BMW 135i vs. Nissan 370Z vs.Mazda RX-8 R3 vs. Pontiac Solstice GXP

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Honestly, this has to be one of the most weird comparison I have seen in a while, I mean really…what these cars have in common? …

Honestly, this has to be one of the most weird comparison I have seen in a while, I mean really…what these cars have in common? Different market, different brands, different customers, different philosophy, you name it. BUT, these type of reviews make the reading more interesting, controversial and unique. We are all tired of comparing cars competing for the same segment, from the M3 vs C63 AMG and 335i vs. G37 to GLK vs. X3 or 750Li vs. Lexus LS460.

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So, when I saw the article on Car and Driver, comparing the BMW 135i to the Nissan 370Z, Mazda RX-8 and Pontiac Solstice GXP, I knew I would take the time to read it.

Besides prices in the low- to mid-$30,000s, what’s the common thread? Sport. As in “sports coupes cum sports cars.” Granted, that’s an elastic category, but regardless of their differences, all have a little race car baked in. More than a little, usually.

Body styles aside, attitude and agility color all the players in this foursome. To what degree—that’s what we went to Southern California to find out.

The 135i seems at a glance to be the least compatible member of this troupe, a formal coupe with only tenuous claim to the title “sports car.” But it has 300 horsepower under its hood, we haven’t found other suitable showdown opponents, and besides, it’s a BMW.

The two other challengers are easier to categorize. Both wear the sports-car mantle comfortably, as two-seaters that are updates on earlier designs. Nissan’s 370Z represents an extensive makeover: updated chassis, new dimensions, new sheetmetal, and new engine. The Pontiac Solstice GXP has acquired a roof, fulfilling the promise of the coupe concept that debuted seven years ago.

Read the full article here: Car and Driver

5 responses to “BMW 135i vs. Nissan 370Z vs.Mazda RX-8 R3 vs. Pontiac Solstice GXP”


  2. Nissan is very fast car. I like cars with big acceleration and high speed, but my heart will stay in Nissan Z350 forever.

  3. chiefrocka says:

    I have driven both cars. The Z wins! Reasons are:
    A) the cockpit is so much more engaging.
    2) the handling is so much more precise.
    3) size to weight makes the Z more fun and tossable.

    BMW advantage… refined engine. Its silky smooth power and the best production turbos on the market. But the Z is the full sports car package from corner to corner and a better performance value. $38k buys you 46k worth of bmw.
    Bargain shopping aside. Overall Z performance is superior.
    If I needed more practicality. The bimmer would be a major option.
    Onlly to be eclipsed once again by a G37. 44k buys 51k worth of 335I. :)

  4. Eric says:

    The bimmers (135/ 335i) are vastly superior automobiles and cost more for good reason. If you’ve even driven them you’d understand but it’s funny seeing ppl trying to justify how spending less on a 370z or G37 is the smarter thing to do. The 370Z is especially a steaming pile and it sounds like a busted up pick up truck. It looks even dumber then it sounds which is pretty damn awful to say the least. I wouldn’t be got dead in one of those POS plus all the 19-22yrs are buying them out of ignorance. It’s sad, sad indeed.

  5. styles says:

    why buy a bmw when is poorly design and poorly equipt, see driving it is not enough go own a bimmer eric and see how how much problems it have and how often it breaks down on you

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