BMW cutting spec levels of 3 Series cars in the UK

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BMW is taking some measure to overcome the current economic situation which is affecting their sales and profits. We have just learned that in order …

BMW is taking some measure to overcome the current economic situation which is affecting their sales and profits. We have just learned that in order to avoid raising prices due to poor exchange rates, BMW will instead “de-spec” the cars, starting first with their best seller: the 3 Series models.

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For example, the BMW 320d Coupe with an M Sport package, will see many standard features going away starting this month. The power steering will be hydraulic, the electric power steering introduced as part of the EfficientDynamics program, is still an option but at extra charge . Cruise control will no longer be standard on the Sedan or Wagon models, for now the Coupe and Convertible will have it.

The E90 sedan will have run-flat tires on all models, except the ES(special edition). The basic 16″ wheels will use the standard tire.

Some of the things that we can’t live without here in the US, the electric seats will suffer some modifications as well. The semi-electric seats on the 320 SE Coupe will be deleted as standard specification, but will still be available on the M Sport car. The higher-end model, 325 SE, will no longer get the full electric seats with memory as standard. Your only way around this, is to order the M Sport Package.

To prevent any major complaints and keeping their buyers happy, until March 31st, BMW will give out for free the Metallic paint option, which usually ads another 580 pounds to the price. But more exciting, the M Sport Package on the Coupe it will be free as well until the end of this month, which means a discount of 2570 pounds.

So, if you live in the UK, I will contact your dealer immediately and find out more information and what options you have left.

9 responses to “BMW cutting spec levels of 3 Series cars in the UK”

  1. Sevket Erhat says:

    It is always good to have choice but I am happy that I got my 2006 E90 320i with rear park sensors and cruise control

  2. Matski says:

    They will need to do something like this. In the HiFi & AV retail sector which is (one of my trades!) some prices are going up by 40%, with most going up by at least 10%… it’s killing us at the moment so I can’t imagine what the weak £ is doing to the car manufacturers!

  3. Gragop says:

    Wow, that sucks, one sign of de-contenting cars in the US was when the Logic 7 sound system got placed back on the option list for the 330/335 versus being a standard feature in the car as it originally was.

  4. jocamryn says:

    I want the OPTION of runflats!!

  5. Lance says:

    You have no idea how many people want the option to have a normal tyre for their E90 and E87, obviously with the expectation that a spare will not be provided.

    I wanted to put on a normal tyre instead of a runflat when I had to change my tyre after 42000km!! Yes, 42000km (and I drive normally with regular pressure checks) But BMW said that they will terminate my motorplan should they find that anything on the car is damaged due to the use of a normal tyre because their cars are designed for runflats! They also said that after putting on a normal, they will no longer cover the suspension, tyre balancing, wheel alignment, or anything to do with wheels. They are a bunch of liars and just want to make up non-sense to their customers. Even in cases like these where the only difference between a normal and run-flat is the thicker sidewall, which only comes into use when the tyre is sufficiently deflated. Also other differences like harded ride and half the life span of a normal tyre at a premium price tag of 50% more on average .

    All I want BMW to do is to give me a choice when I have to change my tyres, which will allow me to either put on the run-flat or normal (give me the brand or recommended tyres), that will still allow my motorplan to be valid. (seeing that the only difference is th sidewall) This run-flat tyre non-sense is increasing the running costs of all BMWs by almost double that of an equivalent audi or lexus – check out Whatcar reports.

    To make matters worse, I have just put on a new set of runflats for my car (1000km ago), which they explicitely said is designed for runflats only and shouldn;t put a normal tyre on; and they now launch a basic model with normal tyres! Has that basic model got motorplan with it??? I think it must have…. so this proves that BMW is always trying to get ways to force customers out of the motorplan, or not cover items so that they can spend less at the expense of customer satisfaction, whether it’s reasonable or not.

    I remember my parents used to have E46, E36 and previous box model; they didn’t have any problems with their tyres at all, they could put on whatever brand they wanted, no worries about punctures (just fix them), and they used to last more than 80000km!!! Why must BMW bring out such rubbish to bug their owners?? You know, the worst warning light that can come on on my dash is the red Tyre Pressure Monitor light – telling me that I have a puncture and need a new tyre!!! That’s the worst feeling when you see it pop up with a gong

  6. Doug says:

    @Lance: Lance, what country are you in? In the US such assertions by the dealer would be basically illegal, and I thought we had less consumer protection than elsewhere.

    Those are such ludicrous policies. How would putting standard tires on damage the car or suspension? If anything, the car should feel much better. Maybe that’s what they’re afraid of: a revolt against run-flats. Maybe they make too much money selling replacement tires. Who knows. When I probed some similiar recommendations at the dealer they only had strange anecdotal reasons that didn’t jive to me.

  7. bsd107 says:

    I’d like to see the difference in fuel consumption ratings for the electric power steering versus the hydraulic.

    I was initially unhappy that the US cars get hydraulic only, but when given the option to pay for the electric in the UK, does it make any financial sense to do so (even at UK petrol prices)????

  8. dmlgc says:

    really dumb, you could cut some of the features on the 5 and 7 series as those buyers have the discretionary income to compensate but messing with the 3 series is justr plain DUMB. it is the car that attracts most people to the line.

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