Front-End Comparison: F10 5 Series vs F01 7 Series vs F07 5er GT vs E60 5 Series

Interesting | February 18th, 2009 by 10

With the release of the new BMW 5 Series GT and the more recent leak of the next generation F10 5 Series, a normal question …


With the release of the new BMW 5 Series GT and the more recent leak of the next generation F10 5 Series, a normal question arises: which one of the most recent unveiled BMW models has the best looking front-end?

Of course, in this comparison, we had to include the new 7 Series, a vehicle that was said many times that it will have some similarities with the new 5er. For the picture to be complete, the current generation 5 Series, E60, is included as well.

You might also recall that a few days ago, we wrote an article about the best looking BMW rear-end design, so this new article fits right in.

Time for a new poll, let’s see who takes the top spot!

As a personal opinion, the BMW 5 Series GT gets my vote, but the leaked photos of the new 5er, shows LOTS of potential and definitely love the very aggressive lines.

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Thanks for the photos EnI!

  • Gord

    Why did you have to pick some of best looking BMW front ends ?! :D Makes it so hard.

    I picked the new 7 series because it looked really wide.

  • Jordan

    I keep seeing 2011 5 series now. I thought it was going to be a 2010 model. Did that change or was I just missing something?

    • Horatiu B.


      it will be released in Spring 2010, but most likely, the first production car will be sold as Model Year 2011. Some sites call it ’10 others ’11.

  • Giom

    I can’t vote on this… will wait for a better 2011 5er image to be released.

  • BMW fan

    Its difficult to choose without seeing the official pictures of the F10

  • bunker

    The thing I really like about the 5er GT front end is the way the headlamp elements do not angle downward and toward the kidneys (like the other lights in this comparo) but rather rise upward and toward the kidneys. I was very much hoping that his feature would make its way into the 5er sedan, but if this photo is any indication, it will not. I also really like how the front end of the 5er GT – in profile – is almost vertical; not swooped back (rounded) like the 3er coupe, 5er sedan, etc. In fact, it almost looks like it is angled in the other direction – similar to the old 635csi from the 80’s (E24). I’ll reserve full judgment until I see the official photos of the F10, but for now, I still like the E60 (which is the second sexiest nose on a BMW, IMO, after the E92).

  • Vaybach Khan

    the e60 looks a little bit old compare to new models….but its ultimate front any way..the gt looks sick expecially the bump…the headlight are awesome but it looks similar to mitsubishi lancer…the new 5 generation its bad pic…so my vote goes to f01..

  • nizer

    Like it but BMW, or is that Euro regulators, seem bent on making us all feel like we’re driving SUVs. Bring on the lowering springs.

  • tony

    the 5 series GT reminds of of tht shark in the Tom and Jerry cartoon thingy…..But i cant denny the good looks.

  • Bryce

    Yeah, why are we doing this before the official release of the F10 5-series?