4RingBlog says: Forget the M5, I want the Audi S6

BMW M5 | March 2nd, 2009 by 32
0607 x2007 audi s6front driving

The Audi versus BMW comparison articles have been increasing over the last year or so. While the Mercedes-Benz is considered a traditional competitor to BMW, …

The Audi versus BMW comparison articles have been increasing over the last year or so. While the Mercedes-Benz is considered a traditional competitor to BMW, Audi is more and more moving into that spot.

Many BMW officials have acknowledged several times that Audi is competing with them on all the segments and they are seen more and more as their primary competitor.

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In the past, we covered many articles which put different BMWs and Audis head-to-head, like the Audi A5 vs. 330i or 335i vs S5.

Today, 4RingBlog.com goes a bit further and writes an article on the BMW M5 vs. the Audi S6. Of course, at a first glance, a fair comparison would have been between the M5 and the RS6, but unfortunately for the Audi fans, that model is not available in the U.S …..yet.

So, let’s see what they have to say and soon, we will post our own comparison.

“After the buzzer went off and we made our way back to the restaurant, I came across a brand new also-Phantom Black  S6 parked in front of the restaurant. After giving it a few walk-arounds, my family managed to pull me away and into the restaurant where we got a table by the windows that happened to overlook the exact spot where the S6 was parked.

I spent most of dinner studying the car  and decided that I absolutely love the exterior design of the car. Oddly enough, by the end of dinner, I’d decided I liked the C6-platformed S6 even more so than the current E60 M5. Surprising? Maybe, the M5 is currently the fastest, best-handling sport sedan available and I do like performance. However, it seems everyone has an M5, much less an E60 5 Series. I typically see 2 or 3 M5’s on the way to work each day let alone the dozens of 5 Series, a commute on which I rarely see an A6  and there’s never an S6 to be found.

This is what I love about the S6 though, it’s subdued nature. It carries the heart of a Lambo Gallardo, though detuned to about 435HP, it’s still plenty quick producing a 0 to 60 time in the Porsche 911/Cayman range all while seating 5 comfortably – but doing so with a very understated and sneaky exterior design.”

Read the full review here: BMW M5 and Audi S6

and please, tell us what you think. I  know this is a topic that is controversial, so let’s hear the pros and cons of the two cars.

32 responses to “4RingBlog says: Forget the M5, I want the Audi S6”

  1. Gord says:

    Actually, I live in Canada and I think I see more Audi A6’s than 5 series daily.

    To be quite honest while the M5 is more aggresive than the rest of the 5 series lineup, I don’t think most non-car guys would think it has that much power.

  2. bmwe34 says:

    where is this guy from? that must be a bmw paradise

  3. Tom Hegedosh says:

    nice transmission…. NOT

  4. Carlos Perez says:

    i dont like audi but i recognized their work but i think its a shame that the do not make their engines like BMW they just use the ones from companies of their group, thats why i dont take audi seriously

  5. Gragop says:

    I was surprised when my sales rep told me this past weekend that Audi is the biggest threat to BMW right now, not Merc.

  6. Matski says:

    I’m going on record for now and all of time to say: I hate Audi and their products!!!

    But, I’m not going to bash this article though, it’s an opinion stated by someone from “4-ring-blog” — that’s about as unbiased as a BMW opinion from “BMWBlog” :) :) so I won’t loose any sleep over the verdict.

    FWIW: “My money is on the M5, for it’s precise and aggresive stance, for its screaming 507hp V10 engine, for it’s RWD chassis and RWD related hoonage and for it’s technical savvy. The S6 is just too dull and the lamboghini connection is far too tenuous!”
    ….. and they can post that on 4ringblog if they want!

  7. mpower says:

    BMW >>>>> audi

  8. dmlgc says:

    “a commute on which I rarely see an A6 and there’s never an S6 to be found.”
    This is the basic problem I have with Audi, there are plenty of current to 20 year old BMW’s and Mercedes around , I don’t see many Audi’s more than 5 years old. To me if you intend to charge a premium price you have to have earned your reputation. BMW and Mercedes has but I’m not paying premium price until I start seeing some old Audi’s around.

  9. Gragop says:


    That’s a good point actually – keep in mind, Audi is just coming to a point where it can start to try and rival BMW or Merc in terms of sales.

    That said, I passed a 1977 BMW E12 518i and it brought a smile to my face. :-) love seeing those things still running.

  10. Gil says:

    Audi forever confuses me. I still go for BMW for sheer performance, and M-B for luxury. Audi is caught in between, for me at least.

  11. Doug says:

    I would hardly call this write up a review.

    It sounds more like an audi fan boy lusting after a car he as not even driven, but looked at in a parking lot.

    His basis for wanting the S6 sounds is based of its uninspired exterior appearance, and nothing more.

  12. Pritesh says:

    i dont think tht audi is better than bmw audi has the long time to go to meet the shoulder with the bmw’s i think tht audi can never b able to compete with bmw never

  13. Nick says:

    I sell Audis and Porsches, and drive an E60 M5. The first time I drove an S6 I thought I had gotten into an A6 4.2 by mistake. What an embarrassingly underperforming entry from Audi to the high end sport sedan segment. It felt slow, it felt like it rode too high like an SUV, and it sounded like a tractor.

    I very much appreciate the cars that I sell, and I’d take several of them over the M5 (997 of any iteration, R8, R8V10), but the S6 isn’t even on the same planet as the M5. I’m interested to drive the RS6 but I still think it’s sort of sad that they have to twin-turbocharge their V10 to get close to BMW.

    The engine MAKES the car. I have never loved an engine so much in my life. The closest is the E36 M3’s inline 6, but it’s not exactly in supercar territory. The BMW feels truly special for its engine. Sure, there are lots of 5 series out there. So f’in what? There are thousands upon thousands of Ferraris out there too. Are you going to say that you don’t want a Ferrari because there are a lot of them? There are fewer M5s than Ferraris in the world. The Audi, unlike the BMW, feels plain. Simple as that.

  14. Nick says:

    One other thing… I think it would help, not hurt, Audi to emphasize their Lamborghini connection. Remember the RS2 by Porsche, or the Merc 500E by Porsche? That was a sweet connection. Put the damn V10 in there WITHOUT DETUNING IT, slap on the Lamborghini valve covers and I’ll pay attention. THAT would be cool. Of course, I’d rather have the Estoque… what a car!

  15. Tim says:

    Lambo connection? I guess that might be a marketing tool but do you really think Lambo engines are that great? People think of lambos as empressive because of the whole package not the engine.

    Besides Audi takes the engine and detunes it then sticks in a heavier car. Nothing really great about that at all.

  16. E92-TORONTO says:


  17. Lance says:

    I have driven the RS6 and the M5, not the S6. But I was not amzed by teh RS6 at all. Yes, it’s got lots of power to break your neck on acceleration. But that’s about it. Handling is terrible at high speed, it’s not fun to drive. the permanent 4 wheel drive system on what s suppose to be a sports car feels odd. Therefore I conclude that it is nothing like a pedigree M5, which is the true sports car, although it is not as powerful.

  18. Gord says:


    The Audi RS6 is also alot heavier than the M5 isn’t ?

  19. The Lee says:

    I’ve just never been impressed with any Audi I’ve ever driven, which has been quite a few.

    I can’t really comment on the S6 vs M5 comparison, being that I’ve never driven an S6.

  20. Tom says:

    Oh my god the E63 needs an update so badly.

  21. Kyle says:

    There are some uneducated opinions in this thread. “like reputation dictates the price of a car” or “it takes a twin turbo V10 to do the job of the M5 n/a V10”

    It’s a business, not a reputation that dictates price.

    It’s not that Audi can’t make a high horsepower car. They have all the resources in the world to design and develop a 600hp+ car. Do you they want it in their cars, apparently not. People that make these comments probably can’t even change their own oil or know what they are looking at when they open their hood. Get a clue.

    It’s comments like such that make BMW owners carry that stigma of being oohh so cool and better than everyone.

  22. Nick says:

    @Kyle: If Audi _can_ do it, why haven’t they? Why does Audi insist on twin turbocharging a 5.2L V10 to compete with BMW’s 5L NA V10? Of course Audi _could_ do it, they are a part of a very financially healthy organization, VAG. It is very telling, however, that Audi have CHOSEN not to.

    They could very easily use the LP560-4’s engine. I’d have so much more respect for them using the 8500rpm, 552bhp 5.2L V10 out of that car, to compete with (and outperform!) the M5’s 8250rpm, 507bhp 5.0L V10. In fact, I’d probably be easily convinced to buy a LP560-engined S6 or RS6 over an M5. I like the AWD, since it’s without a doubt hard to get the power down with my RWD M5.

    Resorting to forced induction in a high performance engine is a sign that you either can’t or are too lazy to try to get the power out of the engine through other means. Give me a high-revving engine over a laggy, complex, twin turbo alternative any day. Of course, if you put twin turbos on the M5 or the Gallardo’s engine you’d be seeing 700+ hp, but the Audi guys somehow forget to mention that part. I could overlook the shortcomings of forced induction with those kinds of numbers.

    As for the “uneducated” comment, which I have to assume was directed at me since I brought up the HP comparison between the engines… I can assure you that I know infinitely more about either car than you do. As I said, I own an E60 M5, and I sell Audis (including, amazingly, the V10-powered S6 and S8 and, very soon, the R8 5.2 V10 FSI). It’s clear that you know very little about these cars. If you do in fact have first-hand experience with either, it must be that your daily driver is a 1990 Volkswagen Fox because the frame of reference your post displays is completely out of whack. By the way, I’m glad to see that people are still resorting to the long-abused stereotype of the stuck-up BMW owners. I’d be surprised if you can even count to 10, let alone be capable of identifying or performing even simple maintenance tasks on a V10 engine. Do you believe that all BMW owners look like the yuppy driving the red E28 535i in the Audi superbowl commercial? (I thought that commercial was great, btw)

    I have a tremendous appreciation for all well-engineered cars. Despite my rants against turbocharging, I have a great amount of respect for the very best forced induction cars such as AMG -65 series, 997TT, 997GT2, Veyron, Continental GT Speed, Nissan GT-R, Corvette ZR1, CTS-V, and so on. Note that two of those cars are made by companies owned by Audi’s parent company, VW, and two of them are made by Porsche, which now owns a majority stake in VW.

    Audis are great cars. I wouldn’t sell them if I didn’t believe that. But I am not selling them to people like myself. If someone wants a great sports luxury sedan, sure the Audi is wonderful. But don’t insult my intelligence by suggesting that it can come even close to what BMW and MB have been doing for the last two decades with performance sedans. It astonishes and frustrates me, that Audi have either chosen not to or been unable to compete with BMW and MB in these horsepower wars. While I’ve never been a Benz fan, I am glad that they are willing to play the game. Good for MB for throwing as much power as they can possibly come up with into their cars. Good for them. MBs are modern day muscle cars. They are not the best-handling cars, but they have enormous gobs of power.

    Yes, I’d choose the M5 over the E63, S6 or even RS6, but I wouldn’t turn one of the others down if it were given to me! I’m glad that the current AMG -63 series cars are naturally aspirated as well. I will be extremely disappointed if BMW goes to a twin-turbo V8 as rumored for the next M5. I’d much rather see them go to a larger V10 or even a V12.

  23. Matski says:

    NA is the weapon of choice, but these days it is hard to ignore the benefits of forced induction. I think when it comes to building engines BMW have very little to prove, they’ve made some of the best naturally aspirated engines out there, and now, with no where else to develop they are turbo charging, and still winning awards for designing the best turbo engines!

    And the example I always come back to… 2.4 litre, 19000rpm, 750hp, naturally aspirated……… the 2008 BMW F1 engine!

  24. Kyle says:


    :) A VW fox? if you only knew… but I’m not one to talk about what I have.

  25. Kyle says:


    To clarify. I have a 9000rpm redline and I make over 500 horsepower utilizing only 4 cylinders. Go ahead and tell me I don’t know anything about cars. And my car has four rings.

  26. Nick says:

    @Kyle: Good for you. I’m always impressed by what can be done with the VAG turbo 4’s. Remember, you were the one who called me uneducated. ;)

    Let’s call it my preference for NA instead of FI and leave it at that.

    No Audi hater here, as I said… they pay my paycheck.

  27. Tebogo Radikoro says:

    Gentlemen bmw takes all awards for best normal aspirate engine,efficieny awards,best enviromentally friendly engines and if this was used to allow cars to sell vehicles,Who many cars could mercedesbenz,audi and other sell in a year
    Mercedes needs a turbo,compressor to catch a bmw remember C230 sportline from benz! it failled m-power in 1996 and went for benz c230 compressor and audi needs turbo,lamboghini,vw or porsche copied expirience to catch bmw remember 2.7turbo rs4 escaped the market then the rs6 has been running turbo the previous model and the current model let them bring their 5.0 v10 audi and benz bring c4.0 not 6.3 noisy car to take on bmw MIGHTY 3 OR 5
    mercedes benz s600 escaped bmw 760 that they insisted on twin-turbos but bmw is coming boy the late 760 feature a 2 deturned turbo and a tunned version dubbed m7 will obviouly beat s65 amg even the black series can be beaten by a tunned bmw m6 with v12bi-turbo from bmw

  28. KA says:

    Incorrect statement regarding the RS6, I saw one on the parkway in NJ about 7 years ago. Thanks.

  29. fischer abe says:

    I have driven both the S6 and M5 and find the Audis torque power greater and smoother at lower rpms than the M5 but then the M5 is not all wheel drive and feels less sophisticated and noisier at high speeds (above 120).Put a four wheel drive engine in the BMW and then the comparison would be more equitable

  30. Audi Freek says:

    I don’t think that M5 is better than S5

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