BMW Z10 ED going after the Audi R8

Rumors | March 14th, 2009 by 11
bmw z10 z vision BMW Z10 ED going after the Audi R8

According to Autocar UK via 4RingBlog, BMW is going after the popular Audi R8, by developing a new model, codename Z10 ED (short for EfficientDynamics). …

According to Autocar UK via 4RingBlog, BMW is going after the popular Audi R8, by developing a new model, codename Z10 ED (short for EfficientDynamics). If I recall correctly, yours truly BMWBLOG was the first one to report back in December 2008, that BMW is working on a new Z concept, named for now, BMW Z Vision, but most likely taking the Z10 name as a production model.

bmw z10 z vision BMW Z10 ED going after the Audi R8

As we announced back then, the BMW Z Vision Concept or Z10 ED, will have smaller proportions, but more modern styling than the Z8. The headlights positioned on the corner of each front wings with a wide twin-kidney grille will be similar to the CS Concept. There will be no windscreen, but a speedster style screen and a twin “individual cabin layout where the aluminium metal skin actually joins on to the dashboard separating the driver from the passenger.

The surprise comes from the fact that the Z10 ED will be built on a 1 Series platform with a very significant insignia on the front wheel arch – “eDrive.” The Z Vision Concept/Z10 will be all about EfficientDynamics, so those of you dreaming of a race car powered by V8 or even V12 engines, you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.

But, BMW still sees it as a direct competitor to the beautiful Audi R8 and it will develop the car with performance and dynamics in their mind. The car is rumored to weigh less than 3,080 lbs, it will be a front-rear drive car and powered by petrol and hybrid engines. Rumors say that the Z10’s performance will come from a turbocharged six inline engine outputting around 400 horsepower.

Could the Z10/Z Vision become a BMW symbol, same as the R8 is to the Audi? Would these two cars even compete on the same segment?
[Source: Autocar UK via 4RingBlog ]

  • P.wong

    why are they coming out with all the balh blah about new projects and servicing us shocking things such as the current financial status of the world economy wont allow them to push the CS concept to production, pure bollocks,pure f-ckery mi say

  • Gord

    If this is correct than this car has been long in the works.

    Fifth Gear went to the Van Horsen Car Club. It is an exclusive where you can rent exotics.

    They went to the car club’s office and were looking at what future cars there are going to order.

    One car on order was a Ferrari 599 GTB which implies this presentation was made in around 2006 (when the 599 debuted).

    Also among other exotics was a BMW Z10. The car club already put a deposit on it.

  • Miles Ransom

    people who can spend money on a car like this dont care about efficiency

    • DrMAL

      I could buy several using spare cash and I care about efficiency…

  • Doug

    @Miles Ransom: True, though they do care about technology and engineering. Should BMW build a competetive supercar using electric or hybrid technologies, it would only enhance its desirability.

    Honestly, even if I were a billionaire, it would still bother me to chew through so much gasoline onsidering all of the ramifications of energy consumption in our smaller world. It would also bother me to give others the impression that I felt I had the right to do so, being rich.

  • Gord

    @Miles Ransom:

    Do they ? Money is hard to earn, and I’m sure those rich guys value their vast fortune alot.

    I understand that fuel economey isn’t necessarily important for this segment of “automotive real estate” cars, but who wouldn’t buy a good car with improved fuel economy ?

    For example take a BMW M6. It gets around 18 MPG, but suppose BMW with all their tech made this car consume less fuel, but still retain its good qualities. Who wouldn’t want a M6 that gets better fuel economey while still doing what a M6 does ?

  • Nizer

    This just goes to show what everyone has known for some time, that BMW is holding back the twin-turbo six in the 3 & 5-Series order to unload V8s. Personally, I’d be first in line to buy an 400hp twin-turbo M-DCT M5 if they built it, but I have absolutely no interest in the V10 and little more in the V8.

    Why would I ever want to own a heavy V8 or V10 when a 400hp six could be virtually as fast and much better dynamically????

  • Doug

    @Nizer: I don’t think they’re holding it back, at least not just to unload V8s. That engine is still young and will be refined for reliability, efficiency, etc, and then they can start raising the boost without blowing it up. Supposedly tuners are getting that engine upwards of 500hp.

    As for holding back to prevent competition with the V8’s that’s probably true, but only in measured performance. That is, the V8 simply has more fun factor as engine characteristics go, if not substantially more performance. They need to do some more work on the turbo’d engines to get them to that point.

  • FanTom

    What the fuck is going on?
    The competitor for R8 is M6, which is faster than Audi…

    Z10 MUST be competitor for Lambos and Ferraris… I mind they said that it would be equiped by 550hp V10… just imagine more than 450 hp per tone – lambos and ferraris would suck

    I hope they’ll make 2 versions Z10(400hp) and Z10M(550 hp)

  • FanTom

    If they gonna make 550hp Z10, I’ll buy cars for me, my father and wife.