BMW E91 M3 Touring: The Dream Car

BMW M3 | January 15th, 2009 by 10

Our friend Jon Sibal has just sent us in some computer generated images of his “dream car”: the BMW M3 E91 Touring. We have heard …

Our friend Jon Sibal has just sent us in some computer generated images of his “dream car”: the BMW M3 E91 Touring. We have heard many rumors in the past about a Touring version of the popular M3 models, but as of now, no new information were presented to us. All we know is that an M3 Touring was undergoing testing last year and it will be only available in Europe.

But the scope of this article is not to feed the rumor-mill but rather to show you Jon’s renderings along with all the mods added to the M3 Touring. 

e91m3touring1 498x358

Here is the list that Jon put together for us:

  • Pepper White with Satin finish paint job.
  • Custom Vortech Supercharger
  • Arqray Titanium Exhaust
  • AC Schnitzer front lip
  • AC Schnitzer roof wing
  • Black Series BBS RE Magnesium
  • Yokohama Advan Sport Tires
  • KW Coil-overs
  • Brembo 8-pot caliper Big-brake system

And as a final thought and quoting Jon, “When the question “What is your Dream Car” is asked, my mind usually hovers around an image of some super exotic, super rare, super expensive supercar. 

BUT would you ever consider a Touring car or as we call it here in the States a “wagon” as a dream car? ”

e91m3touring2 498x358

Did you notice the very low ride height? Jon knows it’s not that practical but as he says , in his dreams, the roads are free of pot holes and speed bumps.



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10 responses to “BMW E91 M3 Touring: The Dream Car”

  1. Matski says:

    Looks pretty sweet, but I’d have to confess this wouldn’t be my dream car!

  2. Jag says:

    the rear lamps are still the old version.

  3. The Lee says:


    As much as I love BMW tourings, M cars and the e92 M3, it absolutely should NOT be available in a touring. I don’t even like the fact that they’re offering it in a sedan version again, or that (for some reason) they continue to give people the option of having a rag top.

  4. bunker says:

    This is, in fact, my dream car. This is what happens when you have kids and their crap to carry around all the time. This car is bad-*ss. Please oh please where do I sign up?!?
    Thanks for the pics!!

  5. zOxta says:

    @The Lee: Totally agree .

  6. Gord says:

    Looks ok, but I only say that because its E92/90 brothers looks really good. To me it looks a bit fat.

  7. nigel says:

    This m3 estate puts the RS4 estate in second place, this is the daddy of all tourings

  8. nigel says:

    Were can you purchase one of these M3 touring and do they come in righthand drive.

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