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Last week, for the first time, we spoke about MINI SpaceBox, a car which some named it as the “flexible twin to the MINI X.” …

Last week, for the first time, we spoke about MINI SpaceBox, a car which some named it as the “flexible twin to the MINI X.”

Thanks again to Scott27, we have some new information regarding the SpaceBox, which we hope it will answer some of your questions.  The term SpaceBox is derived from the feeling of “Space” inside the Concept meaning excellent visibility and with the option of a full or partial panoramic roof.

178872056MINI SpaceBox will be the only five door MINI, but don’t confuse it with the first MINI Crossoverthat will be launched as well. The MINI SpaceBox is targeting families who are not looking for an AWD vehicle, but would still like the space and MINI performance.

BMW/MINi has tested the four wheel drive MINI X Concept with consumer groups and found that although seen as a viable option, the MINI X would not be enough for some who crave a MINI with room for a family and extra utility.

The concept for MINI SpaceBox begins from a four-sided shape and inside there is practical space , therefore emitting a lot of light into this space.

As Scott points out also, the MINI SpaceBox might to its fans what the Progressive Activity Sedan is for the BMW crowd, an unique, dynamic, spacious but still powerful vehicle.

Will it be well perceived by the MINI fans? Time will tell, but if it looks anything like the rendering above, BMW might have a winner.

Thanks again Scott!

[Source: GCZ Photo Credit Autocar UK]

7 responses to “MINI SpaceBox – The Progressive Activity MINI”

  1. This is just a Mini GT :D

  2. Carlos Perez says:

    Too many GT’s specially if the 1,3,6 series GT are coming, i mean a 5 a and a 6 Gt ok a 3 series maybem but also a 1 series and a mini i have my doubts,mmmmmm hope it turn out ok

  3. Tine says:

    BMW are just addressing customers demands: making more spacious & functional cars. The core models are still staying spatially compromised, while crossovers & SAVs are offering the extra functionality & space.

    Would you rather like to see oversized 3er sedan / coupe instead? Or longer-than-ever 5er? With compromised driving dynamics? I don’t think so. That’s why BMW are offering separate niche models to address demand for more space & functionality. While core models will continue to be focused on driving dynamics mainly. Space & functionality will still be a secundary matter.

    So, thanks God for crossovers & SAV – so the core models can stay uncompromised & focused.

    Same case with MINI brand … Better a new model than compromised Cooper hatch.

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