BMW X5 M hidding behind the Ferrari F142

Spy Photos | March 24th, 2009 by 10
bmw x5m ferarri

Yup, talk about luck….you’re spying on the new V8 Ferrari 142 and you get lucky by capturing the upcoming BMW X5 M in the same …

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Yup, talk about luck….you’re spying on the new V8 Ferrari 142 and you get lucky by capturing the upcoming BMW X5 M in the same photo. Yes yes, we know, the photo it’s far from being clear or more revealing than the previous ones we’ve seen, but we thought we’ll entertain you a bit.

Would we dare even compare these two cars? Nah, not so courageous today (or just not in the mood for criticism) but if you feel like telling us which one would you choose, go for it. Let’s see that BMW love how car it can go.

So what’s new with the BMW X5 M? Well, we know it’s coming in about eleven days, maybe a day sooner if the usual leaks come out, but as latest news, a little birdie told us that the NYC Auto Show might indeed host the BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M official launch.

We also found out recently that the tuned up V8 twin-turbo engine in the M SAVs will produce 550 horsepower and it will incorporate some features from the newly released 7 Series: Head Up Display and Adaptive Drive.

No pricing announced at this point, but my bet goes on $71,000 for the BMW X5 M and $82,000 for the X6 M. This is just my assumption, of course.

[Source: Carmagazine UK ]

Thanks for the tip Shrawan!

10 responses to “BMW X5 M hidding behind the Ferrari F142”

  1. Lets see a Ferrari Super car vs a Heavy fast SUV , I love BMW thats why I’m picking Ferrari , if it was an ///M1 then I would pick that

  2. Tony Perrone says:

    Horatiu where are you getting the price points for these? I believe I saw a post on bimmerfile (can’t find it here) recently putting the X5/6 M’s at 100,000+ euros.

    I wouldn’t be complaining if the X5 M actually starts at $71,000 it’s the other number that concerns me.

    Kudos to BMW if they do offer both these vehicles starting under $100k since that is what turned me away from the Cayenne Turbo S

  3. Horatiu B. says:

    @Tony Perrone: The European pricing is always higher. My numbers are pure speculation, as I mentioned.

    But no one really knows the pricing right now….Both prices are about 15-16k more than the base price of the higher-end model. I doubt BMW will go with the X5 M from 56k to 100k+

  4. Vincent Li says:

    I’m more interested in that Ferrari

  5. Tony Perrone says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    Thanks for the clarification I completely missed the part where you said it was your assumption once I saw figures under $100k

  6. Elux Troxl says:

    That should read “hiding” or “hidden” not “hidding”

  7. dmlgc says:

    The price difference between a standard 2009 3 series and and 2009 m3 is about $35k. difference between a standard 2009 5 series and and 2009 m5 is about $35k.

    So I would expect the X6M to be closer to $100K

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    @dmlgc: You might be right, but the price difference between a 335i and M3 or 550i and M5 is way smaller. I honestly don’t think the price on the X5 will go over 100k, maybe the X6, but that’s a bit of a stretch also.
    We shall find out next week, if I’m wrong, I’ll be the first one to admit it :) Make sure you remind me if I “forget”

  9. uncledude says:

    there is a press release that bmw released that only referred to the x6 m and not the x5…hopefully they will both be announced (and available) next week.

    does anyone know if both cars will have updated electronics including functionality like sending google maps addresses to the car like the 7 series?

  10. Soilwater says:

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