Audi is confident: “We will beat Mercedes and BMW in Europe by 2010”

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audi vs bmw

The competition between BMW and Audi continues with the latest statement issued by the Ingolstad based carmaker in which they simply warn BMW and Mercedes …

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The competition between BMW and Audi continues with the latest statement issued by the Ingolstad based carmaker in which they simply warn BMW and Mercedes that by 2010, they will be selling more cars in Europe.

Back in January, we learned that Audi has sold more A4 vehicles in Germany than BMW did with the 3 Series. According to Audi and the German department of vehicle registration, in 2008, there were 98,714 A4 models registered, ahead of BMW 3 Series. Around the same time, Audi announced they surpassed the annual one million sales mark for the first time, but still shy of the 1.4 million vehicles sold worldwide by BMW.

In Germany itself, BMW has sold 30,000 more cars than Audi in 2008, a fairly small margin if we compare it against the global sales, but in my opinion, still hard to overcome in less than a year. Audi’s Head of Marketing, Peter Schwarzenbauer, said the company is also looking to continue raising sales to 1.5 million cars by 2015. The first measure in achieving this goal is a 15-20% increase in advertising for the U.S market.

An interesting move by Audi, since most of the car manufacturers have reduced their budgets drastically and they will continue to do so until the economy will start to recover. Of course, this could simply be an overconfident statement by Audi since 2010 is not that far off. Audi’s sales for February were very low when compared to the same period of time last year, 24% down against the 37% reported by BMW.

But could this be enough? Will Audi be able to grow and grow some more this year, while BMW and Mercedes will struggle? Hard to tell, but we know that BMW is placing a lot of faith in the new 2009 BMW 7 Series along with the redesigned, reinvented BMW Z4 and they might represent the foundation of their future growth.

26 responses to “Audi is confident: “We will beat Mercedes and BMW in Europe by 2010””

  1. Matski says:

    Sales figures stats are deceiving when quoting as %, the bottom line is the actual numbers – and although Audi do appear to be catching BMW up, and may well over-take at some point, I don’t see how they are going to keep going much after that. They will have had to enter each segment and each market that the others are in, and then achieve the same or better sales in each segment and each market. It’s easy to ramp up by introducing new medium volume vehicles (like the Q5), but once you’ve got a small/medium/large in each segment, where else to you go?

    It worries me that BMW are spreading themselves too thin these days, I love all the products (barring possibly the X1 and 5GT concepts which I hope will look better in production trim)….. but really at the end of the day, like my old sales manager used to say – turnover is vanity, profit is sanity.

    .. and the last thing I want is for BMW to resort to name calling to increase sales (a.k.a. the Audi way!)

  2. Mauro Corti says:

    We are about to change our car in my family. We have a 1991 520i E34, my brother has bought a 120d one year ago; we love BMW, but Audi makes really good car.

    A4 looks great, they are simply the best good looking sedan if you consider it, 3er and MB class C. It has good engine (who said 2.0 liter turbo ?), luxury and comfortable interior design, enough space for everything you might need… it’s a good car. Between 3er and A4 I really can’t say which is best, bmw has better engine, but A4 is a better looking car… hard to say, but I think Audi will overtake BMW in the near future, because the first thing a buyer watch in a car is how the car looks, and now Audi looks better, that’s a truth

  3. Joe says:

    Porsche is the most profitable car company in the world. I don’t see why BWM should have to play the numbers game with Audi. Very dumb idea. Focus on profit.

  4. Gragop says:

    @Mauro Corti:

    I don’t know about the near future as BMW’s monthly turnover in inventory is a much higher figure than Audi, however, they may be moving down that path at some point in the future.

  5. Matski says:

    @Mauro Corti: The A4 is not a bad looking car – possibly a little ‘neater’ than the the 3-er is as standard, but the M-sport pack looks fantastic. I foresee Audi’s big problem is with 5 or 6 models that all look VERY similar, people will become bored with the style, and when they become as common as BMW’s then people may start to regard them as bland.

  6. bmwe34 says:

    i drove the current a4 and the current 3er, the a4 has less space inside, you just sit and youre surrounded with a lot of things and it appears too small and i just felt like without aie, the bmw is not really a lot bigger but still i felt a lot better in it and youre not so tight in between things like in the a4.

  7. mpower says:

    beat bmw?

    start by making your own designs

    hah @ the audi taillights…

  8. Graham says:

    @Mauro Corti: I wouldn’t say Audi look better than the 3 Series. In fact, I think the A4 is a very bloated, poorly desinged car. The 3 Series is a very iconic sports car design, which the A4 cannot even compete in. Many customers are amazed by the progress of Audi’s and yes, they do make some good looking cars like the R8 and A5. Butif you put the 3 next to the A4, do you really think the A4 is better looking? If you put the A3 convertible next to the 1 Series, do you really think the A3 looks better? Put the TT next to the Z4. Put the 5 Series next to the A6. My point is that many are over-reacting to Audi’s tremendous progress and falsely thinking that it is a better car… because it is definately still miles behind the pedigree of BMW and MB. All you have to do is open the bonnet of the cr and take a look at the VW parts, start the diesel engine and listen to the lack of refinement and clatter noise as compared to BMW’s silky smooth engine, push the car around corners a bit and feel the poor handling.

    As for your choice of the A4 over the 3 Series, I’ve already mentioned the lack of refinement, design, what about Efficient Dynamics? Audi tech is so old and they contemplate most of teh time how to cut cost to make most profit per car. Do you really think the interior is better than the 3 Series interior, go check out the materials used on the 3 and A4. The last time I checked, A4 has so much cheap plastics in between that I would have thought that I was in a Polo or Golf! Do you think it handles better than the 3? That heavier steering feel that the A4 has is just a bluff, there’s no road communication, whatsoever, they jsut made it stiffer and heavier – like stuffing it with a pillow!

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised, …. BMW is becoming the victim of its own success. While Audi is working hard to catch up in the game of quality and brand recognition, BMW is just focusing on what makes more money and what sells at the moment risking losing it’s image as a focused driver’s oriented special car.

    Mercedes went this root (sacrificing quality for variation and quantity) before and look where they are now, BMW is following and I expect them to start seeing the outcome of their revenue oriented policy soon.

    I’ve been a loyal BMW fan since I was 6, and I own 3 BMWs now (2 M cars) but honestly my next car will either be a much older BMW or something new with a pure sport feeling maybe a Vantage, or an R8.

  10. kodey says:

    Hahahahaha funny. good luck Audi. maybe Mercedes but not BMW.

  11. Gragop says:

    @Auday Hussein: R8 is a nice all-rounder but man, the Vantage is just hot. If it were up to me, I’d take the Vantage on exhaust note alone.

  12. Carlos Perez says:

    Simple Driving and audi, VW or a Seat, especially in the A3, Golf and the leon is exactly the same,and not just the driving but the feeling in general if the car, if you buy and audi you r really buying and overpriced VW so, there’s no way audi could be better than BMW

  13. Horatiu B. says:

    @Carlos Perez: I have to give them this, the Audi is still not even comparable to the VW, it’s in a total different class. Yes, they might share some parts or platforms, but it’s a whole different game.

    I also believe that the competition between BMW and Audi can only be beneficial for us, it will challenge them more and we will benefit from it.

  14. Giom says:

    @Auday Hussein: I agree, BMW is a victim of its own success. But define ‘victim’. They were doing very well before the economic slump -only to be really hurt by residuals. Their cars are still class leaders in most areas.

    They might be called ‘victim’ because they sell so many cars. Now Audi wants to sell more cars (and boast about it), so where is that going? Interesting this numbers game.

  15. Matski says:

    Hmmm, is the numbers game one worth winning? the name of the game is to build the better cars!

  16. Giom says:

    @Matski: Couldn’t say it better myself!

  17. @Giom, what Matski said :)

    Victim as being so good and so successfull in making good cars and building good reputation that they dont care about it anymore. As Clarkson put it, they could put BMW logo on a piece of sh*t and people will still buy it.
    BMW quality is going down, design is becoming worst and getting away from the essence of the agile sport car, sporty driver oriented feeling down (still better than the competitors but they are catching up),… and the model selection is going far from the original direction into …hmmm. 5GT and X5M nonsense. BMW has nothing to prove and they are not trying , Audi has everything to prove and they are getting there.

  18. Giom says:

    @Auday Hussein: I disagree on a few points…
    The BMW logo means nothing to BMW at the mo, their cars gets more flack nowadays than Robert Mugabe -and for what? For thinking out of the box. For daring to leave the past behind and reshape the future.
    BMW quality is actually going up.
    BMW design is followed by many -they’re reshaping car design and getting flack for it.
    BMW cars are still the sportiest luxury choice out there -just read any auto mag.
    In stead of getting stale and long in the tooth, they’re coming up with new and innovative ideas… etc etc

    I’m getting so sick of this new trend. When ever the name BMW is used, it usally gets taged with building cars no one wants, persuing proffits in stead of building sports cars, designs that no one gets… on and on!

    I would have loved to hear you if BMW never progressed since the 90s – you know, the era when BMW still made great cars. If they still looked the same, drove the same, 3, 5 and 7 series, nothing new, nothing fresh. Oh, then they would have been taged as boring and going nowere.

    Now they’re at the for front of design and enginering. They’re successful and people hate them for that. It’s time for the under dog to get recognised. Bring on Audi.

    Oh, they just do everything right. The little darlings are just adored for following in BMWs footsteps.

    Rant over… for now.

  19. Dustin says:

    I was kinda disappointed when BMW announced the M versions of the X5 & X6, but now I see the reasoning. They are a relatively small car company that does not fall under a parent company. They need to make money to stay in business. Audi, however, is an arm of the world’s largest company. I don’t think it’s a surprise the Audi will soon be overtaking BMW and Mercedes, but they make it sound like it is a level playing field. I mean, Audi shares engines with VW – that’s a huge advantage for cost. And I’m sure they are sharing lots of other things. Bold statement, but it doesn’t make me want to buy an A4. Those new A4’s are ugly.

  20. Kyle says:


    If you are referring to Audi copying BMW’s tail lights.
    Think Again.

    The A3 tail lights were out before the 3 series coupe.

    • Neo says:


      Audi A3 probably did copy BMW’s tail lights because the 3 Series coupe was based on E65 7 Series second generation, which came out in late 2005!

      It didn’t copy A3! ^^

  21. Babken says:

    Very funny. Remember, pathetic mercedes and audi: BMW IS THE KING.

    There’s no company in the world that is able to produce such ideal cars as BMW does. I wouldn’t even change a BMW 5-Series tyre with e-classes, a4s and other suchlike shit that mercedes and audi produce. BMW is for the noble while mercedes and audi are for half-dead people.

  22. Job says:

    Meticulous driver often hunt for gadgets and higher specification found in an Audi.

    Demure driver commonly seen in a Mercedes.

    Driver in BMW are usually having joy in style but BMW stereotype is definitely victim of its own success.

    As Clarkson put it, they could put BMW logo on a piece of sh*t and people will still buy it. ~ But, that was last year. (He labeled BMW uncool because too many peoples put a M3 badge on a 318i) ………. This year : Clarkson said in the latest Top gear series “people tailgate you on road are buying Audi…really cock ……” and …… “Last year, only cock would buy a BMW…, but now you are cock if you don’t buy one.” ~ This explains everything.

  23. Neo says:


    Audi A3 probably did copy BMW’s tail lights because the 3 Series coupe was based on E65 7 Series second generation, which came out in late 2005!

    It didn’t copy A3! ^^

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