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BMW has built an award winning engine. The N54 twin turbo that powers the 135,335,535 and soon will power the new Z4 Roadster. This engine …

BMW has built an award winning engine. The N54 twin turbo that powers the 135,335,535 and soon will power the new Z4 Roadster. This engine has good horsepower and torque through the majority of the engine range but one of the weak spots has been the High Pressure Fuel Pump.

There have been several reports of HPFP going bad and causing a limp mode in which the driver experiences reduced power and has to “limp” to safety or to a garage. We talked about one here. Now it seems like BMW may be stepping up and taking care of those owners. Soon there should be an announcement that BMW is extending the Fuel Pump Warranty to 10yrs or 120,000 miles for any 2007or 2008 owners with an N54 engine.

I think this is great on BMW’s part to step up and take care of these owners. But the question remains is has this issue been corrected going forward? We have already seen reports of a few 2009’s have the High Pressure Fuel Pump Replaced. And what of the new Z4? I would hope this car does not come to market with the same issues.


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  1. bmwtechal says:

    this is true. the pumps are cover for 10yr. 120000mi. the cause of the failures are due to tolerance issue within the pump that came about during the manufacturing process. not sure if there is a new supplier but the new pumps are built to more precise tolerances.

    • Visith says:

      Thailand. My x6 35i @ 3,000miles, also have a problem of “Engine Fault”, Dealer said “x6 again?, last week they had a claim of the same problem too”, High Pressure Fuel Pump problem !!!! they will issue the report to BMW’s Thailand head office!!!

      I am thinking what if the problem happen again after changed the HPFP?

  2. Charcoal 350 says:

    Have not seen this officially done yet; it would be nice if they took care of the 2009s suffering from the same problem. Well, might as well include the Z4s for that matter. For 65K and a known bad issue, I don’t think I would make the purchase if I knew the problem existed. I would most likely search the web for ongoing fuel pump issues with any 35i model from 2007 to 2009, then think about the 65K leaving my wallet as I may be stuck brokedown on the road.

  3. bmwtechal says:

    @Charcoal 350:
    i cant say i disagree with you. i have no way to or need to justify on behalf ob BMW. we have not seen anyrpoblems with new pumps, and thats hellava warranty. you never have to worry about. and if a failure occurs the DME wiill eneter a failsafe mapping mode so that you can safely get to the nearest repair faclity with out any fear of engine damage.
    again im not justifiing this poor manufacture.

    • Owner of 2008 535I says:

      You’ve got to be kidding me BMWTECHAL……My fuel injector pump went out on me on Mother’s Day. DME entering a failsafe mapping mode?? NOPE!!! Once that fuel pump is out…you’re not going anywhere!!! We got a little ‘heads up’ 2 miles prior at the tail end of a 1500 mile road trip…..just enough time to exit…get to a 7-11….call concierge…get a tow truck….get a driver to pick us up…load up all our luggage, etc. Who are you kidding? Really?????? Many people are driving interstate mph when they completely stall in front of semi’s.

  4. framerate says:

    My ’08 330i 3 coupé has just been recalled (letter arrived today, 11 April) for a new high pressure fuel pump, so it’s not just N54 engines but N53 too.

    • Tommy says:

      They don’t make 2008 BMW 330’s genius.

    • al says:

      My 2010 535xi just stalled on the highway and BMW had to replace the high pressure fuel pump. Coincidentally on the same day, my friends 2010 328i had to have his hp fuel pump replaced. There seems to be a big problem here that BMW cannot resolve.

  5. robert says:

    i had my fuel pump replaced with the latest and greatest i had fuel sensor replaced i had spark plugs replaced and still when starting the car on a cold start the car is choking for gas. it obviousley is more than a fuel pump issue. no more turbo

  6. rvdv says:

    My 05′, 760LI just suffered the problem with these pumps
    was told i need to replace “both” of them at $3000.00 each
    (part cost only)

    what the !

  7. phil says:

    my bmw 525d just suffered high pressure pump failure. only done 45,000 milage. jesus!! they had to pick me up when told the warranty recently expired as well, hope the new one replaced is as tolerant as they say!!!

  8. Marie says:

    It’s really great that they have extended the warranty, but when in the middle of the high desert of CA, the desolate corridor between Palm Springs and Vegas, or the plains of KS, it’s really a pain to have the fuel pump go out. That’s right, just got the third engine malfunction on my 2008 with 11K miles on it, and am in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday. (The last pump was replaced on 3/24, and the service mgr mentioned the problem.) I love our 535i, but I’m sad that my husband’s Marine Corp retirement gift has caused such a huge headache, leaving us stranded for the third time with no one, not even BMW Assist, to really care. Yes, they will tow the car to the dealership, but we would need to get a rental car, at our expense, to follow our car being towed the 200+ miles. Not quite the service you would expect after purchasing a $60K car. PLEASE, definitely consider the fuel pump issue before purchasing a BMW with the N54 twin turbo engine.

    • Rob says:

      All of the 35i BMWs are plagued with fuel delivery issues involving the fuel pump, injector and software. I have been stranded 3 times in the past year on my drive from Canada to Arizona. I am having the “lastest software upgrade” installed for the 3rd time, after 2 fuel pumps. Just pathetic for a car of this price range and although BMW is working on it, the car just does not provide the reliability required for long distance driving. In fact the problems are most likely to occur during extended driving. One BMW service manager told me he would not leave town in his 335 knowing what he knows about these issues.

  9. Tony says:

    Just had fuel pump replaced on my three month old 335ci. BMW better extend the warranty on the 2009 models too.

  10. Doug says:

    Me too. 08 535xi 15,000 miles. 6/14 high pressure fuel pump replaced; 6/17 sensor on low pressure fuel pump replaced. Will this solve the problem or will it be a chronic problem. Once fixed, have any others experienced repeat fuel pum failures?

    • Eric says:

      ’07 335i coupe 6-speed. HPFP has been replaced THREE times. First time was when car was less than 3 months old. Was told 4-6 week wait for parts as it was a “known fault.” I complained vehemently and miraculously a part was found the next day (perhaps taken from a new car). Nearly 2 years went by without a hitch, and I ignored the recall notice since my HPFP had already been replaced. Then 2 months ago, the stumbling and stalling happened again. HPFP replaced with “new-and improved” part. Last week – stumble and long crank AGAIN. HPFP replaced and software updated. I love this car, but there is definitely a problem here…

      • Lynda says:

        Hey Eric,

        Just a suggestion, but you might want to take a look at the replies to Gary’s question below. Most of us would probably make the same suggestions for you – i.e., it may be time to place a call to BMW NA and take the car back.

        Hindsight being 20-20, I wish I had done that earlier.

  11. Chris says:

    I have an 07 335i sedan that I bought new in 2/07. My HPFP went out on me in June of 05 with 5000 miles on the car. Luckly I haven’t had this one fail but sometimes when I have to give it sudden throttle the car hesitates and almost misfires until I let off the gas. I had it in for serive today, oil change and a new rear brake sensor and I mentioned it, but in their test drive, aka beating on my car they found nothing. I did switch to the highest octane, I was using QuikTrip 89 before.

    • bmwtechal says:

      how did you HPP in 07 335 fail ins june of 05?
      im sure you just mis wrote. just wanted to point it out.
      anyway this may be something not related to the fuel pump. there are a few service bulletins that resemble something like your describing. cant say it is the same but they can be fixed by engine control unit program or a transmission control program. both would get programed at the same time. actually your whole car gets updated anytime its programed. they should have checked what you software level is and if it was not up to date. i would have programed your vehicle if the software was not up to date and informed you that i was not able to reproduce your complaint but have updated the software in you car and ask that you return if the problem returns. if it does further diagnosis can be done. its very common to not be able to reproduce cust complaints especially intermitent ones. most test drives are only around 5 miles unless more is needed. its extemely hard to reproduce complaints that seem to happen after long periods of driving. anyway i would have at least checked the software level and reprogramed if neccassary and informed you of the situation. its better than doing nothing and saying we cant reproduce. maybe it is possible you software was up to date. my dealer will have shop foreman test drive with customers in situations where reproducing a complaint can be difficult.

  12. doug says:

    Just to follow up on bmwtechal’s comments and my 08 535xi experiences noted above. I should have added that the engine light, warning reduced power, displayed as we were traveling across western Nebraska on 5/29. Talked with BMW Assist and light did go off. Made it to Loveland, CO with intermittent power loss. On 6/2, dealer, in response to a directive, did a whole new software update. Fule pump problems started on 6/12 (fixed 6/14) and again on 6/17 as described above. So, in two weeks time, had software update HPFP and low pressure fuel pump sensor replaced.
    I sure hope this solves the problem. A little gun shy on the open road in this wonderful “Driving Machine.” Have had great service response to my problems. My issues are not with service but with the manufacturing of a car that is marketed as this wonderful driving maching.

  13. Christopher says:

    Warranty really doesn’t mean anything. There’s absolutely no excuse for a $45K+ automobile to have this problem. ZERO. It’s embarrassing to the owner and should be an embarrasment to BMW. I for one will either keep my late model BMW or transistion to another make which does not rely on direct injection. The NA motor BMW current offers doesn’t have sufficient power to push around our heavy sleds.

  14. Tommy says:

    I had 2 pumps replaced within 12,000 miles and when the 3rd one was being replaced I had BMW of NA get involved. It’s called a Lemon Law here in California. They paid off my car and paid me my money back, including the $12K I put down as a down payment. Honda has problems, Toyota and yes BMW does too. But if you look at the bottom line, BMW’s are fun to drive, wonderful to look at, a head turner for sure and most importantly I would rather be in a BMW then any other car in an accident. Some of you out there that say that this car is 45 or 55K should not break down because of the price tag…. PLEASE!! Go look at Ferrari, Lambo and the Veyron records of repairs. Most people couldn’t afford to change one set of brake pads with rotors on some of those cars I just named. Be happy and quit bitching people. …shit happens. That’s why so many people out there think that people who drive BMW’s are rich snobs…so many people give BMW a bad name and that’s not cool. BMW is something that every car manufactorer wants to copy down to the handling which no one can. Lexus tries with the IS250, 350 and the IS F and again NO MATCH. Mercedes tried as well….came close but no cigar. Oh and yeah, try looking at Mercedes Benz…..they did away with the free maint. program to save money and their repair bills make BMW look like it’s cheap. How do I know? I own one of them too. First and last. :)

    • brad says:


      How did you ever get BMW to take the car back. My car is in for its 3rd fuel pump and I am thinking lemon law also. I honestly thought BMW just had to keep repairing.


      • MJ says:

        Don’t waste your time with LEMON LAW!!! I was looking for a web site about a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against BMW, I’m still looking. Lemon Law said BMW would only offer me $350.00 We said NO WAY!!! Then they said $600.00, NO, I’m on my 4th fuel pump, I see this problem as a “SAFETY ISSUE”, what happens if you’re out on a busy highway & the car stalls??? BMW, SOMETHING NEED TO BE DONE!!!!!!!

      • Tommy says:

        I called BMW of NA customer support and that’s how I got the ball rolling. I explained my experience and was very nice to each and everyone I had phone contact with. NO BITCHING from me what so ever. I told them that my welfare/safety as well as others is in jeopardy due to the problem and it repeats it self and that I did not want to contribute to my own possible accident and or being stuck in the middle of nowhere. They wrote all this down….passed it on…. someone called me….. I took the car in….they replaced the 3rd pump and decided that this car was getting too expensive to fix for BMW. I had the service advisor look at how much this actually cost BMW and I forgot the exact amount but I totally understand why they lemon lawed it without me even asking them too. I just bought a new BMW 3 Series yesterday and I made sure this car did not have a high pressure fuel pump in it. Hopefully this car will be more fun to drive then my 2007 335i. I have driven it once since yesterday and it’s one scary car. It’s the 2010 BMW M3. Geez-us it’s fast! Good luck to everyone out there who wants to just get out of these lousy fuel pumps situation. By the way….the N54 Engine is fine it’s just the damn pumps….I want you to all know that. Come 2012 when the new body style comes out I am sure BMW will have a new engine. Good luck everyone. Happy Thanksgiving. ~Tommy

        • Sprinter says:

          I have a 2008 335xi and have had two HPFP replacements, one at 6000 miles, the most recent at 14200 miles. Wondering what 3-series models other than the M3 do not have an HPFP. What about the 328i?

    • Lyle G. says:

      BMW’s are not headturners. Not attractive nor sexy to “look” and have spartan interiors to “look” at compared to other cars.
      I have owned a bunch of beemers including the famed 850i. They are good cars ,BUT I would not be dumb enough ever to buy anything after 2001.

  15. Kurt says:

    My 2008 335i has been a complete nightmare: I was lucky to own two cars. 67 days in the shop; countless fuel pumps failures (low and high pressure) It’s obvious a few BMW reps viewed these comments, but be for real..there’s a difference in complaining or bitching when your car is junk and the vendor doesn’t back it up. People are just warning others of the poor craftsmanship. Everything in these comments are opinion; you don’t have to take any warning or opinion if not desired. For me, I prefer a 50K car to at least start; I guess that’s asking too much.

  16. Marty says:

    I have a 2009 Z4 Sdrive3.5 with about 2k miles. HPFP BMW Orange County has been great but I have no faith in this auto. This should not be a problem with these engines.

    Son’t even get me started on the Nav.It sends me down a one way street the wrong way!

  17. Paul says:

    I had my 2008 335xi HPFP replaced at 18,500 miles , at the very first hint of trouble I took it to the dealership and they replaced it with one they had in stock , if they had not had one in stock the other option was to overnight it to Anchorage , as long as the order goes in before 1 PM AST , also the weatherstripping around the doors was showing wear and bingo they overnighted the replacement parts to Anchorage Alaska and I had my car back the next day , in the mean time I had the use of a 2009 335i , the Lithia BMW dealership in Anchorage Alaska is a first class operation . Ah Eastern Alaska and Western Canada where BMW’s can be unleashed and we can run them as the designers designed them to run , running unabated for 100’s of miles on the open road , my biggest worry is hitting a Moose and damaging my Bimmer .

  18. Ed says:

    My 4 month old 535 fuel pump just went bad with 7700 miles on the car. What gives.

  19. Paul says:

    Nothing is perfect , when I was logging in Southeast Alaska the 009 Madill yarders used Detroit Diesel engines , the weak link was the quill shaft that ran the blower , [yahoo Detroit Diesel 8 71 2 stroke] , the yarder was made by S.A. Madill of Namino British Columbia , he bought used tank carriages from the U.S. goverment to build his yarders on , after a period of time and advances the yarder was too heavy for the carriage and drive train and moving it was a risky deal , but they continued to build them and they were sold and shipped . A brand spanking new Cat D-10 broke one of the main under carriage componets under the strain of ripping frozen ground at a gold mine in the Koyukuk , the part weights almost as much as a 3 series BMW , the dealership sent some boys up and replaced the part with a new one after that the ripping componets started to show signs of strain so we reinforced the ripping unit with more steel , nothing is perfect , everthing breaks and has a weak point .

  20. sumit says:

    I bought a 2009 535xi and the other day my car died on the middle of the express lane on the I90 in Chicago due to the high pressure fuel pump. When I called BMW they told me that they cannot send a tow-truck because it is too dangerous. I am shocked. Now, the customer service is giving me the story that they have replaced and so nothing can be done. I am surprised that there is no class action lawsuit against BMW for selling its customers a bad car. I could have died on the highway. I think there should have been a recall. Obviously, I am disturbed and astonished with their stonewalling their customers. I guess their actuarial analysis suggests that it is better to pay for the death of one driver than replace the pump on all the cars.

    • Lady J says:

      I have a 2009 535I too that has had two HPFP in the last month; started with hesitate starting, then losing power while driving, then the check engine light. Got it back a week ago and it still doesn’t have the pick up it had when I brought it brand new in April. I called BMW NA also. Waiting to hear from them.

    • Peter Cohan says:

      I am a reporter working on a story about BMWs that lose power on the freeway. I would like to speak with you about this post. Please email me if you are interested.

      • Lynda says:


        It’s not clear from your message (at least to me), if you want to hear from only ‘Lady J’, or any one who has had this issue.

        Also, if you do want to hear from others, is there an email address?

      • Hallie Rider says:

        Bought 2007 x3 used from BMW w/full warranty until 12/22/10, then extended kicks in. Service engine light came on, took it in yesterday (8/30/10). HPFP was replaced. I kept mentioning a problem I was having with starting issues. They said it was probably my ALT plug-in draining my battery. That I see now was balogna. They were too nicey, nicey, but didn’t let on this would have been connected with the HPFP. I googled the HPFP and found this impending nightmare. This is my 4th BMW but may be my last. I feel the engine has gotten way too competitive with american cracker box cars. I don’t care if a car gets me to the next traffic light quickly. I expect quality and safety. I didn’t expect this out of a 35K mile car. I really don’t want to entertain future problems “down the road”.

      • Jim Scott says:

        Peter, I was in the market for a used 2008 535i when a car guy mentioned the fuel pump and turbo issues. I followed some blogs and it is scary. I hope you can spare the time to give me an unbiased update(I am about to buy one but am wanting some more information) if this has been solved or is it just falling into class-action land? Thanks, Jim in San Diego

      • Bryan says:

        I’d like to talk to you about my M5 fuel pump failure……………..all 5 times.

      • Bryan says:

        I’d like to talk to you about my M5.

  21. Doug says:

    You want to hear this? Not the HPFP but the whole computer system on my 08 535xi. Car has been in the shop for two weeks. Have replaced the hub, I think they called it, reloaded and programmed all soft ware and still have not solved the problem. Since June 1, 19 days in the shop (see my comments above). Next step is to contact BMW North America. This wonderful car is not so wonderful. I do have to say, though, service and dealer responses to date have been excellent. Not a service problem but a product problem.

  22. MARTY says:

    The HPFP was fixed immediately. I was having problems with the NAV (2009 Z4 35). The dealer was downloading software. I then got a call that the computer froze and the would have to order a new one from Germany and it could take 2 weeks. Not a problem. I then got a call from the Service Manager stating that production had stopped and there was not ETA. I was kinda upset.

    The dealer in all of this has been behind me 100%. They ordered me a 2010 Z4 equiped the same way. They took the car to NA and the techs were able to recover the computer system, so I can drive it until the new one comes.

    This was all the dealer. NA has been totally useless. One person tried to tell me the Nav is not BMS’s responsibility. He tried to tell me that tires are not covered. I asked him where is this stated. I asked him to tell me what page of the owner’s manual this is on? I told him I have read the owners manual and what he is telling me is FALSE. I went on to ask him if I have a problem with the buttons on the steering wheel do I have to go back to the company who produced the plastic?

    Certain problems with the new NAv have been experienced by BMW personal. BMW is claming it is Teleatlas’s faoult and Teleatlas is claming it is BMW’s problem.
    i cant wait to see what happens with the new car.

  23. Paul says:

    BMW = Bring More Wrenches ! I had a Subaru GT Legacy for 3 years , the front seat are horrible , the raidio-air condition – heater unit computer are all in one and that crashed several times , Subaru = SUper Bad Ass Racing Unit !

  24. Chris says:

    I wonder how many lawsuits the N54 has across the nation?

  25. Paul says:

    Stop complaining ! If you do not like the BMW line of cars sell it and buy an Audi , oops then you will be on an Audi blog complaining about the short commings of that line of automobiles . I run my BMW 335xi down the coast along Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet and into the mountians of the Kenai Peninsula weekly or sometimes I’ll head to the Matanuska Glacier racing my Ultimate Mountian Machine through the mountian canyons of the Matanuska River , this machine performs flawlessly , the only problem has been corrected [HPFP] I have spent most of my adult working life in the field doing remote / in town construction , oil rigs , mining operations , logging operations , fishing in Prince William Sound or the Bering Sea , always working with or in close proxcimity of heavy machinery , everthing has a breaking point , cables break , engines blow-up , transmissions strip out , tracks break , huge cast iron compotents break etc etc — most of you guys sit in your office and do not have a clue about how mechanical things work and the stresses placed on them in different situations , you putter around in your shinny Bimmer and complain about minor issues .Guess why in the engine room of the F/T [factory trawler] or C/P [catcher processor] are spare engine parts , pistons , rings , valves , gaskets , berings etc etc , I have worked on Wartsila , Cat , MAN , Detroit Diesel engines and every engine has design flaws / things that need improvement , our attitude is replace the part and get it started — NO SNIVILING — Lawsuits , ha what a loser !

  26. Chris says:

    Ha..ha..lordy Paul; that grunt work must be bothering you something fierce. You do have quite the resume, but you did not say you were an astronaut. Therefore…..oh well. I believe they were just making a statement. Looks like Consumer Reports completely agrees with them. Big ol’ black mark for the fuel system for repeated failures. LOL…50K…now on this point calling people loser…YEP..especially bought a 335i or 535i and not a sweet Lexus. Gotta go…late for my manicure.

  27. Jay says:

    Paul, while i can appreciate that you use yor vehicles very hard and may not think anyone else knows anything about cars and BMW owners all wear suits…You may know your equipment but apparently you dont know this car because then you would know that The fuel pump failing is hardly minor, and it is not failing under heavy work loads or hard use they go randmly and not always in a safe place. Sometimes they go as your cutting across three lanes of traffic and then the car goes limp. And then the manufacturer denies the problem for a year before they do anything about it. If you like having the screws put to you , have a great time, but when I buy something i expect it to work, I cant afford to throw money away, and I dont just sit there and take BS from companies that dont deliver what they say. (and I dont wear a suit) Now if i only had somecheese to go with my whine.

  28. Lynda says:

    My car, 2007 335i, has been repaired 3 times, and now needs to be taken in for a 4th time. This is the 3rd 3 series BMW I’ve owned, and will almost certainly be the last. This time I’ll tell them I want a different car, though. We’ll see what kind of response I get.
    Has anyone else done this? Asked for a replacement of some kind, i.e. a car that doesn’t have this issue?
    Any reports on how they handle it?

  29. Chris says:

    Honestly I believe they have so many issues with this car; they can’t handle complaints. You will most likely need to get a lawyer (which is no cost to you) and go after BMW NA. Sorry, but you’re probably one of many. Good hunting…it’ll probably take a year to complete the complaint, but at least you’ll get some money back or resolution. Others will get nothing by just complaining to BMW NA or the dealer. You should take a look at the sales for various vendors this year to explain the happiness people have been relaying on the web.

  30. Paul says:

    I have had may Rolex watches , I sold them all after the hands fell off due to the repated re-coil of my .454 Casull Ruger Super Red Hawk , my sisters BMW 7 series caught fire and burned to a crisp [electricial issues] she got another one , I had a turbo Porsche that leaked oil like a screaming jimmy — Detroit Diesel — I purchased my 335xi with the full knowledge of these issues and I’am going to get a new one as soon as the warranty runs out or maby sooner , maby I’ll do a Dinan S2 conversion to this one , these machines are so complex that they will have issues so one has to understand this to really enjoy and be happy with this type of automoblie , if you do not like it sell it and make BMW go bankrupt or respond to the loss of market share . This great constituital republic was built on doers and not complainers , one of you unemployed engineers should design a new HPFP and show BMW how its done !

  31. Paul says:

    OOPS spelled Constitutional Republic wrong , you see even I make a mistake once in a while so did BMW with this HPFP , will they correct it , yes , what kind of dialog has traspired between BMW and the vendor of the HPFP ? Will they ever make a part for BMW again , yes . Wells Fargo is a bank with issues , people get mad at them everday and storm out vowing never to deal with them again , yesterday — today — tommorrow — from a historical prepective Bimmers are fine automoblies and Wells Fargo is a decent bank — No man is all things to all men — Abe Lincoln — , this could be some unemployed engineers big break , design a new HPFP and sell it to BMW and make a million or two ! — my real interest are big semi-auto pistols , some parts are very scarse so I and found a man in Detroit with the skills and machinery to make these parts , in a few months a few hundred pistol owners will only have to submitt a C.C. number and how many do you want , solutions !

  32. Tommy says:

    Here’s my solution to the entire mess. Look this engine has so many problems with the pumps BMW is so pissed off cause it’s costing them and arm and a leg. Most people don’t go reading blogs just before buying their new car. I use to sell Honda’s, Toyota’s, Lexus, BMW’s and all of them have problems here and there but this one is a HUGE problem for BMW and I’m sure it’s embarrising and hurts them tremendously. The service advisor even told me that this is a big problem BMW is dealing with everyday. So I bought another 3 series but I didn’t get another 335i that’s for sure. I am still waiting for the car to be shipped because it’s been built and on the ship for 3 weeks now. It’s the all new 2010 M3. I know there are no issues with any pump on this bad boy. Oh and I have never driven the new M3. When I sold them they were 6 cyl and heavier. This has the V8 and it’s the lightest V8 in the world and lighter them the last 6 cyl. If anything goes wrong with this car I will jump on this board and let you guys know. But the 335, 535 and the the Z4 with the twin turbo engine should be avoided. Only if the general public knew about the pump issues…. It would cost BMW millions upon millions of dollars in the present and the future. Good luck to everyone out there trying to get a new car. All I did btw was call BMW NA and talked to a rep and did some explaining not complaining. If you bitch they will blow you off, it pays to be nice. They paid my car off and wrote me a check for the payments I made for over 2yrs.

    • MJ says:

      Who cares if it would cost BMW an ARM & LEG, if they would have installed good fuel pumps instead of defective ones, we all wouldn’t be here complaining!!!

      My car stalled, luckly I wasn’t driving on a six lane highway. I wonder how many accidents BMW have had because of this WELL KNOW PROBLEM???

      By the way…..I didn’t “BITCH” until my 3rd fuel pump failed & many, many mile to the service dept.

  33. Paul says:

    Ah now only if they made the M-3 in AWD I would get one also !

  34. MG says:

    I bought my 2008 535i a year ago and today I just had my HPFP go out on me on the highway with 13k miles on it. I should have known the indicators because my car took a long time to start the other day and car jerks sometimes when you start it. I should have had BMW come pick up my car instead of driving to their service and made me rent a Toyota since they were out of loaner cars. Hopefully they will refund me. If the HPFP is replaced more than 3 times is this considered a “Lemmon” and is BMW liable to replace your car? I did not spend 60k to go through this inconvenient issue.

    • MJ says:

      Don’t waste your time with Lemon Law. It;s a joke!!! If, and I mean IF, they get an offer from the manufacturer, it;s starts out at only a few hundred bucks, that won’t even cover the gas for running your car so they can inspect it. I was told BMW will NEVER give you another car!!! Then comes the FINE PRINT LOL they take their commission out of YOUR judgement.

  35. Lynda says:

    Thanks for posting this, MG. Lemon laws vary from state to state. Here’s a site with some information – choose your state from the drop-down menu, or you can simply google. This site is for a lawyer that handles such cases, though I personally prefer not to work through attorneys unless I absolutely have to.

    I very much appreciate your post, though, because I just got my car back, 2007, 335i, after taking it in because it was cranking and cranking before starting. They replaced the fuel pump, again. Since it has conked out on me on the highway before, it helps to know that these things can give warning signals.

    • MJ says:

      Lynda, if you don’t mind me asking, what state do you live in?? Our Lemon Law hasn’t done a thing for us.

      • Lynda says:

        Hi MJ,

        I’m in CA. Have to say, I don’t really know what will happen, though I will report on this board. It’s worth reading Tommy’s post, above. It sounds like he got a good resolution with BMW NA.
        You’re probably right that a class action suit makes sense (I’m not a lawyer), and yet my guess is that that would take a long long time, and the lawyers may or may not get as good a resolution for us, as going direct. If you want to go that way, though, take a look at the site I posted on my Nov. 17 post.

        Good Luck.

  36. Valarie says:

    Ever since I knew what a car was I wanted a BMW. Finally on my 50th Birthday my husband bought me a new 135I Conv. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Sad to say my new car soon experienced the fuel limping problem. Currently my BMW has been setting at the BMW shop for three weeks with no promise of a date to be fixed. Mean while I continue to make good on my end. At this point I don’t think I could even sale the car…worse yet, my son is placing a order on a M3. After reading this website I am going to continue begging him to reconsider. Maybe I’ll offer to pay him to reconsider. So very disappointed in my life time dream!!!

    • Lynda says:

      Valerie, to be fair, I’m pretty sure that the M3 does not have the same engine design as the 135I, or the 335i (which is what I have). You and/or your son should check into that fully, before he buys anything. I’ve also now been told that BMW has (finally) changed the engine design for the 2010 models of the cars that did have this issue.

      That said, I’m now in the process of having my car taken back, via the Lemon law. It’s unlikely that my replacement car will be a BMW.

      Like you, I’m disappointed with this experience; I really thought I’d have this car for years. Oh well.

  37. MJ says:

    I’m looking for a website, the website would be for a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST bmw FOR MANY, MANY FUEL PUMP PROBLEMS.

    Apparently I;m not the only one with this terrible problem??? As I said before, this is A SAFETY ISSUE!!!!! My 2005 Z4 has had fuel pump problems since I bought it new. It’s been changed 3 times already, not counting all the wasted trips for service only to hear them say : IF WE CAN’T HEAR IT, WE CAN’T FIX IT” I’m still having a FUEL PUMP problem. My car only has 13,000 miles on it. It’s embarrassing & dissgusting.

  38. Chris says:

    MJ, sorry to hear of the problems. You definitely just need to contact a lemon law lawyer. This is probably BMW’s biggest blow-out; they’ll fight “tooth and nail” to send you to a long wait for nothing. Being the nice guy gets nothing; only BMW representatives blow that noise just to save some jobs and money. They’ve done soooooooo little; they have forced their customers to resort to court. Think about it; 4 years and no answers yet, bad consumer reports, looks like they have to redesign the cars. They blew-off the 2009 and up customers for the fuel pump warranty. Believe what you know and see; you have a 50K towable item; get your money back. BMW NA needs to take some responsibility for the N54 owners and the car.

  39. Chris says:

    Lemon Law and stick it out; go straight to court; do not take any offers unless it’s a buyback. If you go to court, the court decides the buyback or compensation…not BMW NA. Of course BMW will not offer as little as possible until they are in the court room. Who knows, the judge may own one of these lemons…..LOL. If this bad customer relations keeps going, at least you gave it a shot; all this junk BMW started will probably boost Audi which is fine. It might be good to have BMW fire some personnel to get the right personnel who will at least try to fix matters

    • MJ says:

      Trust me…Lemon Law is NOT the way to go!!!! It has been said that if you go to a jury trial, you will probably lose because of the economy. If you are fortunate enough to drive a BMW & the jurer’s have to take a bus to courthouse, are they going to be in your corner??? NO!!!! They will be against you.

      BMW has to step up to the plate. My car was flat bedded to service center once again yesterday. Going on 4th pump.

      • Tommy says:

        O.K. Don’t lemon law the car. Let BMW do that for you. I did not even ask for mine to be lemon lawed. Express deep concern for the safety of your family as well as yourself. Tell them that you intend to buy another BMW but just not one with a turbo engine. What comes around usually goes around. People can tell how nice or what kind of a dick someone can be by their tone over the phone whether they swear or not at them. Be like….. Look I almost cause a horrific accident with my sister’s 2 kids in the back seat and not only did the car stall at blank speed but it has been a traumatic driving experience you wish upon no one. You don’t up and make threats of hey I bought a $40 – $50 thousand dollar ride why is BMW not building these things like they should be?!!! Bitching get’s peope no where, complaining like you have better things to do then spending time at the BMW dealership is an inconvience to people . Pointing out that this causes you great concern as a possible and a foreseeable future accident just waiting to happen to you and your family hits home to them. Trust me on this one.

  40. MJ says:

    Tommy, I’ve been very patient with BMWNA, I had my car to Homecoming 3 times, 2 of those times my fuel pump made noise. If you’ve ever been to Homecoming, you know about their “TECH TENTS” I had mine in their tent 2 times, they put their machine on the Z, said they would call my service dept (NEVER HAPPENED) both times. I’ve called NJ many times only to be pawned off from person to person.. My car (as I type) is in the service dept for guess what? A FUEL PUMP PROBLEM!!!!!!!!! They called me today to say “we heard the fuel pump noise and we’re going to put a new regulator on & try that 1st”. You’re last sentence doesn’t seem to really matter to BMWNA.

  41. Rob says:

    I’ve got a 2009 135 and it’s on fuel pump #4. The last time it was in (in Nov.), the dealership approached ME and asked if I wanted to engage in buy-back discussions, including the possibility of swapping out the car for a new one. They told me to get BMW NA involved, which I did. I played nice with all of them and told them how much I love my BMW, how I’ve owned them before and they were great, how I’m concerned about this recurring problem, etc. They’ve proposed putting me in a 2010, and THEY WANT ME to kick in 8K!! They’re telling me that it’s for the “use” of the car for the year, and that BMW NA is “participating” with another 10K in the transaction. I’ve made 6K in payments on the car already (plus my down payment) – doesn’t that represent my “use”?? None of this makes any sense. TOMMY- did you go this route first or did you go right to reimbursement? And they didn’t charge you anything for the “use” of the car for 2 years?

  42. Lynda says:

    Update from CA. BMW NA has agreed to take my car back – I just dropped off the documents they need (registration, copy of sales contract, etc.) to further the process along.

    That said, I’m concerned about exactly what Rob is talking about – I expect them to offer me far less than I paid. And, I haven’t firmly decided on what to buy as a replacement car (though I’m leaning towards an Infiniti G37).

    My best guess from what Tommy has written above (my car is also a 2007 335i), is that he has the advantage of having financed the car. I did not, I paid cash, so I’m just out.

    Yes, it’s true that I’ve used the car for nearly 3 years, but it has been in the shop more than should have been necessary, and I’m still in the position of having to buy a new car, due to BMW’s faulty design/manufacturing, etc.

    Just to be clear, I agree with Tommy about the approach to get them to take the car back, but I also understand why some would call for a class action suit.

    Actually, I’ll be surprised if someone doesn’t initiate one.

    In the meantime, I’m going through the process, and we’ll see what happens.

  43. Tommy says:

    Let me explain how the process works on a Lemon Law Buy Back. Let say your car is 2, 3 or 4 yrs old and you have had this problem with the pumps for as long as you can remember…. This is how BMW calculates how much to pay you back.

    BMW looks at your service records to see when the first time you went in for this problem was. The secret is the miles. If your first issue with the fuel pump was at 3,000 then your car was considered in working condition until that time, so there for they decide not to pay you for the usage that was defective free from the same problem. So you bought a new car and for 3,000 miles it did not have a fuel pump issue ( or whatever you are lemoning it for ) and the problem came up and now you have 15,000 miles on it and it still has the problem over and over again then it’s time to buy it back. Sorry if that was a repeat of what I just basically said.

    I talked to a service advisor and he said he has seen pumps go out at the first 500 miles and BMW realizes that they have a huge problem on their hands. My 1st pump was around the 2,000 mile range so I got back 98% of my money back. My car was a lease. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a buy or a lease. I feel bad for you guys cause it seems like most of you are getting the run around. I hope that someone has the balls to get together 25 people ( I believe that’s considered a class action lawsuit ) and sue BMW and get this resolved. What if this happens on the new body style coming in a few years??? NOT COOL. Good luck to all of you guys out there with this awful fuel pump problem.

    • Lynda says:

      Thanks for the info, Tommy. Interestingly, the first time the fuel pump was replaced on my car was on the recall, at nearly 19,000 miles. It will be interesting to see what they offer me. It failed then, at 27,000, 30,000, and 33,300 miles making the forth time.

      Also, fwiw, I’ve been told – by someone from Dinan, that they have completely changed the fuel pump design for the 2010 models.

      (Though I’m not totally decided, it’s likely my next car will not be a BMW – for lots of reasons, in addition to this total experience.)

    • Lynda says:


      You mentioned before that you were getting a new M3, and that BMW was taking your 335ci back. How did you/are you handling the interim? Are you keeping the 335ci until the M3 gets here, or ?

      They’ve agreed to take my 335i back, but I’m not totally clear on how they handle this, if they’ll give you more time to get another car, etc. In my case, I’m not getting another BMW, which may or may not make a difference.

      Thanks for your input.

  44. MJ says:

    Tommy, I hear what you’re saying. My Z started having problems at 900 miles, I bought the car new, paid cash in full. I only have 13,000 miles on it now, I have probably 1600 miles over the 4 yrs just in travel back & forth to the service dept. BMW of NA can check my claims. I had to buy extended warranty & am I glad I did, because Wednesday BMW assist had to send a flat bed to pick it up once again for a fuel pump problem, the service dept said they would try a regulator first & hope that solves the problem, keep in mind this is now my 5th actual fuel pump problem that BMW could actually hear, all the other times it was in for the same problem, but couldn’t duplicate the problem. BMW of NA has NOT been in touch with me. My car stalled last week, thank God I wasn’t on a busy highway. This is why it’s back in the service dept. I’ve been upset for 4 yrs with this car & BMW. Thanks for all the posts on here.

    • Lynda says:

      MJ, you may want to call them, i.e. BMW NA. That’s what I did. (800) 831-1117. I don’t know what state you’re in, but here in CA 4 times in for the same repair, or a safety issue are two of the criteria.
      Especially since your first issue was at 900 miles, you could be in good shape, ultimately. Just my suggestion, but, like Tommy, I think it best to *be nice* to the person you speak with at BMW NA, and tell them you are worried about the safety of the car, since it has stalled out on you.
      My car lost power, though it didn’t totally stall (that time) while I was doing 80 mph on a CA freeway where there was no shoulder, just a barrier, on the left – I was in the left hand lane. I was very frightened, and after that began seriously to think about doing what was necessary to get them to take the car back.

  45. MJ says:

    Lynda, I’m in PA. When I called the service dept after my car was on the flat bed truck I told them how the car stalled, they said they would put the computer on it to check, my question to them was, why didn’t the computer tell them that my fuel pump was defective all those times it was in for that particular problem? Why did they send the car back, saying they didn’t hear the noise knowing BMW has had this problem for yrs.? It’s just been very aggravating & frustrating dealing with this situation. I’m glad you got BMW to listen to you.

    • Lynda says:

      MJ, it definitely sounds like you’ve not had good service at the dealer, in addition to the flawed car. I’ve been fortunate to have a really good service guy, and it sounds like Tommy did too. That said, I do think they thought they’d totally fixed my car the first couple of times – then it went bad again.

      You’re certainly right about the aggravation and frustration in dealing with the whole thing. For me, though, dealing through BMW NA is working, though I don’t expect to get as much money as I think I should.

      There are tradeoffs here, though, and I still think dealing with courts and lawyers becomes even more time consuming, and aggravating. Each of us has to decide if that’s worth the time, etc.

      I test drove a couple of Infinitis yesterday, G7S – while I’m still mixed about not having a BMW, that’s probably the way I’ll go.

  46. Deb Levine says:

    MJ,we have a 09 535xi wagon with 12400 mi. bought nov. 09. After five months, sputtering occured 2x and dealer said they had to “reprogram computer” never saying anything about the fuel pump. For the past few weeks, the car seemed to have a week battery turning over 3x as long as normal. This week low engine power light came on and dealer spent 1.5 days with BMWNA inorder to get “permission” to replace the HP fuel pump. Went to pick up car 6:00pm 12/10/09 and as I leeft lot, reduced engine power light came on. It’s back at dealer 5 min. after pump being replaced. I’ll find out mon. what is next.

  47. MJ says:

    Deb, sorry to hear about your problem with your BMW, please let us know what they tell you. What did they say when you went back to the service dept?

    Some how we all need to let BMW know EXACTLY how we feel about the problems with their cars!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Chris says:

    Deb, you have suffered a common problem with all N54 models. Please file a complaint if you have not already:

  49. MJ says:

    I filed with the NHTSA last month. They give you a case number, but I haven’t seen anything since.

    What does everyone’s BMW service dept say to you when you take it back over & over for the same problem? I know one thing, it doesn’t look good on us if & when we go to sell the car.

  50. Chris says:

    Normally my dealer just says bad gasoline and blames the customer. I mean, we know the the car is junk because we drive it, but BMW does not really care after they have your money. I already went to the Audi dealer; those guys already know all the issues. If anyone thinks for one moment the car has any real resale value, they are dreaming. The complaint for the NHTSA was to protect the owners for 2009 and up owners The NHTSA probably will not do anything until somebody dies. Any normal person who has stalled because of the HPFP doesn’t need convincing for the safety issue; somehow the I think the gov’ment is different.

  51. Deb Levine says:

    Got my car back tody and was told that when the HPFP was installed, the tech damaged a fuel line (crimped) or something. I let them have the car to drive over the weekend and now it seems fine. When I got the paper work on the problem it was a copy of the first work order so I had them write a new order and discripton of what “went wrong” the second time. So far so good. The dealer has been helpful during this problem so I don’t what else they can do for now.

  52. DN says:

    I have a 2010 5 series and had my first fuel pump replaced at 5500 miles and replaced again at 8000 miles. I tried to contact BMW NA and was told that they do not consider this above average repairs and there is nothing they can do at this time. I do not feel safe driving my car – I never know when the power will go out again. I relayed this to BMW and they were not concerned. I was told there is nothing to be done until i have an open repair order. Does anyone have a name of a person at BMW who is more helpful?

    • Lynda says:

      Hi DN,

      I can give you the name of the person I spoke with, Nate, @ 1(800) 831-1117. However, my HPFP was replaced four times, and it was after that that they agreed to take the car back. I know that four repairs on the same issue is one of the criteria of the Lemon Law here in CA. Safety issues are also one of the criteria too, though.

      Just as an update for others who are following this story, they’ve agreed to take the car back, but I’m still waiting for that to actually happen. I’ve been told it usually takes two weeks, they then look at the car and cut a check on the spot.
      That makes it a bit of a challenge to then turn around and get a new car – unless, of course, one chooses another BMW – which I am *not* doing.

      I’ll post when something actually happens.

  53. Paul says:

    In the second week of October I got the call to go to a remote site here in Alaska , so the Bimmer went into storage , no indoor heated storage was avabile so I had to park it outside covered for two months , I came home today and it’s 2 below zero here in Anchorage , the past week it had been 15 below zero , so everthing is throughly frozen , after clearing two feet of snow off the car and re-connecting the battery’s negative terminal I hit the start button and bingo it started in less then one second , after a 10 minute warm – up I was racing through the icy streets of Anchorage . Later on to get better aquainted with my new girlfriend we drove down the inlet and into the Chugach Mountians to view the Northern Lites , moon roof open , clear and cold [9 below zero according to the car] racing my BMW into the mountians proved once again it’s the Ultimate Mountian Machine ! New HPFP at 18,500 and no problems since .

  54. David C. says:

    I’ve got a 2009 335Ci that is truely a weekend driver, just got word today that BMW will be replacing the high pressure fuel pump! The car is 6 months old and has 2750 miles on it. I am very dissapointed in BMW quality or lack of and frustrated that an expensive car that get driven on the weekends is have major mechanical failures!

    Oh My !!!

  55. MG says:

    My 2008 535i is starting to jerk whenever I take my foot off the break on a stop light. And it took a long time to start a few days ago. These were the same indicators that happened before my high pressure fuel pump went out on me and the engine light came on while driving on the freeway. Now I am hesitant to get on the freeway untill I take my car in for service next week to find out what the problem is. This is second round. Does anyone here experience these same issues?

  56. Lynda says:

    I did not experience the jerking, but I *did* experience the slow starts. My 2007 335i kept that up for a week or two, ’till I had time to get it to the dealer. They tried another fix, and then tested the car but the ‘other fix’ didn’t work. So they replaced the HPFP for the forth time.

    After that, I contacted BMW NA (service rep gave me contact phone no., etc.) and they agreed to take the car back. That transaction is due to be completed early next week. I’ll post an update when it’s done.

  57. Chris says:

    Well done Lynda; I would have to call that an excellent Christmas present for all of your troubles. The timing was excellent; a friend told me the fuel injectors are on back-order too. Enjoy the shopping for a new G37 or possibly an Audi…??

  58. Chris says:

    Oh MG; it’s a software issue for the NIC.

  59. MG says:

    Chris whats the NIC? these were the same signs that happened before my HPFP went out on me. Is this not a fuel Pump issue, the jerking?

  60. Chris says:

    No I don’t think so. The trans would bump or kind of do a small “jolt” forward after depressing the brake for a period of time….such as sitting at a stop light. I am not saying your fuel pump may be good; just have a look at the article; it can also bump when the car is coming to a stop.

    SI B 24 03 08
    Automatic Transmission July 2008
    Technical Service

    This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B24 03 08 dated June 2008.

    designates changes to this revision

    335i, 535i with N54 and 6HP19TU – Jolt and Delay when Pulling Away

    E90, E92, E93 (335i) with N54 and 6HP19TU from 12/06 up to 09/07

    E60, E61 (535i) with N54 and 6HP19TU from 03/07 up to 03/08

    The customer may complain of a delayed engagement and a harsh jolt when accelerating from a stop.

    The situation occurs only during the engine warm-up phase (cold engine), and can not be reproduced in the Sport Mode.

    EGS software (unfavorable NIC – Neutral Idle Control calibration)

    On a customer complaint basis only, check the vehicle’s integration level.

    If the integration level is:

    * On E9x vehicles – E89X-07-06-520 or lower

    * On E6x vehicles – E060-07-09-530 or lower

    Reprogram and recode the complete vehicle with a current Progman version (target levels are E89X-07-09-518 or E060-08-03-510, respectively, for E9x and E6x vehicles).

    Covered under the terms of the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

    Defect Code:
    24 00 33 98 00

  61. Lynda says:

    End of this Chapter, for me.

    Today, BMW NA took my car back, and I was handed a check for approximately 92% of the original MSRP. The whole process took longer than usual – so I’m told, partially because they were short people due to the holidays, and partially because of an option I chose.

    The process went like this: 1) I called BMW NA, and made the request that they take the car back. 2) They investigated, and got back to me about 10 days later, saying they would take the car back. 3) about a week after that I received a call with a dollar amount – they asked if that amount was acceptable to me, and I said yes. Presumably, if you negotiate, this would take longer. 4) About a week later I received another call telling me the name of the woman who would be contacting me; they hire an outside company to do much of the work. 5) She called and we set up an appointment to meet at my dealer, with a dealer rep, the manager of the service dept. 6) We met, she inspected the car. My car had scratches on two bumpers, and the windshield had to be replaced. I agreed to pay the dealer the amount required to repair the bumpers, but not to do the windshield. The windshield was covered by my insurance, for a $100 deductible, and the dealer’s price was more than $1200. So I took the car back and had the windshield repaired. They also inspect the tires, btw, and want the original manuals, and keys, etc. None of those were an issue for me.
    7) We made another appointment, for today, and they inspected the windshield, etc. They had me sign a document basically saying I had no further claims related to the car, and that document was notarized. I received the check, and went home to deposit it. They also gave me a ride home using the dealer’s shuttle.
    In the meantime, I purchased a 2009 G37S Infiniti, sedan, stick shift (that was hard to find.) Bought the car on Christmas eve. The Infiniti drives well, sounds wonderful, and has a 97 rating for reliability according to Consumers. I still haven’t totally decided if I like driving it as much as the BMW. But, I know it won’t die on me, on the freeway – that’s important. I just need to drive it more on curves, and totally get used to the different clutch. It is definitely fun to drive.
    If I can answer questions, contact me directly. Go to my site, and get my email address there. Put BMW in the subject line.
    Good luck to all!!

  62. Tommy says:

    BMW has problems with ALL 135, 335 and 535 engine and of course the same goes for the Z4 ….If it has the twinturbo then it’s got the problem. Sucks but that’s the honest truth. My new M3 is just fine that God but believe it or not the car is soooooo fast it scares me. I got on it the other day after breaking it in and I floored it for just what seemed like 10 seconds or so and I was at 110 mph on a street that’s 40mph. That is just crazy. Thank God it’s in the mountain area and it was 4am. But anyways, BMW is coming out with the new 3 and 5 series that will have 400 hp twin turbos which I want to get and I wonder if they are going to have that huge issue with the fuel pumps. If they do I will sue them in open and public forum/.court and make them pay dearly. Sounds rough but you can’t keep screwing the consumer and claiming that you’re the badest ladest and greatest thing in the world when you’re not. Hope everybody get’s out of their twin turbo cars in one piece and get’s into another nice ride whether it’s a BMW or not.

    • Lynda says:

      Hey Tommy,

      Your posts have been very much appreciated, by me, and, I’m sure, others too.

      The internet will, sadly, always have a few trolls who are best, IMO, ignored.

      Best to you,


  63. Paul says:

    You will sue in open court ! You sound like a real scumbag , a snake in the grass laying and waiting . Yey by your own words you are a problem also –doing 110 mph in a 40 mph zone — typical , just typical !

    • Tommy says:

      You can only screw the consumer for so long genius before someone steps up and takes massive action otherwise BMW or any other company won’t change…..You get it. It’s not about the money it’s about making things right. I hate when companies cut corners or don’t address something until someone is hurt big time or someone dies…..Does FORD mean anything to you wise ass?? How many people died in their cars before they did millions of recalls? You think I make this shit up? Yes I speed all the time since I was 16 yrs of age. Over 22 yrs of speeding and everything is calculated….there is risk for everything. I took my chances going that fast for 5 to 10 seconds and that was that and I slowed down. How else can you test the speed of a new M3? What was I going to hit a tree? Nope no trees for miles. Hit a kid? Nope open area for miles just mountains and cactus. No homes, no buildings, no other cars, no schools, no nothing. Yep I took that huge risk. But thanks for the feedback.

  64. Paul says:

    I read these comments and time after time the dealership , the factory reps have all steped up to the plate and done the honourable thing , so to even talk about sueing them is totaly out of line and the last refuge for a true scumbag — if you do not like BMW and there line of cars avoid them like the plague , but to threaten to sue ., ha ! — In 2003 4 guys at a construction sight started to mouth off me over my last name , as if I have control of a goverments decisions because I have a French last name , the French goverment and there decision not to invade Iraq , I was born in North America you morons so what has this got to do with me I had to ask ? Anyway after 3 months of listing to them and there stupid bullshit I walked into the IGA deli and used my size to knock Ron down and I put the boots to him and then slaped Brian to the ground as the other 2 [ Marty and David ] ran off like a pair of scared rabbits , later in the day the Alaska State Troopers showed up and after a year in and out of court [6 court hearings] having to listen to these sniviling bitches at the hearings was punishment enough not mention the thousands of dollars in lawyer fees , with threats to sue for hospital fees by the “VICTIMS” it was over . I had won ! Several people had warned them to back off and avoid me like the plague , and everthing would be OK , or suffer the fate of Big Paul Joseph one of 8 children of Evariste and Elizabeth . French – Canadien folk right off the farms of Southern Ontario , my father taught us how to take care of our own bussiness .So if you do not like BMW sell it and move on but to threaten to sue , ha ! , I love my Bimmer and to even think of sueing my racial brothers the Germans would be an unforgivable sin ! These are fine kin folk to deal with . To understand that read and understand history you moron ! — BMW THE ULTIMATE MOUNTIAN MACHINE ! —

  65. Paul says:

    You own a BMW M 3 , yet your also ready to sue them ? I may be just some dumb country boy but it sounds like your a two faced P.O.S. I looked at the new Audi S 4 and its a fine well crafted machine but I really love the BMW 335xi , so it will be a new 3 series in 2010 or 2011 , guys like you are the problem with this once great powerful country , always sniviling about something or playing the part of the abused victim . Every person . company , goverment has made mistakes , some recover some fail , BMW has survied a whole lot more then this , a fine example of teutonic machinery ! BMW has a long proud history , from a culture that has lasted thousands of years .Good times , bad times , wars , famines , social upheaval BMW has survived ———–BMW ———– the ultimate driving machine———-

  66. Chris says:

    Well, looks like BMW is finally being sued over the turbo-lag issue V29.2 everyone was complaining about. Too bad they did not step-up and immediately accept responsibility for the issue when everybody’s brother complained. It’s just a shame when BMW NA and the dealers did not listen. Of course the same thing for the fuel pump issue; nobody stepped-up as usual until two years down the road; no resolution yet. Now in process for four years….hummmm. Nothing is worse than having used junky refurbed pumps because of laziness to fix an issue; then people wonder why they have three failures in a row. It would be nice if the dealers would just fix the car instead of fighting the customer to fix it. What is even worse is when the customer has to tell the service manager how to fix it or what to fix.

  67. MJ says:

    Lynda, I’m happy for you. I went to BMW NA from the start, they wouldn’t help me at all. They kept pawning me off to someone else. Who ever said to sue, that it wouldn’t cost you anything, sorry, but you’re wrong. The attorny (even Lemon Law) get their 331/3 % right off the top. They will never tell you that. They make you think the company will pay all fees, not true. I own a 2005 Z4, 13,000 miles, it’s had 4 fuel pumps on so far….last month it was flatbedded to the nearest BMW dealer (60 miles) one way, they heard the noise after sitting for 2 days & ordered the parts. My car stalled also. Right now, I’m kind of in a holding pattern, meaning I haven’t signed any papers to settle only because they haven’t offered enough . Before anyone tells me off, let me say again, MY CAR STARTED HAVING PROBLEMS AT 900 MILES. I’m interested in articles about BMW & all the problems that people are complaining about. Thanks

  68. Sprinter says:

    Can anyone definitively say that a 2010 328i cannot have HPFP problems because either the car doesn’t have an HPFP or twin-turbo design? I am in the process of attempting to exit my 36-month lease of a 2008 335xi which has had two replacement HPFPs, one at 6000mi, the recent one at 14200mi. I was told by BNW N.A. rep that the 328i could have problems, in fact, the entire “3” line, not just the 335. And a contributor to complains of mutiple fuel pump failures with a 328i. Here is my last post on Edmunds, citing my confusion about whether to substitute a 2010 328i if I’m successfull in having my lease terminated or substitute a 328i:

    As I just wrote, two trusted mechanics with many years of experience, and employed by BMW told me the problem is with the HPFP, which is not present in a 328i. Your experience implies that it’s the “i” or injection system or something closely connected to the fuel pump causing the problem. Which really concerns me because it implies fundamental engineering flaws in what is a perennial “category” champion. I have searched for, but not found any complaints on the Internet about the 328i fuel pump until I read your post #4494 and the latest one. The mechanic who owns your model was and has always been very frank with me, so I accept his opinion that “I won’t have a fuel pump problem with the 328i,” but read of your experience with bewilderment. Well, first things first–I’ll keep you all posted of my attempts to retire my 36-month lease after 24 months

    • Lynda says:

      When I was investigating my options, prior to BMW NA buying back my 2007 335i, I called a manager at Dinan BMW, on the recommendation of a friend. He specifically told me that the 328s and 330s did not have this issue.

      OTOH, he also told me that BMW had done a redesign of the 2010 335s, and yet people have reported issues with HPFP on the 2010 car on this blog.

      That’s my best info, HTH.

  69. Sprinter says:

    To clarify: the driver with the mutiple failed fuel pumps on his 2009 328i, is not a 2007 or 2008. Therefore he does not have the 120,000 mi warranty.

  70. MJ says:

    Sprinter, if you mean me not having the extra warranty, I already know that, I had to purchase extended warranty, thank goodness I did, already used it on the 4th [ump. No thanks to BMW.

    • Sprinter says:

      MJ, the driver I refer to on the Edmunds board has the handle “romboggie,” and wrote:
      “My HPFP happened on my 2009 328i so I think the problem is across the board. I am driving scared now hoping that I don’t get stranded again. When my lease is up, I am going to get out of the 3 series family and purchase a 5 series. ”

      I feel for you having to pay additional money to “play defense” when you have every right to the same warranty extension. You should be refunded that money, and see my last post for further comments from me. I just hope N.A. doesn’t give me the runaround because I’ve only had two replacements, while several of you are up to four!

  71. Paul says:

    No wonder this economy is in shambles all you people do is complain and snivil about your sad state of affairs rather then taking the bull by the horns and fixing your problems you snivil and complain endlessly , if you do not like this line of automobiles sell it and buy one that you can be happy with . BMW has steped up to the plate and has worked to fixed the problem , yet this is not good enough for most of you , sell it and move on and stop sniviling and be happy , its really quiet simple to figure out . 86 the problem and bingo no more problem . I had several friends of mine from Eastern Europe read this blog and we fail to see the point of your complaints . We did conclude however that most of you like to glorified your suffering as self proclaimed victims . I’am waiting for the 400 hp 3 series to be issued , now that is worth talking about !

    • Sprinter says:

      If you understood the meaning of character, honor and what defines a proud tradition you would cease writing like an apologist for BMW.

      A consumer paying a premium for a suposed superior auto is entitled to not only unsurpassed performance, but reliability, safety, and mechanical excellence. BMW has clearly violated something you continue to harp upon, which is honor and a “proud history.” The -35 models have a defective HPFP built by a French subcontractor (believe it or not, that is the truth). BMW has not been honest with its customers and with the public. In that sense, they are as despicable as Detroit, which through stubborn, arrogant design and indifferent customer care essentially alientated their customer base, and are now a shadow of their former selves. The BMW dealers have no choice but to legally honor the warranty, they are not doing you or anyone else a favor. It is astounding that no one has yet been seriously injured or killed by an HPFP failure. It took several deaths for the NHTSA to issue a recall to Toyota/Lexus for a jammed throttle issue. How will BMW “step up to the plate” and “make good” on someone’s maimed body or lost life? The cars are simply not safe to be driven, and every owner subject to HPFP failure should have their vehicles reacquired on a uniform, forumulaic basis, taking into consideration the number of failures, lost days, out-of-pocket costs (if stranded, for example), and BMW should be assessed punitive damages for its arrogance.

  72. Paul says:

    So you play the racial card , to add to the mix . OK we’ll get back to that in a minute . To answer your statement about being an apologist for BMW I ‘am looking at things from a historical perpective . Lets judge BMW 10 years from now for there actions regarding this matter . So the question is “have you sold your BMW yet” or are you going to complain and snivil till doomesday ? So you wanted to play the racial card , are you such a loser that you can not afford to get rid of it because you have so much debt ? I mean what were you doing during the last 20 years that this little economic downturn has you so straped for cash that you can not just sell it and walk away ? A friend of mine just moved here from Montreal and paid cash for all new machinery and started a company to get in on the building boom here , As you guys are complain about HPFP were out there taking advantage of the boom and are generating enought cash to pay cash .

  73. MJ says:

    Paul, How are we supposed to sell “JUNK”!!!!!!!

    Also, if we keep driving our BMW’s, we might not be here in 10 years as you said.

    Sprinter is right, we thought we bought an “ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE”. They sure fooled us, didn’t they? I paid CASH (one lump sum) for my Z, hey, maybe your friend would want to buy my 2005 Z4 13,000 miles on, plus warranty. How much do you think your friend would pay for it????

  74. Paul says:

    Didn’t you research the market first ? Are you telling me the local Audi dealership will not take it in on a trade for all new S4 ? , Or the Porsche America ? Or M/B ?

  75. Chris says:

    Oh, they take it for an Extremely Low Reduced Price

  76. MJ says:

    Exactly Chris, Maybe Paul should do his research on trade-in prices. The new cars are marked up $2500 to $5000, they will only give you trade-in value on your car. I guess we BMW owners shouldn’t keep are cars in hope that it would one day be a collectible. LOL

  77. Paul says:

    I do not need to research trade in values because I do not care , I alway get a good deal or I walk , so % 100.00 I get a great deal especially in this economy . A thought to ponder , why not find a solution , if I was a trained engineer and out of work I’d be on this issue like white on rice , study the componet , how its manfactured , metals used , why do they fail ?— I saw a need for an item and a man in Detroit is busy making them , the ones out there didn’t function properly so I fixed the issue . — solutions are the answer not threats to sue and constant complaing , I alway hope to look at this blog and see a responce from a man/women whom has studied the problem and has the answer how to fix it .

    • Sprinter says:

      Are you an idiot?

      Since when is a purchaser/lessee (I lease cars–always) required to spend time with auto engineering problems? Am I supposed to interrupt my career to tackle a problem created by BMW? That’s why warranties exist–to cause the manufacturer to accept legal responsibility for defects. The % of autos leased is equal to or greater than the % purchased in much of the US–Alaska excepted. Did you read the links to the lawsuits filed? This problem looks like it’s far more complicated than a component–it also involves faulty software.

  78. Paul says:

    No wonder “guys” like me love it here , everthing is so easy for us ! The simplest problem bogs you guys down and you just can not figure it out ! You call the Audi dealership and say , I need an S4 , blue , 6 speed , all factory options , I’ll be down in 2 hours with my trade in a Montego Blue 2008 BMW 335xi with 15K miles , perefect credit , never wrecked , all factory specified maintance was performed at the dealership , have the numbers worked out if they look good I’ll sign if not I walk .

  79. MJ says:

    WOW. Paul, as I sit here & read your posts, I’m also wondering if you’re married & what you do for a living? With nothing else to do but try to belittle the people on this site with REAL problems.

  80. Paul says:

    When I work I make a lot of money to compsate for the months off , sometimes I hike around with the metal dector and move a little dirt to find a few nuggets , thats the Alaskan way , next I love to watch you people make a big deal out something so trivial . What is the 3 series BMW , the Mexican women whom makes tamalies and such delivers them to the build site in a 3 series , the coffee stand girls drive 3 series , school teachers drive 3 series , guys on buildings site drive 3 or 5 series and there wives drive 3 or 5 series station wagons , very large African-American women whom cook and clean on the slope [Arctic oil fields] drive 7 series or S500 M/B , at any given stop light there are lots of Subarus , BMW 3 , 5 , 6 and 7 series and Audi A4’s , 6 ,8 , S4’s , M/B , cookie cutter cars , its no big deal to own one , there not Pagani Zondas ! It takes two minutes to blog and we get an hour of entertaiment out of it ! Oh and BTW women up work on rotation , in Anchorage Alaska you do not lose your women you just lose you turn , I get tired of that so I’ll have to ship up some women from “downsouth” and see how it works out — its so cold and dark they complain yada yada –oops thats another blog ! So exactly what constutes a REAL problem ? HPFP are an easy fix !

  81. Chris says:

    Aaahhh, let him vent MJ, maybe with our posts we can actually help people find out faults with their N54s. That’s the important thing. Just trying to help people from being stuck on the road or getting a raw deal from the vendor or dealer. Since the people in the 2007 and 2008 model got a good warranty on the fuel pump; I feel the 2009 and 2010 owners got jammed. They might need some help to get as much warranty work done as possible before the “reckoning” occurs.

  82. MJ says:

    Paul, my dad goes to Alaska every year to “pan gold” He brought home a few big nuggets. So, I gather you work in the oil fields? My Z is one of my toys used only in nice weather, as well as my Trike. I dabble in antique cars too, I still have my high school car a 1933 Plymouth 5 window coupe with a rumble seat, now that’a a real car!!! Now, back to the subject of BMW, we obviously don’t think a car that stalls when ever or when ever is trivial, it’s a definite safety hazard. Good luck with the women or the lack of.

  83. Paul says:

    Ponder this , compared to the real problems of climate change , thawing tundra and the massive release of methane , avability of fresh water , the real economic crisis that is comming makes this HPFP issue trivial , I mean if you people can not solve this issue how are you going to cope with some REAL PROBLEMS ? You people will not be-able to cope , I mean where is the backbone of this shell of a once great powerful country ? I read these blogs and all of you take yourselves so serious when in reality the fix is so easy . HPFP Ha , try no fresh water for two weeks . I have proved my point to my friends they all agree most of your are in serious trouble because a real problem will overwhelm you .

  84. Philip says:

    Hey Chris

    It’s not just N54s owners that get stuck by the side of the road. I’ve got an M6 Convertible and the stories I colud tell you about this car’s faults and the pathetic support offered in Australia leave most people speachless!

  85. MJ says:

    Paul, I’ll go off the BMW subject with you for a little bit. I have news for you, I live very very close to a COAL BURNING POWER PLANT, it happens to be the 3rd dirtiest in the country. It was grandfathered in, meaning we had to sue Allegheny Power Plant to get them to make it cleaner. We also have a gas (Duke Energy) very close too, both of which use millions of gallons of water a day from the river. We also have gas wells (Marcellus Shale) popping up all over this state, now they need to build a plant to “clean” the run off water to put back into the river, and we have to drink this very same water. Our water treatment plant is directly across from where they ILLEGALLY dump. Our town has the highest rate of CANCER than any other town. Here’s something that will occupy your time, do a search on Hatfield Ferry Power Plant. Now, I not only have to be worried about dying in a car accident next time my BMW stalls, I have to worry about my family & friends dying of cancer.

  86. Paul says:

    So BMW HPFP problem is dwarfed by the Guri Dam issues and the Hatfield Power Station in my eyes , also the BMW HPFP issues can be solved once and fore all by trading the car in and thats that . Why would you continue to live in an area where your almost certain to get sick ? So not to sound too mean but are you going to wait and get sick and then blog and talk of suing Alleghney Energy ? The damage is done and a few thousand years will have to pass to restore the region to the pristine state of pre-A.E.

  87. MJ says:

    Paul, I’m sorry you have the outlook that you do about pretty much EVERYTHING, but family is everything to me, whcich is why I live where I live. I thought about why we owners of BMW’s get on here to Bi*** about our cars & came to the conclusion that we NEED BMW to stand up to their problems & admit that there IS a SERIOUS PROBLEM. Hey Paul, don’t lose your turn in line, LOL


  88. Paul says:

    My out look is totaly positive , you guys complain a fix is offered and you complain some more , my Russian friends and I just drove 550 miles in our Bimmers through some good – 40 below zero and they ran great , PERFECT and you can really feel the differance when you get below zero , the super cold air being sucked into the engine and through the intercooler , the Russians said BMW’s runs great in Russia and Alaska maby you guys baby your cars and they get cloged up and need to have the piss run out of them , I asked the dealership here about the HPFP issue and they said they see it once in a while , not very often . BMW are cold climate cars , oil pan heaters and trickle chargers are the only engine modifications we have done to our machines for really cold climates . Sitting in traffic at 10 MPH is hard on these cars because there built for speed from the factory and need to be allowed to do as the engineers design them to do –RUN FLAT OUT–, so maby its NOT the BMW Ultimate Driving Machine but the driver ? Or stop and go traffic ? Do the math we left at 9:00 AM and got back at 5:00 PM , stoping for gas and lunch is included in the time , German built , Autobahn tested !

  89. Paul says:

    90% of the trip was in the mountians , in and out of the narrow canyons , getting stuck behind rigs pulling double trailers , running the beautiful tree lined two lane highways always totaly alert to be hard on the brakes for Moose, not like the super duper interstates you have in the lower 48 that is access controled and totaly clogged .These BMW’s can flat ass get get up and run , hard on the brakes for the tight corners in the canyons and pulling out of them under full throttle and get ready to be hard on the brakes for the next corner , downshift and run up to 6500 rpm oh so smooth , stoping to look at the Matanuska Glacier , the engines idling so smooth . No HPFP issues here ! I hope that project starts soon so I can do it every weekend !

  90. Paul says:

    Add the darkness being conquered by the Xenons and the high mountian tundra to the mix with long sweeping corners and long straight runs where you can see for miles ! 2 BMW 335xi’s and a 535xi with a DINAN chip , these machines are flat built to run from the factory , everthing about them is performance orinated — BMW– the Ultimate Mountian Machine — ! So exactly how to you guys treat your machines because the mechanics at the dealership said a lot of people baby there machines and putter around town so the engine never gets real hot , when he looks under the oil fill cap there is ice from not being run hard enough to burn off the condensed water that forms in the oil during engine cool down .

  91. Paul says:

    Also do you allow the turbos to cool down for 10 minutes after long runs , our machines were only shut off to take on fuel , but only after a 10 minute cool down period , the turbos are oil cooled so if you do run them hard and do not alow the turbos to cool off you will burn the oil that is traped in the turbos ?

    • Poops Mcquee says:

      Totally uneccessary Paul, check the facts. Electric water pump. It’ll run with the engine off. No oil coking of turbo bearings is going to happen. The wastegate flap pivot is the weakness

  92. Jason says:

    The problem with that was… People were complaining of noise. So BMW made a software fix. Well of course when wastegates open sooner and the engine runs at lower boost pressures you are going to lose power and fuel economy. People need to stop whining so much.

  93. Paul says:

    Jason , thank you !

  94. Chris says:

    Yeah; people get a lean mean fightin’ machine. 0-60 in 8 secs. Wooooo…..both cases submit MULTIPLE problems…not just a car with a little lag…..but major GEO Metro style acceleration. When a company boasts no turbo lag for 50K; customers will purchase said vehicle for what is advertised. I already understand the technical aspects why the cars has so many failures, not really looking for the excuse, just the FIX. I already heard every excuse in the book for multiple systems; just don’t care…..make it right. BMW could have went straight to DINAN immediately to fix the issue on that one thing, but they did not. Instead, used their lackies. To no avail…of course…they had to refer to DINAN after getting their butts kicked. They need some new engineers that will work a full day.

  95. Paul says:

    Stop complaining and sell it if you do not like it !

  96. Sprinter says:

    Sell to whom? At what loss? The seller of a vehicle who hides a defective history from a buyer who has relied upon lack of disclosure is quite likely to be liable for damages or worse, if the buyer experiences an accident or death. Ever heard of criminal negligence? No dealer of any vehicle, at this point, would not be aware of the flawed N54 and buy your x35. And you cannot break a lease, unless BMW, as I’m attempting to do, will cancel the remainder of the obligation and retire the lemon. If I’m lucky, I have no problems for the remaining 13 months of my lease and turn it in, no equity, just aggravation and some lost time. It could be much worse, as many have stated here, and someone is going to have a severe accident when that HPFP fails–it’s inevitable.

  97. Paul says:

    In order to own cars of this nature one must have sufficent income to cover any problem that may arise and not have to fret about the loss . Look up Ruger Redhawk barrel thread lubricant issues , this is but a foot note in the history of this revolver , so if one sells his RRH should he say oh and by the way , no because this only affected a few serial numbers ranges a long time ago . I perfer the L.A.R. Grizzly line of pistols , every time you pull the trigger thats $2.50 going down range if you fire top notch factory ammo [.45 Winchester Magnum or Cor-Bon .45WM] re-loads are cheaper by about 1/3 , the pistols are expencive , everthing about them is expencive but if you want one you have to pay ! Its the same with BMW , Audi ,M/B .

  98. Chris says:

    It’s not the money; the car simply is not worthy of being in the same class as Audi. It’s an over-rated Mattel special that should have been priced at 40K fully loaded. The car doesn’t last. Nothing a person can do to make it worthy. BMW is too dumb to listen to the customer. If they would have listened, all the junk might have been fixed. They’re in denial like alcoholics.

  99. Paul says:

    Well then sell it , walk away and stop complaining .

  100. MJ says:

    Paul, please get real!!!! Better yet, do you want to buy my Z4, very low miles on it. I’lll give you a real good deal. Then I personally stop compaining :-) If not, I will keep complaining until BMW NA contact me. That probably goes for everyone else who continue to have problems. Until then we won’t stop bad mouthing BMW!!!!!!!

  101. Tommy says:

    Here is the bottom line ladies and gentleman. The fact that this board is made up of complaints says something. There is something wrong so there is something to complain about and to gain some information from others who are having the same problem. This happens for anything. Not just cars, but cameras, cruises, doctors or taking Xanax what have you….no matter what it is if there is a problem people share their experiences and that’s what’s going on here. If BMW had an issue of seal belts coming off or airbags not working properly then that’s what we would be talking about. For example….Hey I hit or someone hit me and the air bags did not deploy at 35mph has anyone experienced this too or am I the only one? And some says yeah holy cow met too…. I hit a truck and no bads deployed. Then we have and issue, a problem that people have in common. Then others see it and join in. Would you sit there and say well, BMW is the best of the best and let’s not complain cause they just make one hell of a driving machine. See shmucks like Paul can go fuck themselves. OMG did I say that? How rude of me. Geez I’m so sorry that was way out of line. Let me formely apologize. NOT!! O.K. Now guy that’s super intelligent comes here on this board and is venting about us venting about the car “WE THE OWNERS” are having issues with. Shit man I don’t get this loser who stinks like Sarah Palin of just trash talk. If I took a medicine and it made me feel like crap I would say something about it. I live in California where a cop and his family of 4 died about 5 miles away from my house and the road that I go by all the time. He drove a Lexus made by the most reputable auto maker for reliability and durability in the world. Yes TOYOTA!! The best car out there that barely has any issues. But look it made news around the country and do you know how fast Toyota stepped up to the plate after that CHP off duty Police Officer and his family vanished into a big ball of fire??? They were all over the news about the floor mats being stuck or undone. The news media said this and they said that but guess what now the shit is fixed. Paul if you are reading this…..Do you get it bud?? Can you squeeze that tiny bit of information in your thick skull of yours? People die from shit as simple as floor mats getting stuck….or is it the throttle? What’s the difference? Toyota denies all the allegations of there being any problems with the throttle being stuck on any of their vehicles. But some other people came forward saying the same thing has happened to them. This issue is that BMW is a big headache for BMW the owners of BMW’s and there needs to be a fix…..not something you make light of. When someone dies sooner or later Paul I want you to go to the familiy and say, Stop your crying sir, your wife and your 4 yrs old son are better off now anyways, plus you should of sold the car if you thought this was a problem, now stop your complaining shut up and just bury your family while I sit here and be the bigger man and say that you should of quit your complaining and just sold it and got another car. I am super pissed. That’s like telling the Jews they should of left Germany when Hitler came into power or people in Iraq should of left when Sadaam Im a nut job Hussein was killing his own people left and right. You talk the talk Paul but coming here and telling people to stop complaining and giving them advice like as if you are Mr. Know it all is just beneath you….or is it???

  102. Sprinter says:

    Tommy, if you permit me to edit your commentary, we could be quite a team. The grammar and syntax could use some work, but I applaud your sentiments. I try to be polite in adhering to customary blogging protocol, but Paul has reinforced the stereotype of Alaskan NIMBYs and their woefully unqualified V.P. candidate, Mrs. Palin. My only hope is that she is nominated by the Republican Party in 2012, ensuring a huge landslide for the incumbent Mr. Obama. Alaska–wonderful land, great fishing, and home to many social misfits of vigilante mentality. Unfortunately, BMW executives perhaps share some of those Alaskan traits.

  103. Paul says:

    HPFP , floor mats , stuck throttles , corrupted softwere , no wonder we need so many laws in order to regulate the idiots in society and keep them safe , and yes the Jews should have smarten up earlier , and yes Sarah Palin is the cat meow ! In 2012 the aliens are going to take control and all your misery and suffering will be over , some of us though will be helped by the Annunaki and move in to a higher plain if consciousness . Did you ever stop to think that maby its a conspiracy to reduce the population across the board , you guys are fun to banter with because you take yourselves and issues all so seriously , skippy !

  104. Paul says:

    Did I ever tell you about the time I steped out of the Foremost Nodwell to take a piss and a Polar Bear tried to grab me so I had to ————– anyway the stars were in my favour that day , well actual everyday . true story !

  105. MJ says:

    Well put Tommy, well put. Paul, can YOU see Russia too?

  106. Paul says:

    Actualy yes , from Savoonga you can see Siberia on a clear day . In fact the engineering has been done to build a bridge linking North America with Siberia across the Bering Straits . I see Russians everyday — Russian women love BMW’s , now thats one hot combo there , smokin hot Russian women rolling up to Barnes and Noble in there Bimmers for coffee — fast cars and hot women ! Spasiba .

  107. Chris says:

    It is unfortunate that these models of cars are so poorly manufacturered. The idea of selling it to some unsuspecting individual is not the way I do business. If I were bored of just got tired of it, then I would proceed in that manner. This is where we are different. The logical choice is to send the property back to the original maker or parent company. If the item is flawed from the get-go, then the vendor should get it back so they understand why they should not be selling it. As for complaining; I did not see any. I saw inviduals communicating and providing information to others. Hey, what can I say, the truth hurts sometimes. I received more “TRUE” information from messages boards, then the local service rep. That’s embarrassing for them, but once again….true. So people, keep posting and spread the info. It used to be I would not trust anything I read on the web, now I believe it to be more reliable to read the forums. You get faster results, less shop time and fewer visits to the SA.

  108. Sprinter says:

    I received a second call today from N.A., my history having been reviewed by Bryan. I had logdged a complaint by phone about two weeks ago. He has referred my case to the next level, and I am supposed to receive a phone call in a few days. In response to his question about what I am seeking, I stated I wanted out of my lease, with no legal exposure to a subsequent owner of the car, should they recondition it. We’ll see what they offer. I don’t know if I should expect any more than relief from the remainder of the payments. Perhaps my low mileage (ave. 7400/yr.on a 10,000/yr. maximum) will affect the settlement. Lynda may have some sense of how the buyback, or in my case, lease termination might be calculated. Being an accountant, I can think of several permutations. Hopefully, the next problem I encounter is what car should replace the Bimmer.

    • Lynda says:

      Hi Sprinter,

      I’m not certain how they’ll handle a lease situation financially, since I had paid cash for my car. I had done some checking on the resale value of my car in the open market, and it was considerably less than what I was actually offered – and paid.

      I found their overall process pretty opaque, but perhaps this will help. You actually end up dealing with three different ‘corporate entities’. BMW NA makes the decision as to whether or not they’ll take your car back. The service manager at the dealer has some input as to the condition of the car, and BMW NA hires a separate company to actually implement the transaction.

      In my case, once they decided they would take the car back, they called me with a dollar amount, and asked me if I would accept that amount. Since it was well over what I had expected, I simply said yes – rather than negotiating.

      They didn’t offer much info about how the process worked – so I asked, politely, and kept on asking. I also asked for the phone number and name, etc., of the people who called me.

      Also, in my case, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, there were a couple of scrapes on two bumpers, and I had to pay for that repair. They’re pretty picky about the condition of the car, tires, etc. They also have you sign a document relieving them of any further financial obligation – and making it clear that you can’t sue them. I have no way of knowing if that would actually hold up in court, but it is something to consider.

      Hope that helps.

  109. Paul says:

    7400 miles a year ? My 2008 335xi BMW was purchased in November of 2008 and has 28,678 miles on it , this car has been bullet proof ! So in conclusion this problem has only affect a few serial numbers . You should get a Prius , safe , eco-friendly , super gas millage basicaly perfectly suited for you and your lifestyle . Stay away from the German cars , before you buy maby you should visit the Audi blogs .

  110. Sprinter says:

    If I hadn’t had the first HPFP fail at 6,000 miles, my driving habits would have been altered. I would have taken several long trips by now. Your observation is not baed upon all of the facts. I haven’t driven to Las Vegas or Mammoth simply because I’m not willing to be stranded in climactic extremes, or worse, lose control on a high risk road, like US Highway 1 near Big Sur, which I really wanted to drive in this car.

  111. Paul says:

    I’ll sledge hammer my Bimmer into 40 below zero with total confidence , in reality you guys need to hang out with some French-Canadien , Russian , Eastern European boys to toughen you up , you guys always have some sort of sad excuse .

  112. Paul says:

    You guys are just so delicate and afraid of your own shadow , every state has high rick roads , here its the Seward Highway , head-ons , avalanches , falling rocks , Moose and lots of idiots some drunk and some just plain stupid , toughen up !

  113. Chris says:

    Sprinter….excellent news. Glad to hear the matter is being resolved in the proper manner. Sorry the car did not work out. I know people love to drive these cars and some people have no problems. I say “good for them”, but I think BMW should weed out the bad ones and handle the scenario with good customer relations. Hope your next car is a good one.

  114. Tommy says:

    A history of my history with BMW. My first car ever was a 1971 Potiac GTO with a 455 engine, 11.6 to 11.9 in the quarter mile. That was the fastest car I ever have owned. . My first BMW when I was like 19 was a 1979 BMW 320i with 170,000 miles on it and it ran strong. Then I went on to bigger and better cars. I decided to buy a VW Golf GTI which proved that German cars were my thing. My next car was an 1997 Acura Integra GS-R and that thing was fun to drive as heck. One day I went to my local BMW dealer and this salesman said that my Acura was a piece of shit. I was like gee thanks bud anything else you wanna tell me? So I was looking at the 3 series and I liked the 2000 323i 5spd. I went back and bought it from another salesman. I kept that car 7 yrs and then moved on to my next BMW and that was a 335i with automatic sport shifter and paddle shifters on the sterling wheel. This is when the problems started but man I still love these cars. I still feel safe and I love going fast in the them. But since I don’t like the MERC I decided to talk to a couple of techs and they all told me about the HPFP problems and how that is the number 1 problem why these cars are in here day in and day out. So I asked the shop foreman, “What would you buy?” He said, “To be honest with you don’t buy anything with a turbo and if you can afford it get an M3 or an M5.” With that being said I took his advice and did some homework and now I am the proud owner of a 2010 M3 with DTC. This is a car on steriods. My God it’s so freaking fast and the sounds it makes is so awesome. How can you deny BMW or better yet yourself the ultimate experience? If anyone out there is interested in a M3 E90 or E92 let me tell you that you will not be dissappointed at all. My friends want me to DINAN the engine to stage 1 and I was like why?? So the car can go 180. No thanks….If I was in Germany I would do it in a heart beat but not on these American freeways. Anyways, I know some of you will go on to buy other makes and models which I get. But please be advised that no Infiniti or Acura will ever measure up to a BMW and Lexus is no exception. I sold all of these cars and BMW hands down is got the safety and sheer thrill a “DRIVER” wants. Look luck to everyone out there with your cars. God Speed!!

  115. Sprinter says:

    Lynda–I read your discussion of the process of complaint, communication and reimbursement and surrender of the vehicle. It seems to have taken about a month.
    Assuming I am two weeks into the same process, I need to consider what type of car to replace this annoyance (and threat to safety). Unfortunately, I have always had a better experience ordering vehicles direct from the manufacturer, which will take at least 8 weeks. So, if BMW doesn’t reject my request to terminate my lease, I probably will have to rent a car for a month or two if I order a 2010 replacement. I am finsihed with BMWs, even if the driving experience is clearly superior than all of the competiton, and I have leased them, or tested the hell out of them. I will not tolerate a car that dies on me; and have been very fortunate to experience these failures in close proximity to authoized dealers. It could have been a lot worse and/or dangerous. BMW has demonstrated a lack of integrity and I truly believe, will not easily overcome the damage to their expensive advertising deception.

    I leased four Lexus’ with zero reliability problem, just a throttle lag, well-documented, in the ES 300. But the cars are boring. I liked the Infiniti G35, but it was just OK, and strangely prone to misfortune, none of it mechanical–tickets, one nasty accident. If anyone here has had a totally satisfactory experience with a particular brand and year vehicle, with responsive and safe driving, reliability, and aesthetics OTHER THAN BMW, please share; I may have overlooked a brand in my ruminations.

    • Lynda says:

      Hi Sprinter,

      First, I may not have mentioned that the process of BMW taking back my car may have taken longer than usual, partially because it was over the Christmas season; and I chose not to have them take it back at our first appointment because they wanted the windshield replaced, and, rather than having them do it at a cost of over $1200, my insurance company did it with a cost to me of $100. That delayed the ‘take back’ for about a week – again, partially due to Christmas.

      About cars, I drove a 2008 Mercedes C320, a 2008 Infiniti coupe, and an Audi A4. The Mercedes was a nice car, but no ‘road feel’. All my BMWs have had sports packages, and been stick shifts. I liked the Infiniti *a lot*, but it was used, on a Porche dealer’s lot, and a coupe – I wanted a sedan. I did not even try a Lexus, because I was told by a knowledgeable friend that it was more a luxury car, not a sports car, as I wanted.

      I liked the Audi’s but not quite a much as the Infiniti. Also I checked Consumers, and the Infiniti tops the reliability ratings, hands down. So I went hunting, and did end up finding what I wanted.

      Re the G35 as you mentioned, the current models are G37, and I bought the G37S. You might want to test drive a current one, since the 2010s are just now arriving. That is, if you’re open to it. If not, my only suggestion is the Audi. The Audi test drive I did showed the car to be solid, I did like it – just not as much as the Infiniti.

      Re my Infiniti, the more I drive it, the better I like it. Plenty of power, and handling is very very good. I still haven’t had a chance to really challenge it around corners. (that’s the only question I still have)

      When I do a direct comparison of the Infiniti with my 335i, for highway driving, power, etc. they are equal. I haven’t really compared hwp, or other specs, I’m talking just from the driving experience. The transmission experience is different, but since most people drive automatics, I won’t get into that.

      Minor comparisons, like appearance, cupholders and controls like the iDrive, vary. I think the BMW is still a prettier car, at least from the front. The Infiniti looks as good, though, from the side and rear. The controls on the Infiniti are better, easier than the iDrive. Cupholders are more convenient, less prone to spills on the Infiniti.

      Mostly, though, of course, I’m very very happy driving a car that won’t conk out on me, on the highway at high speed, or in some remote, dangerous spot. I can plan my day a little better. ;-)


      • Sprinter says:

        I am very curious about the Consumer Report reliability rating of the non N54 3 models, if that is available.

        Buyback approved Friday, 1/29. N.A. rep called and e-mailed confimation that they will refund 100% of my lease payments minus a “usage component” pursuant to the CA lemon law. Since I only had 6000mi at the time of the first HPFP failure, the usage will be about $ 2100 vs. approx. $ 15k refunded, net of about $ 13K. Now that I have further enquired and driven the “alternatives,” I’m actually thinking about leasing a 2010 328xi, to be ordered. I am satisfied that the N54 is the problem, and a x28 is a different design.

        N.A. will wait for me to receive an ordered vehicle, taking eight weeks, and refund those lease payments made prior to delivery, as well as the annual registration coming up this week, which is about $ 500. I could then deliver the lemon to the dealer from which I am leasing the new Bimmer. Can’t ask for more reasonable treatment than that. My previous disgust with BMW for not acknowledging the x35 problems has been relieved by the courteous, flexible and expditious treatment. Still not certain about leasing a 328xi due to the high money factor, but if they lower it while it’s in transit from Germany, I get any dealer incentives and/or reduced money factors despite a locked rate at the time of order (terms of lease are not going to be worse, only better). That’s also very fair. Clearly, BMW is trying to recover hundreds of millions somehow, and they are apparently jacking the money factor to what amounts to an A.P.R. of 5.28%; a new Audi A4 money factor comes to 1.08% A.P.R.! Could lease a 3 series coupe for lower M.F. but I prefer a sedan for the convenience and passenger room.

        • Lynda says:

          Congratulations, Sprinter, on approval of your buyback. Good luck with the new car.

          I did do some checking into the Consumers ratings, and, unfortunately, they don’t break out the N54 models.

          As for me, I’m happy with the Infiniti, since I’ve now totally acclimated to the differences in the manual transmission. (Still haven’t had time, though, to challenge it with lots of curves. It has handled everything I’ve thrown at it, so far, very very well – every bit as well as my three previous BMWs.)

          At this point, since BMW paid me so well on the buyback, I figure they essentially gave me use of the 335i for three years, for free. Given the fact that my life was endangered, and, of course, the inconvenience of all the time the car spent in the shop, I’m happy to have escaped.

    • Lynda says:

      One more thought, I just did a google on ‘BMW 3 series competitors’ and got this: Mostly they just list the Audi, Infiniti, & Lexus, but off to the side they list a couple of Acuras.

      FWIW, I don’t think I ever knew Infiniti existed until one of my good friends told be about another friend who had had both BMWs and Mercedes, and liked a newly purchased Infiniti better. YMMV

  116. MJ says:

    Paul, the “Smart Car” kind of reminds me of my BMW Isetta that I restored. Doesn’t look very safe either, but what the hell.

  117. Paul says: , I love my Bimmer , I would never own a Toyota with all of there problems .

  118. Sprinter says:

    The article you sent is interesting in that it states that the 2011 3 Coupe and Convertible use the “tried and true N54 engine.” From the numerous failures of that engine design, with HPFP and twin turbo, one would be hard-pressed to ascribe reliability to the N54 The twin turbo is being modified for 2011 models, as indicated by the term “single twin-scroll turbocharger. Perhaps that will solve the problem.

  119. Paul says:

    One of the comments at the end of the article adresses that concern , mine has been very reliable . The -is- model will also get a bigger radiator and extra power cooling fan so maby the high engine bay temperature is part of the HPFP faliure problem , here 80 above in the summer is very hot , normal summer temps are in the high 60’s to low 70’s and even that is only for a few months if at all . I’ve never seen an oil temperature higher then 235 except in the city but then as soon as we get moving it drops right down to 220-235 . So maby this is why there are fewer problems in colder climates .

  120. Paul says: additional radiator , in another article , a more powerful fan is added also .

  121. Paul says: this problem with the Toyotas has caused several crashes including some fatalities , BMW’s HPFP issue has caused NO crashes and NO fatalities . Just a lot of yapping !

  122. Tommy says:

    Paul you are like the Perez Hilton of this board I must say. You do more yapping then anyone else I noticed or is it just me. Do you work for BMW? No. I did. I know the cars are awesome and we love them. I love them more then most people out there. When an issue comes up people say, “Well there’s always Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura or Porsche. I stay until the bitter end. I sold BMW’s for 4 yrs and I sold Toyota’s and Honda’s for about 9 yrs. Every car has issues we get that…I know I get it anyway. But guess what bud??? BMW is held to a higher standard. Just like the Bellagio is in Las Vegas. Think about that for a minute. You get what you pay for. Isn’t true to some extent?? When the Concorde was in business how many people jumped at the chance to fly the supersonic plane? Many people who can afford it that’s who. Back in the day I use to work for United Airlines and I flew on the best planes…..747-400 and when United AIrlines was the first company to buy and fly the first 777 in the sky boy a boy did the complaints come in. Here is the best plane in the sky with the latest and greatest offerings imaginable to the average Joe. This was not the Concorde but man it sure is a sweet plane with more thrust then Jessica Alba. O.K. I should not talk about my ex like that. But seriously…..the number 1 complaint the first week was guess what?? Motion sickness. Yup you read it here first. Those engines are so big that you can fit a Ford Truck easily inside just the engine. It had so much thrust that people were getting sick and complaining that their stomachs were killing them and that there ears were popping so quickly and hard. I was like what are they complaining about now….? It’s not like they were riding along with a Blue Angel but to the average person the thrust and pick up had to be adjusted. Well, that’s where BMW comes into play. The new engine on the 535i will lose the off the line speed it has now on the coming up model. Yes they fixed the HPFP with a solution. Now I want to see the 550i with the 8cyl twin-turbo and see what they are going to do with that bad boy. By the way when you said BMW caused no crashes….you’re right. NOT YET…and there is a first for everything. Plus now that I think about it…..if the car is dying unlike the Toyota which has the gas pedal floored to the floor make the difference between possible death/accidents and not. And the final point Toyota spits out more cars then any other manufactor out there. O.K. Let’s get the rebuttle Paul….I’m sure it has something to do with Alaska.

  123. Paul says:

    Its so easy to rattle you guys and send you off on some tantrum , your just so delicate .

  124. Poops Mcquee says:

    Only use 91 octane or higher BP fuel with “invigorate” in your 135, 335, 535, and Z4. You got what you deserve, and BMW got your money. Status seeking whiney bitch asses. ” Look at me, I drive a fast car.” Bourgeois self serving douches

  125. Poops Mcquee says:

    Oh yeah, One more thing, Paul is a fruitcake. Get a life. If you like your friggin car so much why don’t you marry it. That’s right they don’t permit gay marriage in your state yet.

  126. Paul says:

    Actualy BMW is not status for me its affordable performance , status would be a Pagani Zonda or a Bugatti Veryon , I did’nt know BMW’s have a sexual orientantion , Straight BMW’s or Gay BMW’s , but being socialy liberal who cares? To adress the charge of being a Bourgeois , GUILTY AS CHARGED . Poops Mcquee are you a Marxist ?

  127. Poops Mcquee says:

    What other system is there? Corporate capitalism?

    BMW got your money, you got 10 year 120k mile Fuel system warranty. Whatever your experience Paul, here in the US, nearly every high pressure fuel pumps will fail within 50K miles. Do you realize that if BMW didn’t include maintenance along with the 4 yr 50K they would lose market share in the US.
    Front brakes at 15-17k miles. Lets not even talk about the piezo injector shortcomings. What do you want to bet, warranty denial comes next.

    What good is this carefully cultivated Madison Avenue image of performance, if when I start my car is stalls and generally runs like sh*t.

    Does anyone know how much BMW spent on advertising last year? They’ll have to increase it over the next few years to offset all the bad word of mouth from owners.

  128. Paul says:

    My BMW runs perfect ! And being a real bourgeoisie if I want another / different car its just a debit card swipe away .

  129. Poops Mcquee says:

    BMW’s HPFP issue has caused NO crashes and NO fatalities . Just a lot of yapping !

    Maybe, but how many fires from stuck open piezo injectors? Thats right I said fires. Whoosh, and flames everywhere, not a nice way to go. Vehicle literally
    belching fire from the tailpipe.

    • Sprinter says:

      Which model and year have produced the problem you describe, and has it been confined to a particular country or region? Please refer to the model as in 335i not N54, if you have that info.

  130. Paul says:

    BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine – This site is for BMW owners , the bourgeoisie class . Here is the site you should be blogging .

  131. Poops Mcquee says:

    I liike to rattle your cage Paul. You defend the brand. How about some thoughts that don’t originate with an advertising campaign “The Ultimate Driving machine, more like the Ultimate Lemon law machine or The Ultimate “Engine malfunction machine” lately. You really have gotten sucked in. Brainwashed just the way those “Madmen” want. It’s too late for you Paul, sounds like you already chugged the Kool-aid. Vroooml, sputter, sputter.

    Maybe your debit card can make it all better. I bet it can.

  132. Paul says:

    Poops Mcquee if you were a bourgeoisie you could trade in for the car you want and not have to complain about your lot in life , yet complaining is the hallmark of a commited Marxist-Malcontent , BMW fared well in the Rolex 24 hours at Daytona . Porsche , Mazda , BMW .

  133. Poops Mcquee says:

    I’m just messing with you. Great cars to be sure, not for me though.


  134. Paul says:

    BMW’s are built for speed and endurance , in order to get the full potiental out of the machine one MUST care for it to strict Factory Recommended Maintenance , Poops Mcquee I gather your having issues with your Bimmer , so do you allow proper turbo cool down , etc ? According to you its not necessary , so you know more then the BMW techs ? Yet your having issues . My 2008 BMW 335xi has run perfect since November 2008 , the HPFP was replaced at 18500 and now the car has 29000 + miles on it with no issues , OH OH except for a bad batch of stinky windshield washer fluid that was placed in the reservoir in the last F.R.M. schedule and was later re-called by BMW so the dealership delt with the issue immediately . Can you guys go into a restraunt and get a good meal or it that a problem also ?

  135. Paul says:

    Actualy I should say “so you Poops Mcquee know more then Factory Trained BMW Technicians , and technicians whom worked for DINAN” . OK !

  136. Poops Mcquee says:

    I wipe my butt with a Dinan Techs training diploma.

    • Chris says:

      OOOhhhhhh….that was funny!! I’ve been watching the banter, but that was good. True, BMW is made to drive (suspension only), no means does it have endurance or reliability….well, not as of 4 years ago. Still…. a fun tuner ride.

      Dinan Techs training diploma …lol. Come on now; you definitely have to give Dinan more street credit than BMW; BMW has no clue on the software. Dinan has the answers to fix most of the stock issues.

  137. Paul says:

    I fully understand you Marxist Malcontents , your lives are in shambles , nothing works for you , everthing you come in contact with you soiled and ruined , you complain endlessly , you accuse society , companys , individuals of cheating you , yet you feel entitled to everthing yet you will not work for the necessary tools to get it on your own , you scoff at the achivements of others yet in the same breath want the rewards that there endeavors have produced . I’am three generation out of Europe and my parents and grandparents drilled into [our] myself and 7 brothers and sisters minds the agenda of the Marxist and there tatics . When the film Dr. Zhivago was released they took us to see it and told us to let that burn in to your brain real good , especially the scene when they STOLE Dr. Zhivago’s home . Folks like me race our BMW’s , Audi’s , M/B , Porsches etc etc down the coast and through canyons or into the mountians to go hiking , snowmachining , stoping to eat in nice restraunts , or spending a few hours or overnight /weekend at a world class lodge , some have huge R/V pulling trailers heading out for some real fun , were living very good as you and your Marxist brethern complain about the short commings of your miserable lives .

  138. Paul says:

    Living good smoking hot Russian women , cool BMW’s , screaming Ski-doos and Crown Royal whiskey

  139. Paul says:

    Why would you buy a BMW if you knew four years ago it would be problems ? Why do you guys just not trade your BMW in on an Audi S4 or AMG ? I looked at the 2010 S4 and its a nice machine , well built , a high horse power super charged motour coulped to a six speed making it very fast and doing so while being stylish , Morrison Auto Group is ready to make a deal now , nothing was said about the HPFP issue , the Bimmer has been maintained to F.R.M.S. and thats all they care about . But at the end of the day I perfer the Bimmer , If my Bimmer was giving me any problems I’d be there at 10:00 AM tomorrow to make a trade . Please do not give me any excuses about leases and contracts , every contract can be broken and BMW I’am certain will allow you get out with out negative recourse from them to keep all partys happy . My next car , if I can pull it off will be a 2011 or 2012 Alpina B7 — Now that is a real example of Bourgeoisie mode de transport . — Sad excuses are the tools of the incompetent — So list your excuses as to why you can not do a trade TOMORROW MORNING AT 10:00 AM and be free of such a poor example of teutonic enigneering that has wrecked havoc upon your lives and has upset your general state of well being . Can you handle it or will you get handled , can you produce favorable results or just think up excuses as to why you can not do the deal ?

    • Sprinter says:

      Trading is expensive. I guess money is no object for the typical Alaskan. If you make lots of it, the loss on a trade might be immaterial. I am not going to eat $ 4-5000 due to a defective vehicle, and what assurance is there that a dealer will accept a trade of a vehicle with a known problem. Try and trade any Toyota product.

      You might not know that 80% of the higher-end vehicles in So. Cal. are leased, so trades are not done–virtually impossible.

      I guess you make so much money and care so litle about responsibility for product defects that you see the solution to buying or leasing a lemon as the consumer taking the hit on the transaction. Unacceptable.

  140. Paul says:

    Audi S6 , now thats another nice machine , I see a lot of these screaming through traffic , what about the Porsche Panamera , how about the AMG line up , I see examples of those cutting through traffic , I saw a silver AMG sedan sledge hammering down the coast this weekend and later saw it again at Alyeska parked all by it self at the far edge of the parking lot , there are so many choices to choose from that no one should be stuck with something they do not like. Its beyond my feeble mind to be able to comprehend such a complicated concept as to why not . OK let me hear the sad excuses !

  141. docuwize says:

    335xi on FIRE…. My BMW went into limp mode too. I brought it into BMW and they said to wait a week for a software update. I said it seems to be the same HP fuel pump issues. I drove about a 1/2 mile and parked. My 2007 335xi with 23k miles spontaneously burst into flames 15ft high with smoke a mile high. It shot fuel all over the car next to it and they both burned to the ground….a crowd of people the police department all watched as the fire department battled the flames.

    Anyone out there with a 335i or 335xi that caught on fire?? I have seen two go up in flames. Lawsuit has been filed… send info to

    Twitter BMW_Fire

  142. Paul says:

    What no photos ? No video ? Where did it shoot the fuel from ? You are heavly insured , correct ?

  143. Chris says:

    I would go to these two links and ask if anyone has had a fuel leakage problem: I know a few have. Just explain your situation and ask if anyone has had similar. There is plenty limp mode action and some fuel leaks, but yours is the first I heard of a fire. Plenty have complained of a fuel smell. BMW has such a junk fuel system; I am not surprised. Be cool when you post; I am sure you will get a response.

  144. docuwize says:

    My 2007 335xi with 22K miles went into limp mode. I drove up a hill and parked it… about 5 minutes later it burst into flames burning not only the 335xi to the ground but another car. Does anyone have additional info. Has anyone see this before? I can’t get answers from BMW. Thanks in advance for your comments.

  145. Paul says:

    Every mechanical item is prone to some sort of major mechanical failure resulting in a complete losse of the machine . An oil drilling rig blow out preventer fails and the rig catches fire and burns , gas / oil pipelines rupture and spill oil on the tundra or catch fire , A F/T {factory trawle}r catch fire and burns at sea , some sink If your use to doing stuff like logging , Bering Sea fishing , gold mining , construction , working in the oil fields its a real concern to be ready when some thing fails and catches fire .

    • docuwize says:

      When a bunch of rigs starting blowing we have a problem. There are multiple incidents of fire caused after reserve power (limp mode). Just looking for answers before someone/family dies. Luckily my 16yr old daughter and wife are ok. Would help if BMW after their engineers investigated kept me updated. It has been 4 months now. I am sure this is how it started for Toyota….

  146. Paul says:

    My Bimmer get to do as the designers and engineers intended it for — long fast runs — Anchorage Alaska to Edmonton Alberta and back , no issues !

  147. Paul says:

    You sound like a bunch of pretty boys sniviling and whinning , looking for someone to blame as you filing your little lawsuits , what is going to happen when somethings really happen ? You guys need to toughen up , your insured so collect and move on or do you need counseling to get over such a traumatic event , of course payed for by the insurance company , unfotunately we live in a country full of you , were doomed ! One good thing is this little ressission is getting rid of a lot of dead weight paper pushers and non-producers .As you putter around in your Bimmers killing them !

    • docuwize says:

      Just looking for answers. Not looking to blame anyone. I want BMW to figure out why these things are spontaneously catching fire in parking lots/garages. Hopefully no one pays the ultimate price for the ultimate driving machine. I drive a M3 and my car is just fine. There is a real issue…

      • Chris says:

        I am with you; this needs to be addressed immediately. Looks like the neighboring cars got whacked too. Glad to hear everyone is fine.

  148. M3 Troubles says:

    Not so fast docuwize… here is an M3 after being in limp mode burned to the ground.

  149. Chris says:

    Docuwize, looks like those posters beat you to it. Those forum peeps have all the answers. Maybe it was a harness problem. I hope BMW compensates for this issue quickly.

  150. Paul says:

    BMW has to walk a fine line between building cars for guys like me to run the piss out of to cars that are full of luxury item to appease the “show off” yips whom want a BMW show car but never run it fast , hard and long . Why is the BMW GT3 NOT comming to the U.S. , no market for it , its a real sport machine , built for speed . My 2008 335xi is as close to a real sport machine I can get from BMW and still have an AWD sedan , I wish they built a GT3 sedan in AWD and sold it here , Nothing is perfect — even BMW — you guys seem to think that BMW’s are perfect , there man made mechanical machines prone to faliure , oil rigs catch fire , the space shuttle blew up , Apollo rockets blew up , at the Rolex 24 a few of the Porsches caught fire and burned , other cars burned also . I have always carryed a fire extinguisher in the trunk because fire is a real possibility in ANY vehicle . BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine , not the Ultimate Will Never Fail machine . You guys need some REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE around machinery , big engines that fail , mile long cables breaking , hydraulic draw works smoking from the strain , 3 phase electric motours shorting out and catching fire . My BMW 335xi is just another machine to deal with , it has not been a problem but if a problem arises I’ll deal with it , if it catches fire and burns I’ll get another one , just because something fails is not a guarantee that there all bad , if an electric motour burns up , a piston fails , a connecting rod fails , a belt brakes , a chain brakes , a cable brakes , a hydrulic motour fails we get another one JUST LIKE IT and away we go !

  151. Paul says: , NO one has died from BMW’s little car fires , so stop sniviling !

  152. Chris says:

    No one is sniviling; this may be a onetime incident; I think there used to be a stuck pedal problem and possible fire problems with the 318i, but I saw nothing like this incident before. The pics do look wild though; this will be settled somehow in court. I am sure.

  153. Paul says:

    Court , lawyers , lawsuits , do not rent to a certain group of people and get hauled into court , even though they will destroy your property because the goverment pays there rent and they do not care , fail to meet your goverment racial diversity hiring quota on a job and risk getting hauled into court , no matter how lazy and worthless some of them are , someone builds someting and it malfunctions and they get hauled into court , the U.S. needs tort reform . My mother used the tried and true highly effective punishment on us when we were little — the dreaded silent treatment — if BMW is so bad then give them the – silent treatment – , never buy , use , recommend any BMW products , avoid them like a pit bull with AIDS , collect your fire insurance , or trade your BMW in and by something elce , I read these blogs and some of you guys are planning on buying another BMW , misery loves company , YOU ZERO’S JUST LIKE TO COMPLAIN AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO PROLONG THE TRAMA DRAMA , oh poor us , have pitty on us were so damaged and trudged upon and its all BMW’s fault , but if they pay us off it will make it all better ! A few years ago my sisters 550i caught fire and burned to a crisp , her solution , buy a 750i , no court , no sniviling , no lawyers , she collected the insurance / BMW refund and that was that !

  154. Tommy says:

    Hey Paul, is your sister hot? Never mind if she drives a 750i she must be an old bad. Scratch the question.

  155. Tommy says:

    I meant old bag. :)

  156. Paul says:

    She is a doctor ! Way out of your league ! I have 5 sisters and there all well off , 2 brothers whom are also well off . So like are you one of these guys whom was born here and is poor in your country of birth ? Fretting about a 3 series BMW I mean get real , My pistol collection alone is in the 6 figure range .

  157. Tommy says:

    I love doctors…..But doctors that actually make a huge difference in the world. And no foot doctors don’t cut it. As far as your pistol collection and the amount you spent on killing. Congrats….Now I truly and honestly say you’re a douche bag from head to toe. Hi my name is Paul…..I enjoy killing, driving BMW’s, I enjoy going on the web and talking smack about people’s issues cause they are beneath me and my higher level of thinking. I know it just dawned on me you’re a tough guy, you must be one of them Scientologists or another cult freak. I better keep my words to a minimum cause you might come down here and shoot me with your bad ass guns. Paul why don’t you do spend your energy that you have and go join a good MMA gym or team and release all that pent up anger you’ve had since you were a little boy. Someone somewhere was really strict with you and took your childhood fun away from you and now you have to compensate with making other people’s problems seem like it’s nothing. No wait….I am sniviling again. Sorry about that.

    • Paul says:

      I guess you got cheated again , on the cool stuff , how is your Bimmer ? Another aspect of your miserable life that is not doing so well eh ? Do you have anything that is brand new , works perfectly and is totaly cool ? Any thing ? You are fun to banter with , my Russian friends and I got some good laughs out of this blog at Barnes and Noble today so I have to add more tonight for tomorrows laughs . Actualy I’am Roman Catholic and spoke to the pope just today in fact , he called me ! So will I get to go hunting in Russia and stay at a cool Dacha this year ? Yum yum Russian goat . Cool BMW’s to race around in , cool sporting arms , living in Alaska with its huge forest to hunt in stocked with lots of lip smacking game to eat , were only a few hours by airplane from Russia and its huge forest with lots of lip smacking game waiting for me to come and harvest , after the hunt a cool Dacha and spa to relax in , hot Russian women to drink and party with .Life is good , you should try it some time .

  158. Denny Crane says:

    1st BMW 323i 5spd ( No Problems )

    2nd BMW 335i Auto w/paddle shift ( 3 x HPFP + Waste Gate + 1 Muffler )

    3rd BMW M3 DCT ( No Problems ) It is a 2010 w/only 2550 Miles on it.


    • Paul says:

      Those are some pampered pretty boy looking BMW’s , mine is on its 3 rd windshield , the clear bra is damaged from rocks , the underside mud flaps have been replaced a few times after being riped off by ice crowns , 2nd set of new driving lights , rock damage again . a few good gouges across the roof from rocks . BMW the ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE is just that a DRIVING MACHINE , NOT THE ULTIMATE SHOW OFF MACHINE . That your problem ! Your killing them with pampering !

  159. Paul says:

    The Russian boys said the 3 series BMW are used as taxis in Russia , for traffic police in Germany and pizza delivery in Alaska , you guys and your pampered 3 series Bimmers , your %99.00 of the cars problems , wake up and run the piss out of them , STOP puttering around . Rich folks drive 760’s , own Beaver float planes to hunt in Alaska and fly private jets to hunt in Russia . I wish I was rich !

  160. Denny Crane says:

    Paul the only thing I have new is my E90 and my SONY XBR. They both work great and I look forward to 2012 when I get the next BMW hopefully. I was looking to buy the Ferrari 458 Italia but then people will give me shit for not buying a house in Las Vegas. The economy sucks so bad out there right now I can buy a house about 50 to 70% less then when the market is at a normal value. Plus I hear the brakes cost a wonderful $5,000 to $15,000 to replace. I don’t have that kind of money to burn.

  161. Paul says:

    What impresses me are folks whom can buy this stuff and use it the way the engineers and desginers intended them for , a friend of mine sold his Viper , he had run the piss out of it , the front air dam paint was blasted off from the road sands . a boy a few summers ago had a 505 horse power Corvette at the Clear Air Force Radar Station job , that machine had the piss run out of it , lots of road burn . I find it funny when I see these machines all pretty boy looking , I’ve only seen Las Vegas in pictures and on T.V. there machines look pretty boy not road burned . My BMW is road burned , no matter how carefull one is rocks hit the car . In Eastern Alaska and Western Canada you can see WRX’s , BMW’s , Porsches running flat out , only real problems are animals and gas [long distances between stations] I much perfer Europe to the “lower 48” and there again you see machines at speed . Here you can drive all day and never see a Trooper or Mountie I have a lot of friends that are from the “lower 48” and they all say the roads are so clogged , police patroled , in poor condition that you can NOT run fast for but a few miles , if your lucky . Last night on the T.V. show Dangerous Drives the police between Los Angeles and Las Vegas , very heavly patroled . So yes a Ferrari 458 would be cool , but only if you can run the piss out of it , and not advertise it 3 years later — 2010 Ferrari 458 8K very carefull driven miles , always garaged , never driven in rain , winter , orginal tires , no paint chips — NEVER driven on Highway 550 in Colorado , {again Dangerous Drives} , a real pretty boy show off car ! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE SO SPEND IT ALL AND LIVE GOOD .

  162. Paul says:

    Highway 550 in Colorado was so clogged with traffic that only the fast and nible BMW motour cycles were really able to get up brake away and run , everybody elce was bogged down in traffic or behind big rigs waiting for a chance to pass that hardly never comes .—— If you live in Colorado please comment on this as I would drive there just to run Highway 550 —–

  163. Paul says: I diid not know what a Ferrari 458 is because I’ve never really have been interested in Ferraris , so let me get this straight your worried about the expendature of $15K on brakes for a $250K car , champagne taste on a beer budget eh !

  164. Denny Crane says:

    You would fit right in with the rich people here in CA like..Beverly Hills, Burbank, La Jolla, Del Mar etc. No I drive hard and I would go through brakes a lot. I don’t like to spend the money on things I don’t have to. I remember when Mercedes Benz did away with their program to due tune ups and brakes on their cars. That was music to BMW’s ears. So the rich can make the Mercedes company and it’s share holders richer. I don’t buy cars I lease them. If I like them after I lease them, then and only then do I buy it. Paul do me a favor save up your money and buy a $2.2 Million 2010 or 2011 Bugatti and show me/us the world what have you on how a car is suppose to be driven at 220 to 253mph. I personally would have a Panic Attack over 200MPH. For some reason I like life too much. But you have the balls of steel and I know you can pull off buying one and taking it to it’s limits. Plus you can only go 16 miles before running out of fuel in a Bugatti Veyron doing 253. 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds not bad for a 16 cyl car with 4 Turbo’s and 7 Radiators. Saw Jay Leno drive one the other day. What do you say Paul?? Get one. . . . and just use the BM trouble U for rainy days.

  165. Paul says:

    I’am a bit too much of a radical to hang out with liberal Californians , next off you saw Jay Leno just crusing around OK skippy ! , Sounds like bullshit to me , and now your blogging on BMW 3 series HPFP issues , you live in a world of make believe , Hollywood is near there I presume ? We drive BMW 3 series and there are a bunch parked out front now and yours has some real issues according to you yet you also talk about Bugattis , Ferraris , you southern boys can think up some real good bullshit , next thing you expect me to beilive is your a movie star . I mean just the FACT that you engage in this blog monkey business with our drunk asses is proof enought , I’am watching T.V. drinking and talking B.S. with my friends , yell some Russian women also and your yacking about movie stars , Bugattis , Ferraris , were siting here drinking and getting messed up laughing at how stupid your are , a real player eh ! Time to order a pizza and wait for your responce .Send some photos of some cool cars and stuff ! I’ll bet the pizza gets delivered in a Subaru WRX or 3 series BMW !

  166. Paul says:

    What would Jesus drive ? A BMW 3 series of course !

  167. Paul says:

    Viktoriya and Marina want to know how far its to Club Bounce in Long Beach ? And have you ever been there ? Russian women love BMW’s !

  168. Paul says:

    DENNY CRANE CHECK THIS OUT ! I was in racing my BMW down Northern Lites Blvd and stoped at the lites at C street and NLB , check this out , check this out ! Jacques de Molay in a silver BMW 760Li slowly pulls along side my BMW 335xi , it was soooooooo cool , he then beeped his horn to get MY attention and lowered his widow to talk to ME , and can you guess what he wanted , can you guess ? I about pooed my pants ! He asked ME about hunting Sitka Black Tail Deer on Kodiak Island , so long story short this fall I’ll be hunting on Kodiak Island with Jacques de Molay . We will put our BMW sport sedans on the ferry to Kodiak Island and then take a boat to the hunting lodge . Some folks are just sooo lucky to own cool BMW sport sedans and beable to hunt Sitka Black Tail Deer with Jacques de Molay on Kodiak Island .

    • Sprinter says:

      Jacques de Molay was the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and was burned at the stake in March, 1314 by King Philip IV of France, as a fabricated attempt to dissolve the Knights and seize their wealth. Is your hunting partner related to or a reincarnation of the Martyr?

  169. Denny Crane says:

    Paul drinkin more liquid courage are you? When I said I saw Jay Leno drivig the Buggati Veyron I was reffering to on Jay’s Garage. They let him borrow it for the day and he drove it around Los Angeles to see how nice it is. He talked about the 1001hp blah blah blah but I don’t have 2+ million dolllars for a car unless I move to Alaska and maybe smoke what you’re smoking and drinking. But anyways, I hope not to come back to this site for awhile so people can write about their BMW issues and get answers to them. I better cut out the chit chat for the sake of board and of course out of respect.

  170. Paul says:

    BMW is moving ahead with there product line and in my eyes attempting to resolve the HPFP issues , my Bimmer runs perfect , I do feel sad for the folks whom have had a dissapointing experiance with there BMW’s , yet in defence of BMW there just people also whom make mistakes and are attempting to rectify the issues , BMW is a multi-national operation and nothing happens fast . I personaly feel that the matter should NOT be taken to the court system in any form or manner , being a person whom has been draged through the court system I can feel for them and anyone elce , yes I won , yet the toll was severe in cash and time . There IS a mechanical reason for the failures and I wish this blog would be visited by trained engineers offering there opnions and knowledge on the matter . BMW’s are expected to run perfect at 40 below zero to 100 above zero , this in its self is an amazing feat of engineering because most of the time they do .

  171. Sprinter says:

    According to local sources at BMW dealers I trust, one in seven of the N54 engine design experiences HPFP failures. I would rank this problem as extremely serious. BMW is buying back lemons at a rapid pace to not destroy their reputation, like Toyota has, waiting several years to be forced to “fess up,” and even contaminating the vaunted Lexus line. If anyone dies as a result of an HPFP “limp mode” problem, you can bet that BMW will be in court. A vehcle designed to be driven on adequate pavement and serviced according to factory specs should never fail. The engineering department of BMW is obviously at fault. You seem to think that potentially fatal flaws should be allowed to occur. Do you understand product liability law? What is the risk to a motorist and those around him (her)? The liablity is not shared with the consumer. I’m leasing a fast, agile, and safe sports sedan, not a fucking earth mover!!

  172. Paul says:

    actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea —- acta deos numquam mortalia fallunt , You own a BMW yet in the same breath you sanction hauling them into court . The parable of the Frog and the Scorpion suits you very well . For I can not help it cried the Scorpion because its in my nature .

    • Sprinter says:

      No, I damn them for every problem they caused with slipshod engineering and causing the driver to experience inconvenience ranging from waste of time to being stranded, for those being victimized by buying or leasing a flawed model. The shape of the auto industry globally wil now be determined by the honesty of manufacturers and their dealers in not kissing off legitimate complaints from owners/lessees and acting promptly to remedy problems. They’ll probably try to price the additional costs into their products, if I know anything about business. Don’t be surprised to see BMW drop its “free service” like MBZ did. What a crock.

      I repeat, if the car were reliable and trouble-free and driven on-road, not in the extreme weather and terrain of parts of Alaska, it provides a wonderful driving experience which I haven’t had with Acura, Lexus, Audi, and Infiniti, the main competitors for the “3” line.

  173. MJ says:

    Sprinter, I hope BMW does fess up to their mistakes. I have an 05 Z4 3.0i, my first fuel pump replacement was at 900 miles, so far I’ve had 4 fuel pumps & I only have 13000 miles on it. I’ve complained, I’ve talked to BMW NA, had my car to Spartanburg 3 times, & all they tell you is “we’ll call your local service dept about your problem” What a joke!!! BMW knows me very, very well & have yet to admit that they have lemons. My car has acted up (limp mode) but never thought about the fuel pump being the problem. It also stalled. You’re right about it being a “death trap”. I would love for BMW to buy my car back!!!

    • Sprinter says:

      MJ–very curious. Does your vehicle have the N54 engine configuration, HPFP, and twin turbo? If not, there is more than meets the eye!! Almost all the posts I have read many posts which report HPFP problems with the N54 from 2006-7-8-9 but not prior.

  174. MJ says:

    Sprinter, YEP it has a HPFP, after all the problems & service calls & trips I made just for service to “ACTUALLY HEAR IT’, I asked service rep if this was a HPFP, he said YES. It;s been a nightmare. SO, the last 3 times it made loud noise in gas tank area, I had it flat bed to BMW garage (let BMW pay) because you all know BMW motto “IF WE CAN’T DUPLICATE THE NOISE, WE CAN’T FIX IT”. As you know after you start it up the noise lasts about 10 minutes or so. I HAD to buy extended warranty now just because of the fuel pump problem.

  175. MJ says:

    Paul, just to beat you to the punch, NO I’m not going to GIVE my car away, & NO I’m not going to quit complaining or stop whining about it!!! I want something done about it. I WANT BMW TO TAKE CARE OF THIS SAFETY ISSUE.

  176. Denny Crane says:

    To MJ: I have a question for you. In a post recently you said that you had 4 fuel pumps replaced. Now this is Lemon Law Territory in California. You do not need a lawyer but what State do you reside? Woud you please call BMW NA and tell them that your first fuel pump went out at 900 miles and since then you have had the car in for the same problem 3 additional times and that you want to start the process of a “BUY BACK” Do that for me please! I can’t believe you still have your BMW. When I read that you went through 4 pumps it blew me away.

  177. Paul says:

    Holy Jesus what a display of emotion !——- Lithia BMW of Anchorage had a few boxes of cool Lithia BMW of Anchorage eco-friendly shopping bags , typical Lithia and BMW , excellent product , great service and free stuff so I grabed a bunch of them after they called me to bring my Bimmer in for routine servicing , they serviced and washed my Bimmer we socialized a little and talked about the up comming models . This is typical of my BMW experiance. Anyway I guess you guys still have NOT figured out how to resolve your issues . Before Christmas the BMW dealership was chocked FULL of NEW Bimmers and after Christmas the lot was EMPTY. Go figure .

  178. MJ says:

    Denny Crane LOL, love the name & you show LOL,, I’m in snowy PA. I would like to talk to you via private e-mail. Also, actually my car has been in for that problem more that 4 times, but like I said they won’t fix it if they don’t hear it.

  179. Paul says:

    My family is orginaly from Europe , I drive a BMW from Europe , my girl friend is from Europe , you guys taint the product , you complain like little girls , I WANT , I WANT , here drink a real beer and stop sniviling.

  180. MJ says:

    Paul, I am a little girl & yes I want , I want, I want!!!
    Guess what? I get, I get, I get!!!
    I could order a new Z, but I WON’T!!!!
    i guess that would be like having a TOYOTA!

  181. Paul says:

    Stay away from BMW there made for us SAXON boys by our Teutonic brothers !There is not reason for you to drive BMW , stay within your racial relm !

  182. MJ says:

    Paul, YOU CAN CUT THE SHIT ALREADY!!!!! Why are you on this site anyway??? We know you & your girlfriend both own a BMW & have NO problems. SO GET OFF THIS SITE & GET A LIFE!!!!! GO HUNTING WITH YOUR FRIEND Jacques de Molay!!!!

  183. Paul says:

    You guys are so easy to get all emotional and to act as you really are , your true NATURE comes out . There are four guys , MJ , Sprinter , Deeny Crane and sometimes Tommy whom discuss lawsuits , lemmon laws , classaction suits , product libality law suits , they are NOT discussing how to fix the HPFP problem only how to line there pockets from a companys mistake . There a prime example of one of the reasons for the downfall of this country . This blog has been used in a University law class to provide an example of why tort reform is needed to save the country and allow business to prosper .

  184. MJ says:

    PAUL, I’M NOT A GUY, I;m not out for the money. I’ve put way too much in this car as it is & unnecessary time & miles going back & forth to the service dept. to hear them say “well, we can put another fuel pump on it”. How in the hell are they trying to fix the problem? They’re just keeping their fingers crossed that they don’t end up like TOYOTA!! How many years did they deny that they had any problems?? Saying it ‘human error’? The drivers fault? No, BMW will have to fess up to it eventually. I just hope no lives are lost before BMW takes responsibility.

  185. Paul says:

    If financial concerns are the reason for not being able to trade the car in and end your problems then your living beyond your means and again YOUR A PROBLEM . A resonable solution exists yet you refuse to take action . The Detroit car operations are offering deals to move there product line , If my Bimmer were a problem I would trade it in ASAP . So give me a viable reason why you will not end this sharade by trading your BMW in.

  186. Paul says:

    Also maby your dealership is NOT staffed by BMW factory trained techs to service these machines . The operation up here is first class , the service area looks like the inside of a Formula 1 race car facility , staffed by FACTORY TRAINED AUTO MECHANICS , also some worked for DINAN in California .

  187. Sprinter says:

    Paul–if Latin is your primary language, it is certainly superior to your English, which is highly flawed. It seems like your Alaskan friends can afford very expensive vehicles, and think nothing of trading them, losing several thousand each time. Again, most of the “lower 48” leases, not buys, so trading is out. You must make a lot of money to blow on trading vehicles every time you’re unhappy and a mechanical problem arises. As to tort reform, the auto manufacturers are obligated to proivde warranties and the customer is entilted to warranty protection and problem resolution. By trading a problem vehicle, the manufacturer effecitvely shifts the economic detriment of a flawed vehicle to the consumer, when they represent, as a condition of purchase or lease, to warrant the safety, reliability and performance as advertised. Does that make any sense to you? That is not a tort-type of problem. Now since a malfunctioning auto is usually driven at a speed where any accident can produce personal injury, the principle of product liability is well established. If you were crippled and unable to work as a result of losing control of your defective Bimmer, would you trade the wreck and move on? How would you support yourself? Are you responsible for a defective vehicle and should you suffer and/or be on welfare the rest of your life because you are Teutonic, superior in all respects, and not a sniviler?

  188. Paul says:

    A feeble attemp to insult me falls on deaf ears , As if your English grammer is so great , this is a blog , if it was a legal document I would hire a lawyer or get my sister the English language major to write it , a language is always changing , new words , sentance structure , being exposed to several languages affect ones English , The African -American have transformed the language to suit them and there culture , the French , Spanish and Russian influance on English . I traded my Subaru in because I did not like the front seats , As to an accident I’am very heavly insured to protect me from guys like you ! Anchorage is full of brand new vehicles of all makes and models , guys on the building site drive Ford -350 with sound systems , winches , lites , roll bars , lift packages , cool paint scheams , $ 80K machines , add a trailer with a pair of adult and two baby Ski-Doos and your well past $100K for that rig .BMW 3 series are NOT expencive , here is the problem , you are living beyond your means if you think the 3 series BMW cookie cutter cars are expencive . Guys like you have never ceased to amaze me you so this and that yet nothing works for you .

  189. MJ says:

    Paul, as a matter of fact, I take my car to a BMW dealership & the owner races in Formula 1. Money is not a problem for me, I paid cash for the Z, my house is paid for, I have NO bills, I have a good income. I just refuse to let BMW off the hook, I also refuse to take a loss on this car. I love my Z, but I don’t feel safe in it. this is a very serious safety issue,

  190. Paul says:

    The owner races in European Formula 1 ? What car ? So again the Frog and Scorpion syndrom eh. , for a few dollars you will prolong your suffering , Long story short , I made $40K fishing one season , my girl friend spent it all on furinture , a year later she wanted to move back to Arizona , Baby I’am not going any place except maby over to Canada I replied , oh but do you really love me ! So I paid to moved HER furinture down to Arizona and end the problem . It was a small price to pay to maintain a calm enivroment and for everybody to be happy .

  191. SQ says:

    Another sad story. 535XI 2008 with all the options I could think of. Problems became clearly noticable at 15000 ( first services ) – stalling and loss of power. Replaced master computer, injectors, fuel pump ( I am not sure how many times ), oxygen sensor. My wife drives it. Now it has 25K on it. Again in shop for more of the same. At times it has been there for weeks. She now refuses to drive it. Dealer says it is fixed but we are refusing to take it. Let us see what happens – case open with BMW USA. Lemon Law, Class Action, or just a negotiated settlement. Our first BMW. It actually feels terrible. Safety is probably the number one issue here but the day to day ( or month to month ) troubles are enough to give you gas. You still hope that somehow BMW will come through and prevent you from switching to a competitor and flushing your BMW loyalty down the bad-memories drain.

  192. MJ says:

    PAUL, HA HA I’m glad your ex-girlfriend’s safe now. WOW, that must have been horrible, Sorry about your luck. LOL CAN YOU SAY ‘OH CANADA’

    SQ, I feel your pain. Please keep us posted on your progress.

  193. Paul says:

    This was 8 years ago , I’ve lived with 20 or more women in my life some for a few days some for a few years , I go off and work for months at a time and they get stuck back in Anchorage , If you want to play you have to pay ! Kinda like owning a BMW , you guys want a cool car yet are refusing to examine if you can afford such a machine , my next car will be a BMW 535 i drive with a DINAN S2 conversion , unless they offer a 550 with i drive , I really want an Alpina B7 but I can not afford a $200K car — yet — This little economic slump is really sorting out the ones whom can afford BMW’s and the ones whom can not . If you can not afford to walk away from it and not miss it you can not afford it . I have enough gold on hand to get set up again if the currency fails and the economy totaly collapses , and yes I’ll be driving a BMW .

  194. Paul says:

    Correction — NOT IF the currency fails but WHEN the currency fails . I know I know I do not know what I’am talking about , but I’am not here worry about losing a few grand on a car.that has failed me , or talking about lawsuits or lemmon laws or worried about breaking a lease and paying the note off and moving on .

  195. MJ says:

    Paul, here’s where I’ll agree with you. The stock market is dropping so fast, this week has been the worst since 09, but ONLY because their playing the same old games. This is where the PIGS get slaughtered.

  196. Paul says:

    This BMW HPFP issue will rank as a zero compared to whats comming up , sub-prime BMW pwners will suffer greatly . What a great time in history to be alive . Driving around in shinny BMW’s as Rome burns , exiting the city for my 300 sf hunting cabin and watch it on T.V.

  197. MJ says:

    SQ, any word from BMW about your car???

  198. Sprinter says:

    BMW is a major sponsor of the Vancouver Olympics. Interesting how they have changed their focus group from aggressive drivers demanding performance to “creating joy” for all people young and old. At the end of each ad is a very tiny tri-color emblem with the “Ultimate Driving Machine” trademark readable on your TV screen. Do you suppose the mechanicla problems have now permeated the potential buyers and that “joy” is a trade-off for reliability? You can fool some people some of the time, but you can’t…

  199. Chris says:

    SQ, from what I see; many BMW owners are exiting for the S4. Can’t blame them; it’s a sweet ride. It’s better than living with the every day frustration of a useless service visit. I think a small test drive is just what the doctor ordered.

  200. thumper1492 says:

    Sprinter your english need help , so you should not crituize anyone elces english unless yours is perfect , the term sub-prime BMW owner was used in an earlier blog , unless you can afford to trade at a and not frett about the money you get listed as sub-prime BMW owner . Audi’s S4 line had a host of issues a few years ago and they were solved , M/B CLK had issues , all of them were solved as will BMW HPFP issues . After reading through these blogs most of the problem is the sub-prime BMW owners and there lack of cash to solve there problems . My BMW 335xi run perfectly as do all of my friends so this appears to be issolated occurances compared to the Toyota , again if you own a BMW you should be wealthy ehough to trade it in and never miss the money . And yes I know Paul and THAT crew , these guys trade cars like some folks change underware , there always getting new cars , typical BMW / Porsche / Audi / M.B. owners there are always new machines in there driveways .

  201. Josh says:

    I had a problem with my car at 2,200k on it..its a 2009 335i xdrive coupe..i went to start it up and wouldnt would just make the cranking sound…it finally starts, but when i let off the clutch it started to drop in RPM’s and almost shut off before i pushed the clutch back down…i shut the car off and waited about 15 minutes started it back up did the same thing except the rpm’s dropping..i bring it to bmw they found nothing wrong with it of course..they tried to say it was pretty low on gas when i brought it to had 30 miles to empty and i wasnt stopping at a gas station. so they said it couldve been because of the gas. ok i let it all doesnt stop there..I get in from work, go and look at my mail and i see a letter from BMW, i open it and i see “BMW has become aware of a potential problem that could affect the durability of my HPFP” Great! reading this letter opened my eyes to what they were hiding when i got my car serviced. My car does make ” the long crank” noise that they talk about, and its made it for a pretty long time. when i start my car on a cold morning it sounds like it doesn’t even wanna start, i asked my dad to check it out and he said its gotta just be because its cold. Any idea what i should do? should i make a appointment tomorrow? the car now almost has 5k on it.

  202. Lynda says:

    Definitely take it back to them, and tell them it’s doing that, i.e. ‘long crank’. Mine did the same thing, and they replaced the HPFP. That was the forth time they replaced it.
    It was after that that I called BMW NA and began the process of having them take it back under the ‘Lemon Law’. MIne was a 2007 335i.
    Although the process is a pain, it’s definitely worth staying on the whole thing, getting them to make repairs as necessary, because, i) if the car loses power on a freeway or other dangerous location, it’s not fun, and ii) there’s no logical reason for you to take a financial hit, because of their shoddy workmanship. If/when they take the car back, the financial deal is OK.
    Likely it will cost you less than if you were to sell the car – not to mention that you might not feel good about someone else buying a faulty and/or unsafe vehicle from you.

    • Sprinter says:

      Are you a CA resident? Here is the link to the Attorney General’s website:

      In my case, two HPFP failures at approx. 6,000 and 14,000 miles, one year apart were considered sufficient to have BMW N.A. agree to repurchase my leased 2008 335xi. I have ordered a 2011 BMW 328xi for delivery around the end of April. BMW will reimburse all lease payments and DMV fees, minus the usage cost of approximately $ 2200, based upon the formula described in the AG’s website. It would be wise to know the Lemon Law in your state to avoid the potential safety risk and time consumed. Don’t be taken advantage of by BMW garages not willing to repair your vehicle. I orderd a different design, no HPFP, no twin-turbo handles and brakes as well as the Lemon model, but has less acceleration, and by 2011, this model should be completely debugged.

  203. Nadezhda says:

    If my BMW was as bad as yours are [or so you say] I would trade ASAP , no play around just trade and not worry about a little bit of money if my safety was in question , not complain and complain , like Thumper1492 states — sub-prime BMW owners , why you not trade and end suffering ?

  204. Sprinter says:

    Nadeshda (probably thumper, aka Paul): a lemon is a lemon, under any lemon law. The car cannot be resold or factory reconditioned without full disclosure once disposed of, with the required disclosures. The trade-in would not be “a little bit of money.” Assuming you live in a state without a lemon law, then you could still be liable for consequential damages if the buyer didn’t have knowledge of the service history, or even worse, negligence or criminal penalties if someone were disabled or died in your “lemon.”

  205. Nadezhda says:

    I’am Pauls girlfriends sister , we live in the same house and laugh at you guys as Paul , me and several others blog and laugh , all of your suffering would end by trading the car in , how much will you lose $ 5K ? $10K ? , $12K ? One months wages ? What price do you put on your safety . One of the problems about BMW is they are trying to cater to too many factions , this is wrong they need to reduce there product line and re-specialize in small high performance sedans , BMW’s are for wealthy people and not ones on a strict budget . Say as you please but the truths is you can not afford to change cars or you would do so . Like Paul says sub-prime BMW owners .

    • Sprinter says:

      You have no idea of the financial status of any buyer/lessees on this forum. It’s presumptuous of you to assume that your attitude is the “right one,” and that caveat emptor is the rule of the road. What nonesense you and Paul spout about losing money because of product defects! I’m changing cars, all right, but at BMW’s expense, not mine. And they are being decent about it.

  206. Chris says:

    LOL….it’s safe to say we know who the BMW salesmen are on this forum. Can’t blame them really. The dealership where I live at barely sales anything; their salesmen are dropping like flies due to bad product. The good news is….it looks like BMW is going to warranty the 2010 N54 models for their fuel pumps too. I agree with you’ll; lemon the junk…no need to take a loss for an over-marketed product and over-rated product. I would say the 328i is a safe car to buy if you don’t mind the lack of sportiness…not trying to bang BMW thru the full route, but their true ultimate driving machines are not production worthy; only the family cars seem like a decent product. The G37 and S4 have already pounced the 335i.

  207. Paul says:

    In the next year or so BMW will release a machine to challange the Audi S4 , right now the S4 is the hot machine , I personally do not like all the LED lights , or Audi in general . The 1911 in .45 ACP -{Automatic Colt Pistol} was the most powerful pistol in the world then along came the L.A.R. Grizzly in .45 Winchester Magnum , now its a tie between the IMI Desert Eagle and L.A.R. Grizzly both in .50 AE {Action Express} , [a very short history of pistols excluding there much more poweful older brothers , the revolvers] , the point is the torch gets passed yet the older rounds still are very effective even as new rounds are developed . Audi , BMW , M/B are all very fine automobilies [I’ve only included sedans] some say the current M/B S500 has a better suspension then the BMW 750xi , the S4 beats the 335xi , again in the hands of very skilled drivers .The United States was the most powerful country in the world , eclipsing Great Britian , now the Asian Tigers are on the prowl and are moving ahead , yet the States and G.B. will still be world players for many generations . I was born on the North American continent and will never leave , total currency collapse , social , political , economic tourmoil , I do not care its my home , millions of people will flee the U.S. for Asia . India {according to some trend perdicted by some social forecasters} the point of all this is the only constant is change . I perfer BMW’s to all others , my preferance , so Audi is a bit faster , M/B a bit more prestigious , all is trivial in the whole schema of things . This HPFP issue is trivial compared to the history of the company . BMW will look at the problem find a solution and in a few years Audi will be on there way down as BMW rises to prominace again . Just like everthing elce . There is nothing new under the sun .

  208. josh says:

    Nadezhda, im sorry but you are truly ignorant and stupid. i dont know what country your from or where you live that you think you can just go and trade in a car if it has a problem with it, unless you own it. most people today lease their cars and are under a legal and binding contract, hence why we have lemon laws. Second of all you moron, BMW is not for the rich at all, they make cars for the middle class also, hence the 328, and 128..wait wait.. hold on pretty sure MB and audi have similar cars..the A3, and C23o Kompressor all pretty much under 35k…now i dont know about you there rich boy, but can you afford to lose 10k, 12, 15k, on getting a new car? i dont think so, because if you could you and your illiterate house mates would not sit on forums and act like they know everything about cars and the economy…drive a BMW first or come close to owning one then talk.

  209. josh says:

    also, any big problems with BMW’s NA cars?

  210. Nadezhda says:

    I have a 2009 335xi and it run perfect , Paul has a 2008 335xi and it run perfect , Vikoriya has a 2009 335xi and it runs perfect , Marina has a 2010 335xi and it run perfect , Pauls sisters own BMW’s from 335’s to 760i and they all run perfect . We are from Russia and Paul is from Canada , I sell propertys and items , my sisters own stores [high end merchandise] , Paul routinaly buys pistols $2K and up and is setting up a manufacturing operation to produce parts for hunting pistols . So you point is ? Or was that just another tirad from another sub-prime BMW owner ? Excuses are the tools of the incompetent , no sad excuses were only interested in favorable results . So if $15K is a very large amount of money for you maby this would be a better choice for you .

  211. Nadezhda says:

    Here Josh , these are fine example for you to ponder

  212. Paul says:

    We off to sight in a friend of mines new rifle . We will drive our BMW’s down to the range and shoot his brand new rifle , Hey Josh check this out ! Special prepared for sheep hunting , gotta have the best !

  213. Josh says:

    congratulations you proved my point even more that you are a moron. so what are you saying, your russian bmw’s are better made then the ones sent to america? cuz pretty sure they all get manufactured in the same place and all on the same assembly line. congratulations about your riffle, hope you shoot your buddy in the face with it…if you havent noticed the blog is about bmw’s not your stupid toy guns. and also what is your defintion of a sub- prime bmw owner, and whats to say you and your little posse arent “sub-prime” BMW owners?

  214. Josh says:

    and the only thing they change when it gets to your country is your emissions.

  215. Vikoryia says:

    You sound like a real winner Josh . We live in Anchorage Alaska , Paul started to call guys like you — sub-prime BMW owners — you can afford to buy but not afford maintain a German road machine like BMW , we are not sniviling about our BMW’s they run perfect if they did not we can trade tem in and never miss the money , we laugh at guys like you and your tirads , an educated person would have read prior blogs to assertain where we live BEFORE jumping to conclusions . Did you READ ALL OF YOUR LEASE AGREEMENT BEFORE SIGNING ? Did you have your lawyer read it ? So many people signed A.R.M’s . and then the interest rate spiked and the bank took there houses – sub-prime – !

  216. Josh says:

    hahaha take it easy there alaska..first of all stay out of what does not concern you. second, i wasnt talking to you i was talking to the guy in russia, pretty sure thats not you..oh yea thats rite your people can see russia from your house’s i forgot ha. Nobody said i cant afford to maintain a “german road machine” lol everything is under warranty so i can careless what goes wrong with it. honestly you really make no sense just like the other guy..what makes you think that you aren’t a “sub prime” owner either, you live in Alaska i’m sorry but you are not as affluent as you talk to be especially not in these times. so take it easy there killer.

  217. Josh says:

    Learn how to read and comprehend what is being said before you make a comment you stupid prick..Nadezhda says: “We are from Russia and Paul is from Canada” hahaha proved my point even more that you are all stupid, and ignorant pieces of shit. have fun getting your BMW’s pulled by dogsled when your precious fuel pump blows. your not even a BMW owner your a disgrace to the name, along with the RUSSIAN, and the little girl from Alaska.

  218. Paul says:

    Whna whna !

  219. Chris says:

    BMW salesmen doing a little CYA to hold the job; I understand.

  220. Paul says:

    Wuff Wuff , AH Salmon head soup with Moose , YUM YUM , its hard work pulling BMW’s all day .

  221. Gary says:

    Dear All,

    I am planning to buy a used 535i ( chosen one 2008(20k miles) and 2009(12k miles) model). Both car were bought by dealer at auction due to lemon law ( Fuel pump issue), Dealer claims that issue is fixed and covered by BMW by extended warranty.

    I am scared after reading this blog. I still want to own a BMW and need an honest advice.


  222. Lynda says:

    Well, you pays your money, you takes your chances. I really don’t mean to be flip, but BMW NA bought my 2007 335i back, after replacing the HPFP four times. I was more tolerant than some on this list, they had their cars bought back after two or three replacements.

    I understand the appeal of a BMW, I owned two that worked really well for me.
    Why not do a really good search for a 540, or some other model that doesn’t have this issue? See if you can find a good deal on a BMW that has a better chance of not causing you difficulties.

    That would be my advice. Or perhaps find out more about why/how they think they’ve got the issue fixed, when some of us have had replacement after replacement after replacement.

    Just my 2¢

  223. Sprinter says:

    Doesn’t seem like the problem is fixed because the 535 is plauged by an engeering design flaw. The HPFP, twin-turbo design of the N54 engine would seem to be the root of the problem. The fact that the 2011 models out soon have an altered turbo design would indicate that those models are going to be free of the sam problem. You can’t trust the deasler and he’s not going to spend time at the garage while you deal with future problems. Even with an extended warranty on the defects, the car could be unsafe and you could spend a lot of down time, or worse, be stranded somewhere for a long time. I would move on to another brand of car or different BMW with a different design.

  224. Paul says:

    My 2008 335xi has had one fuel pump replaced at 18500 miles , that was over 12500 miles ago , if it blows out again I can borrow a friend of mine dog team to pull it , I just have to empty out the up stairs freeze and cook some Salmon soup or raid the down stairs freeze for some Moose chunks to boil up for there dinner . Do the math , the same people blog this blog , Anchorage is full of 3 series Bimmers racing around with no problems , these guys exaggerate this problem to the point of “gimme a break” , these guys PUTTER around in there BMW’s and this is what is killing them . Look at the previous blogs I run the piss out of mine as do my friends [as BMW of Anchorage , the North American sales rep and the factory trained mechanics subjest to] anyway its off to the Safari Club to look at some cool rifles , animal mounts and other cool stuff . Then tomorrow its down the coast for some ice fishing , AND YES I’ll DRIVE THAT BIMMER ON THE ICE A FEW HUNDRED YARDS OUT TO THE MIDDLE OF A FROZEN LAKE , some of the other Bimmers will race each other across the lake and some will just fish , BMW THE ULTIMATE FROZEN LAKE MACHINE !

  225. Tommy says:

    To Gary:
    O.K. Here is the thing that you need to understand. Let’s say that the car is worth $40,000 and they said…..My friend we will sell you this car for $20,000 at half price and cover it for a millions miles on the fuel pump. I still would not take it. People make money the issue like Paul and his rich buddies up there in La La Land. Let’s pretend for a moment that you got that car for FREE. Not a dime came out of your pocket and I mean they even paid for your tags and registration…..There is a risk. Forget the money. Your life as well as others are at risk. Not the next idea. Let’s say no one ever ended up in an accident because of the fuel pumps…..EVER. Would it be worth the hassle and the complete humiliation that comes with being stuck on the side of the road. I go to a Casino here in San Diego, CA and I have to drive in mountains for about 5 miles… 4 miles up and 1 mile down. There is no reception up at high altitude on any carrier. So what would happen if I got stuck? Oh there is no emergency lanes. I would block traffic and life would be hell for everyone going back and forth to that Casino. Even if I got BMW to come out there it wouldn’t be in 5 mins or 15 mins ….it could take 30mins to an hour depending what time of day it is. So when and if you get this car it is going to be just fine. Then all of a sudden things are going to seem different. Long cranks, maybe the engine won’t start at all. This board is here for a reason. One more thing If all of us said hey we took a drug for Anxiety and it was called let’s say XANAX and it made us all feel like shit….would you go out and run and get some Xanax so you can experience the same thing. The point is that you want a BMW….A lot of people do. But anything with a turbo at this time and juncture is bad news. I ended up getting a 2010 BMW M3 so I didn’t have to deal with the turbo problems and the HPFP issues left and right. My service writer said that I made such a wise decision on not getting another 3 series with the turbo…He said between me and you BMW is in a world of hurt right now. That was his exact words. So you have been warned my friend. Get a BMW if you have to but don’t get one with High Pressure Fuel Pump Problems or recalls. Good luck to you. ~ Tommy

  226. Gary says:

    Dear All,

    Thanks alot for your true and wise advice. I will avoid BMW for now. Hopefully I will buy a better version in Future.

    Thanks again

  227. Moni says:

    I purchased a 2009 BMW 335 xi in Jan 2009. During the year, the fuel pump was replaced 3 times. I googled “lemon law attorney” and contacted the first name on the list in my area (PA). Four months later, BMW took my car back and refunded me all my money. I was VERY pleased. Very easy process!

  228. Chris says:

    Gary…earlier was probably harder to lemon these things, but lately all the bad news and press has caught and become known to the world. It does not cost any money to contact a lemon lawyer; find out what they say to see if you have a good case. That is all. Consumer Reports wanted the 335i coupe the worst car year by year…that is they have declined in reliability each year. It is not an Ultimate Driving Machine if it can’t run; I am not refering to just the fuel pump…many other issues exist.

    • Sprinter says:

      Chris, I might be experiencing one of those “other issues.”
      My present 2008 335xi is already being “lemoned.” No lawyer required. Very fair settlement coming. I ordered a 2011 328xi, could change my mind and not lease if the news gets worse; hopefully, the BMW problems are “one-off” restricted to the N54 design.

      I had the car serviced–the annual one for low mileage types like me–early December. HPFP failed on New Year’s Day for the second time in a year. Had fixed promprly on a Sat. morning Jan. 2nd. Last night, I got a nice display of warning lights: 4×4 drive out, ABS problem, DSC problem. The manual says it must receive prompt attention, but not dangerous. Took into dealer this morning, got a 2010 328i as loaner. It is lame compared to the 335i. Somehow, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to visit the garage again after the service and last pump replacement but not that lucky. I have 8 weeks for the new 328xi to arrive. Is it too much to expect reliability and performance?

  229. MJ says:

    Moni, just curious which Lemon Law Attorney you got (Gorberg)?

  230. bmw repair says:

    I work at a bmw repair shop and confirm these issues, but BMW always takes care of their customers, so you guys shouldn’t worry. I see everyone complaining but when does BMW leave you hanging.

  231. Paul says:

    We started our Bimmers at 5:00 AM Alaskan Standard Time , drove to the restraunt and chowed down , the Bimmers idled in the parking lot to stay warm , it was only about 10 above but cold cars and women do not mix , then we drove / raced our Bimmers into the mountians to a frozen lake and drove out on to the ice , I fished as my girlfriend and her sisters sat in the car and read ther fashion magazines and yacked on ther cell phone , it was -18 below zero so we did’nt shut the engine off so they could stay warm , I just had to move the car every few hours so it would’nt melt the ice and possibility fall through , a few of the other guys raced there Bimmers across the lake and fished a little , we raced / drove home , so my car ran for 12 hours non-stop and never missed a beat . None of them missed a beat ! — BMW REPAIR , question is it possible to replace the fog lights with brigther bulbs , allready called Bavarian Autosport and bulbs are avabile [and a new more advanced one is comming out this month ] but BMW will not warranty them if it messes up the electrical system , any subjestions ?

  232. Paul says:

    Hockey Night in Canada = Gold

  233. M says:

    I took in my 2008 535 with 16k miles today to check my car. For the past few days my car takes more than 4 tries to start up in the morning and the brakes lock up. Also, my car jerks a lot when about to let go of the brake to step on the gas. And also, when driving on the highway my brakes get really loose and you have to stomp a few times before they slow down. Is this all related to the HPFP? Does anyone else have these same problems?

    • Sprinter says:

      Curious–what warning lights appeared? My previous post notes multiple warning lights on my 2008 335xi. Car taken in on Saturday morning, just found out a control component must be replaced and will probably be done by late tomorrow. Good luck with your vehicle.

  234. Chris says:

    Sprinter, most excellent news. Glad to hear resolution occured.

    BMW REPAIR, I understand your concern, but there are some service reps that get the job done and some that do not. Leaving a customer hanging is never the way to do business. I applaud the way u do business. Please continue, but you can hit any blog or any post and see the digust of many customers at no fault of their own. It is unfortunate that BMW looked to customer blame instead of engineering flaw. Please keep up the good service; many people feel BMW has the suspension setup than any other, but the customer service is the weakest of anything seen possible. Just opinion of course, but definitely backed up by passed three years of flaws.

  235. Chris says:

    Oh and yes; good game with the Canadians in a real sport. A deserving win.

  236. JWCGC629 says:

    Just had the HPFP replaced at 16K miles….typical symptoms of hard start, limp mode, reduced performance. Big Question is… the redesigned pump reliable. 2 service managers say no returns on the “new pump” but seems it has not been in the field long enough for a true acid test. Has anyone has a failure with the new pump ?
    Love the car (335i) hate the issue.

  237. Gilles says:

    This blog is a censored ,!

  238. JakeC says:

    Paul, Gilles, or Vikoryia or…. you have been emailed by the site admin before. I think if you continue the games your next email from the Site Admin may not be so nice.


  239. nordic says:

    BMW rules !

  240. Dieselboy says:

    Just had a failure on the new pump today, 335I High pressure fuel Pump on #4
    system went into limp mode.

  241. Quisp says:

    BMW has a tech bulletin about the fuel pump covering all cars with the N54 engine from 2007 through 2010. 1 series, 3 series, 5 sereis, X6 … They recently came out with a new part number for the fuel pump but I have not heard if they are having problemswith them since they have not been used very long. BMW did not have a fix for the fuel pump and extended the warranty to avoid NHTSA problems and the possibility of a recall which would seriously damge them financially since itinvolves so m,an of their cars over years of production. By extending the wrranty they are gambling on not having to repair as many cars as a recall sine the warranty would be done case by case and a recall would be all inclusive., and they also look like they are taking owneship of the problem when the reality of it is that they are trying to do what costs them the least. There have been people that have had the pump fail as they drove it off the lot after pickingit up the first day. This is another episode of BMWcompromising the good name they established over the years in order to save money. Deny it until you cant deny it then act like you did nothing wrong. They had an engine with a faulty part(fuel pump). INstead of figuring out what was wrong and then fixing the problem, they continued to sell the cars with that faulty part and denied it was an issue. They are still selling cars with the defective pump. How doesit look when you buy a car and find out that the fuel pump warranty was extended, even before you got the car. For those that say it is wrong to take action against BMW, I can not afford to buy something and make payments on it and then throw it away or take a big loss on resale because the manufacturer was trying to savemoney. It wouldbe nice if I could say”oh the car is broken, I will go buy a new one and give this one to the dogs to sleep in” and go buya new one. I bought the car based on BMWs reputation and what I had read about the car at the time(2006 and early 2007). Bmw misrepresented the car then covered up two major engineering defects(could be more coming). I did not see that anywhere in my sales agreement.
    As far as lemoning the car, the key word is repair “attempts”. That does not mean each time you drop irt off for the problem, it means they have to acknowledge it and try to fix it each time. Cannont duplicate customer concern is not a repair attempt. So if they dont do anything it doesnt count.t

  242. MJ says:

    WELL SAID QUISP!!!!! You are right about everything!!

  243. donbl says:

    2009 BMW 335 coupe (loaded) with 6,000 miles

    HPFP went bad. BMW today is trying to fix it with a “software” update but then will replace if that does not fix.

    Interesting how many failures on this site are between 6,000 and 8,000 miles.

    NAV is very poor and the Logic7 audio is not as good as Jaguar(1) or lexus (2).

    Wish I had other than run flats as they feel every problem with the road.

  244. nordic says:

    Sub-prime BMW owners , the economy is BOOMING for us , did you hear us complaining when gold was $200 an oz no we accept the price , we still had BMW’s , now its over $1200 an oz , BMW is in the business of building cars for wealthy folks whom are soild , this is where the folks whom can afford a Bimmer and the wanna bes are seperated .

  245. Therese says:

    I have a 2004 325i — car began stalling out. Took it in and was told its a fuel pump problem BUT repairs would be $8000+ because the fuel pump is in the gas tank (something to do with California emission standards??? and this care is from CA). NO ONE at BMW said they ever heard of this….I know this is a bit diffrent than your comments above but I am trying to figure out if this even males sense???

  246. MJ says:

    Well, here I am AGAIN. As many of you recall, I had my 4th & 5th fuel pump replaced, the last one was November. Still under 13,000 miles & guess what????? My FREAKIN FUEL PUMP MAKING NOISE, CAR STALLED. Thank goodness I purchased extended warranty, since my car is a 2005 (purchased new). I’m not one of the fortunate ones that automatically got the 10 yrs on fuel pump warranty. BMW sales are way down, do you think the word is out about the problem?????????

  247. nordic says:

    M.J . you have a 2005 with 13000 miles on it ? My 2008 has over 30K on it with one fuel pump replaced at 18,500 , as to sales being way down , according to whom ? Its the same people over and over with the same problems , I have throughly enjoyed my Bimmer and will purchase a new one as soon as the millage hits 49,999.99 . Why would you [or anyone for that matter] put up with this issue month after month with all of the choices that are offered from other automobile companys .

  248. Sprinter says:

    Met with BMW rep yesterday, who repurchased my 2008 335xi with no “demerits.” In case you didn’t know, leases generally have higher money factors this season. I waited until the May revision and found that the rate had been INCREASED from .0022 to .0023 on a 2011 328xi which I had ordered and which arrived around three weeks ago. That rate equates to an a.p.r. of 5.52%. I decided to lease a 2010 Audi A-4 Quattro with a money factor of .00026, or an a.p.r. of .624. Not kidding, that is 5/8 of one percent. Although I miss the sporty and heavy feel and power of the flawed 335, I was willing to take a new 328 but not at the same monthly payment, which is ridiculous. The Audi will compete well with a 328, has Quattro, and of course, much less fuel consumption. My monthly payments are $ 150 less. Hoping for reliability and oh, forgot–to hell with run-flats. I like a spare, if even a reduced-size.

  249. nordic says:

    Why did’nt you get the S4 ? What I really NEED is the Alpina B7 . Ah maby in 2012 I can get one . We need 5K oz gold prices !

  250. Sprinter says:

    The Audi S series is very nice. I am not going to drive something I can’t really enjoy in a metropolis (Los Angeles) and take long road trips at very high speeds, which still require driving through Califorinia, where getting cited going >100 mph is a two-count and very expensive (not certain, but I believe over $ 1,000) violation, and possible overnight in a rural jail. I want to have nice handling and improved fuel economy, rather than stay wth high-performance 12mpg machines at this stage. I have had my share of fast cars. And I do have sufficient gold equivalents (GLD) to afford an Alpina, just not my style any longer.

  251. nordic says:

    Money comes easy , were in a boom economy , $ 45.00 plus an hour X 70 / 84 hour a week construction jobs galore , lots of new gold mines proposed / under construction , God created Eastern Alaska and Western Canada so the mighty Teutonic machines have a place to run . GLD ? No paper securties here I mean actual gold in a coffee can , weigh it out and sell it for cash , dump the cash on finished products ASAP . Just a matter of time and I’ll have an Alpina B7 in French blue – . Trans Alaska / Canada gas line to the lower 48 is becoming a reality , a whole new generation of million-aires will be created , Life is Good .

  252. EO says:

    Apparently the problem continues with the N54 twin turbo engine. I have a 2010 535i, purchased in December, 2010. The HP fuel pump expired in this car with less than 2,000 miles on it. The local dealership replaced it with no hassle, but I was very disappointed that a problem of this magnitude would continue to exist for 4 plus years on an otherwise fine engine.

  253. MJ says:

    Well, a little BMW birdie told me that there WILL be a “NOTICE” sent to all owners of BMW’s with a N54 & HPFP, they want you to use BP gas. You know BMW won’t have a recall, it would make them look bad. What are your thought about using a certain gas?

  254. Artmic says:

    My car is in the shop, they flashed the computer with new software, and said that will fix it :) ha ha ha.
    it is just a matter of days/weeks before i’m back in the shop, and hopefully this time instead of a software upgrade they will replace the stupid pump.

    I find it idiotic they do not give me a new pump right away, since i think going into limp mode on the highway is dangerous.

  255. Sprinter says:

    Although I now drive an Audi A4 Quattro, I feel compelled to respond to the latest posts. Yes, I miss my repurchased 2008 335xi, however, I do adhere to some priniciples which dictate whom I do business with. With a motor vehicle, given my rather tame driving style ( fairly high speeds on good roads, no maximal acceleration, sporty cornering), I expect safety, reliability and honesty. By not acknowledging the faults of the N54 and HPFP, now apparently in their fourth year (which probably accounts for the very early 2011 release of the redesigned turbo from twin to single-modified), BMW has exhibited a lack of all three expectations. The company recently announced excellent sales results. This is a mystery to me. They have done a good job of avoiding a NHTSA recall, but it’s a mriacle that no one has died as a result of the failures. I wasn’t willing to take a chance on continued exposure to risk, and cannot tolerate lack of integrity. The 2011 328xi which I ordered and which I walked away from could still have presented problems, and thank goodness, the lease pricing was so wretched that the decision to change vehicles was an easy one. It will be a long time, if ever again, I drive a BMW.

  256. nordic says:

    I love going to the grocery store and there are 10 or so BMW’s of verious series all lined up in the far corner of the parking lot , I love having breakfast or lunch at the “truck stop / home style cooking / dirt parking lot restraunts” half a dozen BMW’s sedans , X5 , X6’s parked outside {of course lots of pick-up trucks also} good ole boy construction company owners and there wives inside smacking there jaws about Nancy Pelosi as the crew agrees with every word . I saw a 2002 turbo the other day , what a cool machine ! The 2002 sreies saved BMW from bankruptcy . BMW has always treated me right , this HPFP issue is but a speed bump , foregotton in a few seconds . I want an Alpina B7 , nothing elce will do !

  257. donbl says:

    On the HPFP, they replaced mine at 8K miles and flashed the software which did fix the satellite radio deficiencies.

    Here are the systems so you do not get caught:

    1. It starts with longer cranking to start the engine and this lasts for probably 500 to 1000 miles.
    2. Next comes a yellow light saying the engine needs to be checked.
    3. About 150 miles after the yellow light comes the dreaded “engine at reduced power”.

    My 335 coupe was built in June 2009 so it should have had the new HPFP. They tried the software change first but after 4 days gave up and replaced the fuel pump.

    This problem started in 2007 and they have not fixed this model and have increased the sales of this engine. BMW has their own little BP problem getting ready to hit the NYT.

  258. paulxxoo says:

    I was out at a remote site working so my 2008 BMW 335xi has sat un-driven for almost 3 months , I re-connected the negative battery cable pressed the start -stop button and it started right up , after the computer re-loaded and everthing was up and running again , AWD , anti-lock system , DTC , Nav system etc etc , a quick trip to have it serviced and the battery brought back up to a full charge it was back to bussiness as usual . BMW . The Ultimate Driving Machine .

  259. Dana Dixon says:

    on my 5th pump, this cas SUCKS!!!!

  260. Sprinter says:

    Dana, have you not read numerous helpful posts here about contacting BMW N.A. and negotiating a buy-back? I would not expect any litigation, not even invoke the lemon law. Read Tommy’s posts, Quist’s, and Linda;s, as well as mine. One HPFP failure is sufficient in California to effect a buy-back. The key to our lemon law is that it only takes one incident to prove that the problem is irremediable, as I understand it. Don’t suffer any longer.

  261. paulxxoo says:

    Sounds like Sprinter has a vendetta with BMW . Some people just love to complain even after BMW settled up with them and they are now driving an Audi A-4 . BMW ‘s profits are up . Look at the number and dates of the compliants on this blog , few and far between .

  262. Honust40 says:

    Hi I feel like creating this thread so.. hi :)

  263. paul says:

    My cousins in Montreal perfer pitbulls , Harleys and BMW .

  264. Jean Bakkes says:

    My ’10 335I M Pack, Sport Pack, Nav, 3,800 miles dies and almost got me killed yesterday. On the span of 1 200ft bridge during rush hour traffic, I was sure to get hit from the back at 70 miles an hour. I dont want this car back. The state trooper had to push me over the bridge using his squad car and the towing guy gouged my front bumper trying to use his tow hook instead of what the car came with.

    I have a brand new car that is now F**ked up. How do I make BMW take it back ?

    • Lynda Gousha says:


      A lot depends on what state you live in. The policies are governed by state laws. Here in CA, you’re already there, since you’ve experienced a dangerous incident. Call BMW of North America, in any case, and tell them what you want.

  265. paul says:

    So what kind of super hot smoking deal do you want to make to get rid of this example of BMW’s failure to deliver the Ulitamte Driving Machine ? Is it a sedan ? What colour is it ? Winter package ? 6 speed ? X drive ? We can fly down cash you out and have the local factory authorized BMW franchise do the prep for a sledge hammer run to Anchorage and this death trap will be out of your life foreever , ancient history to you , never to worry you again . After a few hours in the hands of a real BMW affectionado in the mountians of Western Canada and Eastern Alaska at full speed and this machine will be happy and acting right , basicaly getting the piss run out of it is S.O.P. .We run the piss out of ours , 6000 rpm in every gear , ever day and they run perfect .

  266. Jean Bakkes says:

    Thanks for your feedback. I told BMW assist who was on the line with me when this all happened that I dont want the car back, Called BMW North America, The dealer were I bought it and the Dealer were it was towed to that I do not want the car back under any circumstances, that I did not spend $ 52K on a brand new car to be endangered and that my precise reason for patronizing BMW is because of my concern for Safety. They are all working on my case and it has been 5 days since this happened. The car is still over there, they are sending me messages that they are trying to resolve the problem with the BMW engineers in Germany, something about software and a $ 4k fuel pump has been done and the problem is not resolved by that so maybe when the message I got about Engine Malfunction and Engine Failure meant what it said.

    I am pushing them, I will most like buy another one, but this one they can keep.

    It is Automatic, 4 door, Winter Package. Make me an offer I cant refuse Paul, if BMW doesn’t buy it, you can have my lemon with pleasure, clean title and all.
    It is my 4th brand new purchase, I buy one very year and that I never had a problem with any of them. Paul – as you say I should have driven the piss out of it. I never have driven this one hard, just around town, the others all worked a lot harder.

    What else can I do to encourage BMW to take the POS ?

  267. Jean Bakkes says:

    I failed to mention it is Dark Grey with Black Interior. I live in Florida Lynda, but bought the car in Georgia brand new.

  268. MJ says:

    Jean, don’t give up!!! Especially since it was damaged during the tow job. Everyone who’s having this HPFP problem should report it to NHTSA. If everyone would do that BMW would have to send out nation wide recall. Good luck. Keep us posted please.

  269. paul says:

    The West Coast BMW F.A.S,R, told me that so many people buy a BMW and baby them , I baby mine in the aspect that I have never crashed the gears , hit anything , broke traction by sliping the clutch , I do allow the engine to rev almost to the red line daily , here in Alaska people will complain about the check engine light and under inspection there is ice on the inside of the oil filler port , this is caused by NOT allowing the engine to get HOT and burn the water vapor off . German cars
    NEED to be run hard , in the words of the boys whom know the best way to kill your BMW is to putter around and expect it to run as the engineers designed it to . Again these are isolated cases . Anchorage is full of 335’s and M-3’s , its impossible to drive a few miles and NOT see several examples of all models . Yet to get a service appoitment is NO problem . My family and extended family have BMW ‘s and NONE are plagued with this issue . I was in eastern Alaska last week and got passed by a M-3 heading to Anchorage , both of us were in the triple digit speed range ,at these speeds is this is when these machines really come alive and act like BMW’s –The Ulimate Driving / Mountian Machine’s — .

  270. Sprinter says:

    When you commented in a prior post about the cold weather in Alaska being a possible factor in fewer HPFP problems, it made some sense. And if the documented failure rate in Alaska were proven to be a fraction of the “lower 48,” then that would be interesting, something that BMW must have knowledge of, as they have to be monitoring the incidents of HPFP failure to resolve the problem. But, the problem has persisted from the 2007 through 2010 models of the x35 series,so . again, the company has failed to act responsibly and somehow avoided action by NHSTA. They have been dishonest and unethical about the flawed engineering. Since very few high-quality high-performance autos have problems of this nature (causing engine failure and potential fatal accidents) which are allowed to persist, one must conclude that BMW cannot be trusted. Your comment implies that a buyer needs to alter their driving habits (which is impossible in any metropolitan area) to cause the car to be reliable, even to the extent of driving dangerously fast. That is faulty logic. That West Coast rep is a shill for a dishonest company, as are you.

  271. paul says:

    Again your comment is in- valid as you DO NOT own a BMW , as to your responce a Japaneese car would be better as there designed for slow stop and go traffic . also I’am an American hard labour NOT A MONEY CHANGER , mining / construction / oil field !

  272. paul says:

    Fact , NO fatal accidents have occoured ,Fact BMW is working on the issue . Fact BMW settled up with you fair and square , Fact , these are isolated occurances , this blog would be hopping with responces it that were NOT the case . Fact NO mechanical item is perfect regardles of the price , [ie] the drilling rig accident in the Gulf of Mexico . Sprinter needs to get out of his cubical and spend a few months on an oil rig , in a mining camp , logging camp fixing diesel engines the size of a BMW 3 , 5 or 7 series . Get some real world experiance of how things work and how they break and why , after seeing some huge componets fail under stress the issue of a BMW HPFP will seem trivial .

  273. randy says:

    Purchased a Certified Pre-owned 2007 525i in May with 16k miles. The car had to be towed to the dealer yesterday after several stalls. I received a voicemail from the service advisor that the fuel pump is being replaced. I love the car but was surprised that the fuel pump failed already. Hopefully, the problems I’m reading about in this blog have been resolved with the replacement pump. I live in hot, humid Florida.

  274. paul says:

    In the 1930’s Henry Ford had his Detriot enginers set up a plantation in South America to produce rubber so he could have a reliable source of rubber for car tires , the concrete block houses they built were unbearable in the hot humid South American climate . So back to the drawing board . My 335xi runs perfect here in Alaska and Western Canada , if i were to make a run down to the lower 48 I diffently would have to have a DINAN aux oil cooler installed to combat the extream heat , even in the winter [Georgia for example] where it can be 70 above in February . Ah fall is here and that means it’s close to P.F.D. time !

  275. Carreras says:

    I am planning to buy a new 335i with the N55 engine to be delivered Jan 2011.
    Any experience with the HPFP failours ?

    Thank you

  276. paul says:

    So ? Nothing is perfect . If its man made it will have flaws and edventaly a failure will ocoure . It has NEVER CEASED to AMAZE me at the number of people whom love to complain , if your BMW is so bad trade it in and be done with it . Period , end of story . Ah , in 2012 I’ll go to Europe and take delivery of a 2012 335 and scream down the autobahn in the country of my racial brothers the Germans , and then on to the pristine country side of my ancestors , France ! Visit the super cool Parisian restraunts and stores and then run to the mnountian chalets in the French Alps to sleep . Alaska , Canada , Europe . BMW the ULTIMATE DRIVING MOUNTIAN MACHINE .

  277. Neal says:

    I am on pump number 3 in my 2009 335i. I really dont care about the extended warranty. What I care about is the fact that my “Ultimate Driving Machine” has been about as reliable as a high mileage Yugo. Too bad I bought it rather than lease it!

    • Lynda says:

      As you’ve probably read on this blog, a number of us had our cars repurchased by BMW. As unhappy as I was with having to have the HPFP replaced 4 times on my 2007 335i, which I also had purchased (for cash, btw), I was pleased that they refunded me more than 90% of the original purchase price.

      I am now the happy owner of an Infiniti G37S, manual transmission (hard to find), that handles every bit as well as the BMW, if not better. So far – it was purchased around Christmas, 2009, zero issues, 100% reliable.

      As beautiful as the BMWs are, I doubt that I’ll ever go back, even though I owned three in a row.

      As always, YMMV.

  278. paul says:

    Audi is running super deals on there line of sport machines , so the question is how long will you suffer before you trade in on a new S-4 ? The i-drive informed me that an oil change was due so off to the dealership I went , they also did a computer recall / up grade and my machine and it runs like a scalded rabbit , even a bit better then before the servicing . I have no issues about heading into the mountians this weekend as the Ultimate Sub-Arctic Mountian Machine has delivered as promiced by BMW of Germany and the dealership . My HPFP issues are ancient history .

  279. bmw says:


    I just had my HPFP go out on me today for the second time. I have had over 4 brake problems with my car. Do you think I have a good chance at having BMW buy back my car 100%? Will Lemmon law work with me on this?

    • Lynda says:


      I can’t really tell the answer to that. I live in CA, where we have good Lemon Laws, though I don’t know for sure if that’s why things worked for me as well as they did.

      I do think it’s worth a call to BMW of North America. Tell them what you want, and see what they say. Usually, they investigate the case by going to the dealer and verifying what the issues have been. If, for instance, the brake issues were repaired somewhere other than the dealer, and/or they don’t figure those issues were their responsibility, you may not get an offer. But, in my case, after the investigation, they did take the car back.

      Good luck.

  280. paul says:

    Yesterday my 335xi doors unlocked all by themselves and the windows also open all by thenselves , Paranormal activity was my first thought , along with the big money and T.V. talk shows , CNN , MSNBC at my door , book deals , movie deals and speaking engagments ? Ah no such luck according to the dealership a glich in the computer system caused this , not an isolated incident , fixable , yes . I just hope this dosn’t happen at night during a wind / snow storm .

  281. Michael Sacks says:

    With regard to the high pressure fuel pump situation, there are both State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Laws that come into play here, even if the problem is fixed after repeated repair attempts. To familiarize yourself, visit It may be worth discussing the matter with a lawyer as under these laws, the representation is free — they use fee-shifting provisions to ensure bmw pays lawyers fees if you prevail. There was also a recent story that aired on the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh about this.

  282. paul says:

    Lynda I thought BMW settled up with you ? a few days ago I drove out to the Alaskan / Canadian border to look at some property . the engine ran non-stop for 14 hours {except when filling up with gas on the way back} under all condictions , double and triple digit speeds getting there , idiling to keep the car warm while looking at the property , idiling in the parking lot at the restraunt . This Ultimate Sub-Arctic Mountian Driving Machine never missed a beat in the entire trip . This is NOT the exception but the rule . I have to say that poor maintance coupled with poor driving habits are the REAL problems , these machines NEED to be run to there full potential to run right , my BMW has delivered as promiced by the factory and the dealership .

  283. Michael says:


    Can you please at least spell correctly and make sense when you type?

    Everyone who reads

  284. paul says:

    This blog is but a sideshow , the BOOMING ECONOMY AND SKILLED LABOUR SHORTAGE HAS MY REAL ATTENTION , I , we find it amusing how people are so easly damaged and are so ready to sue over trivial matters , and the ones who have settled up with BMW are still are complaing . And Micheal Paul is a name so it gets capalized , giving advice when you yourself is not proficent in English , TYPICAL !

  285. Michael says:

    You have your “name” lower case so that’s how I would refer to you as.

  286. Lynda says:

    BMW recall, as of today:

    (if this link doesn’t work, just google BMW recall 2010, and look for today’s date)
    Hopefully, this will help folks who have had trouble getting BMW to take their car back.

    “The company has now announced another recall in the United States, which according to Aaron Smith from will affect around 150,000 vehicles due to possible issues with the vehicle’s fuel pumps.
    Models that could be affected include the sDrive35 model of the Z4 Roadster, 335i, 135i 535i and the X6 xDrive35i Sports Activity Coupes. The list of models we refer to were manufactured between the years of 2007 and 2010.”

    Good luck!

  287. paul says:

    The economy is BOOMING IN THE FAR NORTH , cars and trucks with out of state tags everywhere , drilling rigs are triping pipe 24/7 , gold mining companys from Canada are core sampling to no end , construction on every corner in Anchorage , constant truck traffic on the Al-Can into Alaska and the Canadian far north hauling machinery , building materials , skillred labour is in short supply . Look at the huge construction tent across the street , those boys start at 7:00 AM and work till 7:00 PM and later .The streets are full of new BMW’s etc etc , BMW HPFP issues are trivial , as to Micheal , OK skippy what ever you say . Alaskans love there X drive BMW Ultimate Driving Machines especialy on cold icy mornings .

  288. sprinter says:

    That is why the latest Consumer Reports survey of new-car reliability, released Tuesday, should be a caution to the three Detroit auto giants and some of the big names among European luxury-car makers. Many of the most reliable brands continued to belong to Asian car makers, including Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co.

    Consumer Reports said it received data on 1.3 million vehicles from subscribers and through its website. Based in part on a vehicle’s reliability history over the three most recent model years, the report predicted how well the 2011 model will hold up.

    BMW ranked 23 of 27 in the survey. The article cited the numerous fuel system problems reported to Consumer Reports.

    • Bryan says:

      I just found out about this web site yesterday. One writer “Paul” seems like he has made a full time job of telling everyone that they’re all idiots. Seems to me that Paul has way too much time on his hands. He either works for BMW, is in prison, a mental patient, or got ahold of his mommy’s computer. He says he is a foreigner. I, for one, wish he’d go back to his homeland, probably the Reich.
      What a freakin’ asshole. I wish I could have 5 minutes alone with him, and not for one of his pediphile sessions. Just a plain American ass whuppin’!
      You listening Paul?

  289. sprinter says:

    additional commentary from WSJ article:

    Mr. Champion said.

    BMW, ranked 23 out of 27 in the Consumer Reports survey, Tuesday underscored the challenges luxury-car makers confront as they use advanced technology to produce vehicles that can go fast while burning less fuel and polluting less. The German auto maker said it’s recalling more than 150,000 vehicles built between 2007 and 2010 in two separate actions to fix faulty fuel pumps.

    The recall underlined what many customers already knew. A big reason for BMW’s low marks in the Consumer Reports survey was “high problem rates related to the fuel system.”

  290. Lynda says:

    ABC has now also done a story on this fuel pump issue and the most recent recall.

    The article, and a bit of video is here:

    If the link doesn’t work, do a search on ‘BMW Recalls Some Turbo-Charged Cars Following ABC News Investigation’. Article is dated 10/26/10


  291. sprinter says:

    Hey Lynda,

    Thanks for the ABC link. The BMW chief engineer makes Richard Nixon look as credible as Walter Cronkite (once voted the most trustworthy public figure in America). In other words, he’s stonewalling and being evasive. I can’t believe that he would face the cameras with nonesensical, meaningless language intended to trivialize a true hazard. If BNW N.A. was so quick to settle with you and I, among many others, the company was fully aware of the inabilty to fix the problem. Perhaps they now have more than a new fuel pump,, but up until now, there was no fix, simply a pump replacement destined to fail every 5-7,000 miles (except in Alaska). The public and especially bloggers, with Edmunds being an excellent resource, knew better, and in realtiy BMW was quite ready to repurchase or refund lease payments, but they now display publicly an alarming lack of candor.

  292. donbl says:

    Had my hpfp replaced at 8,000 miles and now have 14,000 and getting ready for a 3,000 mile trip.

    Called my BMW rep today to ask if I could get this done before I leave and his response had the following elements:

    1. Couple of weeks before anything starts happening.
    2. The dealer does not yet have any info other than the media announcement
    3. The pump that I had put in 6 months ago is the same pump they will use (not sure how he figured that out if he does not have any info)
    4. he thinks I am I am good to go…………
    5. I am covered for 120,000 miles.

    I do not think they understand the inconvenience associated with these failures.

    I just hope that if the car fails it fails at a Robert Trent Jones golf course on the way.

  293. paul says:

    As you guys are laying around complaining about a car you do NOT own {and BMW settled up with you , Sprinter and Lynda} most BMW owner are enjoying our machines with out any issues , look at this blog its the same people over and over and even the one whom do NOT own BMW’s are still complaining about ancient history . WHY ? As to consumer reports , the same magazine gave the Audi S-4 and RS-4 poor ratings a few years ago yet I still see lots of S-4’s and a few RS-4 blasting around , these cars are nich market cars , Hondas and Toyotas are fine cars for the folks whom want very good basic transporation . If BMW was so bad as you guys claim then this blog would be hopping with NEW FOLKS BLOGGING THERE CONCERNS . Botttom line is if you DO NOT like your BMW sell it and move on , I mean whats 50K when your well being is at stake ? So another question is how can you complain about BMW when the money changers failed to warn there clients about the stock market / real estate crash and people lost big time . Sprinter are you a money changer ? did you warn your clients and blog about it ? What company warned there clients about the crash before hand ? BMW is OK by me and the vast majority of others .

  294. paul says:

    Yo Lynda , gotta love those “INSTANT” natural gas millionaires in Towanda Pa, I wonder if they will buy themselves and wives 7 series BMW and there children 3 series ?

  295. Bryan says:

    My 2000 M5 has had the fuel pump replaced 4 times and is currently sitting in my garage, broken. Yes, that’s right, the fuel pump(s) are nonfunctioning. It has been sitting in my garage for 5 years now because it is out of warranty and BMW will not fix it again. The last time it went out, in 2004, the car had 18,000 miles on it. It now has 18,000. miles on it. I only drove it on the weekends when it was running. I have put exactly “0” (zero) miles on it since 2004. Sorry to sound so stupid, but I wanted to make sure you all got the point.
    So that car I paid $85,000. for back when it was new is worth about $25,000 now according to Autotrader. So it cost me $60,000 for those 18,000 miles.
    You might ask “will I ever buy a BMW again?” You’ve got to be kidding, BMW screwed me big time!

  296. paul says:

    You snooze you lose , why didn’t you hoppiety foot down to the dealership as soon as there was a problem ? So let me get this straight the car was allowed to sit in your garage while still in warranty , and then the warranty ran out while it was sitting in your garage . I love this country ! For us forgine born boys its a god send that our parents moved here , its so EASY to make it here and figure things out and how they work , the streets are paved with gold for us . The deal is over , the warranty has run out , its pretty simple really . BMW has honored my warranty to the exact letter , I mean if the cars sits for 5 years how is this a BMW warranry issue ? Remember never take the blame of your actions yourself , its ALWAYS someone elces fault .

    • Bryan says:

      The reason the car has been sitting in the garage is because after the 4 year warranty ran out (in 2004), BMW refused to do anything about the car or help me out in any way. Having no further recourse, (BMW assured me many times that I was the only one with this problem, then I read the other day, about this recall for exactly the same things I have sndured all this time. Evidently I wasn’t the only person with this problem) I didn’t want to take the chance of driving the car again. The last incident involved me passing a big rig on a 2 lane highway. Seeing that no cars were coming from the opposite direction, I came around an 18 wheeler that was going 50 in a 75mph zone. I accelerated and got halfway past him when the car went into “limp mode” and I lost all power. Another car went with me, behind, as I was passing. When the M5 lost power, I had no choice but to go to the shoulder on the left (in the oncoming lane) as a car appeared in the distance coming towards me. Can you imagine the consequences had I not made that evasive move??????
      At that point I decided that I couldn’t risk driving this car again. And I couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars a lawyer would charge me to pursue a case and deal with the army of lawyers BMW has. I couldn’t morally sell the car to someone else and risk them getting injured or worse. So I took the loss.
      I bought a Audi S4 Avant and have had over 65,000 trouble free miles with it.
      But I guess you “forgine born boys” (your spelling) are just so much smarter than us domestically grown boys!

    • Bryan says:

      BTW Paul (you stupid fuck), it is a BMW warranty problem regardless if the warranty is out of effect if the same problem is continual.
      My guess is that you work for BMW. I hope you’re in the room when I depose them. I have already been contacted by a national news group who wants to run my and others stories. How much you want to bet I get BMW to buy my car back and for what I paid?

      • sprinter says:

        Bryan–well stated. Here is one of my replies to another poster on another segment of this site:

        October 29, 2010 at 6:54 am
        You may have reached the proper conclusion that “the defective pumps were manufactured out of spec.” However, for BMW to replace a defective pump with a new, equally defective one has not been a solution.
        The N54 twin-turbo in the 135, 335 and 535 series has been the root of the problem, beginning in 2007 and continuing through 2010. It is unconscionable that BMW could essentially ignore reported incidents for four years, and finally issue a recall coincident with the ABC investigation. This is not just unethical, but illegal behavior. It’s a miracle that no one died by being rear-ended in “limp mode.” The spokesman for BMW was as credible as Tarik Aziz, the mouthpiece for Saddam Hussein now sentenced to death by the present Iraqi regime.

        I leased a 2008 335xi and had the first fuel pump fail at 6,000 miles. It was prompltly replaced. I had a second failure at 14,000 miles, the second occuring in fewer than two years; it was promptly replaced. I was told that the French manufacturer of the HPFP was at fault. I phoned BMW N.A. and within two weeks had received a return call essentially asking me what I was seeking. I asked that the lease be terminated. Under the CA lemon law, the occurrence of one unreparable problem is sufficient cause to require the manufacturer to reacquire the vehicle. I am not a lawyer, and I was not belligerent. I received a refund of 97% of my lease payments plus all DMV fees within two months after the verbal agreement. I was fortunate to not be marooned in the desert in Summer or the Sierra in Winter. The attitude of BMW to deliberately and blithely delay a forceful and immediate campaign to cease manufacturing the N54 engine, waiting until the FOURTH YEAR is most definitely reason enough to never trust this manufacturer. Those owners and lessees who had to put up with annual HPFP problems (and more in my case, like warning lights, failed all-wheel drive, stalling because of batteries which lose their charge if the car isn’t driven aggressively enough–I kid you not!) would not be as blase about the lack of integrity if you were in our position. BMW is the only car which I have driven in approx. 30 years which failed and had to “limp” or be towed. The most reliable cars I leased were Infiniti and Lexus, in that order. Now driving an Audi Quattro A4. We’ll see how reliable this one is in due course–it is fun to drive, even with a turbo-four.

        • Bryan says:

          Case in point. BMW replaced my pump 4 times with another defective pump. Obviously no concerns about my safety or that of others. This is my 8th BMW having started with a 1973 2002 my freshman year in college (which I saved working summers through high school). I paid, I think, $4000. for that car. Ran great. Went on to a used 3.0cs (chicks loved it) and then many 3 and 5 series before settling on an M5. Always loved the cars and obviously I was an EXTREMELY loyal customer. I knew, having an advanced degree, contrary to what “Paul” thinks of me, that I paid a little more up front and for maintainence than I would have if I had bought Japanese cars all those years, but I just live to drive a fun car. I feel hugely betrayed by BMW after all that loyalty. Here I have their “flagship” car and they drop me like a bad habit.
          Life is harsh, isn’t it?
          And “Paul” recommends I just sell it to some other poor slob and be done with it! Well, I’m sorry, I’m just not built that way. I would rather let the car sit in my garage for 6 years and take the hit than have someone else get injured or worse. Call me stupid, but I’d rather be “stupid” than an asshole.

          • sprinter says:


            I live in California. I don’t think what I’m going to say is uniquie to this state. I believe that “Caveat Emptor” doesn’t apply to sales of either real or personal property with undisclosed defects. I believe that liability exists on the part of the transferor who fails to disclose major or uncured defects to an unsuspecting buyer. I know it applies to real estate, not certain about vehicles. I know with certainty, that a dealer wouldn’t touch an N54 model for resale. They aren’t permitted to sell lemons.

  297. paul says:

    BMW – The Ultimate Sub-Arctic Mountian Machines need to be run every day , anything that sits un-used will break down , the human machine gets weak with non-usage , the only thing that really improves with age is wine , no NOT WHINE !

  298. paul says:

    Bryan your way out of your league ! Hit a nerve and lost your cool , typical. Come to Anchorage and look me up , tell me on this blog that your in Anchorage ! I’am French – Canadian , wanna go a few rounds with me eh ? Bring it on anytime ! BUT FIRST MABY AND CHECK WITH THE ALASKAN STATE TROOPERS AS PAST PERFORMANCE IS A GOOD INDICATION OF FUTURE PERFORMANCE AS I’VE SENT MANY OF YOU GUYS CRYING TO THE TROOPERS ! I’am big , strong and very vicious and aggressive !

  299. paul says:

    Pauls way of dealing with big talkers , use my size to knock them down and then PUT THE BOOTS TO THEM .! We , my Mexican cousins and eastern European brothers have flat taken over this country ! We own you ! Viva La French-Canadians , Mexicans , Russians and ALL of my unlisted breathern .

  300. paul says:

    Today my BMW gets big work out , after that my body gets big work out , BMW 335xi + Paul = two very powerful machines working in unision as UN / ONE intregerated machine .

  301. paul says:

    So Bryan just where exactly is MY just plain American ass woopin you threathen me with , I’am waiting ! So Bryan did you use this tactic on BMW and this is why your M-5 sat for years ? Did you you use this tactic on the girls in the BMW service department , did they hang up on you un-till you learned to control your emotions and behave like a confident adult male ? As your car sat in the garage for years . Misery loves company , Sprinter offers you that company and BMW settled up with him and now he has an Audi “school girls” A-4 , NOT a man S-4 . Yet hes still on this blog spouting laws / how to sue etc etc , Bryan time to come clean , tell the truth now , you lost your cool with BMW and BMW told you to GET LOST , and the car sat for YEARS . Facts are facts , a few smart ass words from my smart ass mouth sent you reeling out of control , spouting threats to me , blood pressure of the charts , so again is this how you spoke to the girls at BMW ? I love this country EVERTHING IS SO SIMPLE , behave in a bussiness like manner and good things follow . So how is the M-5 doing again ?

  302. Tim says:

    All of you folks are stupid, especially Paul because he can’t spell and capitalizes whole sentences. You should all do the smart and responsible thing and buy a new Saab 9-5.

  303. paul says:

    I like guys like Tim , he spends his time worrying about other peoples spelling as we have invaded this country and have taken over . We race our BMW’s through the streets with not a care in the world . Tim is the example of the worst kind as he calls his own “folks” stupid . With guys like Tim who needs enemies ? No loyality even to his own kind . There are ZERO stupid French-Canadians , Russians , Eastern Europeans . My folks are the smartest and most blessed folks of all the lands . Sprinter , Bryan , Lynda and I may not be on the best of terms yet at least there were smart enought to band togther for the benefit of the group , so Tim are you an out cast in your own racial group ? BMW The Ultimate Sub-Arctic Mountian Machine , this machine loves cold weather , 10 below zero temperature blowing arcoss the intercooler has a noticable power increase . I wish BMW / Alpina would import a 3 series to the United States .

  304. Felix says:

    Obvious troll is obvious. Go back under your bridge paul.

  305. bull says:

    My HPFP went out while it was getting the annual service and a week later I experienced the same problem and took it in and they called it a Solenoid Valve or some sort. It would have been my 3rd fuel pump but on paper they have 2. I have called BMW NA and they denied my request to purchase back my car nor negotiate a new one. So now I am considering Lemmon Law. I need help. Should I go on my own and join one of those lawyers you all posted the link to. Or should I try to Join that big law firm in CA that is fighting BMW?

    • Lynda says:

      Honestly, it’s really difficult to say for sure what your best options are. That said, the quality of the consumer protection agency in your state may be a factor. My understanding is that the Lemon Law attorneys don’t charge the car owner – so, if I were in your position, I’d talk to one of them, and talk to the CA law firm you reference too. Ask questions, such as, what is your success rate, and get their opinion of whether or not they can help you – as long as you’re not paying for that conversation.
      Its also a good idea to do some research on the attorneys listed for Lemon Law. Your state bar association should have a list of complaints, and/or ratings of some sort for these attorneys. Google is your ally here – google the attorney’s name, and the word ‘reputation’, for a start.
      In the meantime, I’d also let BMW of NA know, politely, that you are pursuing the issue with an attorney.
      HTH – let us know how it works for you.

  306. Tim says:

    Paul you have shown that you are a very proud person but race has no place in this bulletin boatrd so please keep things neutral with respect to that. Saabs are like tinker-toys compared to BMWs. Saab was rescued last minute from forclosure by Spyker for garage sale prices after the collapse of 2 subsequent acquisition deals. Saabs are for people who don’t need all of the ridiculousness of a BMW every day.I still respect the brand and would kill for a black/black mid-80s M5. I was a Land Rover tech for a couple years during some huge fuel tank recalls. We just swapped out the tanks with the pumps inside and put new ones in. (This was for first model year LR3s and RR Sports). I’m not sure why BMW is having this problem. It might be a software calibration issue, or a communications error between the pump and the engine software. All things aside, if you were a true BMW loyalist, you would be patient with the company.

  307. paul says:

    Due to the BOOMING ECONOMY were in and the SEVERE SKILLED LABOUR SHORTAGE this BMW 335xi is an easy purchase as were working long hours at plus preminum wages , if it were NOT PERFECT I would NOT be on this blog complaining , choice one would be BMW would make it perfect , choice two would be a trip to M/B , Audi , Porsche , I happen to perfer BMW above all others , As to Felix , OK skippy what ever you say ! As to race were bringing more boys in from Canada to fill the ranks ! yahoo

  308. paul says:

    Next stop Alpina B-7 !

  309. pegger says:

    My daughter has a 2002 325xi that keeps going into liimp mode and giving trouble codes such as lean misfire, that I suspect are really fuel pump issues as well. Sound familiar to anyone?

  310. paul says:

    Gotta love the way this blog is hopping with BMW HPFP issues , NEGATIVE , a mear bump in the road for the German Performance Giant —- BMW —- . I saw a BMW GT in traffic on the way home , what a cool looking machine , I perfer the sedans , yet a cool looking machine in its own right . The owner must have been out on the open road because the rear was covered with a few inches of ice and the rest of the machine was clean . Once again the German Performance Giant BMW delivers the Ultimate Driving Machine .

  311. paul says: — My BMW 335xi had a new heater fan motor installed , also the BMW service advisor informed me that there was a recall on the H.P.F.P. , so the componet was tested and it failed , it was replaced , also the fuel injectors were on the recall list and they were replaced . Other factory recommended maintenance was also performed at the same time . My car was then returned to me washed , the interior was cleaned , the windows were cleaned in-side and out . This is normal / typical of the quality of service provided by BMW of Anchorage for there customers .

  312. paul says:

    The car has performed flawlessly since being bought brand new in the fall of 2008 , the only reason I went to the dealership was because the heater fan motor was failing and a simple test confirmed this , a new one was ordered and installed . I also mentioned that it some times would take an extra second to start in the mornings , only some times though , that is all it took for me to say and it was a done deal . Sprinter your responce reaks with dis-satifaction , is your Audi A-4 not quite the Ultimate Driving Machine you expected , kinda un-happy eh ? I love racing through the streets of Anchorage after a snow fall , before the plows have been out , racing down the Glenn , kicking up a rooster tail of fresh powder , racing other Bimmers , testing the T.C. and D.S.C. , and switching it off to test my driving skills . Audi’s are nice but there are just NOT the orginal Ultimate Driving Machines —– you have NO idea whats its like to to race around at 15 below zero , all that traction , cold air across the intercooler , dense cold air being forced in to the engine , a 100 foot rooster tail kicking behind you , shifting gears at 6000 rpm and pulling away from the competition , only some Subarus , S4 Audi’s and AWD Porsches are able to keep up with the BMW xdrives . BMW DELIVERS !

  313. paul says:

    Wednesday morning , fresh snow , lots of fresh powder to race around in ! ————

  314. Pierre says:

    Paul, from one French-Canadien to another, can you explain why BMW cars are so unreliable? First day of ownership (Xmas eve) on a long drive south to be with my family and it breaksdown. I had to have it towed 50kms back home. Thanks BMW for the ultimate drivingmachine. Hope you are proud when you consider an innocent mother and child driving such a vehicle are at risk of being stranded!

  315. paul says:

    Pierre , Past Performance is a Good Indication of Future Performance , In October of 2008 I purchased a BMW 335xi new from Lithia BMW of Anchorage , I traded in a 2005 Subaru GT Legacy 2.5 turbo , that car was bullet proof , in the time I had the car I experianced a few very minor issues that were corrected by Continental Subaru of Anchorage , another first class operation . The only issue with the Subaru were the front seat were too small for my size .The sales women assured me that my BMW would deliver as well as the Subaru had , fast , powerful , dry pavement , wet pavement , ice and snow , in the mountians and valleys of Alaska and western Canada would be home turf for this machine . And the sport package front seats are so much nicer with the extendable shelf on long runs .No sad excuses ! BMW has delivered , BMW has flat delivered the Ultimate Driving Machine as promiced , Lithia BMW of Anchorage has delivered as a first class operation in the maintance of this machine , this car has experianced only a few minor issues , this car has never let me down , BMW has replaced the H.P.F.P. twice , the first time the car was slow to start and BMW promptly replaced the pump , the second time the car’s H.P.F.P. was on a recall list , so when I took the car in for factory scheduled maintance the service advisor told me BMW had issued a recall and a new H.P.F.P. and injectors were installed , after the work the car had even more pep and ran even better then before . My mother had a 320i that was parked in her garage after being driven over 200 K miles , she only parked the car because she is too old to drive , my sister Mary Marie’s BMW 5 series caught fire and burned to a crisp , her next BMW died on Christmas eve on the way home for our mothers house , so a truck was dispached to rescue her . My BMW on the other hand has been bullet proof , it has never let me down , I run the piss out of it per factory , sales person , service techs , west coast factory reps advice , do not baby it were the exact words spoken , the worst thing one can do to there BMW is putter around in it , I do not abuse this machine , I make the car perform as the engineers in Munich designed it to , I ‘am very carefull never to slip the clutch , break traction , shift too hard , yet I do drive it very fast and run it hard , on the open road I’ll run right up to 100 mph or top speed on the long straight streaches , any one whom lives in eastern Alaska or western Canada knows the vast open streaches of un-patroled highways that allows you to open your machine up and run it as the designers envisoned . In my case BMW has delivered the Ultimate Mountian Machine and Lithia BMW has delivered as my partner in keeping my BMW running to factory specs . So the exact nature of your BMW’s failure to deliver is open , is the dealership at fault for not maintaining the machine properly ? Was the car bought new or used and did the previous owner abuse it ? Was the car damaged and not repaired properly ? Too many possibilities to ponder . So how about Bruno Spengler [M.B. DTM driver] and BMW return to D.T.M. in 2012 ? —– I still remember those nights in Montreal —–

  316. Sheldon says:

    Well as a Realtor I have to disclose all that is wrong with a house so the buyer can make an informed decision. When I bought my 2010 135i I was not informed of the problem. When my car reached 2500 miles the fuel pump failed. So what BMW and the dealer has done is committed fraud. This is not my first BMW and probably not my last however they should do the right thing and buy back the cars if they can not come up with a permanent fix.

  317. paul says:

    According to some news programs the housing foreclosure crisis was caused in part by real estate agents , bankers , loan specialist fixing the numbers to get people into homes that they could not afford so tooting your horn as if your so innocent is pathetic , we are all guilty , some just more then others . So the question is did you receive a commission on any properties that have been fore closed on due to the folks inability to pay the mortage ? If so did you return the commission ? Being French-Canadien and Catholic I’am a child of Christ , innocent of all charges and false accusations .Then I wake up and think I could have had a BMW 750i x drive instead of a 335xi if I had NOT had to spend 50k on a lawyer to defend me of assult charges in the supposed boot stomping of a few just so innocent guys whom were just playing with me and things got out of hand and went too far . Everyone is a victim , we live in a society of innocent victims . BMW is a mans machine built for men to drive , mine runs perfect ! Sheldon needs to hang out with some French-Canadien boys to toughen him up .

    • SHELDON says:

      It sounds like you are having a lot of guilt in your pathetic life. As for the housing crisis I have only been a Realtor for a year so go screw your mother as it will probably relieve your guilt for you wanting to give head to your dog.

  318. paul says:

    Typical reponce , thats all your capable of comming up with , how could I expect anything elce from one of your kind . As I’am racing through the snowy streets in my BMW I ‘am thinking about the future of this Republic and how some have been left behind in the “new economy” and some have not missed a beat and will continue to forge ahead and prosper . I love the D.S.C. / D.T.C. feature , once again The German Performance Giant BMW delivered with this feature and the ability to control it with a push of a button , ice , fresh snow on ice , slick spots where cars were idling waiting for the lights to change , it makes no differance BMW conquers all these verying conditions with ease . Yes the “new economy” will include BMW and other folks whom can deliver as promiced .

  319. paul says:

    When I go to Europe to pick up my next BMW I’ll be training in this course so I can be fully prepared for the “new economy” and 2012 !

  320. Doug says:

    I was just about to buy a little 320 runaround which according to the owner has a limp mode problems which apparently was diagnosed by a local garage as possibly a clutch problem and now it seems it may be something completely different……so thanks for the info that has been relayed by the forum contributers…….except Paul!

    Now Paul, before you go into your usual diatribe (borrow a dictionary and look it up ) let me first introduce myself.

    Firstly I am Scottish, which makes me both presently and historically a more engineeringly competent person than you.

    Secondly, you are French Canadian which, given you support for the German marque means your family were probably collaborators during the war…shame on you.

    Thirdly, I have had the pleasure of owning various German prestige marques, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Audi and I can comfortably say that their service divisions all suffer from an arrogance that defies belief. I also owned various other cars brands including Skoda, Jaguar, Range Rover, Lexus, Jeep and the various service depts couldn’t be more helpful.

    Reading what I could of your previous posts before wanting to end my life, it is ridiculous to criticize other forum members regarding their use of their vehicles. There is no directive issued by any car manufacturer regarding the requirement to use a car regularly to avoid problems….absolutely none. Previously, there may have been regarding use to continue the charge of a battery, however this has not been in place for over a decade.

    To state that a machine has to be used continually to ensure it works continually is completely inaccurate, and in fact, complete non-sense with respects to a car.

    Feel free to reply, but if you do I will highlight all grammar errors, factually incorrect details and basically anything else that shows you up to be the imbecile you appear to be.

    By the way, I am also a decorated former UK Paratrooper and have spent decades whooping big mouths such as you, much to my enjoyment. If you cover my fare…I will happily come and whoop you to!



  321. paul says:

    UK Paratrooper what a joke ! Did you kill innocents ? And now brag about it ? I side with my bretheran , farm folk , common folk , the people of Egypt , trash like you keeps scum in power you sided with the goverment with out the thought of whom your keeping in power , you will get yours . Come on and lets spar , you made the offer so lets go , I’am waiting . The village I grew up in Canada has lots of ex-German soliders whom Canada allowed to move there after the war , I played with there children and ate many meals at there houses when I was little . there were / are some fine folks , Prescott Bush , Henry Ford were influcened by these boys , so I’am in GOOD COMPANY ,. You sound like a worm , I mean if the German marques are so arrogant why do you stll deal with them , I have never had a problem with the Germans , in Canada , in the U.S or in Europe . I respect them and there ways ! My BMW may sit for weeks [battery charger pluged in to keep the battery fully charged] and have never had a problem . The economy of the U.S. is collapsing and its going to be nasty , its going to be rude , and for some its going to be a horrable end of a way of life , add climate change and its going to be really interesting —— As to you Doug , as we say in Alaska , your nothing but a goverment bitch , a goverment whore , you will do the bidding of your master with out thinking on your own , trash like you will turn on your own kind for a nickel and have the nerve to brag about it . I will buy a BMW 2002 tii and / or a 2002 turbo so I can still enjoy BMW –The Ultimate Driving Machine in case my 2008 is dis-abled from any number of reasons that are possible .

  322. Tcovert says:

    Pretty sorry “state of of affairs” if BMW can’t produce a car with an acceptable high pressure fuel pump. I did not think designing a fuel pump is cold fusion. My idea of a fix is not de-tuning the car and replacing with the same model fuel pump. My 08 135i has not had the problem yet but I am seriously thinking dumping the car.

  323. Magnumforc says:

    Has anyone experienced similar issues with the latest N55 engine with the single, dual vane turbo in the 535 series?  I am under the impression that the N55’s do not require the same HPFP or at least the same design due to the single turbo design. If that is true, there should be some relief with the newer engine. Or at least we can hope?

  324. Pissed off says:

    My 2010 X5 fuel pump is being replaced 1/6/12. Third time car in for service for faulty fuel pump. I am sooooo upset that a 2 year old car is already experiencing such issues. What a waste of money! No more BMW for me..

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