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5 Series GT | February 13th, 2009 by 19

Courtesy of BMW AG, we have some high quality photos of the just unveiled BMW 5 Series GT. These are the first high-resolution photos we …

Courtesy of BMW AG, we have some high quality photos of the just unveiled BMW 5 Series GT. These are the first high-resolution photos we have seen so far, but expect more to come. The BMW 5 Series GT will be available to purchase in November this year and it will initially be powered by six cylinder engines and an eight speed automatic gearbox.

Our quick conclusion is that the BMW 5 Series GT combines luxury with 100% percent BMW dynamics and style. From a BMW fan, owner and blogger, it is quite exciting to see the new direction in the design language and the 5 Series gives me high hopes for the next generation BMW 5 Series, a vehicle that many BMW people refer to as a “state of art automobile”.

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Please enjoy these high resolution photos of the new BMW 5 Series GT and shortly we should have the official BMW Press Release.

Photos: BMW AG

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19 responses to “BMW 5 Series GT – Wallpapers”

  1. Brookside says:

    Great photos Horatiu…do you know who the exterior/interior designers are?
    I can see AVH and Bangle walking around but the two lead designers I can’t identify.

    I didn’t vote- I feel love/hate with this car. I want to like it- but it’s hitting some resistance…and maybe it’s just that it’s new, but after the debut of the Z4 where it’s hard not to admire everything about the design, this comes along and looks so ungainly.
    I loved the X6….right from the start. This isn’t doing it for me- and isn’t enuff to pull me in any direction so I feel really ambivalent.

  2. mpower says:

    The interior design wise is amazing. it looks very welcoming and comfortable.

  3. kafkef says:

    Anyone notice the car in the background in this photo?×1200.jpg

    Any idea on what it is?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      @kafkef, still the GT, a clay model

      • AutoCritical says:

        More precisely, a scaled clay model, there will probably be a few of these that were made when they chose which sketches they wanted to see in 3d form (approx 1/4 scale). The full size clay model design is applied to half, and a variation of the same concept, or a different concept of the same car is made on the other side (you can only have so many full sized clay models in a studio)

  4. Lawrence says:

    The car looks GREAT!, I can only imagine how it sounds and what a hooked up version would look like. Cant wait until it hits showroom floors, GO HEAD BMW!

  5. Gabriel says:

    The back of the car is not in my opinion a good interpretation of the BMW design style , the no 3 lateral window like an Audi , Ford Mondeo the last generation , is the main element that is not a BMW element style . I hope that BMW will produce an ” normal ” version of the BMW 5 series . The front of the car is very ok , but the back … . Another strange car from BMW is the X6 …

  6. AutoCritical says:

    What a striking design. I think the rear lights seem a bit ‘big’ looking making the rear quite vertical, the front of the roof seems a bit bulbous, but it does allow for that fast-back appearance. When looking at it from the side, the front needs more meat, or the rear needs less mass…. proportionally, just looks a little unbalanced.

  7. Ehsan says:

    I love BMW .. Exterior Design is good but i like interior design .specailly at night

  8. beedy says:

    the car is ugly

  9. jumpmanjr11 says:

    UGLY UGLY UGLY cum on bmw u can do betta den dis it lookz like a streched out x6 witch i also think iz UGLY

  10. jonnie says:

    the design is soooo ugly :X please bmw go back to your own style

  11. yawer says:

    its good not bad but i dont like bmw because my father has two
    hummer of bmw and im the son of mohammed shiekh who had made the belgle tower andthe island in the water

  12. M says:

    Excellent Car, Love both the interior and exteior. Great Job BMW. :)

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