BMWNA announces best BMW dealerships in the U.S.

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BMW North America has just issued a press release announcing their Best Dealerships in the US. One of the tops that I have been looking …

BMW North America has just issued a press release announcing their Best Dealerships in the US. One of the tops that I have been looking forward for quite some time now and I’m sure many current, past and future BMW owners have as well.

The question on which BMW dealership to choose comes up quite often, including here. There are 338 BMW dealerships in the U.S and in the large metro areas, the choice can be difficult, with many large franchises fighting for the first place.

31 BMW dealers have been awarded the “2009 Center of Excellence Award” using the following criteria: customer satisfaction, brand representation, and operational excellence.

Here are the top and best BMW dealerships:

If you have any other suggetions or good experiences, feel free to leave a comment.


BMW of North America today announced the names of its top performing dealerships in the US. The 31 BMW dealers out of 338 nationwide awarded the “2009 Center of Excellence Award” were selected based on the criteria of customer satisfaction, brand representation, and operational excellence.
Over the last 10 years, the BMW dealer network has invested over $2.1 billion dollars improving its sales facilities and repair workshops, refining processes and focusing on top-tier customer service, making it one of the most successful franchises in the US.

“While all BMW dealerships offer a premium experience to our customers, the 31 Centers that have won this year’s award excelled in the way they take care of their customers and represent the BMW brand,” said Peter Miles, Executive Vice President Operations, BMW of North America.

Recent independent studies confirm BMW’s superior customer service performance. J.D. Power and Associates’ Customer Service Index (CSI) Study ranked the BMW dealer network among the top three automotive brand franchises in the US for its superior customer satisfaction and dealer service. And BusinessWeek identified BMW as one of the top 25 “Customer Service Champs” among all companies in the US.

“Anyone who is in the market with money to spend should expect to receive an exceptional customer experience,” said Alan Harris, Vice President Aftersales, BMW of North America. “BMW’s efforts to provide exceptional customer service have become a crucial part of our continued success even in today’s challenging economic climate.”

[Source: BMW North America ]

14 responses to “BMWNA announces best BMW dealerships in the U.S.”

  1. Don says:

    Beverly Hills BMW is great. Beverly Hills, CA

  2. Daniel J. says:

    In Illinois, I always had good experiences with Perillo BMW and Fields BMW

  3. Gragop says:

    None of the ones I use are on the list. Not surprising.

    I did go to Global Imports in Atlanta a few times when I lived up there and it’s a great facility with surprisingly knowledgeable staff.

  4. Bryan says:

    BMW of San Francisco hopefully rates last. Had a very discouraging experience with them.

  5. Tom says:

    BMW of Austin is awesome. I buy my cars from there even though I live in Dallas.

  6. Mike D says:

    We’ve had fantastic service from Isringhausen in Springfield, IL (8th from the top of the list). We won’t buy a BMW anyplace else, even though our local BMW dealer is less than a mile from our house. It’s the little things … every time we drop in to just look around, our car gets sent off to the car wash, we get a water or soda, and leave with a calendar, a pen set, or some other nice freebie. They seem to really appreciate our business, even though we spent less on our two BMW’s than what one new 7-series costs.

  7. Daniel S. says:

    East Bay BMW gets my vote, always great service and focus on customers.

  8. cl johnson says:

    Passport BMW of Marlow Heights, Maryland. I have purchased 7 of the 9 BMWs I have owned from this dealership. That should speak for how I feel about them. Have always found their service to great, even though at times a little pricey. They have great service people and excellent mechanics.

  9. Shailesh says:

    Folks, I completely fail to understand how BMW of Austin could have featured in the best dealership in the country. I have suffered immensely due to the incompetence of the service people at this dealership. My BMW 325CI convertible has all indicator gauges falling off while driving issue and it took BMW dealership more than 6 months and close to 5 visits to finally address this gross problem. Simple instructions of resetting my fuel gauge was not followed up and it is still not reset. What was worse was when my BMW car was left at the dealership to fix the gauges, there was a Hail storm in Austin, TX and my car was damaged, BMW of Austin refuses to take ownership for this and get my car fixed. They insist that I must fix these dents with my own insurance. My cars are fully paid off and I do not carry comprehensive insurance to fix it. BMW of Austin is completely telling me to fix the dents which happened on their dealership while my care was in their possession. No ownership, No competence, No instructions followup, downright arrogance and total lack of Customer service. I am completely dismayed by this dealership and BMW itself and will never buy from this dealership and will do everything including puting my word out so at least pther people do not suffer line me. Unfortunate BMW owner….Shailesh

  10. Shailesh says:

    I am searching the web for a reputed Austin lawyer to sue BMW, Austin dealership. Any suggestions.

  11. Rob says:

    I own a Bimmer and have shopped for both new and used BMWs. Generally, I have never met a BMW dealership that wasn’t extremely polite, cordial and professional.
    This is the right market for these types of cars – that’s for sure. I’ve noticed that BMWs in Atlanta really seem to be selling at low prices, used.


    Used BMWs For Sale in Atlanta

  12. Pearljamn2002 says:

    Autohaus BMW!

  13. Distressed Consumer in NJ says:

    Paul Miller BMW in Wayne, NJ should NOT be listed among the top and best dealerships with BMW North America.
    As a victim of theft by deception, fraud, disrespect, breach of contract and most recent attempts of wrongful repossession caused by Paul Aldaz – Paul Miller BMW Sales Rep,
    Michael Gruber – Paul Miller BMW General Manager, Jim Caruso – Paul Miller BMW Finance Director and several other members (Ryan Brock – Sales Manager and Jimmy Estevez) of the Paul Miller BMW staff. As a loyal customer of Paul Miller BMW I writing letters, blogs under great distress to make the consumer, current owners of BMW’s, BMW North America, BMW Financial Services, and executives of Paul Miller BMW aware of the incivility, impoliteness, lack of respect and acts of deception that my husband and I are presently enduring and have been enduring over the last two months by the staff of Paul Miller BMW in Wayne, NJ. It is our hope that by creating consumer awareness, no other customer of Paul Miller BMW or the consumer at large will have to suffer what we have at the hands of corrupt car salesmen. Further, as a long time customer of Paul Miller BMW, I am totally hurt and appalled by the fact that my salesman, Mr. Aldaz, who I trusted and have done business with for (4) years would commit an act of theft by deception and fraud against me. It is also disturbing that there is an ongoing attempt by Paul Miller BMW General Manager Michael Gruber, Finance Director Jim Caruso and other members of the Paul Miller BMW staff to cover up the deception/fraud. It is very unfortunate that the place I once thought I would remain a happy loyal customer for years to come, has taken advantage of me and caused me to endure a great deal of emotional distress, which is very disturbing to say the least. DO NOT Patronize this dealership as long as the personnel listed above is employed there, they are arrogant bullies that use scare tactics against the small guy while continuing to throw insulting degrading blows, even after it is known and proven that the I have been victimized via fraudulent/deceptive means at the hands of their top sales rep. As if the fraud wasn’t bad enough, Paul Miller BMW has recently rewound (bought back) my contract (without my signature/consent) with BMW Financial Services and is now seeking to wrongfully repossess my car after they breached a contract to swap me out of my car to another one of similiar comparison and MSRP. Note: The car is fully insured, there is no delinquent payment issue, and the car is not being used for illegal means, conditions that usually constitute repossessing one’s car when there is a lienholder involved.
    Signed: Distressed Consumers FIGHTING BACK!

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