BMW enthusiast solves a criminal case

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If you have ever been criticized by your significant other about spending too much online and reading countless BMW articles on auto blogs or forums, …

If you have ever been criticized by your significant other about spending too much online and reading countless BMW articles on auto blogs or forums, now maybe it’s the right time to point out this article to them. All that “useless” time might pay off in the end and get you great exposure, even a interview on TV, and more important, respect in the community.

But what am I rambling about here? Jeff Phillips, a huge BMW enthusiast, helped the Salk Lake City Police solve a hit-and-run case. His extensive knowledge of the BMW brand and latest models, helped the police identify the car, an Alpine White 335i.

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To many people, a 335i it’s just a 3 Series car, and the distinction between a 328i and the higher-end model, is non-existent. But to a BMW fan, “That specific car is a twin-turbo engine. It has two exhausts out the back. The normally naturally-aspirated ones only come out the left side”, says Jeff.

The story becomes even more interesting when Facebook gets involved, the biggest social media website that has many BMW groups with thousands of members (BMWBLOG has their own group on Facebook). One of his friends posted a short comment about the incident that took place and Jeff knew immediately that he needs to take action. With the information provided by him, the driver was arrested a few days later.

Isn’t this a great story? It goes along with the topics I  have been talking about here in the past few months: the future of social media and community building around brands. This is something we have been working on for a couple of years now and we’re glad to see that in some way, it pays off.

Now wouldn’t be even more amazing if Jeff Phillips was one of our daily readers?

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Thanks for the tip Stephen!

9 responses to “BMW enthusiast solves a criminal case”

  1. dusan says:

    I think i deserve a bmw z8!!!!!

  2. Gil says:


  3. Wipet says:

    Fanboy… Also you Horatiu, fanboy.

  4. Horatiu B. says:

    @Wipet: Should that be an insult? True, I’m a BMW fan, no doubt. Am I blindly buying any BMW product? Far from it.

    Do I know most of the BMW models and can tell them apart or list engines and specs? YES. But I can do the same with other car brands and here is a little secret about me: I “speak” about 5-6 programming languages. Does that make me a geek and a fanboy?

    Anyway….I’m proud of the guy that stepped up and went to the police, a good citizen and even more glad that he used his BMW knowledge to keep the streets safer.

  5. Mauro Corti says:


    Some people should really shut up and think before speaking, you’re one of them

  6. Wipet says:

    Ok… but don’t cry please. ejjejejjee

  7. Doug says:

    @Wipet: Your momma is so fat she falls off both sides of the bed.

  8. Wipet says:

    @Doug: jajajajajjaj LOL… you ‘re so funny… ejjejejeej

  9. Old I know, but Jeff is a good guy. Surprising this made it in BMW magazine, and all over the country so fast.

    Way to go Jeff!

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