Review: BMW 730d – Long Term Drive

7-series | March 24th, 2009 by 7
bmw 730d review

Our friend Richard Aucock over at MSN UK has just published his review on the BMW 730d he’s  been driving since January. The 730d model …

Our friend Richard Aucock over at MSN UK has just published his review on the BMW 730d he’s  been driving since January.

The 730d model is only available for the European market and its 3.0liter diesel engine develops an output of 180 kW/245 hp at an engine speed of 4,000 rpm.

Maximum torque of 540 Nm or 398 lb-ft at just 1,750 rpm. Compared with the former model, the new BMW 730d thus offers an increase in power by 10 kW or 14 hp on 10 per cent less fuel. The average fuel economy is around 32MPG.

bmw 730d review

The model tested by Richard was priced at £57,310.


What’s it like driving a luxolimo? Very nice indeed. Those who say big cars don’t have a place anymore need to live with one. No, you don’t need the space most of the time. Yes, it is rather decadent, taking up so much road space. Certainly, there’s just as much room in a £35k-cheaper Ford Mondeo.

But with big cars come big indefinable benefits. It’s heavy, so is able to waft where smaller, lighter cars are irritable. Think big cruise liner as opposed to choppy speedboat. There’s much more space to soak up nice and disturbance at speed, too. Side winds are simply ignored. Ambient conditions? An irrelevance. The list goes on.

What do we like?
Lots. The seats are huge. The dash is huge. The centre arm rest is massive. Getting into ‘smaller’ cars, such as a Honda Accord, feels a real step down in comparison. Incidentally, I stepped into the Accord, to prove one of the 7’s many contradictions. Big cars needn’t be thirsty ones.

Full Review at MSN UK

7 responses to “Review: BMW 730d – Long Term Drive”

  1. Gil says:

    They should bring the 730d to the states….

  2. Frederik says:

    I got a 730d last week as a replacement car and I have to say it does not feel the least bit underpowered.

    We drive a 750i, which is obviously far more ‘nervous’ (and consumes far more), but the diesel is not bad at all.
    I can imagine that some people are simply looking to have the space, rather than the horses.

    Anyway, if you see a 7 series over here in Europe (Belgium, to be more specific), 9 out of 10 are 730d’s.

  3. Marc says:

    They need to bring a FEW of the diesel engines over! Something other than just the 335d!

  4. s@sh says:

    Horatiu, how soon we will see review from bmwblog? :)

    • Horatiu B. says:

      @s@sh: Waiting our turn on the new 7, it’s a waitlist for media cars. I’m hoping very soon…..Let’s see if BMWNA will move us up the list :)

      But I might have a surprise for you next week since I will spend some time with the car this weekend.

  5. JCB says:

    I had a new model 750 Li on loan for a week while my three year old 750 Li was in the workshop.The new car is definately an improvment on the old model but only in the technology department.The ride was awful on the run flat only tyres.This is supposed to be a limousine but it had the ride that Fred Flintstone would have had with rocks for tyres.Please BMW do the right thing and give us a choice to have regular tyres fitted.My dealer said that regular tyres would fit on the wheels without any need to adjust anything on the car but it would be at my expense.when I am spending £90k (with the extras) on a limousine type car I expect it to have a decent ride,so for now it just leaves the Mercedes S class to waft me around in comfort.Adios BMW

  6. RMH says:

    My new ’09 750Li just arrived, but when I went to pick it up (lease), I found out the residual value has been reduced significantly. It’s only 45% after a 3 year, 15,000 mile/yr lease which increased the monthly payment by $575/month.

    BMW must be crazy – do they want to get the new cars in the field or not?

    I left mine at the dealers and will continue to drive my ’06 750Li until the lease runs out in 6 months. The big S Class Mercedes is looking awfully good.

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