Geneva Motor Show: BMW 5 Series GT – High-Quality Photos

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I know I know, another day and another article on the BMW 5 Series GT…..but this is the topic of the week in Geneva and …

I know I know, another day and another article on the BMW 5 Series GT…..but this is the topic of the week in Geneva and the 5er GT is one of the main attractions there, regardless if people’s impressions are positive or negative.

It is indeed a somewhat controversial concept from BMW and it will take some time to settle in with the BMW crowd, which I consider myself to be part of. Speaking for myself and for many other people I know, we, the bimmer fans, tend to be a bit conservative and reluctant to changes.

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We love our classic bimmers, we love what we know it WORKED best, but in the same time, we eventually embrace the new technology and design language. I’ve seen this happened many times before, from the E46 to E9x change, or the E39 to E6x and so on and so forth.

We absolutely critiqued the BMW X6 when it came out, lots of “hate” words have been thrown around, but eventually, we came along, we acknowledged that there is a market for it, a niche, even though is not as large as others.

I am pretty confident in saying that BMW 5 Series GT will follow the same path, it will find its own niche, clientele if you want, and it will dominate that segment. It is already the first luxurious car to take on that market and it can establish itself as a leader, a follower for other companies. Would it sell as “hot” as the 3 Series? NEVER, but I have no doubt it will bring decent profits for BMW.

I am also willing to bet you that within three-four years, we will be seeing other luxury automaker coming out with their own version.

Now that I am done ranting, we can just go ahead and enjoy these latest photos, courtesy of my best friends at, who have extensive coverage and photos from the Geneva Auo Show. (Warning: It’s in Romanian)

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8 responses to “Geneva Motor Show: BMW 5 Series GT – High-Quality Photos”

  1. Frederico Silva says:

    Nice pics ;)

  2. okeribok says:

    You can talk all you want. The front still looks like a Volvo to me. The e46 and e39 look more agile than their successors. I think the x6 looks cool; like a paris-dakar car, and that the GT as a concept (SUV without being an SUV) is sound. But loose the Volvo styling please.
    Adriaan! waar ben je mee bezig man!

  3. tony says:

    Dont get me wrong i love bimmers but the head light looks like a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X,..i mean just take a close look

  4. Gord says:


    Or they look like BMW Concept CS lights. ;)

    I actually think that a smaller 3 series/1 series GT could sell nicely. One thing I learned as a Bimmer fan was to try and be open-minded about things.

  5. Doug says:

    Nice pics.

    I still hate those LED arrays in the headlamps (ever since the E90 redesign). If they are going with all-LED lamps, what will that look like? Arranged in a ring, perhaps? But a grid arrangement… ugh… lazy.

  6. bmwtechal says:

    i dont understand this car. its unattractive, and theres already and X5 and X6. where the hell does this fall? i cant believe this concept was even a concept. and i always thought a GT or grand touring or gran tourismo was usually a fast “car” that was usually a 2 seater with enough room to carry a suitcase. no other car company puts a GT badge on an SUV. its just a 5series wagon basically. i just dont understand why.

  7. Giom says:

    @bmwtechal: Have you seen this car in person yet? An autocar jurno actually saw the car in the flesh and he said it was a different car than the one he saw in pics. BMWs don’t photograph well. There’s too much happening in 3d space to capture on 2d.

    As far as you not understanding the car… I hope you say this because you missed all the explenations BMW offered on the web. If you’ve seen it, and still dont understand it…well…

    I’ve said it before, this is the ideal car for me and my needs. You can bet there are a lot of people like me wanting the same thing.

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