BMW X6 M spotted this time in a blue color

BMW X6 | January 13th, 2009 by 10
bmw x6m bak big

Judging by the latest spy photos and the official video posted by BMW, it seems like the 2010 BMW X6 M is ready for production. …

bmw x6m sida big 498x192

Judging by the latest spy photos and the official video posted by BMW, it seems like the 2010 BMW X6 M is ready for production. The spy photos  belong to the same BMW X6 M set we posted back in December and of course, they were taken by our close friend and collaborator Palbay.

With over 30,000 units built last year, BMW is hoping that the new X6 M will draw more consumers to the Sports Activity Coupe products, consumers that are looking for a car that it’s not a sedan nor a coupe, it has similar capabilities as the SAV vehicles, but it also gives them the thrill and power of an M engine.

bmw x6m bak big 498x299

Could the BMW x6 M be the answer to this? Well, time will tell, despite the criticism it has received from many publications and BMW fans, the X6 sales have been strong, with most of the units being exported last year.

I won’t be getting into all the technical details and design elements again, you can find all the details here.

[Source: AutoMotorSport ]

10 responses to “BMW X6 M spotted this time in a blue color”

  1. Gord says:

    The X6 doesn’t look all that bad. I think the wheels need some changing though.

  2. Gragop says:

    Well – that’s Le Mans Blue or Estoril Blue – both M colors so this thing is probably going to be a full-on M vehicle.

  3. Chris says:

    That looks like Estoril to me. It’s a great color. Hopefully they’ll have a corresponding two-tone Estoril/Black interior.

  4. Josh B says:

    Looks good. the wheels are far to small though. Needs big in your face “m” style wheels. not some crapy chrome ones but big sports ones.

  5. The Lee says:

    @Josh B:

    Those wheels are plenty big enough. M vehicles are supposed to perform well, not look “blinged” out with 26″ wheels.

    If you put overly massive wheels on it, you’re stuck with rubber band tires. You don’t want rubber band tires on a BMW; trust me on that.

  6. X6 50i says:

    I’m assuming they are both going to get the same engine with the same specs. By how much will the X6M outperform the X5M?

    p.s.This question is from another forum,and i find it very interesting.

  7. Chex Nigeria says:

    Still wondering what BMW wants to achieve with all the XMs. Just took delivery of my x6 in december and am wondering what a bad boy the x6M will b. The 50i throws u back with a little extra push at the pedal and whats the point in more power for an already powerful ride.

  8. Bobo says:

    I think that the X6 M will outperform the X5 M by about the same margin that the M6 outperforms the M5 i.e. Not Much :) , because BMW definitely do not want people to be discouraged to buy the X5 M

  9. Elio says:

    Uh oh that colour makes it look very desirable indeed. I want, I want.

  10. Josh B says:

    @The Lee

    I didnt mean huge tuner sized wheels, just something like the M5/6.
    The wheels are very close to the arch and it gives a great and agressive presance to the car. More of an “M” look. Although i do agree with your point, i didnt think my comment through. I was looking from a more appealing veiw rather then a performance veiw. My dad has 20inch individual wheels on his 7 and it is much more difficult to drive with then the standerd 18inch wheels when compared. I guess the wheels will have to remain small in order for M handeling.

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