BMW vehicles to be introduced in 2009

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We are less than a week away from the beginning of a new year and I wanted to give you some heads up on what …

We are less than a week away from the beginning of a new year and I wanted to give you some heads up on what to expect from BMW in 2009. In January at the Detroit Auto Show we will be seeing for the first time the all new, redesigned, reinvented 2009 BMW Z4. Then just a couple of months later, March 2009, the Geneva Show will bring us some more exciting concepts from BMW: Progressive Activity Sedan, Concept eDrive, BMW Z4 Individual and Rolls-Royce EX102 Concept. 

I’m sure you’re wondering what the Concept eDrive is, but don’t worry, I’m here to help you out. The eDrive model will be an electric vehicle, either a 1 or 3 Series model and it will show the possibilities and BMW’s commitment for their Project i.  

Shanghai Auto Show will bring us the most powerful BMW 7 Series, 760Li, the high-end and highly expected 7er. The 7 Series line will be completed with the first 7er xDrive and 7 Series Hybrid.

Later in the year, the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS), production version, will be introduced at Frankfurt and around the same time, we will be seeing the Mini Crossover as well. 

The BMW X1 production version will be launched in 2009 as well, along with many models in the X line: X5 M, X6 M and X6 Active Hybrid

So, since I’m a tease today, I kept the best part for the end of this article. Remember this words: BMW Z Vision Concept.


This is a concept that will be introduced by BMW either at the Frankfurt Show or a bit later in Tokyo. Here is what sources close to BMW had to say about the Z Vision Concept:

Think of something with smaller proportions, but more modern or current styling of the Z8. This means headlights positioned on the corner of each front wings with a wide twin-kidney grille similar to the CS Concept but not as wide. No windscreen but a speedster style screen and a twin “individual cabin layout where the aluminium metal skin actually joins on to the dashboard separating the driver from the passenger.

All this but in a compact (1er based) platform with a very significant insignia on the front wheel arch – “eDrive.”

No V8 ,No Insane overload of power and excess. Vision-Z is all about relevance and sustainability and the progress of sports cars for the future.

And if I were to translate this, then I would say that the BMW Z2 is closer than we expected.

Overall, 2009 seems to be a great year for BMW and implicitly for us, we will have many models to cover and even more rumors to discuss. So, stay tuned and we will bring you the latest news.

Thanks to EnI and Scott27 for the information!

26 responses to “BMW vehicles to be introduced in 2009”

  1. Gil says:

    Hmm…. 7 Series with xDrive. That’s just too yummy!

  2. jkp says:

    Don’t understand why they’re messing around with the Concept EDrive, and not bringing us the sporty and fuel efficient 123d Coupe!

  3. Horatiu B. says:

    @jkp: Who knows what the future will bring, I think they’re trying to see first how the diesel engines are doing in the U.S

  4. Lawrence says:

    I cant wait to see these cars at the Philadelphia Auto Show in Feb. I’m looking forward to the 760Li and the Z vision concept. Thats why I cant wait until I’m finished school next year so I can get a beautiful Alpine White 760Li.

  5. rb says:

    I wonder if they are going to release the new 5-series in 2009 at the Frankfurt Auto Show or if they are going to wait until 2010.

  6. Matski says:

    Sounds great!

    I would guesstimate that the new 5er will be seen in less and less camo throughout the year, ready for an unveiling early next year – if they get they active hybrid technology right on the 7er (7 hDrive ? or 750ih ?) then maybe BMW could have a hybrid 5 ready as a launch model – that would be impressive in my opinion!!

    On the X M models…
    I think what engines they put in these beasts is one of the most exciting questions for 2009. I read here a while ago that BMW had filed xDrive55 as a name. I think the X M’s will have a TT engine (nothing new here) but if the badge says 55, and its a TT… that would indicate a true displacement of about 5 litres… which would mean, either a TT version of the N62B48 (X5 4.8i), or THE V10… and in another article here the spy photographers claim that the X6M has a noticeably higher pitch than the X5M… who knows?? maybe the xDrive55i tag will be reserved for the top end version of the PAS.

    The eDrive and Vision Z sound intersting concepts, but I always get more excited about unveilings of real prodcuts that will be on the market sooner rather than later. Although I am slightly confused.. will there be two separate concepts, or just the Vision Z (which will wear an eDrive badge anyway according to the article?)…

    .. okay I’m ranting now, but I do get quite excited by all this.. :)

  7. Matski says:

    oooh, I just realised the EX102 will be the ‘baby rolls’ (Silver Ghost?), I’m quite looking forward to that too :)

  8. Rich says:

    Any idea when we’ll see the 2010 E92 refresh next year?

  9. Horatiu B. says:

    @Rich: Not yet, but my guess is by summer we should see some test mules.

  10. BMW 650 says:

    I head there should come a new 650,is that true, be cause im not sure

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