BMW Progressive Activity Sedan or..the 5-Series GT as some might call it

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BMW Progressive Activity Sedan, one of the most discussed topics on our blog in the past few months. The controversy behind this new concept and …


BMW Progressive Activity Sedan, one of the most discussed topics on our blog in the past few months. The controversy behind this new concept and its utility has been increasing each time we posted more spy photos. I was one of the first to say that I don’t see what purpose the PAS will serve, but recently, after learning more about the idea behind such concept, it started to sink in and now I am willing to give it a chance before I see it, something I should do anyway, being unbiased it’s what I do. 

The fellows at Teknikensvarld have spotted the 2010 BMW PAS one more time.  January 1st brought another confirmation that the Progressive Activity Sedan or the 5-Series GT as some believe that will be the marketing name, received the green light from BMW AG. The BMW PAS, internal codename F07, is based on the new 5 Series LWB wheelbase.

According to sources close to BMW, the PAS has quite a road presence and a very sporty look for a crossover. BMW sees the PAS as a sedan alternative for elderly BMW clients who want higher sitting position -but not too high like in a SUV- and more spacious ambient -but for less money then a 7 Series.


Our swedish friends at Teknikensvarld believe that the Progressive Activity Sedan is simply a 5 Series with a hatch back, a statement that I don’t fully agree with, based on our inside information. To contradict themselves a little bit, they go further by saying that people that have seen the the PAS, described it as being closer to a 7 Series look rather than a lower sitting X6. 

The new spy shots seem to be a little bit more revealing, especially the headlights. Our sources say that the PAS will have rear L-shape lights, following the 7 Series trend. The side shots show the X6ish style, a coupe look but with a lower roof line. The PAS will fit comfortably four people with seats similar to the X6, not my first choice if I may add.

All wheel drive and a large variety of engines will complete the image of BMW’s Progressive Activity Sedan.


If our sources are correct, we will see the BMW Progressive Activity at the Frankfurt Auto Show in the fall, but the marketing materials and official photos will become available to the press in the near future, some say as soon as next month. We do know that in January, the PAS is undergoing a photo shoot in the Namibian Desert and then Cape Town, South Africa. 

[Source: Teknikensvarld ]

  • Gil

    So confusing. lol. But I, too, shall wait and see. The rear section looks not as coupish/low as the X6 – I can’t fit in the rear of the X6 without folding myself into an origami (6’8″ tall). So this one could be promising…

  • Giom

    I think (hope) this is the last prototype to wear the clad. Those head and tail lights look production to me.

    Bring on the psycho camo!!

  • mb81

    yeah psycho camo looks fine… i want it as an option for my next beemer ;-)

  • Frederico Silva

    i think that based on the photos this car will have a big 2 kidneys, front and tail lights like the 7series, but this is what i think…:)

  • stars9texashockey

    Agree Horatiu–more excited about this than I originally was, but the 4 place seating kills it for me. Bring on the ’10 5er!

  • VSV

    Looks like BMW’s Toyota Venza. That’s isn’t a bad thing frankly!

  • Gord

    Might actually look cool. I actually thought the Hartge X6 looked good and that because of its stance.

  • L1ndja

    I think the PAS will come out in a way like the X6.I mean the X6 is one of the hottest cars in the world now.But what i dont understand is BMW’s choice of building a PAC for which i dont think there’s enough room.Oh and the 4seats are in a way very cool but in a way they kill it :S.
    BMW 4ever

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