Yes, the next 2011 BMW 1 Series will be very revolutionary

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We have been saying this for a while and even showed you some rather odd renderings of what the next generation 2011 BMW 1 Series …

We have been saying this for a while and even showed you some rather odd renderings of what the next generation 2011 BMW 1 Series might look like. It was one of our most controversial articles in 2009 and not many of you  believed in what we said: yes, the next 1 Series will look somewhat along these lines and it will be one of the most revolutionary BMW designs, a risky design as some may call it.

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At the same time, I said that in the past, Huckfeldt, the famous rendering artist from AutoBild, has been right about many BMW models. Our source say that he has a close relationship with BMW and most of the time, he sees the car sketches before many other people.

Well, today, Carmagazine UK runs a story on the 2011 BMW 1 Series and other bimmer models. They go on by mentioned the BMW 135i Supersport, the new 1 Series Coupe that will be released in 2012, an M1 type of car but without the Motorsport badge on it. The car will still be built inside the “Motorsports labs”.

The 135i Supersport will have an extravagant, unique design, newly designed headlights with front-end elements imported from the Rolls-Royce models as well. The front-grille will go through a major redesign where the twin kidneys will be positioned upside down.

The SuperSport model will be a performance addition to the 1er family, resulting in the use of lightweight materials, such as a Carbon Fibre Roof and bootlid , loss of certain cabin comforts , upgraded suspension and brakes , lightweight glass.

It will be positioned between the regular 135i Coupe and the M3. Carmagazine talks about a high-revving twin-turbo four-cylinder, another controversial topic posted by us a year ago which received a lot of criticism from other media publications. As we said at that time, the engine is already in development and undergoing heavy testing in order to achieve the expected results, which in this case is the output of about 220-260 horsepower. The 4-Cylinder will be offered in 2 stages with and without twin-turbos.

Could the engine pass the 300 horsepower mark referred to by Carmagazine? Absolutely, but we cannot confirm it at this point.

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A different body kit will differentiate the SuperSports from the regular BMW Performance Package, and that includes the brakes and additional performance upgrades.

Going back to the full 1 Series line-up, CAR confirms our initial statements: BMW is looking into developing at least five different variants of 1 Series vehicles:

  • 5 door hatch – conventional 5dr hatch
  • 3 door hatch – conventional 3dr hatch
  • 2 door coupe – sedanish coupe with 2 doors
  • 2 door convertible – sedanish cabrio with 2 doors and canvas roof
  • small crossover CAS (1er GT / Y1) – 5dr mix of a hatch, wagon and sedan

Overwhelming? Yes, but remember, not all of these concepts will make it into production and many things can change during the next two years. I have no doubt that many of these new vehicles will be received with skepticism by BMW fans and not only, a crowd used to being able to name all the current BMW models very fast.

Could this be BMW’s ticket out of the devastating financial crisis everyone is going through?

[Photo source: Carmagazine UK ]

12 responses to “Yes, the next 2011 BMW 1 Series will be very revolutionary”

  1. Tom says:

    Uhh I think you mean to say “revolutionary”, not “evolutionary”.

  2. Tom says:

    No problem, and keep up the good work!

  3. Jordan says:

    Not sure about the “rolls royce” lights. what are those huge round lights gonna be? the daytime running lights? high beams?… and the slits for lights, if they were all LED like Audi is coming out with some concepts and the R8 5.2 then that’d be sweet.

    The upside down kidney grills i think give it a more aggressive look which is good.

  4. housejunkie85 says:

    i think with this model they wanna go back to the older styles which i dont think is a bad idea…i do think the 300hp or more would most pbably be the logical power from the 4 cylinder engine…i mean the new gti-r from vw will hav 260 from a 4 cylinder i think bmw would wanna beat that!!!!

  5. Lance says:

    Yes, the current 1 Series headlight is a bit old fashioned, especially the standard one. Aboslute minimal effort.

  6. Doug says:

    @Jordan: It’s not clear what the headlamps are. The “squits” at the top are actually a pretty interesting evolution (!) of the original BMW dual headlights, and of the “rings”, if that’s what they intended to suggest. But yet below them is a space which looks like some of the current lamp designs, so….?

    Those huge foglamps.. they look like a work in progress for that space above, really. Surely they can’t be serious.

  7. Gord says:

    We should see everything once some test mules start appearing … in a couple of years :D

  8. bunker says:

    @Doug – Those can’t be the fog lamps, as we cannot expect the proper illumination to come from the “vanity” LED’s in the slits above. Those have to be the actual headlamps.

    And I like it. A ton. Very different from what’s out there currently.

    @Horatiu – where does this sketch come from; e.g., where did Car Online get it from…do we know??

  9. bunker says:

    Hey, and now that I look at this again (sorry if someone else already pointed this out), there’s a lot of GINA in those slits. Wonder if, based on the intel we’re getting on the new 3er, whether it too will feature some of these front end design cues.

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