“Swiss gigolo” gets 6 years for defrauding BMW heiress Susanne Klatten

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BMW heiress Susanne Klatten finally finds justice. Last November, media reported that she is being blackmailed by a Swiss national. Today, CNBC just published the …

BMW heiress Susanne Klatten finally finds justice. Last November, media reported that she is being blackmailed by a Swiss national.
Today, CNBC just published the outcome of this story:

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A man dubbed “the Swiss gigolo” by the German media was sentenced to six years in prison Monday for defrauding Germany’s richest woman of $9 million (euro 7 million) and attempting to blackmail her for tens of millions more.

Helg Sgarbi admitted to the Munich court that he threatened to release secretly recorded videotapes of trysts with BMW heiress Susanne Klatten, 46, unless the married woman gave him millions of euros to keep quiet.

The 44-year-old also admitted convincing Klatten to give him $9 million (euro7 million) by saying it was for the treatment of a girl left paraplegic after he hit her with his car.

The Munich state court found Sgarbi guilty of fraud and attempted blackmail of Klatten, who turned him in to police.

He was also found guilty of fraud and attempted blackmail for taking $3 million (euro2.4 million) from three other women—identified by the initials H., R., and S.—who were located by authorities in their investigation of the Klatten case.

Full story on CNBC

10 responses to ““Swiss gigolo” gets 6 years for defrauding BMW heiress Susanne Klatten”

  1. Doug says:

    The worst part of this is that her personal life (whatever that may be) is thrown open to the public. The crime and money is really less of an issue. I wish the media would recognize this and not make it 10 times worse for her.

  2. Horatiu B. says:

    @Doug: German media loves that stuff….as much as the American one….

    Even though, when you compare to the Paris Hilton news, this is NOTHING.

    Now Doug, we only posted cause you know we like to mix up news that’s why we didn’t take a stand on this nor commented on it.

  3. Giom says:

    The tallest tree gets the most wind. Goes with the position. And it remains a pretty good position for her. This story will blow over in time. By the time this sob gets out of jail, her life should be back to normal.

  4. Doug says:

    @Horatiu B.: It hadn’t occurred to me that I’d be criticizing you or this site, Horatiu, I’m sorry. Maybe you are part of “the media”. But I was referring to the “media” that you were referring to (unless by “media” you included yourself by recursion), and specifically the ones that do the most damage.

    Giom, I guess the question is whether she invites attention to her personal life… is she deliberately a public person, the way Paris Hilton is? If not, she probably doesn’t deserve this humiliation, regardless of her heiressness. We probably shouldn’t even indulge Paris Hilton because that only encourages her to use up our celebrity bandwidth on her own self-destruction.

    There’s a lot of destructive things the media does — for example, the financial crisis is pretty bad, but they drummed up fear and made it far worse.

    • Liu budong says:

      lol…trust me….A cheating person deserve the humiliation….The big one, on her face….And she probably had gotten it.

  5. Horatiu B. says:

    @Doug: hahaha Doug, I really didn’t think you’re criticizing me, so no worries. Even if you were, I take no offense lol I’m not always right nor I wanna be always right :)) You know that I’m fair and sometimes, a lit bit of criticism is good, it makes me wanna improve the blog. We’re just a small media :)

  6. Samir says:

    She just degraded the BMW name. Last thing BMW needs in this poor economy is bad publicity.

  7. Samir says:

    Whats next? Chris Bangle caught with male hooker?

  8. how cheap what a SLUT married 3 kids a GIGALO?? WTH? just goes to show you you can take the woman out of the beer hall but she is still just a cheap slut.

  9. Liu budong says:

    Lol…First of all, be less a humanist….As a public figure, she is supposed to know the price to pay…..All the media worldwide loves this kind of stuff, it is a worldwide thing…..If she does not want to be humiliate, she should not do it in the first place….Second, most of women cheated on their husband because their husband cheated on them first, but this woman, though rich, cheated on her husband straight away….It sort of fits the definition of “sXXt”….

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