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BMW Z4 | January 23rd, 2009 by 9
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Yes, yes, we know. The 2009 BMW Z4 is out and about by now and we have seen already many official and unofficial photos from …

Yes, yes, we know. The 2009 BMW Z4 is out and about by now and we have seen already many official and unofficial photos from auto shows or press launches, but we haven’t had the opportunity to see a fully uncovered Z4 roaming around the streets, especially here in the U.S.

And who else other than our friend and collaborator Palbay, who many times has proven to be a true bimmer fan and showing all of us, lots of BMW spy photos. The Z4 in the photos was spotted near Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.

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We are less than two months away from the moment the new Z4 goes on sale, so we should see more photos of the car just being driven around town. After seeing the multitude of photos and videos, reading plenty of reviews and learning about the options or colors offered in the Z4, we need to get our hands on some pricing information.

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German pricing has already been announced, but as usual, the U.S. market is the last one to do so. The basic model offered in the U.S., the BMW Z4 sDrive 30i  (258 bhp) sells in Germany for 42,900 – euros or the equivalent of 57,445 USD. The high end sDrive 35i (306 bhp)  goes for 47,450 – euros or 63,537 USD. Fairly high prices when compared to the previous generation E85 Z4, but historically, the U.S pricing was much lower, so we expect them to be somewhere in the $40,000 range.

Looking at the photos taken by Palbay, the Z4 looks amazing even outside the showroom, very aggressive, road presence and it certainly stands out. Order it in the Crimson Red or Deep Sea Blue paint and heads will turn.

9 responses to “2009 BMW Z4 – out in the open”

  1. Gragop says:

    The more I see the rear of the car in natural, non-studio light, the more it screams CS concept to me.

    Can we place bets on the retail of the lower displacement model’s MSRP for the U.S.? I’m guessing it will be $40,995 for the lowest U.S. model Z4 with the turbo’d one going for $44,995.

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  3. roffle waffle says:

    anyone know if its coming to the Philadelphia Auto Show?

  4. Horatiu B. says:

    @roffle waffle: I’m pretty sure it’s coming, but I’ll let you know after the Chicago show. I’ll ask around

  5. roffle waffle says:


  6. John Q says:

    Ahhh it looks pretty good, but I do too love the darker colors, give me a the Deep Sea blue and I am set.

  7. L1ndja says:

    Ah i love thsi one.I think that now thath the Z4 is a lot bigger then the old one and with that quite a lot heavier 2 there is room for the Z2 and i think bmw should defenetly think about that.The Z2 should be a true sports car no hevy not very big and good engine choices.I would preefer that bmw used some turbo engines but i would defenetly make an N/A engine that is high revving like 8000+ rpm.

  8. Shakal says:

    Im the one who is waiting for new Z4. But I must say I am a little disappointed with its look on those pictures… On pictures from Detroiot and on official pictures it looked much better … I guess I will have to wait one month and then when I see Z4 in flesh I will make a choice. I hope it will look better than on those photos.

  9. Jim P. says:

    The part of the frame above the windshield (header?) is too low to feel good for me. Maybe this is because the windshield slants back too much. Thus for me the overall feeling is one of slight claustrophobia: the top of my vision, while not obstructed, is distracted by the windshield not going up high enough. Cabin width is fine, performance excellent, and design stunning, but inside the car I feel a bit constricted at the top of my forward vision. We’ll keep our 06 X-3 and I’m ready to trade my 01 525i for something new, but not for the Z-4, beautiful (and expensive)as it is. Guess I’ll wait for the 2011 funfer. Jim

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