Here comes the 5 Series competitor: 2010 Mercedes Benz E-Class

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It seems like we’re not the only ones with the brochure scan leaks, Mercedes-Benz fans had their fair share with the latest leaked photos of …

It seems like we’re not the only ones with the brochure scan leaks, Mercedes-Benz fans had their fair share with the latest leaked photos of the next generation 2010 E-Class. The 5 Series competitor has been long due for a design refresh and finally, the pictures were leaked onto the web.

The new E-Class will be available a year before the new 2010-2011 5 Series and it is expecting to impress again by the amount of luxury and attention to details.

2010 mercedes e class sedan brochure scans leaked 1 498x276


Mercedes-Benz E-Class will ofer a variety of engines, from the 4 and 6 cylinder ones to a powerful V8. The base petrol models is the E200 CGI which outputs 184hp and 270Nm, followed closely by the E250 CGI – 204hp and 310Nm. The petrol line-up is completed with the V6 E350 CGI – 292hp and 365 Nm – and the 5.5 liter V8 E500 producing 388hp and 530Nm. 

Of course, the diesels play an important role in their future strategy, so the BlueEfficiency models are part of the new line-up. The E200 CDI produces 136hp with an upgraded version, E220, outputting 170hp. At the top end, we find the 204hp E250 CDI and 231hp E350 CDI, the 4Matic with 224hp and BlueTEC with 211hp.

How do they compare against the current BMW 5 Series? Well, for starters, we have the 523i – 177hp, then the 525i with 218hp, followed by 528i with 230hp, 530i 272hp, 535i twin-turbo 300hp. At the top, we have t he V8 540i producing 302hp and 550i with 362hp.

A bit of advantage for the high end MB model.

As far as the BMW diesels, we have the 530d upgraded last year to 231 hp, 535d with 286 hp. Advantage BMW this time.

2010 mercedes e class sedan brochure scans leaked 15 498x369

Exterior Design

I have two word for the design: interesting and adventurous. The two-piece headlights are replacing the round shaped ones from the current generation, but some might find the fog lights a bit odd. As far as the exterior design, the sharper lines and surfacing reflects a more C-Class-like, but I will have to reserve judgment until I will see the car in Detroit this week.

The read-end imports some elements from the S-Class, again with sharper edges.

Two E-Class look can be customized through different styling packages, like the Elegance, AMG or Avantgarde, each unique in their own way. The Avantgarde models have different shaped LED fog lights and the car has a more sportier, agile look.

Interior Design

This is the department where Mercedes-Benz excels. High quality materials, luxury leather upholstery and most important, attention to details. Definitely an interior that even myself, a huge bimmer fan, I am jealous of. 


The Elegance package is all about …elegance, so wooden materials are predominant. For the younger crowd looking for sportiness, Avantgarde uses aluminium materials.

From the photos below, I could also see the Night Vision camera as being an option in the new 2010 E Class, so I can only assume that the technology inside the E-Class is top notch.


Would the current 5 Series stand a chance…or the “fight” starts when the new 2010 BMW 5 Series will come out?

You knew this was a question that would come up and as much as I would like to answer at this point, I just don’t have the proper amount of information to make a concise comparison, but…..based on the photos below and the current design of the 5 Series, I do see the E-Class taking the lead for a short while. It’s a newer model which offers a multitude of engine options, a beautiful customizable interior and an exterior which could draw a younger crowd if equipped with the right package. 

Would I buy it? No comment yet.

39 responses to “Here comes the 5 Series competitor: 2010 Mercedes Benz E-Class”

  1. roffle waffle says:

    not with those headlights…

    • Rich says:

      MB ruined the E-Class. After 8 happy years as an E-Class owner….I am seitching to BMW when the new 5 series hits. At least taht car does not look like my father should be driving it.

  2. adood84 says:

    to be honest I don’t like, especially the interior as the interior looks like it came from a car in the mid 80s , its too square and edgy I think

  3. Brookside says:

    Looks like Mercedes flubbed it again.
    The new E Class looks like a brick even dressed up with the sports package.
    How will the new 5-er do up against this?….about as well as the 3-er compared to the C Class.
    I know Mercedes wants to inject some sportiness and a more contemporary design into their lineup – this looks like someone forgot to tell the people designing the E of the plan.
    And yes, the interior looks funereal no matter how many options the customer has.
    Too bad, if I were in the market for mid-size sedans I’d wait to see what Audi does with the next A6….the new 5-ers future competition.

  4. miles says:

    the luxury model looks ghastly, the sport model looks o.k., and the interior looks good, probably because it looks like it could have come from a 5 Series

  5. Gragop says:

    I like the interior but otherwise I call it a FAIL.

  6. The Lee says:


    I think the interior is extremely bland.

    I actually like the overall lines of the exterior; I think the newer Mercs all have (generally speaking) good body lines. It’s the little details where they go horribly wrong.

    “Sweet, so we made a car with some gorgeous body lines… now let’s shove a lot of chrome-plated plastic bits EVERYWHERE! Ja, that sounds like a great idea!”

  7. Gragop says:

    @The Lee:

    The lines look as if they’re straight from the Maybach 57S and 62 – a brand I’ve never liked nor understood – why pay $150k to $200k more for an S Class?

    Regardless, I like the interior for it’s simplicity. I also like the Matte finished wood for the trim, something I’m glad to see back in the 7 Series. The interior appears to wrap more around it’s occupants than the wide expanses of space in current BMWs.

    The quad foglamps looks right off of an overdone Brabus model and the tail looks very uninspired and sort has a “oh shit, we need to finish up the model fast, throw on a quick rear” look to it.

    That said, Lee’s right. If I wanted that much chrome I’d go buy a 300C.

  8. miles says:

    i also hate scrunched up leather like in the doors..thats what toyotas and hondas have…what is that? it looks like the people were too lazy to stretch it out and make it look clean!

  9. The Lee says:

    That “scrunched” look is something BMW has been doing for the last decade or so. It’s actually a pretty highly sought-after door panel in the e34 world. I wouldn’t mind having a set myself if I actually cared enough to put forth the effort into finding them.

  10. miles says:

    @The Lee: idk they may look ok on some cars but to me they remind me of a honda odyssey. funny cuz my father had an e34 535i in the early 90’s and i dont remember it have those..huh

  11. miles says:


  12. Eric says:

    New E-class = FAIL. Unresolved and cheap looking exterior, square and old-looking interior. Where is the love here? Did no one care about injecting some passion into the design?

    5 series will continue to dominate for those who care about driving dynamics.

    At this point, I think Audi has a tremendous opportunity to steam MB’s sales. Audi will also struggle to get BMW owners into their cars b/c inferior handling, but MB’s customers will be looking for alternatives. Audi’s styling and build quality trump anything MB has to offer.

    • Cruisearp009 says:

      u wrote a bullshit here…..MB rockz…its latest models are far ahead than of BMW’s….interior and comfort is MB strong points…BMW lacks comfort…and interior qualty too

  13. E92-TORONTO says:


  14. The Lee says:

    That’s because if he had a 535i in the early 90’s, he didn’t have those. They didn’t introduce them until ’95.

  15. Gil says:

    Hrm… kinda not too exciting. Doesn’t make me drool, and doesn’t put it on my list of “what car I want to buy next year” type of thing. Whereas the Z4 is definitely on that list, and makes me drool…. heh heh.

  16. kodey says:

    umm C class anyone? cheap interior and exterior if this thing sells im going to be amazed looks just like the c class, on the outside any way.

  17. Gragop says:


    It’ll sell if only because of the star on the hood – never underestimate status seekers – and I say that not intending to insult Benz enthusiasts.

  18. Horatiu B. says:

    From what i can see, Mercedes is going retro with their interior. Some people like that and they love the 90’s interior design, but of course, there is the other younger crowd that doesn’t dig it.

  19. Gragop says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    That’s a good point, sort of looks like a 190E interior with a computer screen added in.

  20. Artmic says:

    Wow the interior looks like an Epic “FAIL”.
    the exterior looks like horrible, reminds me of the 97 E class which in my opinion looked like an ugly tank.

  21. Horatiu B. says:

    @Artmic: Apparently many MB fans love it. They like the retro kinda style. Honestly, look at BMW, they came out with some amazing interior designs lately, but they are still going back a bit with the same driver oriented approach.

  22. Josh B says:

    The same exterior as the current model with a few minor changes that non purists are likely to notice-(back lights) the front lights are a bit squerar and the interiour doesnt look M.B at all. The current E class has a fantastic interiour but not the new one. The current E-class is a clear winner. I am sure this one is not. Both BMW and Audi will release better cars and to be honest they need to. My dad had had the current E500 and loved it, much better then the 5er. (now he drives a 750Li :) I think Mercedes is taking advantage of their loyal custemers. Triking them into bying something which doesnt deserve the asking price. It will still sell well and M.B knows that. Hopfully they will sufer with this model.

  23. Lance says:

    Exterior: The front is rather squarely designed, but the side and rear is curved (flabby). So they don’t match. Actually the car does not look new, it looks dated already.

    Interior: Oneboring dull design, don’t know if it’s the picture clolour that contributed to that. But I must add that the current 5 Series interior is terrible with all those black pieces of plastic on the dash. So although this interior is not attractive compared to the new Z4, new7, X5 and X6, I would take the E’s interior over the current 5.

    Like some of you said, MB is targeting older people and maybe they like these styles that are not considered style any more by the majority, who are younger generations in our society

  24. nazam says:

    looks nasty i dnt undstand wat hapn to them

  25. Mike S. says:

    Looks nice enough to me, but the column shifter is a deal breaker. What was wrong with the shifter from the current car?

  26. sasa says:

    loks good and I like it……………..this is a good model of mercedes …………..

  27. osane says:

    am merc fan so as 4 me i like all mercs so ofcours mercedes is in the lead

  28. Matthew says:

    It`s a mistake the 523i will have 204 hp, the 525i won`t be sold for the new 5 series, the 528i 258 hp, the 535i 306 hp, the 540i won`t be sold and finally the 550i will have 407 hp.

  29. Mohammed says:

    E- class !!!!! Thanks to the new owners … just have another look and you ll get it clearer ..

  30. MOHAMMED FARIS says:

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………. WHAT A CAR. I LIKE THIS MODEL VERY MUCH.

  31. Luis says:

    Do you’ll really know about cars, the Mercedes E class is a chauffeur driven car. The BMW is a drivers car. So common people, think out of the box. Not everyone would like to hear your amateur opinions. The Mercedes E class has a classic design. It does not require high end curves. Curves are meant for Japanese car manufacturers. The Mercedes boasts pure class. Its interiors are very authentic with a 70’s or 80’s style. And many proud Mercedes customers like it. I am not saying the BMW 5 series is bad. But Mercedes cars mean a great deal to their respective lovers. So learn to respect the effort put into the development of the E class. After all the company does not squander thousands of dollars on R & D.


  32. Kenny Tz says:

    @Luis,,, Honestly speaking, when Mercedes come out with a new car EVERY SINGLE year..they are like a freaking Japanese brand, BMW atleast take the time to seat down and ask for opinions from their customers. Who in their “rich” right mind would go get a 50k Merc to be chauffeured? E-classes r cars ppl drive on their own unlike the S-Class which is considered an ok car to be chauffeured in.. My dad drives a Merc and we have had a few,,but dis 1,,he wudnt even look twice at!

  33. 2 smooth says:

    2 me better than the 5 series in looks by a mile, comfort luxery and quality. Buying a 5 series is definitely not on my list. But what bmw is doing right is the new 335is which is a pretty cool car. If not for me deciding to go with the e550 the 335is would have been it for me.

  34. Jay says:

    All BMW fans made their comment on BMW Blog obviously they gonna prefer 5 Series

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