Jeremy Clarkson reviews the BMW 730d

7-series | February 8th, 2009 by 19
2009 bmw 7 series 730d Jeremy Clarkson reviews the BMW 730d

The famous Top Gear host has gotten his hands on the new 2009 BMW 7 Series, the 730d to be more exact. The BMW 730d …

The famous Top Gear host has gotten his hands on the new 2009 BMW 7 Series, the 730d to be more exact. The BMW 730d is powered by an all-aluminum 3.0-liter straight-six cylinder diesel engine produces 245 hp and 400lb-ft of torque. With an impressive 38.7 mpg fuel consumption figure, the new 730d is announcing to become one of top sellers in the new 7 Series family.

Before I will let you jump into Jeremy’s review, I feel that I have to point out his track record with BMWs and the multitude of bad reviews he has given to all the M models and many other bimmers. I have always challenged his ability to post an objective BMW review, but that’s not here or there, a different discussion for another time.

2009 bmw 7 series 730d 498x368 Jeremy Clarkson reviews the BMW 730d

And luckily, all of this brings me neatly to the BMW 730 diesel.

You see, ordinary businessmen who have no problem using scissors have always bought, if they were in the market for a large and well-appointed mobile living room, a Mercedes S-class. The main reason for buying something else is that you’re the chairman of a large British company, such as Jaguar, in which case you’d have to get a Jag.

In short, then, before buying the big ugly Beemer, you would have to say, “I am not a businessman, sane, Bonio, Alan Sugar, Wayne Rooney, or Theo Pamphlet from Dragons’ Den”. You’d have to be a bit odd to be none of these things. You’d have to have strange underwater eyes and the hairiest scrotum in the world. To go for the left-field car, you would — and can you see what I’ve done here — have to be wired up all wrong.

Read the rest of his review here, but I can already tell you his conclusion: 2 out of 5 stars and the new 7 Series is “big, bad and ugly”.
Obviously this is a statement that I totally disagree with him, and even though I have not driven the car yet, I saw it in person a few times. It is far from being too big and even further from being ugly. Compared to the previous generation 7 Series, the new F01/F02 are a huge step forward, as I pointed it out before in my review.

P.S He’s calling the 7 Series a “beemer”….he probably believed his riding a BMW motorcycle. It’s “Bimmer” Mr. Clarkson.

  • Elio

    Clarkson has disliked BMW’s for as long as I can remember. I tend to ignore his opinion on them.

  • Lou

    Clarkson is a BMW, Porsche, anti- American douchebag.

  • Gord

    You know what actually ? Clarkson reviewed the E65 7 series (pre facelift), and it was the 730d also.

    He said, while it wasn’t super pretty, it wasn’t butt ugly either.

    He also said he liked the interior, calling it coherent, and he liked the iDrive. He said to think of it as a mouse and it all makes sense.

    In conclusion he said, good car, but out of all the big German luxury sedans, he preferred the Pheaton the most.

  • Gord

    Actually from what I read, it seems most British reviews have critized the new 7er for a cabin that makes too much wind noise.

  • jkp

    He made some good points. The number of people truly in the market for a huge cruiser like this actually want a sport suspension is rather small.

    And his point about the RHD i-Drive is well-taken. I detest using a mouse with my non-dominant hand. Getting used to a left-handed i-Drive would be horribly annoying.

    Exterior styling is purely a matter of taste, but the 7er is not a huge looker, either.

    I doubt this is a car I’d ever want to buy, even if I COULD afford it.

  • bcoz

    In Australia we use the term Beemer to refer to BMW cars, same as they do in the UK.

    In the US you use Bimmer.

    It must be a pronunciation thing!

  • Andrew Murphy

    Clarkson also owns a Merc Grosman which may explain part of his dislike towards BMW

  • Doug

    @bcoz: It’s always bean “Beemer”! I actually thought Bimmer was just the german spelling for the same pronounciation.

    Anyhoo, Jeremey typically goes after BMW for the prestige they claim and the people who get sucked into that. He’s providing an [unsolicited] reality check against the annoying snobbery and materialism that is unfortunately widely associated with BMW. It does bias his reviews, but to a point; he ends up admitting where the BMWs are in fact superb (good example — the Top Gear M3 / RS4 / C63 comparison in spain).

  • Solrac_x81

    Can´t see the full review anyone know why?? it sais someting about vhttp
    any help please

  • Horatiu B.

    @Solrac_x81: It’s working now

  • Horatiu B.


    Beemer was always used for bikes, cars…bimmers…

  • Gil

    Ah… the Brits and their Jags. :) Are they any good? I’ve been drooling after an XJ8…

  • Lance

    What kind of review is this? How can he moan about things like the iDrive controller not suitable for right handed people? It is like saying: it is not suitable to press buttons on the dash with your left hand if you are a right handed person because you cannot control your left hand. Furthermore, did he moan about all other cars with similar system to iDrive like MMI??? I have not seen him raise this in other cars – which are exactly like the 7’s setup. Maybe he shouold suggest that all right handed people drive on the left hand side so that those who cannot control their left hands use their right ones… or move the dash to right for RHP – I cannot believe that this was the arguement for faulting a car, when most carshave this setup. It’s like moaning about having to sit in a car instead of lying down, which is more comfortable. BTW, the S and A8 also have controllers in the middle! Start moaning JC!

    Secondly, not all people who own the 7 only gets driven around and sit at the back. When I own a 7 one day, I want to drive it as well… and being a BMW, it has to have all the BMW characteristics. From many other overseas reports, the 7’s comfort is as good as the S. Did he even drive the car???

    He made no mention of the beautiful interor design, the superior tech advancements compared to S, and a host of other stuff, which actually makes the 7 better than the S in almost all aspects.

    Basically, his review is this: S Class sells more in the UK, who needs the 7 Series? Let’s see what I can say about this car? Well, it’s a BMW, so it is very sporty, so comfy should suffer. It’s got Run Flats, so ride is rough. Rich people own this, so they are always at the back, so who cares how well it drives. It’s got the new iDrive, which is much better, but how can I bash it? Well, the fact the it’s in the middle (left of driver) means that my old, uncontrollable left hand won’t be able to press or turn a knob properly. (Shame is that’s the truth)

  • Gord

    Well Clarkson has given some bimmers good reviews.

    M6 Cabrio:
    Of course, a Mercedes SL 55 is better looking and has a much better roof. It makes a better noise, too, and comes with a proper gearbox. But when you delve into the BMW’s iDrive system and find the control that unleashes all of the V10’s 500bhp, trust me, the Merc is made to look like it’s made from a mixture of wood and wallpaper paste.
    And he used to have an SL 55.

  • bcoz

    From wiki….

    The term “Beemer” started as a slang term for the acronym “BMW,” adapted from the early-20th century British pronunciation of BSA (as /’bisə/ or /’bizə/), whose motorcycles were often racing BMWs. Over time, the term became closely associated with BMW motorcycles.

    In the United States, the term “Bimmer” was later coined to refer (exclusively) to BMW automobiles. As such, use of the word “Beemer” to refer to a BMW automobile is frowned upon by some BMW enthusiasts, because it is the term used for motorcycles. Although the distinction is arbitrary, the media, movies, and people still use the term “Beemer” to refer to the automobiles.

  • George

    Clarkson is Volkswagen-Audi fan and that is a fact. I don’t know if he his under their payroll, because that is a pretty strong accusation but he is very harsh when it comes to BMW reviews.

    He gives more attention to the i-drive rather than the driving dynamics of the car. I am sorry Mr.Clarkson but the new i-drive is still not stupid-proof but it is a great improvement.

    As far as the suspension is concerned, there are 3 different settings but I guess none of them can account for the poor road quality in the UK!

    Why doesn’t he complain to his snobbish Government about the quality of their B-roads?

  • mpower

    i dont need other people telling me whats good and whats bad.

    BMW 4 Life. muahaha

  • Jim Chang

    …this is why i like Tiff more than clarkson

  • Fuleng

    I personaly like Mr. Clarkson especially as the Top Gear show is one of the best Car shows to watch on television. I also realised quite early that he does not like BMWs (unlike Mr. hammond) and was sometimes annoyed by this fact. But Mr. Clarkson saved it with the last words in his review of the M5: “but with the push of a button it is becoming one of the best cars in the world”. And he says it is even better as a Ferrari.
    see it yourself