

  • flamur

    in this case MERCEDES is the best and more luxiourus and faster than bmw or audi

  • gps navigation

    German cars are really great in my opinion.

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