Y’s Factory: How to ruin a BMW M5

BMW M5 | February 11th, 2009 by 16

Let me start by saying that the BMW M5 is one of the best looking and most valuable BMW models. But went a tuner goes …

Let me start by saying that the BMW M5 is one of the best looking and most valuable BMW models. But went a tuner goes overboard and transforms the M5 into a Honda Civic look-alike, with some German features, then I have a problem.

We have seen the modded M5 from G-Power with its 730 horsepower, so we know that it’s possible to have a fast M5 and still keep the classy look. But a Japanese tuner proves us wrong and takes the modding art to a whole nother level, by turning this M5 Sedan into….well, I don’t even know what to call it.

Ys Factory: How to ruin a BMW M5

Let me start bitching about the oversized “Supra” like mufflers that flask an air difuser. And if that wasn’t obvious enough, then the 5 ft by 1.5 ft wing sitting on the trunk, definitely makes me cringe.

Now, shall we move upfront? Ok, here we go: tinted blue headlamp lenses. Should I even tell you how I feel about that?

Ys Factory: How to ruin a BMW M5

At least the front bumper doesn’t look too bad.

To complete the picture, Y’s Factory uses low-profile tyres and black rims covering the blue 6 piston calipers.

Ys Factory: How to ruin a BMW M5

Fine, I’ll give them this: for some reason, I do like the blue sport seats they have chosen.

I don’t have any information on the engine performance, but it’s pretty safe to assume that it packs more power than the standard version of the M5.

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  • Diego


  • L1ndja

    I kinda dig the 3rd photo i like it lol.But else its not good..

  • Islam Essam

    A Rear Spoiler like that one + A BMW = Hideous.

  • jkp

    “a whole nother”

    Grammar police:

    What is a “nother”? :-)

  • Gord

    Hidious indeed, but the spoiler itself isn’t all that bad.

    There was another Japanese company that tuned the new M3. They put a spoiler that looks a bit like the one on the Integra Type R or RSX. That was hidious.

  • Gragop

    Just drive it into a tree or wall quickly…before anyone realizes it’s a BMW.

  • The Lee


    That’s a BMW??? I thought it was the new Evo…

  • Gil




  • Jesse

    That thing must have come out of a damn big rice cooker….

  • bmwf1guy

    First a biased opinion saying I like the M3 better haha.

    Seriously though, the M5 is a super looking car, but what happened here. I like doing some mods on my beemers but this is what not to do to a terrific car.

  • Volan

    There is a reason they call such tuners “ricers”

  • Marc

    @bmwf1guy: Its “bimmers” not “beemers”….Beemers are motorcycles…anyway I like the Euro tuning looks more than the Japanese tuning….most of the good Euro tuners have a “form follows function” philosophy(with Kerscher and some of Riegers stuff being the exception).

  • Ahmed Rawahy

    WTF .. japanese crap in a class bmw car

  • Neel D

    Bloody ricers, they should’ve given that car to me before spoiling it.
    Just pee on that car and drive it into the ravine before anyone else sees it.

  • NotABMWDouche

    What a bunch of BMW douche bags. I guess look over functionality does it for you guys. Obviously this isn’t just you’re regular let me drive to starbucks and show off M5.