New updates from BMW Product development – BMW GT 6, BMW Z2, BMW 3 Series Supersports

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As usual, we’re back with some updates regarding BMW’s future products. Scott32 and EnI, members of Germancarzone and someone close to BMW and whom we …

As usual, we’re back with some updates regarding BMW’s future products. Scott32 and EnI, members of Germancarzone and someone close to BMW and whom we trust, posted new information regarding some upcoming BMW models, many of them that we didn’t even know that were in works.

So, let’s start with BMW GT 6, internal name F14 and based on the new 2010 BMW 6 Series platform F10. If I were to guess before the news broke out, I would have said that the 6 GT will be BMW’s response to the recent unveiled concept from Audi, the Sportback or A7, and Porsche’s first sedan, Panamera and of course, Mercedes-Benz CLS. This model will be smaller than the CS Concept, but it seems like it will be based on the same idea. It will have rear-door like the Mazda RX-8 and no B-pillar.

I’m sure you guys remember the rumors, then confirmations, of a BMW 1 Series Supersports, an M1 like model that will appeal to enthusiasts. Well, BMW has another ace up their sleeve. The same label will be used for a 3 Series model as well, but would it be the called BMW 335i Supersports?

BMW Z2 is in the final stages of development, even though it has not been confirmed officially, we will see the car at IAA Frankfurt show in September.

MINI SpaceBox – not many information on this, it will be a more flexible twin to the MINI X.

That’s it for now, we will look into more details and as usual, stay tuned  and grab our RSS feed or sign up by email for faster and convenient news delivery.

13 responses to “New updates from BMW Product development – BMW GT 6, BMW Z2, BMW 3 Series Supersports”

  1. jkp says:

    Again, BMW needs to drop the Chevrolet “Supersport” moniker.

  2. Fuxl says:

    M1 like? Or did you mean series 1 M like?

  3. Matski says:

    Yeah I’m not sure where this supersport model is supposed to fit in… okay so they’ll make a 1-er supersport because there is no M version, but I assume there will still be an M3, so a supersport.. is there really a need?

  4. Gragop says:

    @Matski: This tells you that M car prices are going to continue to sky rocket up if they feel the need to add a “sport” model between the standard 3 and M3.

  5. Matski says:

    @Gragop: I guess it would give them a more directley comparable rival to A4 – S4 – RS4.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of new BMW performance models, but with the various sport packs and performance parts already available its even confusing me sometimes!! and I love all this s**t!!

  6. Gragop says:

    Well, i wish instead of making specific models like a 3 supersports – why not incorporate a package? Something similar to the NISMO kit that came with the 350Z in it’s last two years of production.

    I do think it’s silly that for one model line you’ll have 3 cars competing:

    328 vs A4, 335 vs S4, M3 vs RS4. Yes, they technically do different things but they’re the same car underneath.

  7. L1ndja says:

    No need for this supersports models.Maybe a 1series M version but nothing more not a supersports model of the 3 series.It would be enough to fine tune the 335i to 326hp like in the 7series.

  8. Gord says:

    The 6 series GT will have a rear door similar to the RX-8.

    Why don’t they just make it a foor door coupe like the CLS as opposed to the tiny suicide doors on the RX-8 ?

  9. Doug says:

    I’m starting to get the idea that BMW has lost its way. There is no clear identity anymore, they just try and introduce as many models as possible to be everything to everyone. How do you identify with a brand like that?

    Worse, the packages have also lost their meaning. In sport packages alone you’ve got Sport, Performance, M-Sport, Supersport and also Tii and ///M. And there’s no real way to know exactly how they differentiate, because the real meat to BMW marketing is in the connotation.

    What BMW needs is a separate brand for it’s SUV and PAS vehicles so as to not completely undermine “BMW”. Then they need fewer models. Then they need clear variants of those models, and clear packages that are understandable and well-differentiated. Then throw all other options into the a-la-carte bag and stop trying to “brand” new, poorly differentiated packages at the expense of customers’ comprehension.

  10. Matski says:

    @Doug: I agree in part, what I dont agree with is having more brands with less models in each brand. Hasn’t worked for the US automakers and it’d fool nobody…. a Mini is still a BMW mini, and a Rolls Royce is still the BMW half of the BMW/VW division of Rolls Royce and Bently Motor Cars.!!! peoples perceoption is sharp enough to get cynical brand engineering… i.e. making a buick from a saturn.

    What they need is a strong line-up of cars that outshine the competition in the field of driving dynamics. Small, medium, large.. each segment, every market, bish, bosh, bash, job done! they just got to get each product exctley right for the teeny-tiiny niche they claim for it!!

  11. Doug says:

    @Matski: Well, how many models is to many for a brand? Just considering the models alone, we’ve got 1, x1, z2, 3, x3, m3, z4, 5, 5GT, X5, M5, 6, X6, 6GT, M6, 7. You’ve got cars (1357), sports cars (24), SUV(1356)s, ok. But an in-between brand like the PAS confuses what each of these groups are. It’s really a different vision, a different customer and it doesn’t complement the overall offering. So I think PAS should be it’s own brand, like Mini.

    Of course people know who makes what, but the point of a brand isn’t to delude people otherwise, I don’t think. Marketing/advertising might be, but not the brand per se. Everybody knows that Lexus is a Toyota and/or Nissan (who gives a crap?), but its just as differentiated from the mother brand as it is from the competition. It’s just… the car’s identity. It’s a cognitive grouping, by a set of common qualities; mess with the qualities, you’ve confused the grouping down to what’s still common. That’s the way I see it, anyway.

  12. Njave says:

    Everyone these days is producing lot’s of models, they are no different. Just as the market demands, they wouldn’t make them if they didn’t have anyone to seel them to anyway :)

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