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3-Series | January 22nd, 2009 by 99
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BMW 335i vs. Infiniti G37 – one of the most popular comparisons that involves the top sellers in the BMW and Infiniti line-up. Our friend …

BMW 335i vs. Infiniti G37 – one of the most popular comparisons that involves the top sellers in the BMW and Infiniti line-up. Our friend Bryan at Motive Magazine, took on the challenge of comparing the two cars from an enthusiast point of view.

To narrow down the comparison even more, he decided to put head-to-head the BMW 335i Sedan and the Infiniti G37, sedan version as well. He rightfully names the 335i, “The Defending Champion”, while the G37 plays “The Contender” role.

335 498x202

Will the BMW 335i lose its “belt”? Can the Infiniti G37 live up to the expectations of an enthusiast driver looking for the sportier sedan in the class?

“For decades, the BMW 3-series has been synonymous with “sport sedan,” a market segment its forbears practically created. Virtually everyone else has attempted to copy the formula since then, and until recently the only ones to even come close to translating the blueprints have been other Germans. But one challenger in particular has been closing in on the magic — Infiniti’s G sedan. For 2009, the 3-series got a mild facelift while the G got another 22 horsepower, thanks to the G coupe’s VVEL 3.7-liter. But is power alone enough to establish a new benchmark? To find out, we pitted a 2009 335i against a 2009 G37.”

BMW 335i Sedan

For 2009, the 335i is still the top non-M 3-series, and — halfway through its lifecycle — BMW has treated the E90 to a freshening. Though the changes are largely cosmetic — new front and rear bumpers and lights, mildly revised interior, a greatly improved iDrive controller — BMW modified the chassis slightly to increase front and rear track (by 6 and 24 mm, respectively). The twin-turbo engine, however, remains unchanged.

Infiniti G37 Sedan

g37 11 498x202

For 2009, Infiniti bumped the engine’s displacement to 3.7 liters, bringing horsepower to the 328 mark (two fewer than the G coupe). The new VQ37VHR allows the G37S to bolt to 60 mph in just 5.0 seconds with its six-speed manual; that’s a full 0.4 seconds quicker than the last G35 sedan we drove. The company also developed a new sport package — sport seats, sport suspension,18-inch wheels, a limited-slip diff, and the coupe’s Akebono brakes — to go head-to-head with BMW’s popular option pack.

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99 responses to “MotiveMag: BMW 335i vs. Infiniti G37”

  1. kodey says:

    well who won??? BMW please?

  2. Horatiu B. says:

    @kodey: Who do you think it will? :)

  3. Mathias Hemmer says:

    why compare a overpriced Nissan with a fine BMW. Even if it is faster 0-60, the track will show who is the champ :-)

  4. E92-TORONTO says:




    • Md4322 says:

      He meant the other way around. The reason why the 3 series and 1 series are a turn off is because of their unrefined plastic cheap interiors … and sucky nav systems also.

      • Pekka says:

        hah full leather red dakota interior…extra money to inside roof…extra inside led lightning package…all OEM installed from BMW…yeah…not looking cheap no more :D put any Nissan and compare…and can say those sucks vs BMW´s interior…

    • Arneldom says:

      too bad bmw can”t produce an engine that can go against a nissan (GTR), i guess they just don”t have the technology yet. When they do, that’s the only time i would buy one. I own a nissan GTR and a porche carrera (i will not touch a bmw).

  5. Kris says:

    Obviously the 335i. Although, the G37S coupe is a sexy machine. I just wished the front was more aggressive. I believe if Infiniti made the G37 coupe more aggressive looking, it’d be one of the hottest cars out.

  6. AS says:

    BMW fanboys cannot admit that an “overpriced Nissan” beats their overpriced overrated Euro pansy mobile. BMW = Big Money Waste.

  7. Kris says:

    I find it hilarious to find people that call BMW’s overpriced pieces of junk or overpriced pansy mobiles ones that can’t even afford them. Yes they are overpriced to you because you can’t afford them. The 28i models shouldn’t cost what they do but who cares, you’re buying a BMW not a Ford or Chevy.

    AS you sound like a Mustang or Camaro owner and it’s pathetic. I can’t tell you how many times I see American “muscle” car owners think Euro cars are overpriced POS when they own POS period.

    • guest says:

      seems like you are rich, why both bmw, go Ferrari.
      by the way, no body care you are rich or not. people are talking about car here.

      • Pekka says:

         what a joke “seems that you are rich” because you own BMW….looser…what an idiot :D
        i dont care if you and other people have Nissan Micra´s or crap like that…i am just happy to have
        full loaded 335i coupe :D ….

    • Inbellvue says:

      BMW is cheap, especially depending on who you are. It is for people who cannot afford Mercs or Porsches…let alone Ferraris. It got popoular as the middle class could affort more than a Honda, but not enough to buy a Merc (minus 3 series) or Porsche.
      Hence you find more fan boys among BMW owners than any other car manufacturer as they know they made a compromise, yet believe they are above the masses and find the need to constantly put down other “badges”, irrespective to the facts.
      If Ford or Chevy is your benchmark…then go BMW,

      • Pekka says:

         Merc?? what the fug!?!? its so ugly that cannot never compare to bmw coupe…it sucks lol
        yeah dont have money…right…well i do have but still rather buy full loaded 335i coupe
        80 000€ rather than any fuckshit looking merc….

  8. Dr Phil K says:

    what a great topic, i am in the market to trade in my old (nissan) 03 G35 coupe, which was a blast back then, but not a refined ride.

    Yeah, i am looking to trade up to the 335xi. Can’t wait for the test drive this week.
    And as 1 of a 2 physician family in boston, BMW’s are indeed overpriced despite
    our income, but it gets you a crafted ride.

    Sorry infiniti – er nissan – you shouldn’t be pricing the G37 at 37k in this economy.
    nor the z370 at that either.


    • Dan says:

      Curious, what is the BMW priced at? I know my 7 series was close to $100k when all was said and done. Infiniti has nothing even close to that!

    • Tylongray says:

      Putting Ford down is a waste of breathe Nissan, bmw, merc, chevy or porche have any cars that can beat the super snake in a quarter mile.

      • Tyjonray says:

        The SSC is the fastest top speed car ever created @ 279mph, the first car manufacturers FORD will always have the upper hand.

    • Abbekele says:

      Pep pls don’t compair these two cars they r not in the same category specially for the pep who own BMW take that turbo out and see where it takes u!!! And for the pep who own G35, G37 if only u had a turbo it would’ve been a different story. What I wanna ask is has any of the BMW fans challenged a G 37with turbo?

  9. Carluver says:

    This is a perfecr forum for me as I own both cars in question. I prefer the infinity over the beemer for several reasons. First the Infinity can hands down beat the beamer from 0-60 and it habdles every bit as good on the twisteys. I like the looks of the car too. For those who think its a nissan in drag, so what, the nissan GTR can whip the Porsche Turbo for half the price. For the Euro snobs, get over it, as the rest of the car world has caught up. Just look at the Genesis for $35,000. Nothing can touch it for ubder $50K.

    • Dan says:

      WOW, you are not the first person to say that the Genesis is a fine vehicle. And to think, a Hyundai being compared to the big boys…

    • Sami says:

      I LOVE YOU!……Just saying the word GT-R will shut all these idiots up!

      • mike says:

        I find this entertaining, you can tell the people that like cars and the performance that come with them will choose the infiniti.  The people that choose BMW are about the expense and saying I own a BMW.  As the other car companies better cars like the G35 and G37 BMW will be fine because people will always be there to say look how much my BMW costs!   Well My Diesel truck is 70K and I could have afforded the BMW 335 But I bought a G35 as a second vehicle .  Nice car better than bmw ? doesn’t matter they’re so close that you will only hear the BMW snobs carrying on about how much they spent  !!!!!!!!!!

    • Cwjrperio says:

      Interesting feedback. Much appreciated.

    • Twdreardon says:

      Someone who owns a BMW knows not to call it a “beamer” it’s “bimmer” …. Stop lieing and wishing you could afford a BMW and stick to your Nissan…. Served. NEXT!

      • Iavoi says:

        Compare a base g37 to a base 335. Infiniti gives the buyer SOOOO much more, xenon lights, better looking interior, etc…
        You can call Infiniti a Nissan all you want, it’s a compliment, just the engine quality is better than the shitty BMW. Drive your BMW and watch your engine mess up and your sensors fail and and and… While all you have to do to your Infiniti is change the oil and fill up gas. BMW is for suckers! Even Merc, cheaper than BMW has better cars and engines and is more reliable.

    • hehe says:

      I own the Genesis 3.8T, such a fast car (:

  10. Milton says:


    Your insecurity is showing, and you are compensating for it with your vehicle.

    I can afford any car south of $100K, and I have a M3 for track days, and an Acura MDX for my wife. But for my daily driver, I chose the best combination that has 4-doors, AWD (live in the snow belt), performance, and COST. And given this criteria, the Infiniti G37x is an easy choice.


  11. Kris says:

    Insecurity? I don’t know how you get that as I’m not insecure about anything if you even knew me IRL.

    Your financial situation wasn’t in question when my last comment was posted, it was in question of AS’s comment.

    The Infinity G37 models are nice cars, I’ve driven them dozens of times (trust me the salesman push it down my throat everytime we take my dads EX35 in for minor problems) but it’s not as good as a 335xi. I’m more biased towards BMW but I do not let that affect my choice on cars (hence why I own an E55 instead of M5).

  12. Dan says:

    I have never had the opportunity to experience the 3 series, but I was very disappointed in the reliability of my 7 series and now that I am considering a new vehicle, the Infiniti is in my sights, not because it’s an overpriced Nissan or that I hate BMW, quite the contrary. I am just looking for a more reliable highline vehicle.

  13. Dr. Phil says:

    Chiming back into the comments, i now own a new 335xi sedan, and its obvious that one’s personal preference in cars decides which one is ‘better.’

    The bmw has a solid, responsive feel which the g35 of 03 never had; that
    infiniti was rear wheel drive compared to AWD xdrive, so the comparison is

    The turbo lag bothers me under 35mph, but so what. It IS more $, but i feel
    less out of place with the BMW in BMW heavy boston waters.

    Both cars have merits in different departments. for the record, the g is a smidge
    faster. I would have gone after a g37 if it didn’t have such feminine curves. Ah well.

  14. E92-TORONTO says:


  15. Sergio says:

    guy…..i am a BMW nutz, and have owed four BMW’s in a row. I have a 08 335i sedan…and I have to say for $55k it shuld not break. I have replaced 3 high presure fuel pumps in 9 months… looking into switching to the E550 coupe, or inifniti g37 coupe….I’m sure it wont this problem.

    imagine, paying 55k for a car and as your driving it it DIES.

    • Kris says:

      Sergio there’s something called LEMON cars. Big deal, I own an E55 AMG and it died the 1st time I drove it. It’s nothing to switch cars about, lemon cars happen and you just happen to get one of them. Every car manufacturer has a lemon, even Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche etc etc but doesn’t mean you switch cars because of one of them.

      You should’ve taken it to BMW dealership and when it did it the 3rd time demand a replacement. They have no choice but to give you one if you’ve had the same problem 3 times in a row and have brought it to them.

      The 335i is the best value for sports/luxury cars in the field today.

  16. Ash says:

    Sergio, you may have a lemon! My 335i has had no problems.

  17. Sergio says:


    You are an obvious moron. Infact, ASH so are you. The e90 335i has a known issue for the High Pressure Fuel Pump to fail. Its not a lemon and there is NO solution. try doing a good search on it. If you ahve a 135, 335, x6 35 your HPF will fail and need to be replaced–once replaced it will fail again (as the pump is just faulty). according the BMW they “might” have fixed the problem by switching to a new facility of manufactuing (but they are not sure). I have logged my complaint with BMW and if it happens again, than I wil get another car.

    I love my 335

    • Kris says:

      You’re calling me a moron cuz I told you had a lemon? Grow up and get a life. The only thing I told you was you probably had a lemon and all you had to do was demand a new car when it happened a 3rd time. What constitutes you calling me a moron for that?

      Sounds like somebody dipped to far “into” you this morning with the attitude you brought when it was completely unnecessary.

      You have shit wrong with your car, who cares that’s what recalls are for. Logging a complaint will help with BMW making this a recall matter but thinking about changing over to another car just because of a possible future recall issue is nothing but pure stupidity and ignorance on your part. There’s not been a single car on this planet that hasn’t had a recall one time or another so that would mean nobody would buy a single car because they wanted to switch when a certain car has a recall.

      Grow up Sergio.

  18. E92-Toronto says:

    I dont know why ppl always complain about reliability on bimmers

    My old and current ones

    E46 M3 SMG2: 2002-2008 total 160000km (only the windows issue)
    E70 X5 3.0 no problem total 75000km
    E92 335 no problem so far total 30000km

  19. Babken says:

    335i will smash the infinity to dust.

  20. Katie says:

    Flat out–Infiniti doesn’t touch the BMW. BMW is a performance vehicle, regardless of the price, you get what you pay for. By the way, I have a 2009 335xi and have had the High Pressure Fuel Pump replaced twice. Am I happy about this–no. anyone know the status of a possible recall? At the end of the day I would still choose a high performance BMW over a Nissan.

  21. E92-TORONTO says:


    Posted on: 22.01.2009

  22. GManAllDay says:

    fuck all u haters out there that r bad mouthing tha fine INFINITI G37S it shits on tha bmw 335i beemers r made like shit nd always have problems with them besides it cnt see tha g37s in a race tha infiniti is simply toooo fast nd thats sad bc the beemer has twin turbo in it but i happen to have one of tha most unique infiniti g37s ull see nd ive aced many 33i nd beat them all its not a challenge at all unless u dnt kno how to drive tha g37s 6 speed transmission which most ppl dnt but if ur one of those 33i faggots believe me u DO NOT wanna c me in the street bc i will rip u apart!!!!

    • E92-Toronto says:



      • AP says:

        Infinti cost’s as much as BMW these days, except Infiniti has more standard features, better service, better performance, better reliability and better looks.

        TO all you Nissan haters, you mad because the GTR can own a m3 handsdown. You mad because GTR was motortrend car of the year?

        Nissan has some of the best looking cars these days, better than Honda, Chevy, or Toyota.

        You don’t call us poor, you call people like us wise

      • Iavoi says:

        BMW is a waste of money. I can afford one but for $150 less per month, I’m driving a g37 coupe with more options, looks better, sounds better, will last longer, etc… BMW got left back in the game.

  23. Scott says:

    The BMW is a better Car. I have both.
    better stereo
    better handling
    all wheel drive
    better leather
    better nav.
    I drive is AWESOME
    better aggressive acceleration
    faster by a lot!

  24. GManAllDay says:


  25. Chris says:

    The 335i is a plague; worst purchase I ever made. Constantly in the shop; several failures, fuel pumpS, software and whole bunch of other issues. Wished I would have researched better; I would have kept my Infiniti. With all the information out on the web now and consumer reports; you have got to know the car is going to break down. It’s just a matter of time; then you have to deal with the service and BMW NA; no way I am going the BMW route again. It takes a long time for the lemon law; there are probably so many buybacks and other junk going on; it’ll take forever.

  26. ismael says:

    I test drove a 09 370z/ base sport with the thought of customizing.
    Then test drove 2 bmw’s 2009, 135I and 335I coupes.
    Then I test drove the infiniti G37s coupe.
    I dropped both bimmers out of the running for 3 major reasons.

    1) Price Justification. At 48k for the featured car I looked at in bmw. I got the same stuff in the G 7k cheaper. Its not about being able to afford. Its about money management and not getting ripped off.
    The bimmer excels in 2 quality points. Dash and carpet feel. I can upgrade that in a G for 1g instead of paying an extra 7g’s in a bimmer.
    2) power. The G outperforms the bimmer only marginally “BUT” the G is non aspirated power and the 7g difference I can add a turbo or SC and add 150hp over the bimmer easily. So price comes to play there.
    3) research of reliability… after researching the bmw. I noticed 9 recalls on the bimmer vs 2 on the G or Z. Maintenance costs are much high than a G. Though I can afford to maintain a bimmer. I like the fact I can save a few hundred a year in maintenance and also have peace of mind knowing that my Nissan won’t be in the shop every 2000 miles for repair.

    Then finally there’s smaller reasons for sticking with nissan. Durablity of the engine lasts longer. Crate motors are cheaper and more available parts for modification. A true enthusiast wants to modify. modification shouldn’t be overly expensive.
    So the bimmer is not an enthusiasts car to the fullest degree. Yet I will admit it is a drivers car. Problem is, most bimmer owners can’t drive. Lmao!
    You can spew comments all day about the reason people think about price is a lack of affordability. If u believe that? Then u have to be broke yourself scrimping for a bmw or u will be scrimping soon cuz u don’t realize that the only way u will always have money is by making smart money decisions. Buying money pit cars are not smart money decisions. I rather have my car in the shop for mods than repairs. I like to travel and invest in my future. So the lil things mean so much as far as maximizing my capital. The G or Z keeps more money in my pocket while still lookin good n STILL outperforming the bimmer even tho its only by margin. There’s only one winner… the G is it overall… plain and simple.

  27. Chris says:

    You can’t compare the Infiniti to the 335i. If you look at consumer reports, the 335i is a failure waiting to happen. The G37 is the answer. The 335i will keep all the tow truck drivers happy. If someone feel the need to spend an extra 5k, then just get an Audi S4

  28. Kris says:

    The 335i is a failure waiting to happen? Are you freaking kidding me? Because a car, any car, has a couple of recalls it’s all of a sudden a failure waiting to happen? That’s hilarious.

    You want to talk about modifying cars ismael? Then how about after adding that supercharger or turbocharger not only do you automatically lose the warranty (unlike with the 335i) you also have to do an engine build after 500whp.

    I’m a modifier at heart so I understand where you’re coming from but I’ve driven both and the G37 just isn’t upto snuff towards the 335i especially in automatic form. And let’s get realistic, most people buying or even modifying these cars are going to pick automatic, hell even I am picking automatics now days.

    • JT says:

      Brand new 2009 sedan 335i and I’ve had the High Pressure Fuel Pump replaced 3 times. Should I demand a new car? Please advise! Going through the lemon policy is going to take forever and it’s a hazard driving when the engine power goes away and you’re in the middle of the freeway!

      But, I will say 335i will smoke infiniti any day. Mine has even out performed the c-class amg. The drive was an idiot…but still.

      Anyhow, I’m super disappointed in BMW . How long does it take for the lemon law to allow you to actually receive the car back.

  29. Kris says:

    Not to mention good luck finding a twin turbo G37 installed for under $10k. Then you have to throw out the price window because the cars brakes aren’t good enough for that power nor will the suspension be or the clutch. You’ll have to upgrade all of those smaller things in order to safely handle that power.

  30. Larry says:

    The bmw is quieter, smoother, and seems more refined. The downsides are purchase price,reliability, and repair costs. I drove both cars, and my only complaint with the infiniti G37 is engine and cabin noise. If that was addressed IMO the car would be perfect. I have never owned a german car, but from what I’ve heard and read, it’s challenging to try to keep them goiing to high mileage numbers like a japanese product. The G37’s performance and reliabilty is excellent, whcih makes it the better value. If your rich and throw cars away get the bmw. If you keep cars a long time the answer is obvious

  31. Kris says:

    I personally don’t know of a single person, including myself, who buys these types of cars and keeps them upto high mileage examples. I know I throw away cars like they’re going out of style, if it has over 60-70k miles on it, it’s being sold for a newer model. These are Chevy’s or cheap cars where we buy them and have to be stuck with them or buy them for the long haul. Majority of people that buy these cars get their use of them after 5 years and then get something new. Reliability is great in both cars, but the feel and finish of the G37 just isn’t as good as with the 335i.

    Personally, for the price both cars interiors aren’t as good as they could be but the G37 is a very nice car. I just think Nissan/Infinity should’ve made the looks much more aggressive on the G37 and that would actually turn the the tide in their favor in terms of sales.

  32. Kris says:

    I also forgot to mention when I was talking about getting rid of cars every 2-5 years. The Infinity will NOT hold it’s value as well as the BMW, plain and simple and that’s very important when purchasing these cars.

  33. Larry says:

    If the reliability was great in a BMW I would consider buying one. Most people I know who have them, wouldn’t dare keep them past the warranty period. And it’s not because they get tired of them and want something new. The repair costs are sky high and the likelihood of repairs starts increasing dramatically. For a car over 40K this should not happen. The driving experience in a BMW is unmatched, but the negatives outweigh the postives.

    The G37 has some things to be improved on like any car. But it’s a solid, relaible. high performance automobile that gives up very little to the BMW. If you take EVERTHING into consideration, it wins

  34. noscrubs says:

    Wow. Fanboy much?

    Simple facts. The BMW 335i is a better car than the G37 in terms of drivability. Thanks to the little turbos on the 335i, there is more torque readily available in low-speed driving when compared to the naturally aspirated G37. I think that most will agree that BMW 3-series handling is still the benchmark that other entry-lux cars try to live up to. The G37 isn’t quite there yet in my opinion, but it’s undoubtedly the closest amongst the rest of the field. Go test drive both, you’re likely to come out enjoying the 335i more simply because of the increased torque at low RPMs. (and it also gets points if you’re a brand snob)

    However with BMW comes the stigma of:

    1) The driver being a douche, as Kris has been so kind to demonstrate.
    2) The car being expensive to maintain due to repairs.

    The HPFP of the 335i has been a widely documented issue, and I believe that BMW actually sent out letters to all owners that might potentially afflicted, offering to extend the warranty on that system out to 10 years/100,000 miles or something similiar.

    When similarly optioned, a G37 will cost you about 8k less than a comparably equipped 335i. Hell, it even rings in at a bit less than a comparably optioned 328i. Those are just the facts. It’s not about you retards arguing about what someone can and can’t afford. In the end it’s up to the buyer to decide on pros and cons with regards to performance, price, and overall vehicle upkeep costs. There are, after all, other things in life to spend cash on besides your car.

    I suppose I am a fanboy as well. I am a fan of both vehicles. The 335i is an incredible piece of machinery with a long line of heritage… it had a few issues in its early years but it looks like BMW is taking measures to sort them out. The G line from Infiniti single-handedly brought the brand into the forefront… and it’s only because it has been a successful, well-engineered car that these comparisons between the BMW 3 and Infiniti G are constantly being made. Kudos to Infiniti/Nissan for keeping BMW on their toes.

    And yes, at its heart the G37 is a Nissan. The same Nissan who brought us the GT-R. Hate on haters.

  35. Larry says:

    Hey noscrubs, I am in total agreement regarding the BMW’s performance. It’s exhilarating to drive and look at. I just feel for the money spent for the 335 I should have a car that’s relaibility is never questionable. Regarding the one poster who gets rid of cars every 5 years. Some of us can’t or choose not to do that. I have no problem keeping a well liked car till it dies

  36. Dr. Phil says:

    I love this blog, it really highlites the good and bad of both vehicles.

    Common themes for the BMW: pricey, reliability issues (with the turbo!)(and others), but great handling, style, and acceleration. (own a 2009 335xi now)

    Common G37 themes: great value, great reliability (my former g35 had NO mechanical/engine issues, but did have an early life brake pad recall), great acceleration, and finally with the addition of awd, better handling. Refinement is controversial.

    You can mod both cars, for a higher$ in the bmw of course, but one of the best comments here was about upgrading the G’s engine with a turbo: you can’t do it without upgrading the suspension, gear box/ transmission, brakes and probably suspension. That’s a lot. A local boston kid destroyed his g35 transmission after the turbo upgrade per my dealer, but i know, the 37x is not a 35.

    Keep up the fun comments gang, its a blast to read.

  37. Maciek says:

    I had 3 beemers. Always problems with those. Check engine light always on! That’s bullshit. That’s why it’s overpriced. I own nissan gt-r and it was cheaper than m3.Guess what?? bmw m3 isn’t even close with the performance with that. haha. I kill that in every way. And it doesn’t look cheap from inside. Bottom line is: German cars are for show-off. BMW AUDI MERCEDES, Japanese cars are at least reliable!!!

  38. BigC says:

    Fun thread to follow. 2 Weeks ago I was in the market for a new car. Wanted something sporty but only had about 35k to spend. Drove the Genesis coupe,32K with nav. Looked at a 07 335i and the G37. If BMW had a better reliabillity track record I would’ve gone that way. I drove my last car, a 2000 Mazda Millenia S 240k miles without ever needing unscheduled maintainance. I don’t know anyone that has not had problems with their BMW’s (or MB for that matter). The G37S with every option possible stickered at 46K and I drove it off the lot for 35.5K. I test drove a 2009 335i and loved it, very tight in the turns and gobs of torque at lower rpm’s, classic styling. It’s just not worth the extra 20k and the maintainance worries that start once the car is out of warranty. In a perfect world I would have an M3 for the track in the weekend.

  39. NewG37Coupe owner says:

    I also enjoyed this thread. As noscruns mentions, some people in this forum really give BMW owners a bad name with their arrogant attitude. I am a poor immigrant who makes just over $146k so I feel I can’t afford a BMW. As I try to scrape enough money together for my next meal, I enjoy my G37 Coupe.

    One thing that has not been menitoned is originality. I see dozens of 335s everyday. However, how often do you see a G37 Coupe – 1 every 2 days? I guess there are more rich people out there with BMWs than poor immigrants like me that have settle on a G37 that will be guranteed to turn more heads.

  40. Rudy says:

    To whom it may concern,

    Well all i have read is how all of these BMW fanboys are calling infiniti’s nissians (Yet they are but ok? who cares?). Considerable, g37 or g37 4dr have quite a sleek look to them and attractive and aggressive look. On top of that there interior is 30 maybe 1000 times better looking then the plain old 335i. 335i interior looks as it was created in 1920. Jesus. Yes and they are over priced and yes i would definetely pay for my 37k g37 then a bmw that is priced at 50k for what? plastic inside and a nice TT? please ladies and gentlemen. Some may not be able to afford it but doesnt mean it beats the g37.

    As follows, g37’s interior is better, more luxurious, up-to-date technology, just better. 335i’s interior is quite plain, original, and has standard technology. It even COST more for less then a infiniti. Plus infiniti may be a damn nissian, but it moves, looks, feels, and attracts the same or more attention then a 335i. All these fanboys need to realize, a g37 looks 40 times better and attractive then a piece of trash BMW. Get over it, BMW is clearly overpriced for less.

  41. noscrubs says:

    Yeah… silly Nissans. After all, a M3 completely destroys the GT-R on the track right?

    Oh wait a minute…

  42. Kris says:

    That’s genious putting a GT-R against an M3 which are not even close to being in the same class…..

    You just ruined any and all credentials you had for yourself after making that statement.

    As we’ve said, the G37 is an excellent car but the sedan isn’t all that great. If we were comparing the coupe version then the contest would be much closer. I’m even thinking about purchasing a G37 cuz I’m tired of the E55 so in noway am I bashing the G because then that’d be just plain stupid.

    My comments still stand on what I said.

  43. Zielu says:

    I have spend the last 2 weeks on searching and comparing this two cars 335i manual trans. or g37s bmw is a better car and more prestige but anyways within few days i will probably purchase g37 after reading about 335i problems for example fuel pumps, transmission problems check engine lights overheating turbos and more I think 335i bmw is not reliable, btw I had 7 series witch was a waist of money i had to replace transmission, and x5 so far so good only air conditioning problems and some engine clicking noise that was earlier corrected by dealer and under warranty i think overall my x5 was ok choice.
    Now we have a MB Rclass its a nice ride but some little grinding noise develop and its not under warranty anymore I will take it to the dealer to see what this is overall some german cars becoming more unreliable. Maybe someone will change my mind on buying a bmw again?

  44. Kris says:

    Man it just sounds like you have shitty luck with cars just like I do.

  45. China Perspective says:

    performance wise these two cars are in similiar turf… value wise, there is a huge gap… The G37 cost 65,000USD in China while the 335i will set you back 85,000USD…both cars are imported hence the high tax and everything… Infinity offers free maintenance up to 4 yrs/ 65,000 miles… the BMW offers nothing, so if i were to buy a BMW in China I’m expected to pay around 1500USD per year on maintenance fee…by going with Infinity I’m saving 20K up front, and 6 grand in maintenance after 4 years.

  46. zielu says:

    So decided to buy a bmw 335I coupe. infinity is just still too expensive for the nissan name, i was told that fuel pumps problem was corrected and bmw installed upgraded pumps and even extend warranty on the new pumps so will see ?

  47. BradG37 says:

    Ok so…I guess I will go ahead and insert my point of view here lol…
    I personally (in my opinion only…) agree that BOTH cars are really nice, sporty and agressive cars. They both perform exactly how they were designed to…I like both of the cars exteriors and power output….HOWEVER, lol, this is where the facts come in now:
    Recently, Car and Driver (2009 actually) took both of these cars to the track…The only difference being, they were the coupe versions…Both with the same optional equipment and both with 6spd manuals….Sooo the outcome was…IN BLACK AND WHITE… The Infiniti out-performed the BMW…not by much, but it DID. In fact, the professional driver even stated, and I quote, “Wow, the Infiniti really surprised me and its so much more refined and comfortable and easier to drive than the BMW…” Now if THAT doesnt say something….lol….BUT the BEST part was, recorded on video, both cars were supposed to be driven around the track 3 times total…WELL, the Infiniti made it, no problem at all and the brakes showed no sign of fade or over heating…The BMW…Well…the damn thing actually GOT HOT and stopped accelerating during the middle part of only the 2nd lap!!! WTF?? Yea, I am so sure that I wanna pay $55k for a BMW thats is pretty but gunna overheat on me everytime I decide to drive it fast…NO FRICKIN WAY….G37 wins…YET again…. Go Nissan…or Infiniti….or whichever you choose to call it….I choose it….lol
    Nissan/Infiniti, Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura are all ALWAYS > BMW…PERIOD.

  48. noscrubs says:

    The comments on this thing just keep getting dumber so I’m removing myself from followup comment notification. Flame on retards.

  49. Kris says:

    So bradG37 you’re going to take one of the most famous comparos between the cars and try to win people over because it won’t work. Everybody and their mothers’ mother knew that comparo was done with the earlier model year 335i’s that didn’t have an oil cooler installed so of course they got hot after a couple of laps. Hell after a few highway runs my E55 is heat-soaked like a bitch so does that mean it’s a bad car? No, you’d be the only person to think so, same goes for the non oil-cooled 335i’..

  50. BigC says:

    I checked the lease prices of the coupes against eachother. On a 36 month lease you pay only $1400 more for the 335i. This includes the money you have to put down at signing. Price difference when buying is $6200. Wonder how BMW pulls that one off. If I had been in the market for a lease I would’ve probably gotten the 335i. The lease process takes my two stumbling blocks, price and reliability, completely away.

  51. zielu says:

    I recently purchased used 335I coupe still under warranty and so far no problems I love it!

  52. BradG37 says:

    Well Kris, you may be right about that…In fact, I agree with what you are saying because the previous model 335’s didnt, in fact, come with the oil cooler…I am assuming here that the new models do… Dont get me wrong here, I am by no means trying to knock the 335 because to be quite honest, I am in the market for a new car now and I am tossed between the 335i coupe and the G37 coupe. I have personally driven both and the BMW is absolutely the Ultimate Drivers Car here…The only thing that concerns me is the long-term dependability between the two cars…Trust me, my heart and need for speed and handling is telling me go with the 335…but then my brain is telling me G37…So I am just trying to read up on everything I possibly can before I make a final decision…

  53. DZ_G37 says:

    I have a 2009 G37, and love it. Best car I’ve ever had, hands down. It stands out from all of the BMW 3’s that you see on the road. Personally, I wouldn’t touch a BM’er – too unreliable. And, I’ll bet I can pass any stock 335 that’s on the road, anytime…

  54. Vishal says:

    This is such a good debate. Thanks all for your contribution. Nice to hear from people who actually drive these cars daily and not some dude from Road and track who’s borrowing it for the weekend.

  55. Kyle says:

    I drive a 1995 BMW 525i. It’s 15 years old and it looks better, drives better than most new cars on the road. NOTHING drives like a BMW. NOTHING.

  56. S. says:

    Interesting responses. I’m not in the market for a new vehicle YET. Though when I am I would be looking at the 335i and G37. Sue me, just a girl with a liking for high performance vehicles. I’m my fathers child. Doesn’t hurt to do your research before purchasing and from the looks of the responses it’s thorough research is definantly needed. Cheers to you’ll!

  57. Bill Nelson says:

    Disagree with the notion that aggressive styling would help g37 sales. Infiniti is betting that g37 buyers are turned off by the adolescent styling of, say, a 370z. I think they’re right.

    They SHOULD spend a little more time and money on the cabin. I hear a lot of potential buyers complain about cheap materials and a general lack of polish.

  58. lw says:

    here is a comparison test its like having a beautiful woman and she keep going out and socking different cocks and u will take her back because of her looks. thats what the g and the 335 are like. so the day the quality are the same, then i will choose a 335.

  59. MR says:

    I like how mr noob commented about fords and chevys when this post is about BMW and Nissan. I wouldn’t take either of the cars compared here. I read all the problems with both. They are both overpriced cars. There’s better cars out there to buy than these two scrap heaps. I own one that is better and didn’t cost as much.
    Lame. Most of you don’t even own a BMW nor Infiniti. If you want a real infiniti you have to step up to one that costs as much as a Benz. WTF waste of money guys. Get something a little more decent than this crap.

  60. AP says:

    BENZ? WTF?? I dont want to waste my income on repairs and maintenance…BENZ? HAHAH

    The true fact is even a Nissan has better reliability rating than a BMW, Audi or a BENZ hahah fail Germans fail. True story

  61. Joe know cars says:

    All those drinking the bimmer koolaide should read the entire review. The BMW is way over priced, and the G37 out performs!!!

  62. T-STROZ KNOWS says:

    How is the Nissan OVERPRICED? At around 33k, it is the undisputed BEST VALUE in its class. You are comparing a BMW that is over 40k with a 33k nissan and the nissan is still considered a CONTENDER. Compared the similarly priced 328i and it would be a JOKE. BMW people are just showing their ignorance on this one. By the way whoever said the m3 is faster than a GTR is on DRUGS. The GTR beats twin turbo Porsche’s and is barely slower than the $385k Lexus LFA. Do some research next time before you open your mouth.

  63. Curt says:

    Ok people, I am going to address this from a common sense perspective. I have owned two BMWs-(2003 330i & 2008 535i). Neither had mechanical problems but that doesnt mean I would never have had them. I only owned each of them for three years. I trade in before my waranties are expired because I dont like dealing with maintenance issues. My theory is you can make a car payment or you can pay for maintenance costs, Its your choice. BMW and now Infinity offer maintenance packages that are outstanding ulike that domestic garbage thats out there. I loved both of my Bimmers. If you have ever been to Germany you would fall in love with BMWs. I surely did and I am still a big BMW fan to this day. However, I recently bought a Infinity G37S Coupe. I dont realy miss my bimmer. I think the BMW is more refined because its been out there for a while and you dont become an industry leader overnight. The 335 may even be a little sexier on the exterior than the G ride but the technology package of the G ride far surpases the 335s. The G ride is a beast too, I must say! Look, if your going with name recognition and sex appeal then you should go for the BMW. If you want a car that performs with or slightly better than what is considered the best which is (BMW) and yet is reasonably priced, then Infinity is the best choice. The perromance claims are documented this is fact. Ultimately its up to the car buyer to decide what car is better for them.
    Oh yeah, and before I forget, the whole adding a turbo issue doesnt make any sense. The G ride doesnt need a twin turbo it still outperforms the BMW 335 without one. That should speak to you!

  64. Josh Bagwin says:

    wow,wow, much information.ive been researching for 6 months all 4 door sport sedans.i bought a 2000 nissan maxima with 14 k miles.after 90 k the transmission i bought a 2010 corolla s. modded it a little and got burned by a dodge neon.that was the final straw .i traded it in and got a 2005 a4 3.o with 45k miles on it.boy do i regret it.i cant wait to get rid of it.its got a tempermental tiptronic shifter,been in and out of the shop for all sorts of reapairs (under warranty)and i refuse to get another un reliable ride.i dont want to start another thread but i was interested in an is 350 but i believe a g37 is more affordable performs equally or better than the lexus and its reliable.i baby my cars .i do propper maintinance .a bmw is way out of my price range with all the options i am looking just seems like the g37 is the most well rounded car for a family guy with a need for speed and handling.if i was rich with money to burn or wasnt looking for a long term investment id get abmw but my pop is a retired mechanic and i think he would be dissapointed if i bought a bummer

  65. Chuck D says:

    I have never had a BMW.. I do have a G37 coupe.. All I can speak for is i love my G ride.. I love how it drives, how it looks and how it makes me feel. And there are lets of beemers everywhere. This car makes heads turn. I was in the market for a new “single guy” car that makes me feel good about driving it. This one does that in spades. Zero complaints.

  66. Abusfoueabfwoeufweofweofbwef says:

    BMW’s are for people who can’t afford Mercedes? Yeah right, you idiot. Mercedes are cheap, and cheaply made. A Mercedes C-class cant even touch a 3series. Infiniti? Just because it has more horsepower doesn’t mean anything, a mustang gt has 300 hp but that doesn’t mean it takes off quicker, nor handles better than a 3series. Infiniti’s are overpriced, and overrated Nissan’s at least BMW is smart enough not to have to own up to another car company.

  67. Joel Barton says:

    BMW is for ppl worried about the logo on the hood, Infiniti is for ppl worried about what is under the hood. I hope you are all happy with your Beemer’s, I am happy with my Infiniti. If you did research and buy the BMW in 2012, don’t understand what you read. Maybe you listened to the sales man.

  68. Joey says:

    G37 hands down…I’ve had my 2009 for 7 months now and she’s NEVER seen the tail lights to anything from BMW. Ive also had two SRT8 Chargers try me and in both cases, my G37 walked them. This car is superior in power, speed and handling with a taste of elegance inside. What more could you want?

  69. stephen says:

    I work for bmw as a technician for over 5 years and have owned a e46 m3 the last good car bmw made in my opinion. I now own a 2009 g37 and the only things i have done are maintenance For you guys who love bmw then that is your preferance but to say there cars are better then infiniti its foolish. The early 335i has so many issues how do you explain cylinder head bolts snapping and causing motor lock up or severe oil leaks and hpf pumps going out all the time or valve covers leaking at 50,000 miles or electronic fuel pumps costing $452 and thermostats $231 plus 3hours labor…they are great lease cars till 50,000 mile then get rid of them cause after that its BRING MY WALLET time to dealership. I benefit cause i make money with working on them and my buddy who works for infiniti as a tech he starves because only maintenance is done to them occasionally he might get one with minor issues but never some of the nightmares that i get at my dealership with bmw. yes the technology bmw has is more advanced then SOME of the infinitis but in the long run the over priced NISSAN as everyone says will not beat your pocket up.i just know that i see customers going absolutely ape shit in my service department because there $100,000 740i just died at a intersection and there standing outside in 90 degree weather{i live in florida} in there $1000 suit sweating waiting on a tow truck or shuttle vehicle to pick them up as there BMW is sitting in the intersection. yes i UNDERSTAND all vehicles will have problems but i expect minimal issues when i just spend $55,000 to$125,000 on a car depending which model. yes you own a bmw great for you

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