2009 BMW Z4 looks pretty amazing in white

BMW Z4 | March 25th, 2009 by 10
2009 bmw z4 alpine white interior

Since the 2009 BMW Z4 official photos have been released, I have been a huge fan of Deep Sea Blue color and I did not …

2009 bmw z4 alpine white 497x248

Since the 2009 BMW Z4 official photos have been released, I have been a huge fan of Deep Sea Blue color and I did not believe there will be another Z4 paint that will make me enjoy it more.

But I was wrong, courtesy of Pekka, member of GCZ, we have new photos of the Z4 in a white color. Even though BMW doesn’t list this paint on their website,  based on the BMW Z4 ordering guide and options article we posted a while back, i can certainly say that we’re looking here at the beautiful Alpine White.

The Z4 spotted in these photos is a Right Hand Drive model, the first I have seen so far.

2009 bmw z4 alpine white interior 497x373

We’re just a little bit over a month away from the moment the first Z4 will reach the U.S dealerships and I’m excited to drive the new roadster. Every review I have read so far, it’s praising the handling capabilities, dynamics and the amazing twin-turbo engine.

Would it live up to my expectations? We’ll find out soon.


10 responses to “2009 BMW Z4 looks pretty amazing in white”

  1. Gil says:

    It does look decent in white. Right-hand drive tickles me….

  2. jon H says:

    I bet black or that brilliant blue will look better. bigger wheels to fill the arches would be nice too.

  3. Lance says:

    nice shape with all the lines coming out. In fact black will hide all the beautiful lines.

    Just another question: What’s the point of covering the badge?

  4. Claudio says:

    The white colour (usual Alpine White) IS listed on BMW site.

  5. Horatiu B. says:

    @Claudio: For the Z4? I still don’t see it.

  6. Claudio says:

    On the configurator page posted in the article , you have the non metallic colours, black, red and white; you don’t see the last one as the background is white too. Anyway you should see the blue line under the colour squares when you hover teh mouse on the right of the red one, and if you click the z4 gets white.


  7. bcoz says:

    As Claudio pointed out, Alpine White is to the RIGHT of Crimson Red. I can just see it as an off-white square against the white background of the webpage.

    If you can’t see it, then you should check the color calibration of your PC monitor (or get BMW to pay more attention to detail by putting a border around it).

  8. Andys120 says:

    I don’t think BMW has ever offered a model that couldn’t be had in AW. I don’t know why, it’s a boring color.

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