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BMW Z4 | January 22nd, 2009 by 6
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The 2009 BMW Z4 configurator is online now at bmw.com. If you’re just like me and like to play with the exterior and interior colors, …

The 2009 BMW Z4 configurator is online now at bmw.com. If you’re just like me and like to play with the exterior and interior colors, adding options or simply dragging that 3D slider till the browser crashes, then this comes in handy.

It’s nice to finally see all the colors available for the new BMW Z4, along with the all trim and leather options. I played around with the configurator for more than thirty minutes now and I cannot decide which interior combination I like most. As far as the exterior009 b, no-brainer, Deep Sea Blue for me with V-spoke style 296.

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The wheels selections is pretty extensive as well which can only please the demanding bimmer fans, 5 options, but most likely not all available in the same time in all the markets.

So, what exterior colors are available?

bmw z4 online configurator 498x332

Metallic: Havana, Space Gray, Black Sapphire, Titanium Silver, Deep Sea Blue, Orion Silver

Non-Metallic: Black, Crimson Red


Upholstery: Kansas Coral Red/Black leather, Nappa Ivory White/Black, Kansas Canberra Beige, Kansas Canberra Beige/Black, Kansas Coral Red/Black, Kansas Coral Black/Black, Kansas Black/Black, Panama Anthracite /Black Cloth

Trim: Brushed Aluminium, Satin Silver Matt, Ash Grain, Fineline Anthracite

My favorite: Kansas Black/Black leather and Satin Silver Matt trim.


Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for the link Gord!

6 responses to “2009 BMW Z4 – Online Configurator available”

  1. roffle waffle says:

    no white? odd

  2. Brookside says:

    Love the 296 wheels.
    I’ll take it in Jet Black. Deep Sea Blue is a color that I want to see in person.

  3. Andys120 says:

    I can’t help but be disappointed, red, black, dark blue, three silvers (if you count Space Grey) and an indeterminate Havanna (dark brown?) Some of us like our sports cars to be a little colorful, how ’bout green, Montego Blue, ruby red or a nice hot yellow.

    Interior choices are just as bad, two blacks, three beiges and a lonesome red. Ahot blue interior would go nicely w DSB.

    C’mon BMW, jazz it up a little, we’re not looking at Mercedes SLs

  4. Horatiu B. says:

    @Andys120: I think consistency across their models it’s what went through their mind. Remember, BMW is heavily sharing parts across their vehicles, so it would make sense to use similar paints, trims or leather options.

    Saving money is a top priority now!

    But, I feel your pain :)

  5. bcoz says:

    Alpine White is available, you’re not looking hard enough! ….lol

    Actually it blends into the background, so you can’t see it. Mouse over to the spot after Crimson Red, and there you have it.

  6. Niels R. says:

    How did you manage to get the chosen interior color shown in the exterior view? With me it always falls back to “white”…

    I’m ordering one in the coming week, but I’m still undecided what colors to use, but I’ll prolly end up with a black leather interior (to avoid stains of not-so-color-fixed-clothing).

    I had a Havana 1-series, which is a loverly color… As long as you wash your car regulary!

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