BMW 760 Li has been revealed!!!

7-series | April 9th, 2009 by 38
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Absolutely surprising, the same day the BMW X6 M make its world debut, BMW decides to unveil the BMW 7 Series flagship: 760Li. The car …

Absolutely surprising, the same day the BMW X6 M make its world debut, BMW decides to unveil the BMW 7 Series flagship: 760Li. The car has been rumored to appear for months, but BMW has never confirmed its existence, at least not officially.

As we hinted before, the new BMW 760i and 760Li are powered by a completely new 6.0-litre V12 all-aluminum engine with Twin-Turbo Technology,  High Precision Injection with fuel injected directly into the combustion chambers, and to BMW’s infinite double-VANOS camshaft adjustment as well as the eight-speed automatic transmission featured for the first time in a BMW.

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The V12 engine outputs 544 horsepower at 5,000 rpm, with maximum torque of 533 lb-ft at 1,500. The wheelbase has been extended by 5.5 inch providing more passenger space and comfort. As expected, the BMW 760 runs from 0-60 mph in just 4.6 seconds and it offers improved fuel consumption over the previous model by 4.5 per cent.

BMW 760i and 760Li will be offered in both rear-wheel-drive but also all-wheel-drive.

The exterior design has been slightly modified to differentiate the 760 models from the others, the kidney grille for the radiator boasts an extra-wide chrome frame in slightly concave design as well as bars extending powerfully to the front. The 19-inch wheels are only available on these models and together with the V12 model designation on the chrome-plated gills with their integrated side direction indicators at the transition point between the front side panel and the driver’s and, respectively, front passenger’s door likewise help identify the high-end 7 Series.

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The inside has been modified as well to reflect the ultimate luxury in the 760, stainless-steel door entry trim with an illuminated V12 cover, the instrument panel finished in Nappa leather and other details that makes the 760 owner feel special.

No pricing announcement at this point, but prior to the fall launch, we will learn more. BMW 760Li and 760i will debut at the Shanghai Auto Show next week along with the the new BMW X5 M.

Download BMW 760Li/760i Press Release and Specifications

38 responses to “BMW 760 Li has been revealed!!!”

  1. Jordan says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I really like the little touches added to differentiate it. I’ve driven the 750Li and now having a V12 with the power to go 0-60 in 4.6sec is :D !!!

    If I had the money i’d get this, the X5 x-Drive35d and the M3… and M5 :) hehe… k back to reality..

  2. Gil says:

    Inlaid wood on the dashboard? Pretty neat. That is a lot of wood to keep shiny…

    Looks really nice in white, too!

  3. mpower says:

    absolutely stunning.!

  4. Carlos Perez says:

    This give me hopes that the next gen M5, M6 get 600 hp hopefully,
    hope the don’t just tuned up the 4.4V8 TT, but instead make a new engine or at least used an actual M engine and add the TT (except the one on the twins)

  5. ferrari fan says:

    i like the non-orange gauges, something new.

  6. Kubica says:

    If they can do X6 M and X5 M, why they cant do a BMW M7…??

  7. Jag says:

    omg, gorgeous!

  8. P.wong says:

    wow, ive said this for so long, i wanted a quattroporte Maserati but im just going to get either that or the “m7” if it ever comes out…look at the craftsmanship,amazing

  9. okeribok says:

    @Kubica: Nooo! the orangeness! where has it gone? Let’s hope one can set the colors of the lights.

    Otherwise, could we call this M7, maybe?

  10. Gord says:

    100 more hp and better fuel economy … awesome.

  11. okeribok says:

    On another blog it was said to feature a “land departure system”. I believe that.

  12. Rich says:

    Will this be at New York?

  13. Lawrence says:

    This car is extraordinary! Cant wait till I’m done school next year March so I can get one in this beautiful Alpine White! GREAT JOB BMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. bunker says:

    An absolute monster. Well done.

  15. Joe says:

    Just sex on wheels.. this is nuts.

  16. I hope to see a few of these on the road soon.

  17. Kay says:

    You BMW fans amaze me. 544hp, yet could only do 4.6 secs from 0-60mph? Something the 600 can do with a mere 510hp, which wasn’t even re-engineered for the 2007 S class. So the S class still uses the same old V12, and still doing numbers comparable or even better than the 2010 760 Bayerische.

  18. kcsnayud says:

    yeah well take out the limiter and it will do 220mph

  19. Jordan says:


    Kay, YOU amaze me. You present data that is factually true yet doesn’t tell the whole picture and of course paints a brighter picture for MB. How about we talk about ALL the facts. Ever heard of torque? Ya.. the thing usually measured in lb-ft. Well the S600 has 612 lb-ft while the 760 has 533 lb-ft. Do the math and the S600 has 79 lb-ft more torque. Both have turbos. I don’t have full specs for the BMW 760 so I’ll compare weights for both cars using an equal engine. (2008 S550 vs 2009 750i) MB – 4,530 lbs. BMW – 4,563 lbs. So right there, I’ve just blown your argument out of the water. The BMW packs more technology and on a personal note I think the interior is shit on the MB. The new MB E class that just got redesigned has a nice interior, but I dunno what they were thinking with the S class. And about MB using the “same old engine”, um yea a 5 yr old engine is very old of course. And also just like to point out another false conclusion you made suggesting that if an engine is newer it should be able to outperform an older engine. Really? Well I’m pretty sure the 335i’s engine is newer than 2004 and it sure doesn’t put out those numbers in horsepower and 0-60 is slower too. And that’s a fantastic engine, won lots of awards. It’s called building an engine for a purpose and if BMW wanted to build an engine that put out more power that MB they could, I’m pretty sure Hyundai could do that too.

    You know you’re just gonna get flamed on here eh? Aside from the fact that you have false arguments trying to burn BMW, most ppl don’t like it when you put down what they support on their own website. Go back to your MB forums and keep dreaming about BMW, we love that you keep thinking about us often! :)

  20. mpower says:

    ^ haha yesssssssssss

    get em !

    BMW >>>

  21. Gord says:


    Yes you could say that is true, but one thing we don’t know is how the accerleration is after 60 MPH. Once past around 120 MPH the Bimmer’s extra hp could help it spur on, simply because it has more power to fight the wind resistance.

    Some cars use a taller first gear, then followed by shorter gears, so they are slow off the line but quicker as the speed picks up. Race cars would do this because, the only time they are at 0 is during the start and when pitting, some road cars also do this.

  22. sutheshkumar says:

    still no paddle shifters?

  23. jon H says:

    @Kubica: @P.wong: Alpina B7 = BMW M7

  24. viper says:

    great car…..760 will hit on S600 for sure , maybe even S63…..but still I think that S600 has more torque than BMW…..equals more fun , I dunno well wait for the tests and then well see whos the best

  25. Kay says:


    Are you kidding?!

    760 hitting on the S63?!

  26. viper says:

    no Im not…please go to benz forum and kiss their ass

  27. Kay says:


    Haha. Pretty insecure of you. There is a clear difference. “Race bred heritage of the AMG .. and the soft sluggish 760. ”

    You can’t even compare. AMG would eat the 760 for breakfast! =)

    I’m not kissing Mercedes’ ass. I’m just stating the obvious. BMW guys are afraid of a little competition. Rejoicing at any slight BMW victory. If BMW were that good, how come their fans are this insecure?

  28. Jag says:

    @kay: stop! you’re not welcome here. if you could give some valuable ideas, we would appriciate your comments. otherwise, get out!

  29. jon H says:

    @Kay: Kay, you are kissing mercedes ass. go to mercedes blog if you like them so much. stop clogging this one.

  30. Matski says:

    Well the fan boy in me just wants to say:

    “AMG.. After Market Garbage” LOL, but I’ll rise above that.

    Although BMW obviously would like to steal as many S-class sales across the board as possible they are not directley targeting the AMG models, that would at least be the job of a ‘sport’, or ‘M-sport’, or ‘M7’ — which BMW do not have right now (shame in my opinion). Let’s see what the future brings, who knows – when Alpina get their hands on this engine it could be AWESOME.

  31. Matski says:

    Anyone know what the engine code for this V12 Twin Turbo engine?

  32. @Kubica:
    It’s technically the Alpina B7, however, Alpina does not import all their models into the states… which makes people like us sad.

    It looks like you’ve stumbled off of your Honda ricer land forums and attempted to argue about real cars. How about you learn what a power curve is, what curb weight is, what gear ratios are, how wheel and tire size affect acceleration and top speed, and then come back.

    I personally think the new 7 design is an acquired taste, and at first I really disliked it, but it’s grown on me. This slightly altered styling is really captivating… I love it. The light blue dash lights are a nice change from the orange. The wheels go very well with the body. The interior is inviting. The side profile is incredible. This car is nothing short of a masterpiece.

  33. jon says:

    i have a 2008 mb s63 amg. love it. truly remarkable but you can’t drive it in the snow (which we have lots of in boston). can’t wait to see the 760 with awd and the m package. still would like an m7 but this will do til then. and bmw – WE NEED OUR SHIFT PADDLES! they were in the old 745 i had…at least buttons…why can’t you put the shift paddles in so we can drive the car aggressively without taking our hands off the wheel?

  34. bimer says:

    ah i have wated for this for sho my power my toque you go bimer ah ah.

  35. King korp says:

    Ive been in one MOVING FAAST and i can say this bmw made the perfect car or limo 4 a person that likes 2 be driven fast, best car ever made by bmw

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