2009 BMW Z4 – Fully uncovered on the street

BMW Z4 | January 15th, 2009 by 11
bmw z4

Yes, I know I know, the 2009 BMW Z4 is already out in the open and all the online or offline media, including us, have …

bmw z4 498x349

Yes, I know I know, the 2009 BMW Z4 is already out in the open and all the online or offline media, including us, have already posted tons of photos, but I think these photos from Worldcarfans are probably the first one that show the new Z4 undisguised on the Munich streets.

Everything has been probably said already about the new 2009 BMW Z4, but we can recap some things:


  • BMW Z4 sDrive 23i – 204 hp
  • BMW Z4 sDrive 30i – 258 hp
  • BMW Z4 sDrive 35i – 306 hp

Exterior Color


  • Alpine White
  • Crimson Red
  • Jet Black
  • Titanium Silver
  • Space Grey
  • Orion Silver
  • Deep Sea Blue
  • Black Saphire

Designing Team

  • Juliane Blasi – exterior design
  • Nadya Arnaout – interior design
  • Hilke Schaer – materials, trim & colors

Check out our BMW Z4 Gallery from Detroit Show

bmw z4 12 498x350


[Source: More photos at Worldcarfans ]

11 responses to “2009 BMW Z4 – Fully uncovered on the street”

  1. txdesign says:

    Beautiful car. I’d like to see BMW go back to incorporating the kidneys into the hood, like on the old Z3. The horizontal line across the hood between the headlights would disappear. Also the he front fender is a bit busy where the two angled cutlines angle into the wheel opening. On the dark blue car it was not as obvious.

  2. bunker says:

    The back end of this car (rear view – straight on – 2nd picture above) is so clean. They took what was the worst part of the Bangle design language and turned it into, perhaps, its best feature – at least as it is expressed on this model. Outstanding effort and execution on this aspect of the design.

    I absolutely agree with you about the kidneys. Not sure what the practical fix for this would be though. At the extreme, the hood would wrap all the way into the lower intake, but by doing that you’d have metal on the bumper rather than a unitized, plastic component. Would increase repair costs significantly, and I’m betting the European pedestrian regulations have something to do with the current design that keeps the hood away from the bumper.

  3. Brookside says:

    Agree with both you guys on the hood cutline- it’s problematic because it adds a second layer of visual clutter….the eye tends to see the cutlines rather than the character of the design.

    What I really love- in all car photographs- is to see the car on the street instead of the hi-zoot publicity photos or showroom pics (although I loved the Detroit debut from Horatiu). I just like seeing the car in it’s real environment- seeing natural light on the car’s surfaces.

    I can’t wait to see this in person and drive it.

  4. txdesign says:

    Didn’t you used to hang out over on 1addicts?

  5. Josh B says:

    One of the best BMW side veiws of a car iv ever seen!

  6. Brookside says:

    @txdesign: Yes, I was an very early member and, eventually one of the moderators.
    I think Horatiu and his crew really widened the narrative about BMW.
    This site has become, pretty much, the clearing house for BMW news.

  7. Horatiu B. says:

    @Brookside: I remember you now, I was on there also for a while, I still post there if I feel the need to reply to topics that are related to articles published by us.

    And thanks Brookside, I really appreciate it. I do feel also that we came a long way and it got better and better. But honestly, without you guys actively participating, it would have been harder. Your comments make the site boom and I believe we have quality conversations here.

  8. Andys120 says:

    I completely agree w you guys about the shutline seams showing on the sides of the fenders. This is increasingly common in recent years and probably related to safety engineering but sure messes up the aesthetics.

    I think I’d have to buy my Z4 in a dark color, there are some unsightly seams showing in the folding top as well.

  9. Brookside says:


    I wonder who, so far, is actually considering, buying or leasing the new Z4?

  10. txdesign says:

    I am anticipating the Z2 Coupe, hopefully with a twin turbo four. Keep this one light and basic BMW. Think S2000 with a hardtop.

  11. Horatiu B. says:

    @txdesign: It will most likely have a twin turbo 4 but also a hybrid version

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