BMW 5 Series GT Concept Unveiled

5 Series GT | February 12th, 2009 by 47
bmw concept serija 5 gt BMW 5 Series GT Concept Unveiled

Update: BMW 5 Series GT Official Photos Here they are ladies and gentleman, the first photos of the BMW 5 Series GT, Gran Turismo or …

Update: BMW 5 Series GT Official Photos

Here they are ladies and gentleman, the first photos of the BMW 5 Series GT, Gran Turismo or Progressive Activity Sedan. So what do we have here? A combination between the 7 Series and CS Concept. The BMW 5 Series GT has wheelbase length comparable to the new 7 Series long-wheelbase. As we learned yesterday, due to this, the cabin space is quite large, with lots of legroom and space in the back.

The taillights are similar to the 7 Series, L-shaped and larger than usual. Upfront, BMW continues the trend started by the new 7 Series with a large front-grille. The headlights clearly remind me of the now canceled/postponed BMW CS Concept.

serie5conceptgt3 498x332 BMW 5 Series GT Concept Unveiled

As we expected and guessed, the coupe-rear shape comes from the X6, but with a little bit more headroom. In the back, the hatchback style trunk with the glass that lifts up, is not as bad as some people expected and I believe it fits the car properly. From these photos, we can see the impressive trunk space, something that buyers will enjoy.

That’s it for now, we’ll be back with a more detailed analysis, but so far, we like what we see.

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  • bmwfan76

    tanks guys

  • bmidd

    why do they always roll these things out at the shows in colors no one is going to order?

  • Andrew Murphy

    BMWBlog continues to deliver inside info!

    As for the BMW GT – this thing looks horrible.

  • Horatiu B.

    @Andrew Murphy: I don’t know, I kinda dig it. I like it, better than I expected.

  • Carlos Perez

    Maybe a bit too long but i dig it u could actually buy one of them

  • Andrew Murphy

    @Horatiu B.: The nose is better than I expected and I like the blended interior from the 7 Series but thats more or less where my like of this car ends. The trunk space looks comparable to a trunk…but the roof line…it’s just awkward on this model.

  • AUL

    Holy shit this car is a lot better than I tought it would be. I could definantly live with one

  • Christian Harding

    We, at the dealership level are even wondering what is going on with this car. It is nice… but it kinda seems like why two “guy” wagons? The X6 and this? Horatiu, size wise how close is it to the X6? How much overlap do you see between the two?

    I do have to say that if this is the design language for the new 5 series… It will be the car to own!!!! NO QUESTION!

    Where do I place my order for the new 535i ????

  • Horatiu B.

    @Christian Harding: It has the same length as the 7 Series Li.

    No overlap really, the GT has way more rear space, larger trunk and just..different. It will most likely be a bit cheaper as well.

  • Carlos Perez

    if i could afford it

  • Gord

    This kinda looks like an Audi Sportback … and thats a good thing. :D

  • Gord

    It really does look really good. I like it alot.

    But I have one question, where was this PAS presented ? Geneva ?

  • Jordan

    Geez! i can really see the next 3 series looking awesome!! i’m really diggin this even tho it’s a little bit wagon style. looks WAY better than i thought it’d turn out. if you look at the X6 and mostly the new 7 and this car, i think the new 3 series is gonna look really good. i love the interior. i saw the 2009 3 series and they’ve got a new option where it’s something like Oyster white and it comes with a rich white leather but the floor and the carpet going on the sides of the center console, etc is all black. It seems like a brilliant idea, the interior looks very rich and luxurious with white leather but you’re not gonna get it all trashed with ur dirty feet. also with the interior, i like the simple “plain” layout with the dashboard area, i know it’s gotten a couple hits for being to plain but the way they tweaked this one, it looks first rate and a bit futuristic! :) go BMW!

  • Jordan

    btw i LOVE the sharp, yet soft lines on this car. like someone else said, I’m also really looking forward to seeing the new 5 series sedan.

  • Doug

    It would be interesting to see it alongside other cars so we can see it’s stature and “real” proportions. Not sure how tall Hooydonk is. The 7 is a huge car, it’s confusing that this “GT” hatchback would be of similiar dimensions.

    As for the design, it’s nice to see the CS elements but the nose is awfully high — maybe so the engine bay can accomodate the V10?

  • Gil

    Hrmm….. I’m so torn on this… vehicle-something-or-other. *groan* I like the wheels, tho. Dark graphite finish. Love it.

  • Joe

    Love the design language. Home run! If the new 5 series looks similar I am on board ASAP. Very nice.

  • Auday Hussein

    Lets wait for good photos with more neutral lenses especially onthe front of the side.

    Looks like BMW will not fully serve the tastefull CS, but rather chop it into pieces and let us occasionally feel the taste of excellency while
    chewing the bitter dishes of their ugly designs.

    Or in another word, the first glance of this car shows an ugly design seasoned with beautiful touches taken from the CS.

  • Auday Hussein

    oh, and the interior is hideous

  • Giom

    First place, I hate living in a country where we’re eigt hours ahead of you guys in the US &*#%@!! (Just had to get that off my chest)

    Second… So thats in then, now we know whats gonna make this car such a huge hit. I mean, 7-series long wheel base dimentions in a car thats practical and beautifull. Thats all I want in life!

    I agree with some that the roof line is awkward looking from the outside -seems too high. But once inside, I’m sure it feels like you’re sitting in the Warner Theatre.

    So… it’s not an MPV, it’s not a sedan -it must be the classyest, most practical stylish mode of transport available. I want one!

    PS. Horatiu, thanks for bringing us these pics. I believe it was worth the wait. Also, if you happen to talk with Adrian vH, please ask him how tall he is… he makes this car look really small.

  • Giom

    Oh, I forgot to ask… how much space is in the back seat -leg room and head room type of thing. I can’t get my head around that wheel base.

  • Tom Hegedosh

    love it

  • Frederik

    We need better pictures (taken from a longer distance), especially from the rear side.

    It does look good though.

    @ Horiatiu B.: in the post about the new 5-series, a V8 twin turbo diesel is mentioned; is that wishful thinking or do you have good reason to believe so?
    I sure wish the GT would be available with it. If so, I’m getting one.

  • Matski

    What the HELL!? I’m going to poke Van Hooydonk in the eye if I ever meet him…. as thats what looking at this car feels like!!!

    To be fair, it’s mostly the colour that I’m finding offensive – why do thye keep unveiling cars in VILE colours!

    As for the design itself, I already prefer the X6. But I’ll reserve final judgment until we get some better pics.

  • Uxel

    Is this a third breaking light in the roof antenna?

  • Rich

    Reminds me of a Prius from certain angles…

  • mpower

    i much rather have the CS concept in production soon but it seems like bmw has taken bits and pieces from the CS and implemented it in all the new upcoming next generation models.

    I like it, maybe a different color in the exterior and interior :)

  • xbmw

    yeah!! Love it! Better than I expected ^)))))

  • bmw123

    the best car i have ever find,it contains all what i want.

  • Giom

    You’re my new best friend:)

  • DAN

    I have the opportunity to get a 2005 BMW 5-series for $15,000 CDN ($18,000 US), 100,000KM (75,000Miles). Its in great condition, I think its an awesome deal. How much do you think it will cost me per year in repairs?

  • jeff

    Saw the GT in the flesh last week at Motorwerks in Barrington IL, and my one word review is: huge.

    Expounding on that, it is 7-class worthy size with seating for 4 (!), and struck me as mostly an execmobile than anything else, given the rear dual-barcalounger seats that give you the same experience as riding in the back of a 750Li.

    Liked the front end, undecided on the reason/function of the trunk-hatch, liked the 7-series level appointments, and would love to test driving experience.

    Anyone know what sales projections are?

  • luanpa

    nice car

  • Frank

    I like it