2010 BMW 5 Series GT spotted in a darker color

5 Series GT | February 27th, 2009 by 6
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As I said with the new 7 Series, the official photos don’t do any justice to the car, the gold/bronze colors chosen for the unveiling …

As I said with the new 7 Series, the official photos don’t do any justice to the car, the gold/bronze colors chosen for the unveiling ceremony, are not the most attractive ones. Same thing happened with the new BMW 5 Series GT Concept, which despite some of the attractive features it carries, it has had a slightly small disadvantage: the paint color.

But today, we have some new spy photos of the 2010 BMW 5 Series GT painted in a darker color. Despite the camouflage covering the rear and front-end, I can already tell that the GT will look good in a black or even darkĀ  gray.

5 series gt 1 498x275

Now, let’s move away from the color chit-chat and take a look closer at the rear-end, around the exhaust area. What do we see there? Anyone? YES, this 5 Series GT has dual-exhaust pipes, different from the twin-exhaust pipes mounted on the left side of the rear.

Historically, all the high-end models in any BMW series, will carry this trademark, of having dual-exhaust pipes, a clear indication of a more powerful engine. Which in this case, it is most likely the twin-turbo V8.

5 series gt 51 498x279

In the official release, BMW did point out that the six-cylinder engine will make it into production prior to the V8 engine, which most likely will arrive within a year after the market launch. We do expect the xDrive system to show up around the same time.

Now, I can’t help to wonder how the BMW 5 Series GT will look in the beautiful Alpine White color. Would it match the style and idea behind the 5er GT?

2010 BMW 5 Series GT dark color

Thanks again to GlobalMotors for the photos

6 responses to “2010 BMW 5 Series GT spotted in a darker color”

  1. George says:

    I still think this is an ugly design. The current 5-Touring is a much better design and has more space.

  2. Mihnea says:

    no more yellow angel eyes?:D

  3. bmw fan says:

    Wouldn’t it be pointless when the new 5 series touring comes out. That said its an improvement over the concept car.

  4. Hori says:

    Looks like a lowered X6.

  5. Lance says:

    I don’t think it will look better than the light colour. I actually think the darker colour makes the car look silly by drawing attention to the overall design instead of some elegant lines and details. The launch colour could effectively highlight and add a gloss glaze onto the car,which these colours cannot. Still an ugly vehicle that’s not sporty enough in exterior design terms. That point will be further highlighted with more black parts on the car and much smaller rims. It doesn’t look like a premium product from these spy photo’s

    Did anyone notice that this car will have framed doors? This is a huge pity.

  6. I just hope it’s not a hint to what the new 5er will be.

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