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BMW X5 | March 6th, 2009 by 2
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With all the recent talk about the BMW X5 M and its twin-brother, X6 M, we forgot about the upcoming BMW X5 facelift. Yes, the …

With all the recent talk about the BMW X5 M and its twin-brother, X6 M, we forgot about the upcoming BMW X5 facelift. Yes, the regular X5 model will be receiving a small facelift this year.

Back in January, the first set of spy photos made their way onto the web, but honestly, not many publications paid attention. They were focusing mostly on the new BMW 5 Series GT ConceptĀ  or the X M models.

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The new and third generation X5 will be available in 2012, but until then, a lifecyle refresh is needed. But what will it be different in the LCI version?

So far we know that the upcoming BMW X5 M will be getting the same front-fascia as the X6, and there are many details pointing to the same outcome for the regular X5.

In the previous spy photos, we saw that BMW is testing a different front and rear bumper, typical to most of the BMW facelift models.

The folks at Worldcarfans go even further and put together a nice photo comparison between the current and future X5 front bumper.

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When comparing the two sets of spy photos, past images of the front bumper show a thin horizontal splitter behind the mesh grille while these new photos place it in front of the grille. Through casual observation the front bumper air intake pockets appear to have a different shape too, but this may be the result of the car’s black and white psychedelic camouflage.

The rear bumper will suffer some modifications as well, even more obvious than upfront, with the diffuser getting more of a trapezoid shape.


One change that I would like to see in the X5 facelift is the introduction of the twin-turbo 3.0 liter engine, along with the V8 twin-turbo from the X6.

We also mentioned before that the new iDrive 2.0 system will be available starting with the September production, most likely introduced in the X5 facelift.
[Source: Worldcarfans ]

2 responses to “BMW X5 Facelift spied again”

  1. L1ndja says:

    one thing that i can assure all of the bmw fans is that the face lifted version will inhire the 4.4 twin turbo and it will be called x5 xdrive50i and the xdrive 48i will bi forgoten.The 3.0 twin turbo might be added as well and my guess is that it will be called x5 xdrive35i

  2. Nicecar007 says:

    The current 3.0si engine in the X3 and X5 is a great, reliable engine. I hope they keep it for the facelift. After reading about all of the failed fuel pumps in the twin turbo 135, 335, and 535 I just don’t trust that engine.

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