BMW Z2 Roadster and Coupe coming in 2012

News | March 25th, 2009 by 19

It’s official that BMW “officially” gave the green light to the new BMW Z2 Roadster which will launch in the second half of 2012. Along …

It’s official that BMW “officially” gave the green light to the new BMW Z2 Roadster which will launch in the second half of 2012. Along with the Roadster version that we have been hearing about for a while now, a Coupe model will be available as well.

BMW Z2 is based on next generation 1 Series platform and it is build under the Project i umbrella and the BMW EfficientDynamics program.


The Z2 will be a rear drive vehicle, still with a front-engine approach offered with different options:

  • all-electric engine
  • Hybrid with range extender petrol engine
  • 1.6 l 4-cylinder petrol direct injection engine developing 204 horsepower

The BMW Z2 concept will be unveiled at Frankfurt Auto Show along with another exciting concept which will talk about in our next article.

[Source: Autobild ]

  • bmidd

    Why so serious?

  • Elux Troxl

    That should read “all-electric motor” not “all-electric engine”.

  • Horatiu B.

    @Elux Troxl: Or all electric drivetrain

  • Jordan

    It’s amazing what BMW does with engines. I’m driving a 2000 328i that has 197hp from a 2.8l and now they have a 1.6l engine producing even more power with 1.2l less displacement… and most likely better fuel economy as well. Can’t beat that!

    • Horatiu B.

      @Jorda, yes, pretty amazing. I’m hearing rumors of 4 cyl engine producing close to 300 hp. Still testing of course, but it shows the potential

  • txdesign

    I really like the design. I assume this will be the size of the old Z3?

    • Horatiu B.

      @txdesign, no one knows for sure, but it’s safe to assume that it will be smaller than the Z4

  • Gord

    If its going to look like the grey rendering then I will like it alot. :)

  • Andrew Murphy

    A coupe with this styling would be great, plus a peppy engine with a lighter body = excellent product

  • Tom Hegedosh

    when is that auto show?

  • Horatiu B.

    @Tom Hegedosh: September

  • Erik

    They probably won’t make a Z2M but if they do I might consider replacing my Z4M Coupe. I like the fact that it’ll weigh 1000 pounds less!

  • Gragop

    The only down side I see is that this vehicle is about 2 1/2 years from hitting the dealers! Oh well, by then the dollar to euro rate will probably 5 to 1.

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  • Lou

    Why am i not hearing anything lately on the Z2. Have plans to introduce the little roadster been dropped.

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  • 1Mc

    News on this very quiet – hope they haven’t dropped it altogether. I had a year 2000 2.0 Z3 and absolutely loved it. Very sad to see it go, the Z4 just didn’t seem to have the same ‘second car’ or ‘fun car’ appeal, though the Z4 is a cracking car in it’s own right, but I never saw it as a spiritual replacement for the Z3.

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