2009 BMW 750Li vs. 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550 – Head to Head

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Car and Driver has just published one of the most awaited and intriguing comparisons of the year: 2009 BMW 750Li versus 2009 BMW Mercedes-Benz S550. …

Car and Driver has just published one of the most awaited and intriguing comparisons of the year: 2009 BMW 750Li versus 2009 BMW Mercedes-Benz S550. Months before the new 7 Series was released, BMW owners, fans or future buyers have been comparing the pros and cons of the all new high-end luxury sedan and the top seller from Mercedes-Benz, the S-Class.

The same could be said about the other side, where MB fans were successfully arguing that the S-Class dominated the E65 7 Series in many markets. All these comparisons were based on the official photos and specifications released by BMW, so in  a way, no one really had the entire “data”, read ….. driving experience.

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So, with the new 7 recently released to the auto media, many test drives and reviews have been posted, including our own. As usual, the resourceful folks at Car and Driver, are comparing these vehicles from all the angles.

The new corporate Puritanism extends to automobiles, too, but in this area you have a little more latitude. Consider these two execucruisers. Yes, they’re flagship sedans with prestige brand names. But even in an age of austerity, top execs are still allowed some personal-transportation indulgence. You don’t want to be flaunting it with a Bentley, of course. But they don’t expect you to drive an econocube, either. We admit that greenies won’t approve. Both cars carry gas-guzzler taxes, and their mpg during our test—17 for the Mercedes, 16 for the BMW—is pickup-truck poor. And yes, pricing for both cars is a little high for public approval—more than $88,000 base, well over 100 large as tested—but who knows that?

Check. Both cars deliver on these expectations, and neither is likely to disappoint its owner. But of course there are distinctions, and in at least one category, the distinction isn’t particularly subtle.

Full review and more photos at Car and Driver

17 responses to “2009 BMW 750Li vs. 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550 – Head to Head”

  1. Gil says:

    I really like both of them. I own both (the old ones! not the new ones, lol). I guess they market to different groups (performance vs. luxury). Or maybe not. At any rate…. they’re both lovely.

  2. Lance says:

    From this angle, the 7’s headlight should have been designed bigger!

  3. kcsnayud says:

    bmw won haha in your face mercedes

  4. Kay says:

    It’s funny how people rejoice when BMW wins. Are you guys that insecure? 2 years later, BMW manages to beat Mercedes and we’re all happy? What about the 2010 re-vamped S class? that’s the one that should’ve been compared to the 750li

  5. Gord says:

    I suppose it probably comes down to personal choice, namely which styling appeals to the buyer.

  6. Matski says:

    @Kay: Nope not insecure in the slightest, but I just love it when a Mercedes-Benz, or an Audi gets turned over by a bimmer in a review.

    You got a problem with that?

  7. Kay says:


    Not really. Point is this… Bavaria’s 7er won’t match Mercedes’ S. And it will never match it.

  8. kcsnayud says:


    the point is, i dont care if the 7 gets beat by the s, bmw has a WHOLE LINE OF CARS THAT BEAT MERCEDES HA SO WHADDYA SAY MR RICKY

  9. Ravi Gill says:

    I also own both of them and there both 2009, and i honestly can say the S550 is a much better car overall, tested them both for my self and got to a conclusion of S550 being a better car.

    Dont get me wrong both of the cars are amazing and make a statement, but the S550 definitely beat the 750li

    • Lance says:

      Went to the dealership again today and had a look at the 7. I just cannot bring myself to like the front. The rear end with light tubes is a looker but the front is just too foreign. From the huge, thick milky (white) eyelids – almost like those desert reptiles to the big flat nose with horizontal sltes as well. It is presence in a droopy, ugly fashion. I am attracted to cars with sleek, futuristic, modern design with flowing lines.

      • Lance says:

        Just to add, if you buy a 7, black interior (IMHO) hides all the elegant design features and colour combinations that make it the best. Get beige, which is teh best option – they also used it in their marketing materials (obviously the best looking choice). Black makes the interior look common and small. The woodtrim does not stand out! It is like a normal 5 Series, when in fact it can look so much better.

  10. kontir says:

    How can u compare the old 7 (the s550) w the new 7. The s550 is the copy of the old 7. And no 1 can convince me that is not. Unless u blind u cant see that is a copy of the old 7. The new 7 has new concepts new features everything new about it. On the other hand the new s550 is a copy nothing more nothing less.

  11. hai says:

    ithe thevayah chating.

  12. Excellent way to get the 2 Germans make a better car.

    The final results are that the 2010 and beyond German top 4 door sedans will get a better shot on their investment

  13. Nclaire61 says:

    I have no much idea about Li, ll speak about 550. I felt it has got Complicated controls, and as usual Mercedes prices are too high, fuel economy is not good.

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