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After the successful BMW M5 Hurricane, G-Power returns with a super tuned up version of the popular BMW E93 M3. If the M5 Hurrican achieved …

After the successful BMW M5 Hurricane, G-Power returns with a super tuned up version of the popular BMW E93 M3. If the M5 Hurrican achieved the title of the fastest sedan in the world with its 730 hp and a top speed of 228.4 mph, the G-Power M3 is not that far behind.

The process of turning the M3 into one of the fastest bimmers on earth, is structured on three stages. The production M3 model has 420 hp, but in stage 1, the Compressorsystem EVO-SK I, adds another 105 hp, to a total of 527 hp and 369 lb-ft.

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But here are all the modifications done at Stage 1:

Supercharging: ASA T1-17 supercharger including overrunning clutch ASA K05; supercharger lubrication through bypass from motor oil circuit; ultra stiff CNC shaped supercharger bracket system made from aluminium including an extended support-aggregate belt-drive for the supercharger’s drive; pneumatic controlled, engine load related boost control; flow optimized, large volumetric fresh air intake; racing air filter.

Intercooling: Large volumetric intercooler system using flow optimized boost pipes made from aluminium and a large, high capacity air to air intercooler in the car´s front.

Engine modification: 8 x fuel injectors with enlarged mass flow.

Exhaust system: Optimized exhaust conduction through a back pressure reducing G-POWER full stainless-steel sport rear silencer with 4x83mm tailpipes featuring the M-design look.

Electronics: Custom made software for the standard BMW engine and SMG- transmission electronic control unit (BMW OBD stays completely untouched); enabling in addition an unlimited top speed according to the capacity of the tyres.

e93 m3 side 01 498x301

Stage 2 takes the M3 a step further, another 25 hp to a total of 542 hp and 387 lb-ft. What does Stage 2 bring to the table?

An ASA supercharger with enlarged mass flow rate (ASA TM1- 17HD); G-POWER SPEEDFLOW exhaust system (export only), optimized exhaust conduction through dynamic pressure reduced exhaust system including first catalysts replacement pipes, racing stainless-steel catalysts and intermediate muffler; adjustment of the ECU software to the enlarged mass flow rate.


But G-Power is just getting started, for those of you that want even more power squeezed out of that M3 engine, the Compressorsystem EVO-SK III increases output to 626 hp and 450 lb-ft, turning the BMW M3 E9x series into a “beast”.

Wait, we’re not done yet, G-Power takes the M3 to a whole another level. For the right price, they will replace the V8 engine with the V10 one from the M5 Hurricane, which outputs 730 hp.

Now we’re talking! And all of this can be done with minor modifications to the body.





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7 responses to “BMW M3 by G-Power”

  1. L1ndja says:

    Thats the part i dont understand BMW they can make 7-800hp monsters easaly and dont do it ..

    • BIMMER1 says:

      There are many factors BMW takes into consideration. These are just a few…

      1. The engine needs to be reliable and able to be driven on a daily basis. There’s no telling how long or how many issues this engine will have as a result of the extra stress involved with making that kind of power. Only time will tell, but with that kind of power I’d assume a full rebuild will be in order somewhere b/t 50-75,000 miles. The cost to rebuild that engine without all of the Gpower goodies is well over $15,000 if not more. The engine itself costs $25k to replace in stock form.

      2. An 800hp car would cost $10,000 a year to insure. Not many people are willing to pay that king of money for car insurance. Ins. companies would view that car as a death trap.

      3. Driving an 800hp car on the street takes brains and a lot of restraint. It would be very easy to get yourself in trouble during a light rain or when cold out, those types of situations that we usually take for granted in our daily drivers. Even my Dinan 135 is scary to drive, especially on a day like today when there’s 3-4 inches of snow on the ground. I can’t imagine driving this car on a day like today. You wouldn’t go anywhere.

      4. The cost to put an 800hp engine in a car is much more expensive than a 500hp engine. I would bet it would add $15-20k onto the price of the car, making it much less affordable. Not that it’s “affordable” to begin with, but another $15-20k bumps the car up to the next level and would turn off a lot of buyers. Especially when the M5 is already more expensive than the competition.

      There are more, but that’s all I have time for.

  2. The Lee says:

    Take note, “tuning” companies… This is how it’s done.

  3. Car Tuning says:

    well BMW has no interest in creating extremely powerful rides when there are only a couple of buyers that want that much power. I think this ride would have been better with other wheels.

    • Qiuyuan Chen says:

      BMW had dropped their horsepower competition goal back in 1995. So for a long time BMW focused mostly on lower their drive strain lose and how to adjust their suspension system to more efficiently use the energy.

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