Future BMW 1 Series Family

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More and more news regarding BMW’s roadmap and future models are coming out. Just a few weeks ago, we showed BMW’s roadmap in 2009 but …

More and more news regarding BMW’s roadmap and future models are coming out. Just a few weeks ago, we showed BMW’s roadmap in 2009 but let’s try to talk about vehicles that will be launched past 09.

As we have mentioned many many times, BMW is moving towards smaller, more efficient cars geared towards a new consumer  base. While the Progressive Activity Sedan remains a car oriented towards families and consumers with an above average income.Then we learned about the Progressive Activity Coupe (PAC), based on the 3 Series platform and oriented towards a younger, more adventurous crowd.

And the latest gimmick from BMW, CAS, a small crossover based on the 1 Series platform this time. But what else has BMW planned for us in the future? We all heard about the rumored BMW 135i SuperSports car, an M1 replacement, that comes out in 2010, but BMW has in their pipeline a diversified line-up, based on the 1 Series platform.

  • 5 door hatch – conventional 5dr hatch
  • 3 door hatch – conventional 3dr hatch
  • 2 door coupe – sedanish coupe with 2 doors
  • 2 door convertible – sedanish cabrio with 2 doors and canvas roof
  • Z2 Roadster – 2-seater roadster with canvas roof
  • X1– mini SAV
  • small crossover CAS (1er GT / Y1) – 5dr mix of a hatch, wagon and sedan -a substitute to conventional sedan and wagon which won’t be offered

But, this is not all, BMW is also considering other models/concepts:

  • X-cabrio – an AWD cabrio-crossover with canvas roof
  • Z2 coupe – a small 2-seater coupe with fixed roof  based on the Z2 roadster
  • 1 Series Shooting Brake – a 3dr shooting brake vehicle either based on 1er coupe or 1er CAS

Lots of new models to come out in the next few years and it certainly seems like the auto industry and BMW are going through some major changes and shifting their strategy.

Keep in mind, as the done deal CS Concept was canceled, many of the above, proposed concepts could get the axe also.

[Source: Germancarzone ]

8 responses to “Future BMW 1 Series Family”

  1. mb81 says:

    u forgot the 1 series 5dr sedan, similar to the coupe E81 but with 2 more doors

  2. bunker says:

    Whoa…I just noticed this and now I’m confused. How are the X1 and the CAS any different? And if they are, how big of a shoehorn is BMW going to need to create this niche?!?

  3. Doug says:

    Horatiu, what do you mean by “sedanish” ?

    I want a V10-ish hatchback :)

  4. Elio says:

    mb81 – That was the original plan for the 1 series and would have been the natural successor to the E30. Would be nice to see it again but Europe’s love of the hatch will kill it ever appearing.

  5. Lance says:

    What is a shooting brake vehicle?

  6. Gord says:

    What would be the Z2’s competitors ?

  7. Lance says:

    @Gord: There are none at the moment, but knowing Audi’s copy cat strategy, they will always come up with some ugly, nose heavy cars and claim they are better than BMW. Just like the Q7, Q5, A1… all just copied BMW.

    You see, they are such losers that they will not enter any market first, they will let someone else come up with the idea, be first to attempt, then if they are successful, Audi wants a piece of that pie.

    This is one of many reasons why BMW is the best and always ahead of the game.

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