How to turn your car into a BMW

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geely mk 001

or should I say how NOT to….. The following events happen in real life and they should not be reproduced at home….EVER. Not only that …

or should I say how NOT to…..

The following events happen in real life and they should not be reproduced at home….EVER.

Not only that the Chinese automakers have started to copy many of the successful models from other brands, including BMW and Mercedes (see the BMW X5 chinese clone), some Chinese car fans are going even further by converting their vehicles into BMWs.

Now, we have seen in the past some tasteless modding jobs, but what you’re about to see is beyond an overzealous bimmer fan.

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I’m not a specialist in the Chinese auto market, but from what I can tell, we’re looking at the Geely brand, possibly the MK model. The owner of this vehicle has replaced entirely the front end with the one from an E9x BMW 3 Series, “kidneys”, bumper, headlights…you name it.

The rear-end managed to escape this abuse and the only BMW elements seen on there are the roundel and the 3 Series badge.

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To be even more convincing, the owner of this car added the BMW shark fin antena.

I wonder if the “upgrade” price was higher than the base price of this Geely model……


So, as I said in my intro, please DO NOT attempt to do this at home. If you want a BMW, just buy the real deal.

[Photos Source: via Yorkbbs]

11 responses to “How to turn your car into a BMW”

  1. Gragop says:

    I’m actually impressed with the black one – someone at least put some wrench time in to make it look like a half way decent piece of shit knock-off.

  2. Gord says:

    BMW’s in China are pretty expensive actually.

    The 325i (which is made by Brilliance in China) cost ~450 000 RMB which amounts to about ~ 65 000 USD (which is X6 50i or M3 price).

    The imported 335i (made in Germany) is ~ 613 000 RMB which is almost 90 000 USD (which means an M5 :O).

    The 750Li (made in Germany) is 2 200 000 RMB making it ~ 321 730 USD (entering RR territory !).

  3. There is also the wheel caps

  4. Alex says:

    Why do you make a blog post like this about Chinese replicas? Guess where this type of stuff is done ALOT more then China? yes, GERMANY. Goto any modern day treffen and you will see all sorts of cars wearing BMW hoods, lights, grills, etc..

    But of course you make a post about Chinese here because you are probably white and clearly a racist with the undertones in your writing that the chinese are only able to copy.

    How about this, every article that I’m reading on this blog seem to be copies from articles on other car blogs. So how can you sit there behind your computer and accuse Chinese people like this when all you do is copy everything that you post here from real sources and pawn it off as if you discovered some news.

    • Horatiu B. says:


      I’ve been debating if I should even reply to such allegations, but I see that you keep going on and on. So, here it is:

      The article was far from being racist, the idea behind it was the humor associated with it, even if the car has been modified by “a white person”, as you call it, I would have still posted.

      Now, the fact that the X5 was copied by a chinese company….it’s hard to deny that and it has been reported by many auto blogs.

      As a last point, you accusing us of copying everything from other blogs is just laughable, we cover the most BMW news out there, with most articles being information only posted by us. Also, read our test drives, reviews, car tips and tons of articles you can’t find anywhere. But sure, one blog cannot have the “ultimate” information and sometimes we need to report what we learned from other car sites. If we wouldn’t do that, it would mean we’re not doing our job right to to keep our readers informed. As you see, we link to everyone, even though that means driving traffic away from us. Why do we do that? Because we care about our readers and we want them to get the latest and BEST information, regardless of the origin of the news.

      Sorry you feel this way and bring race into this, but you’re wrong for doing so.

  5. Matski says:

    @Alex: Alex, yeah it’s not only China that does this, there are some hideous Honda/BMW hybrids around in the UK, I agree with you on that, but the Chinese have earned themselves a reputation for marketing designs which are clearly rip-offs of existing designs…

    … and if Horatiu was trying to “pawn off” these news articles as his own, why does he always cite the source within the article, wake-up dude, most ‘exclusives’ are only ‘discovered’ by one individual/organisation at at time, then merely syndicated throughout the media. Either way I’ll think you’ll find most BMWblog readers couldn’t care where the info first cropped up, it’s more about having all the BMW related news in one simple place, for which we should be thankful.

  6. Doug says:

    @Alex: First off, as a white racist myself, I take offense to you blatantly ripping off my racism.

    China is getting a very serious reputation for ripoffs in too many different areas, from media priacy to branded manufacturing to espionage. If I were Chinese, I’d be a bit touchy about that, or any negative thing ascribed to me by being Chinese, so I can understand that (if that’s what this is). But to make a purely punitive accusation that itself has racial undertones is a bit silly, and counterproductive, and offensive.

  7. Gil says:

    Racist?! Where the hell did THAT come from. Yo Alex… I’m Chinese and I’m not offended by this article, nor by Horatiu. Chill out dude.

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    Speaking of them copying designs, check this out

    Should I even bother posting how Geely GE is a copying the Rolls Royce now?

  9. Gil says:

    I hope they don’t get a successful bid on Volvo and/or Ford won’t be desperate enough to sell it to them.

  10. Doug says:

    @Horatiu B.: Shwanky!

    Some marketing genius will create an amusing fad on owning absurd knockoffs, own that niche and make an absolute killing.

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