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bmw gt 6 rendering

The breaking news this week were related to an announcement we made about BMW launching in the near future a GT version of its popular …

The breaking news this week were related to an announcement we made about BMW launching in the near future a GT version of its popular 6 Series. Named GT 6, the model will follow the steps of the newly released BMW 5 Series GT, which offers an extension to the future 5 Series.

Of course, the announcement raised more questions and as promised, we looked into this and snooped around trying to get more information. Even though we couldn’t get an official statement from BMW, we did get a somewhat unofficial, but authoritative, confirmation from Scott27, a regular member of GCZ and someone very close to BMW.

bmw gt 6 rendering

Rendering by Huckfeldt

According to BMW, their GT series represent a “Natural Progressions” with the GT 6 being a progression of a premium sports Coupe. GT 6 will be the first BMW to have a full hatchback and unique passenger entry – excluding the Z concepts, X models or GT. The BMW GT 6 will get rear hinged opening doors like the Mazda RX-8 and a left/right split interior for four, think about the MINI Clubman or Rolls-Royce.

Typical BMW, the GT 6 will be all about dynamics, performance and style. Apparently, BMW looks at the new Porsche Panamera as a competitor. The Porsche Panamera, although a true sports car and of course a true addition to the Porsche bloodline, seems to have missed the idea of making a beautiful design to go with that performance and engineering .

BMW is working on a car that intents to really stand out from the competition , than means a fully fledged design concept that will separate BMW from the rest. The driving position will be very low , passengers should sink into the seats. Structural issues are taken care of by strengthening the pillars and additional reinforcement of the chassis .

This will not make the GT 6 the heaviest car in the segment as innovative techniques such as aluminum , magnesium and carbon fiber will be used extensively. The pillars and roof of the car will be injected with foam that when hardens provides stability as well as being a lightweight addition to the construction.

There will be several engine options, from a single Petrol V8 Twin-Turbo engine , to a Hybrid and six cylinder diesel engine. It is being said that the Motorsport Division will offer their expertise as the car will offer unique potential.

If you’re wondering which customers will BMW target, then you should know that the ideal customers for the GT 6 will be the ones attracted by style and performance. Of course, the questions arises where and how will the GT 6 fit in the line-up, with the 6 Series Coupe being available as well. The GT 6 Premium sports Coupe will bring different angle from a 6er Coupe, they will share some resemblance, but not the same style or driving dynamics .

Expect more information to arise in the next few months and of course, the rendering games to begin. As you can see on the photo below, Auto Bild’s Huckfeldt has already took a shot at it.

18 responses to “More information on the BMW GT 6”

  1. Joe says:

    Incredible. I hope they release something like this. Amazing.

  2. P.wong says:

    Fudge all that i wont ne satisfied until the cs cncept sees production lol

  3. L1ndja says:

    This is just an excuse for the cs.Fuck this 6GT ,get out with the real deal.They should make the CS not these new ideas…

  4. biker says:

    bmw is running behind the other
    Audi, Mercedes still have cars like this
    the photo is a audi a5 with a bmw front

  5. Nizer says:

    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see how a 6 coupe, GT 6, and X6 coexist, especially with the cost pressures on the industry. And as for see the Panamera as a competitor, I certainly hope not as that car is a disaster.

  6. housejunkie85 says:

    im intrigued by this idea but i still want the CS to come to life…that was the most beautiful car i had seen in years i just dont get BMW for takin it down!!!

  7. Doug says:

    When they say “GT”, does that mean the same characteristics that the 5 GT has, like being halfway between coupe and SUV?

    And the mini rear Saturn/Mazda RX8 doors… honestly I’m not looking forward to this. They look goofy, and you still have to open the front doors to get in.

    If this is really necessary, then just remove the 6 series and have a 5 series sedan + coupe, and give the 5 sedan the same sporty styling.

  8. I’m hoping that this would actually be the CS concept just named differently

  9. Miles Ransom says:


    its not…you can tell by the mirrors and the rear windows…its not an a5

  10. Giom says:

    This biker dude is clueless!

    I seriously don’t think any of this is ever going to make it to production. I’m sure what we’re reading about here are lots of ideas that the BMW think-tank guys were throughing around. Word spread through the building, some guy down the passage heard something, told somebody else, and here we are disscussing that will never be.

    Ofcoarse, I can be wrong :)

  11. Lance says:

    I don’t think that this design is amazing. Not particularly a fan of the headlights – kind of Toyota style. As fora 6 Series GT? Well, they are out of their minds if they are spending a fortune to develop new segment cars every two months – will they have the demand? But if it is just parts sharing from other models with minimal marginal costs, then go for it – just be careful of diluting your own brand exclusivity by introducing something that’s going to take your brand away from what it should stand for: Ultimate Driving Machines – i.e. Sports Sedans. It would be a pity if that identity is associated with Audi’s – and that probability is becoming higher and higher by the day.

  12. auday says:

    Bad news, the designer of the CS (and the 7) is gone to Mercedes

  13. Gord says:

    I hate to say this, but I think I am generally very supportive with BMW, but I have to say I am not liking this car, mainly due to the odd suicide-doors and how they formed on the RX-8.

    But in BMW’s defence I have thought some of their ideas were mad (ahem 5 Series GT) but after seeing their little trailer, which explained their thinking, I started liking it, and when I first saw pictures of it, I was reminded of the CS Concept, so in the end I did end up liking the 5 series GT.

    So I guess I have a feeling that despite this crazy idea, BMW will present a good looking car with some nice features.

  14. s@sh says:

    I don’t like that many models from BMW are hatchacks now. BMW should make sedans, coupes and convertibles. I’d prefer that they resurrect 8 series instead of spawning numerous ugly experimental models which are similar to each other (X6, 5 GT, 6 GT). They really make too many experimental cars. Anti-crisis struggle is the only explanation that I can invent for this fact

  15. Doug says:

    @s@sh: Hatchbacks are extremely useful, esp. with fold-down seats, and can make the car much more attractive to most buyers. But I agree that they *usually* look ugly. They need to design the hatches to look like regular trunks, not like svelte station wagons.

  16. Mathis says:

    This just does not make any sense to me, what is the current 6series if not a Gran Turismo? Its a GT so in the next generation they want to make a 6 series that is a GT and in addittion one that will be called 6 GT?
    I can see a 5 GT and possibly even a 3 GT but any further models are a bit questionable?

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