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2009 bmw 7 series individual

I have seen the BMW 7 Series Individual Model displayed in Chicago and all I can say is that pictures don’t do any justice. The …

I have seen the BMW 7 Series Individual Model displayed in Chicago and all I can say is that pictures don’t do any justice. The 7er is absolutely breathtaking and if you already love the new 7 Series, then with no doubt you will drool over the Individual model.

BMW Individual was established in 1991 as a division of M GmbH with the goal of leading the trend towards more individuality by concentrating on customers who were looking for made-to-measure solutions and making tougher demands on their BMW in terms of distinction, design and function.

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One of the first thing that struck me when I entered the car in Chicago was the quality of the finishes and especially, the amazing leather. Now, we already know that the new 7 Series took the interior up a notch, and many claim that it’s the best interior design ever made by BMW. But the Individual version of the car, takes it to another level. There are unique upholstery colors and interior trims that distinguish the 750Li Individual from its production “brother”.

The Fine Grain leather by Merino comes to the 7 Series for the first time and it will be available in six different colors: Amarone Brown, Champagne, Cohiba Brown, Graphite, and Platinum. The Merino leather can be also found on panel for the instruments and linings of the doors. The BMW Individual roof lining is currently available in Amaro Brown, Anthracite, Champagne, Platinum, and Silk Grey.

Interior trim is also offered in some unique color combination: Mahogany wood, Poplar Natural, Walnut Amarone and Piano Finished Black. It’s really hard to portray these colors, but BMW’s Individual website will give you the opportunity to visualize them. Old Link

And to make the BMW 7 Series Individual even more special, a series of new metallic paints are available for the BMW customers.

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To fully complete the luxury and uniqueness image, the BMW 7 Series Individual is equipped with 20-inch light alloys – V spoke design.

Since the Individual program is oriented towards consumers looking for the ultimate luxury, comfort and innovation, the 7 Series Individual comes with a cooling box which comes with expendable drawers which allow further convenient access to the bottles and glasses. The cooling box can accommodate tow large champagne bottles of around 7 liter/1.84 gallon and two 0.33 liter/11 ounce glasses.

Now all of us, the BMW fans, don’t have to feel inferior to the S-Class owners since the new 7 Series is the new king.

2009 BMW 7 Series Individual Gallery

BMW 7 Series Individual Chicago Auto Show

10 responses to “BMW 7 Series Individual – Great Photos”

  1. Gord says:

    The link leads to the old E65 individual, but one of the cool Individual packages was the Composition “White Shadow” found on the E65.

    I also like that wood inset on the steering wheel. :)

  2. dennis says:

    WOW….SIMPLY STUNNING….and omg the last 2 lines mentioned r soo true, BMW 7 series is the neww king of luxury…wats S class compared to this?…. and if BMW ever decide to make an M7…OMG….(walks of and cries..)

  3. mpower says:

    The 7 series truly is the king.

  4. Artmic says:

    Nice car, nice interior.

    Fit for the central/world bankers that destroyed the USA.

  5. Gil says:

    nice. very nice!

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    Talk about luxury, right? I wonder what Mercedes will come up with

  7. Giom says:

    I never used to think much about the 7 individual packages as something that can make such a difference to the car, until I saw one, sat in one and desided I wanted one a couple of years back with the old E65.

    Just can’t imagine the new one…phew!

    Wonder if they’ll bring out this option for the 5GT too? Maybe that option will look like the concept car interior. I love that interior!

  8. Amr Maranello says:

    AMAZING pix ;)

  9. Josh B says:

    My dad currently drives an E65 750LI Individual and although it looks so much better then a standerd 7-(Blue exterior with individual wheels) and has a fantastic interior but at the end of the day it just isnt worth the huge price increase(AUD$30,000)
    Although most 750Li byers will have the money only a few select will be willing to by an option such as the individual. When selling the car you get a very slight primium over your the other 7’s. I know its “individual” but at the end of the day it will drive just as well as the standerd 750LI.

  10. Miles Ransom says:

    the wheels look MUCH bigger in the actual pics than in the BMW pics…funny

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