New Spy Shots: BMW 5 Series GT

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The official launch of the BMW 5 Series GT has opened the way for all the FEP test mules to be driven around town. Since …

The official launch of the BMW 5 Series GT has opened the way for all the FEP test mules to be driven around town. Since there is no secret on what the basis of the 5 Series GT vehicles will be, many light camoed models are being spotted around Munich these days.

The production version of the Gran Turismo will vary slightly from the Concept model, with little modifications to the front-fascia. One major difference between the two could be the option to get a 5 seater model rather than the 4 seats concept revealed.

bmw gt pas 4 498x332

Apparently, the rear center console could be removed, in order to increase passenger space, an idea that will satisfy buyers planing to utilize the GT as an SAV replacement. The 5 Series GT is only 2.5 inch (7cm) shorter than the 7 Series, offering similar rear comfort and a generous trunk volume.

The BMW 5 Series GT will launch in the beginning with a six cylinder engine, followed in the future by a more powerful, V8 twin-turbo propeller. Of course, BMW plans future diesel and hybrid engines to become part of the engine line-up.

Pricing? German price is rumored to be 37,000 euros for the entry model and as high as 65,000 euros for the top model.

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7 responses to “New Spy Shots: BMW 5 Series GT”

  1. BMW fan says:

    Looks almost identical to the concept but isn’t as ugly.

  2. Gragop says:

    It looks like a jacked up one series.

  3. Lance says:

    The grille with black slates makes the car look worse and cheaper than the GT – which looked at least like an exclusive vehicle! The black enhances the ugly pig nostrils look! What a pity and shame!

  4. B. Riley says:

    Jeez . . . Why does BMW insist on building cars that no one has asked for? How many people have been DEMANDING a 5 series hatchback? Seriously?

    If people are crazy enough to really want a 5 hatchback, then they probably aren’t smart enough to hold a job that will allow them to afford the beast.

  5. Carlos Perez says:

    Just Wait untill you see the sales the talk

  6. I wonder if anybody noticed what looks to me like a middle headrest in the first pic;)

  7. Joseph says:

    I wonder how many people leaving negative comments do own a BMW series 5 or higher! Let’s us wait for the sales! The same applies to the current series 5 !, nobody liked it in the beginning…now!, all the best to BMW!

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