2009 BMW Z4 U.S Pricing is available

BMW Z4 | March 27th, 2009 by 12
2009 bmw z4 100 2009 BMW Z4 U.S Pricing is available

BMW North America has just released the U.S pricing for the new 2009 BMW Z4. As expected, there is a price increase over the previous …

2009 bmw z4 100 498x331 2009 BMW Z4 U.S Pricing is available

BMW North America has just released the U.S pricing for the new 2009 BMW Z4. As expected, there is a price increase over the previous Z4 generation, but still significantly lower than the German pricing.

The entry model, BMW Z4 sDrive30i has a base price of $46,575 and the twin-turbo powered sDrive35i jumps over the 50k mark, more specifically, $52, 475. Both prices include the Destination & Handling fee.

The Cold Weather package costs $1,000 for both models, while the Premium Package was set for the Z4 sDrive30i at $3,900 or $2,800 if you’re buying the Sport Package as well. The Premium Package for the high-end sDrive35i model costs $2,500.

The Sport Package has a more complicated pricing scheme. If you’re buying the sDrive30i or sDrive35i without the Premium options, then the Sport Package is priced at $2,300. Include the Premium and then you’re only paying $1,900.

For those of you looking for the ultimate performance on your new roadster, the 19: wheels with performance tires are priced at $1,200 (available only for the sDrive35i). The new 7-Speed double clutch transmission is available as well only for the twin-turbo engine and it will set you back $1,525.

For more information and pricing on the new 2009 BMW Z4, please download the PDF file below.

2009 BMW Z4 Pricing

  • Christian

    We got these prices about a week ago here at the dealership. We, the sales people, are all wondering how you the buying public will take the new pricing. With a fully loaded Z4 being around $71,000.00 when it is all said and done.

    We are thinking that with the twin turbo motor being quicker than the previous Z4 M that the people that have the current “M” version will be ok with the price, but BMW has really moved this car into a very VERY competitive market segment.

    What are your thoughts? The car is amazing in person, in our minds very much so worth the price. But how does it hit you?

    • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

      @Christian, they are a bit high, but definitely expected. I said many times that the 35i will be around 50k. Also, keep in mind that many people will just choose the Sport Package and then the price won’t be too bad. Keep us updated how sales go and if people are interested.

      And yes, the car is amazing in person and from what I heard, it drives really well. The journalists that went to Spain, were impressed.

  • Chris

    This is way too much money for this car.

    In this economy, why BMW is going more upscale in terms of price and market makes sense only to make room for the Z2.

    As a driver of an M Coupe, it’s interesting, but increased weight and size is hurting the attributes of the car over the previous Z4 (early reviews say it’s no driver’s car – as in not an M) and would be my big concern.

    I live in the rainy Pacific NW, so the convertible is a waste of space and weight for something I might use a handful of times per year. The expense and complexity of a convertible should have been an option.

    So, all in all, the arrival of the Z4 is a big negative for me. I know I’m going to be looking at an Audi TT-RS or 1-Series (hopefully Supersport, or tii), when my lease is up. Heck, for $71K, I’d consider the M3 coupe before the Z4.

  • Gil


  • Mauro

    It’s a strange world… here with 38k € you buy a 120d hatchback with M sport package and 2-3 other additional stuff, in US with the same money you can buy a 306bhp stunning roadster… very strange world, very strange…

  • Christian

    Thanks for the reality check! Good point! Thanks~! WE are pretty spoiled here in the US of A!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=825975013 Carlos Perez

    I know that U usually don’t investigate this but, by any chance U have the princing, models, and the date when the Z4 is going to be available in México?

  • Gord

    So BMW are moving the Z4 more upsale.

    That makes sense, considering the new Z2 should fill the lower price spot.

    The 335i Convertible starts at 50K.

  • Nizer

    Too high. BMW is obviously trying to replicate Porsche’s juicy margins. Problem is you can’t give away a Boxster or Cayman these days and the resale values are plummeting. Bottom-line, the current environment is absolutely the wrong climate to role out this size price increase and even if times weren’t so tough this car just isn’t substantial enough to justify $70k price. And the M angle doesn’t fly IMHO.

    Hey but on the bright side, at least they didn’t jack up the price of Comfort Access option up to $1k like on the 5, 6, & 7 series.

  • EagleZ

    Prices are way too high. I drive a 07 Z4M roadster which list at $57k fully loaded and has 30 more hp than the 09 35i for $15k less. I also do not believe the 35i is faster that my M. The best time i have seen for the 0-60 for the 35i is 5.1 sec. The Z4 M has been timed at 4.6. I will have to look else where after owning 3 Z4’s, what a shame.