Acura ZDX – BMW has nothing to worry about

Auto Shows | April 9th, 2009 by 13
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After months of teasing and many rumors around their new crossover, Acura has unveiled the ZDX at the New York Auto Show, the first true …

After months of teasing and many rumors around their new crossover, Acura has unveiled the ZDX at the New York Auto Show, the first true competitor to the BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe.

Acura advertises the ZDX as being 75 per cent coupe and only 25 per cent SUV, and according to their Product Manager, here is where the main difference lays between their model and the X6.

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With the risk of sounding biased or being called a fanboy, let me share with you my opinion: BMW has nothing to worry about! The X6 styling, design, stature and presence is far more impressive. While the teaser photos of the Acura ZDX were promising, seeing the car in person was disappointing.

For the sake of the competition and more manufactures jumping into this niche, I truly hoped that Acura would bring their “A” game.

The sharp design lines, somewhat odd front-end are in contrast with the X6 approach. The pointy tail lights need time to get used to it and I’m sure they will be equally loved and hated.

Similarities are starting to show at the rear-end where the crossover coupiness is the trademark of this vehicle. The rear door handles are integrated within the C-pillar, an nice touch by Acura designers.

The coupe slope is more aggressive than the one on the X6, therefore, the headroom space for rear passengers is limited.

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Even though the overall rear-design is better described as being odd, we enjoyed the dual chrome exhausts, giving the ZDX a more luxurious and sportier look.

The interior is top notch and here is where Acura ZDX shines: high quality materials and fine leather, high-tech package which includes multi-view rear camera system, matte chrome and of course, a high-end sound system. All the other whistles and bells expected in an Acura are included.

Acura ZDX sits on 20 inch wheels and it rides fairly tall. The ZDX is powered with V6 engine mated to a new 6-speed automatic transmission and uses the Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system.

The ZDX measures 192.4 inches inĀ  length, 78.5 inches wide and 61.9 inches height. The BMW X6 measure 192.1 inches, 78.1 inches and 66.5 inches.

Even though this was introduced as a prototype, the production model will not suffer major modifications.

13 responses to “Acura ZDX – BMW has nothing to worry about”

  1. Looks more like competition to that ugly infiniti crossover thing. X6 smokes both of these sissy mobiles…

  2. Gil says:

    The face looks like a very upset anime character.

  3. wmb says:

    My eyes can’t move away from that ghastly Honda Accord door handle…

  4. Alvin Wong says:

    The Acura shield grille is getting really old now. The ZDX just has no inspiration or originality at all. It looks like they just took the general size and shape of the X6 and added bits of Acura MDX, RDX and some Honda parts to keep things cheap.

  5. Gord says:

    If its cheap enough it could sell …

  6. Gragop says:

    I don’t get it – how does Acura’s line-up look worse and worse as time goes on?

  7. Doug says:

    “With the risk of … being called a fanboy” haha.. .nice.

    This is interesting. Honda’s had revealed a design concept 10-or-so years as defining their direction, and featured exactly this style of pointy nose and tail. When it finally saw expression, it was in the Acura CL and was very muted. It appears that they stuck with it.

    Also, as a general announcement, I dislike acura’s new chrome fascia (and chrome in general).

  8. jon H says:

    no competition. x6 trumps everything. is it the fastest sav on the market now?

  9. Jaden says:


    BMW X6 IS SO UGLY!!!!!!!!!




  10. Kevin says:

    Note: Edited for language.

  11. Big Joe says:

    Congratulations, Acura. You have now beaten the Lincoln at making the ugliest car the world has ever seen. The shark-like MKT comes in second.

  12. acura fan says:

    definitely acura zdx has stylish looks than the BMW.

  13. Nikiej says:

    It has a good interior and exterior. But when you see the quality it falls behind. even the gas mileage is not up to the expectations.

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