BMW X5 in Vermillion Red color – an X6 color

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bmw x5 vermillon red

Back in November, Collin from BMW of Pleasant Grove sent an email in telling me that he was able to place an order for a …

bmw x5 vermillon red 498x373

Back in November, Collin from BMW of Pleasant Grove sent an email in telling me that he was able to place an order for a BMW X5 in Vermillion Red exterior paint. If some of you don’t know, the Vermillion Red is a color that is offered on the X6 models and it’s considered a Priority 1 option. 

This is probably one of the few, if not the only X5 in the US that is available in this beautiful red paint. Of course, my next question was if there was any extra cost associated with this order, and the answer was negative. 

For those of you unfamiliar with this program, Priority 1 options are not listed on brochures or configurators for US consumption, think of it as an “Individual Program” offered in Europe especially and where almost anything can be customized or changed. There are many Priority 1 options offered in the US across the BMW line-up. 

Priority 1 usually means that the vehicles was customized for a specific buyer as a “sold” car.

With this being said, let’s enjoy the photos Collin sent us and if you need more information about Priority 1 options or about this X5, feel free to contact him

Disclaimer: BMWBlog does not have any affiliation with the dealership mentioned here, we simply related some useful information.

More photos here

bmw x5 vermillon red 1 498x373



14 responses to “BMW X5 in Vermillion Red color – an X6 color”

  1. B- says:

    I love this color. That’s why I painted my 1975 2002 the same color!!!

  2. txdesign says:

    Would have loved my 1-series in that color. Sedona Red is just a bit too coppery for my taste.

  3. Marc says:

    @txdesign: I agree…they need to bring back Imola RED!!!!!

  4. BMW sales says:

    Much agreed, my favorite color on any BMW is Imola Red. And usually I’m not much of a red fan.

  5. E92-TORONTO says:



  6. Tim H says:

    Also saw one @ BMW Cleveland

  7. Josh B says:

    interesting… I like this idea of “priority 1” here in Australia we dont have any custemisation program such as that. The car on the floor is much the same as the car which is orderd, excluding the options. If you want an individual car you by the individual package.

  8. Josh C says:

    I’ve been wanting a red x5 since the new style came out in 07. Dealership said nope as soon as Dec. Thx for the info. I went in this monday, told dealership, they ordered one, priority 1 paint color option. x5 4.8i being built and will be delivered in mid Feb. Dealer had no clue that the vermillion red was available for x5’s. These pics look great. Can’t wait until it arrives next month!

  9. alfred says:

    I’ve been wanting a imola red x5 since it came on the 2006 x5. Is my favorite color and i want to have one of this on imola red 2009 but this color is not on this suv animore.I hope this color will came soon. I want to now if the new x5 will came in imola red?

  10. Iris Duncan says:

    I am about to get the 2009 X5 in Vermillion Red and will be selling a 2005 Imola Red X5 4.8 liter.

    If interested email me at

  11. George Tune says:

    Own a 2003 X5 in imola red and love it! Would also like to see color comeback in new X5 series.

  12. issam says:


  13. issam says:

    Look for the latest developments in the car 535

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