Guess who’s here again? The 2009 BMW Z4

BMW Z4 | February 2nd, 2009 by 15
2009 bmw z42

Haven’t you guys missed the whole spy photos/rumors game with the new BMW Z4? Well, I certainly did, it was fun while it lasted and …

Haven’t you guys missed the whole spy photos/rumors game with the new BMW Z4? Well, I certainly did, it was fun while it lasted and it made things really interesting over the course of the last months, especially since it was one of the most awaited BMW redesigns in the past few years.

Of course, we had a tete-a-tete (that was “head-to-head” in French) with the car in Detroit, we have seen it, analyzed it, reported our findings and much more. So today, with the help of our dear and close friend Palbay, we have some real life photos of the Z4, just sitting “quietly” in a parking lot somewhere near the BMW Plant in Spartanburg.

2009 bmw z4 91 498x270

The vehicle is fully uncovered, but still with the BMW badges masked out. Not sure why though, any BMW owner would recognize it anyway, but….that’s just another story.

So what’s there to say about the car? It still looks as impressive as it looked the first time we saw it, a typical roadster that will turn heads more than ever. Oh, have I mentioned that I absolutely totally dig these wheels?

2009 bmw z4 41 498x236

Now give me an Alpine White and these rims and I am money.

That’s it for now,  thanks again to Palbay, who has clearly joined the elite of the spy photographers out there, we’ll be back soon with more exclusive news. But in the mean time, if you would like us to keep you updated on all the BMW news, please take a moment and sign up for our email feed. Get updates by email

15 responses to “Guess who’s here again? The 2009 BMW Z4”

  1. Jordan says:

    excellent taste! i love white with matte black rims on pretty much any car. looks very sharp

  2. Bmwe34 says:

    damn it, i hate the damn antenna on the side, it destroys the whole car. and i hate this paint

  3. mpower says:

    Looks GREAT !
    i agree with the antenna, wired that bmw didnt go with their signature shark fin antenna like on all their newer models

  4. Brookside says:

    Nice pics… but what I think is ironic is that it sits there in a Spartanburg parking lot at the plant where the new model was slated to built.

    I’ve heard that production was moved back to Germany because of the complicated folding top….that BMW wanted the car built close to the suppliers, etc so that if a production difficulty popped up it could be modified virtually in-house. Don’t know if it’s true or not….but for US customers there is a hitch- if you are ordering a car built to spec, you’ll have apprx. 2 addl. weeks added to your wait time for trans-Atlantic delivery.

  5. Gragop says:

    I don’t particularly like the color but I think the body itself looks great in lighter colors.

    @Bmwe34: the antenna is pretty standard on BMW roadsters and coupes. You can actually buy a much smaller, truncated antenna that works just as well.

  6. The Lee says:

    I can go on for days about how much I hate the black wheels on it and how the antenna looks retarded mounted on the rear fender (lack of symmetry = fail)…

    I just can’t bring myself to do it, though. The car just looks too damn good, even for my sarcastic, cynical self.

  7. Vriff Polo says:

    A very stylish looking cup-holder, nice attention to details as always!

  8. Chris says:

    I am sorry folks but i think the whole car look hideous

  9. Car Tuning says:

    i love it! the front side looks really aggressive and the design flows great.

  10. Bike trader says:

    Biggest problem is the car is ludicrously over-engined.

    BMW can’t get it’s 4-cylinder engines back to the USA soon enough.

    A car this size ought to be a 35 mpg car.

  11. The Lee says:

    @Bike trader:
    I must have missed the part where the Z4 was meant to be competition for the Pruis…

    There’s NO WAY I would buy that car with a 4 cylinder. I don’t care if you slap a turbo and 87 ///M badges, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

  12. Gord says:

    @The Lee: “I must have missed the part where the Z4 was meant to be competition for the Pruis”

    The Prius is only as economical as you drive it.

    Top Gear did an experiment with a E90 M3 vs the Prius in a fuel economey challenge. Both were driven at same speeds, but the M3 beat the Prius by 2 MPG. The reason was the Prius would drive as fast around the TG track as it could, while the M3 had to closely follow it.

    While the comparison was a bit biased towards the M3, it proves a great point, which is “It’s not the car you drive, but how you drive it”.

  13. The Lee says:

    I’m EXTREMELY familiar with Top Gear (I typically watch the new episodes within a couple hours of airing in the UK and I currently have over 100 gigs of TG on an external hard drive).

    I understand the concept of “its how you drive the car”, which is why I was able to average just a hair shy of 30mpg with my ’04 Corvette Z06 on a trip from DFW to Denver and back. At the same point in time, I don’t see a roadster’s MPG being the biggest selling point. By design, they’re small, nimble, fairly lightweight vehicles with (mostly) 6 speeds and fairly torquey engines. Fuel mileage is going to be decent enough by design unless someone absolutely screws things up.

    For a roadster, the first and foremost trait should be performance. How does it handle? Is it easy to pass on the highway? Is it fun to throw around in the twisties? Are the brakes responsive? You’ll notice I didn’t mention anything about penny-pinching fuel economy…

    It’s a BMW roadster, not a cheap econo-car meant for college students on a tight budget.

  14. Chris says:

    OK I took another look, all i see is panel lines everywhere. I really wanted to like this car. Maybe it’s the color?? I just don’t get it. I dislike the front, the lights, the side view. Only my opinion of course

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