BMW X1 stuck in snow bank and….

Spy Photos | February 21st, 2009 by 14

……it gets pulled out by a Volkswagen Tiguan. The situation is quite funny and thank God for these spy photographers who are everywhere. Our close …

……it gets pulled out by a Volkswagen Tiguan. The situation is quite funny and thank God for these spy photographers who are everywhere. Our close friends at Worldcarfans are the ones responsible for these shots and I thought it would entertain you a bit.

As we have seen in the past few weeks, the BMW X1 is being currently going under intensive testing at the Artic Circle ( BMW X1 in snow video ), so after watching the video, we can only assume that the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a snow bank.

BMW X1 stuck in snow bank and....

Now, it’s uncertain why the xDrive equipped X1 couldn’t back up on its own, but hey…thank God BMW was most likely there testing the VW Tiguan as well -yes, BMW always tests competitor’s cars.

[Source: Worldcarfans ]

  • Gord

    I think the X1 driver was having too much fun, as you can see from BMW’s video. :D

  • Roark

    Do you really want us to say “thanks” to a deity for there being people running around with cameras and that BMW tests cars?! If there was no god or gods would there not be people running around with cameras. Do you care what gods we say thanks to, does it have to be the god you choose to talk at? I have another idea: let’s say “thank goodness there is no god to screw up the hard work of the people at these car companies who are making great products for us”.

    • Horatiu B.


      it just a figure of speech and maybe not the best way to choose my words.

  • Gord

    That road looks really wide. I find it hard that the BMW went off by accident.

  • Islam Essam

    Well , That isn’t a measure of the car’s abilities to go off-road since any SUV can get stuck in snow or sand . But from another point of view , it’s somehow funny to see a VW Tiguan pulls out a BMW .

  • Alex Romania

    @Gord: I think so too….honestly, he drives kinda crazy in that video….he’s got skills though

  • Giom

    I suppose, pushing the car past its limits, is part of the job. Now, how are you suppose to know those limits if you never go past that point.

    Didn’t Porshe experience the same problem with their new Cayenne test car a couple of weeks back? I think this is part of a testers life… I just don’t think there are always spies around to snap them -not every time he he.

  • bmw fan

    Why did a VW Tiguan have to pull the X1 out?

  • Mohammed AlMomen


    A Porsche test driver died last week testing a 998, an X1 stuck in snow is pretty trivial

  • mathis

    but Giom is correct that a Panamera got stuck in a similar way as the X1, the difference was that the Panamera was pulled out by another Porsche – a sibling Cayenne. I did not hear about the 998 tester death, and it really is sad, but testing a performance sportscar its is probably more likely to happen.

  • Mohammed AlMomen


    What I meant was these guys test these car in the limits all the time which means its not only a fun job but also a dangerous one because you have pre-production cars which means testing is done to find out defects and limits

  • Gord

    You know, the X1 actually has a pretty good looking shape in my opinion.

  • Lance

    @bmw fan: They coul have used an X3!

  • The Lee

    @Horatiu B.:
    I don’t see any issue with the phrase “Thank God…”, and I’m not even a religious person. It’s just a saying. I see absolutely no reason to go overboard and pick it apart as if you’re attempting to shove a specific religion down someone’s throat. I think some people need to relax a bit.

    I seriously doubt this was taken by a “spy photographer”. Seems as though its an awefully remote location for a casual bystander to happen to snap off a pic.

    Having grown up in BFE (go ahead and pick that saying apart Roark as I have never lived anywhere near Egypt), I understand 100% that sometimes you’ll have to be pulled out of a precarious position by someone in a vehicle with a different badge than yours on the front grill. Such is life when you decide to take your vehicle out of the parking lot and into the great beyond.