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3-Series | December 21st, 2008 by 29
andrews pics 007 1600x1200

Nope this isn’t about The Who. I’ve written for this blog for the last few months and seen it grow tremendously in just that short …

Nope this isn’t about The Who.

I’ve written for this blog for the last few months and seen it grow tremendously in just that short of a span of time. I’m sure Horatiu is very proud to see so many regular readers and commenters on most of the posts. As such I thought it would be interesting to learn more about our readers as they’re the heart and soul of an enthusiasts site. I wanted to know what everyone drives, how diversified are the vehicles of our readers? How’d you get into BMW’s?

I’ll go first: I got into BMW’s as a kid as I grew up around them. My grandparents had an E32 740iL and then 2 E38 740iL’s before switching over to the E65, my uncle went through a number of 5 Series before settling on an E39 M5 so I became familar with BMW’s a very young age. After all of that exposure, I picked up my first BMW on May 8, 2002. It was 325i in Orient Blue with the Sports Package, Premium Package, Harmon Kardon sound system, Xenons, and, unfortunately, Steptronic. During the summer of 2003 I was driving back home from Asheville, North Carolina and went bombing down the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It was at that point I realized how much I loved BMW’s and was lucky enough to pick up another E46 in April 2005 – a Silver Gray 325Ci with Sport, Premium, Xenons and the best part: the 5-speed manual. I’ve included a picture, the quality isn’t great as I was playing with Dad’s SLR camera to see if I liked it or not but you get the jist.

andrews pics 007 1600x1200 498x331

Anyway, what about you guys? How’d you get into the Ultimate Driving Machines? What are you rolling in? I wanna hear it, regardless the year or model, whether it be an E36 318ti or Isetta, 2002 or E32. Let us know!

29 responses to “Who are you?”

  1. The Old Man says:

    Have always been into cars since I got my licence waaay back in 1962. Was fortunate to have had enough money by 1969 to get involved in muscle cars firsthand.. CJ’s Hemi’s, 6 packs, etc. Was deployed to Germany in the early 70’s, and had my firt taste of BMW’s and unlimited speed in the form of a 1970 2002 tii.. bright orange. Been a fan ever since.

    Went thru the family years, drove sensible cars and bought sensible houses (and the odd airplane). Since 1994, the daily drivers have all been 5 series, V8’s up till 2007 where I slipped into a first run E92. (Kids gone). Overal, it’s been my favorite daily commute, and odd track day car.
    Kinda looking forward to the new Z4 with the TT. We’ll see.

    btw, nice blog. good feel to it.

  2. BMWs and European Delivery have been present in my family since I was very young.

    I was lucky enough to attend University in München so naturally I purchased my first BMW there, from a family friend who owned Autohaus Augsburg, a large BMW Händler. It was a used 3er Series.

    That car met with an unfortunate end on the A1 near Amstetten so I then purchased a new 3er via the European Delivery Program since I was only to be in München for 9 more months. That way I had the car for about 8 months and sent all of my heavy books back in the trunk.

    Since then I have enjoyed a succession of BMWs, both in the 3er and 5er range. My 2008 550i in Carbonschwarz is one of my all-time favorites.

  3. andyffer says:

    i have a e90 325 and a e39 530
    my father had a e39 a few years back (when they were new) it was a 540.
    One of my neighbors has a stock e39 m5
    the other has a Dinan S3 e39 M5

    im surrounded!

  4. Auday says:

    Fell in love at 8 yrs old when I got a ride in my uncle’s friend orange 635csi E24. I’ve been a devoted BMW enthusiast since then. Currently I drive an E46 M3 06 Competition Package 6spd Manual Cinnamon on Carbon Blk(Carbonschwarz). I also have an 01 M-Roadster (S54 engine) 5spd, Blk on Blk, and 325is 95 E36.
    I’m also a disappointed and bitter BMW enthusiast, I absolutely hate where BMW is going in terms of driving fun and car styling, although the CS concept and the new Z4 got me back to the old days of love :)
    My next BMW will be an E30 M3, the car I always wanted but couldn’t justify, and if I found the treasure under the tree I will look for a good M1.

  5. Andys120 says:

    I’m Another child of the 60s and have long admired Bimmers, going back to the days of the 2002. I had several friends who had them but I was into two seaters then and by the time I was in the market for a back seat I felt that BMWs were just out of my reach financially.

    I’ve owned many enthusiast automobiles including a TR-4A, Fiat 124 Spider, GTO Convertible and a Mustang 5-liter and finally in 2004 I
    contracted Fiver Fever and decided to replace my Audi A4 Avant with an ’00 528iA.

    Compared to the more powerful BMWs my 528iA is just a German Buick but I think it’s just a fantastic car for day-to-day use. The “Blue Max” has 109,000+miles on and still runs like a train. I hope to have it for may more years and also acquire a 1-Series convertible or an E89 Z4.

  6. JPP says:

    I have been a BMW nut for about as long as I remember. I’m 24 and both of my parents have always loved them. Growing up we had E28 5-series when I was born. Later we had an E34 535i and 525it (Mom’s Car). After that it was an E39 528i and an E53 3.0i. I personally have had an E46 3-series sedan, and now drive an E36/7 Z3 3.0i. I truly fell in love when I got the E46 and it might still be my favorite all around car. The Z3 has been an absolute blast though, the 3.0i is a great engine for that car. It’s been rock solid with hardly a problem, and getting to go and experience BMW Roadster Homecoming for 4 straight years has been a real treat.

  7. Jose says:

    Bought my first BMW in the summer of 1999. It was a black E46 323ci. Since then I have owned a 325 XI and a couple of X3s. The only Bimmer left in my garage is a 1990 E30 M3 with 70k miles. I bought this car back in 2003 and have been enjoying it ever since.

  8. Gil says:

    My aunt and uncle (this was in mid-80’s, in Indonesia) had two 5-series, I was probably 10 years old, and the power antenna (yeah, I know…) provided me with endless hours of amusement. Up… down.. up… down. Didn’t really know much about cars at that age, but that power antenna sure was the coolest thing!

    Didn’t think more about luxury cars until I got older and was able to actually afford one. Test drove a CPO 528i and was instantly hooked and bought it. Then upgraded to a 740iL. Have also owned 2 Audi A6, didn’t like them, sold them. Now the current lineup consists of the 740iL, X3 3.0, MB S500 4Matic, and Lexus LX470. The 740iL remains my favorite for long-distance driving – to Canada and back and FL. It’s ever so great on the highway…

  9. roffle waffle says:

    first had a 318ti which I turned into a 332ti, and traded it for a 2003 z4 3.0. Had the z4 for 35k miles and 2 years, plan to keep it another 3.

  10. Horatiu B. says:

    Ok, my turn: drove a 318ti for a while, then I decided I’m mature enough to get an E46, 325i. Now, I’m a sucker for the twin-turbo engines, so I got another 3 Series, the 335i sedan.

    Next one? Not sure….I do like the X6…

  11. Neal Pratt says:

    I wanted to be the complete opposite of my brother when I was about 5, he was 11 at the time and head-over-heels in love with Dodge Vipers, which of course is a sports car. I asked my Mom what a “Fancy” car was, she replied “Mercedes and BMW”, that started my love affair. I have been obsessed with both brands since I can remember. I bought a 1998 BMW 328is (Hellrot & Beige) in May 2007 and have loved it so much. I plan on buying a 2006 BMW M3 Cabrio’ (Alpine White & Imola Red) in a couple of years and upgrading with Vorsteiner parts.

  12. Matski says:

    I always really liked the E24 635CSi, my mates dad had a new one at school and I always really liked it, my total obsession with Bimmers started there. The first BM I bought was an E28 528i Scwarz black with M535i style kit on it. I then was offered a Saphire Blue 635CSi, 1 owner low mileage for not a lot of money, so I bought that too, although it did, and several years later – still does need a lot doing to it to make it a minter. I also bought an E30 320i, which was a bit of a workhorse. These days I only have the 635 left. I do love most new BM’s but I’d never justify the cost when you look at some of the classics you can get for similar money… the next one I realy want to get will be a 6 series based Alpina (B7 Turbo :) )

  13. Lee says:

    My first BMW came in the form of an e30 325es a few years back. Great car, but it had a ton of miles on it before I got ahold of it. Lasted me about 6 months before it died for good.

    My second Bimmer was a 2002 M3, carbon black on black leather with a few added goodies (StopTech brakes, Active Autowerke exhaust, Pioneer AVIC-Z1 nav and whatnot…). Great car, but some road construction on one of the local highways ripped the subframe out of the back end of the car.

    My third (current and not likely to be my last) is an e34 touring I bought from my employer a couple months ago when my scooter was stolen by some asshats in a Nissan truck. It’s a 93 525i with a TON of miles (246k). It’s about to undergo an engine and transmission transplant, tossing out the m50 and POS slushbox in favor of an s50 and a 5-speed. The m50 will have an afterlife, though. It’s going to be torn apart for a turbo build, then it’ll go back into the wagon.

  14. Gragop says:

    @Lee: You must take pics…you must…we demand it.

  15. Lee says:

    Of what?

    (I can answer that question myself if you really want, but I promise you that’s not what you really want.)

  16. Gragop says:


    Dear god, the car man. The damn car!

  17. Lee says:

    Well, yeah… that’s what I was talking about. What did you think I was talking about?

    The wagon’s really dirty right now, so no pics until the weather thaws out enough for me to consider washing it (aka: consider having someone else wash it).

  18. BMW sales says:

    I blame my dad, he did this to me. His first was an e30 and then an e34. I took over the e34 when I turned 16 and purchased it from him…and I was hooked! Then moved to an e46, loved it, but wanted more oomph. Traded it in on an e90, which I enjoyed tremendously. At which point I made the transition into BMW Sales. Now I have an e70 and my old e34. Can’t get away from them, they are an addictive substance.

  19. adood84 says:

    Well my love affair started when I was 2 years ( as I was told by mom) and I’ve loved them since I ever can remember. I’m 24 my dad had a E21 3er, but what made me love BMW even was a a Red E30 325i coupe owned by uncle . I loved that car to death and I was only a couple years old. Since then I was hooked , it didn’t help that I saw a brand new 850 in black. I owned a MY2004 E46 318 coupe which I got brand new in 2003 after I had a lot of warranty issues with I traded it in after a year for a brand new MY2004 E46 318 cabrio which I owned since July 2004 up until last month when I sold it. Now I’ve got a 135i coupe on order which should arrive in April CAN’T WAIT :D

  20. Stephen Walton says:

    I remember going with my Dad to see a then-new 2002 (1973?) in our local BMW dealer’s showroom several times. He never bought one though. It took me 30 years and a succession of VW’s (GTI, Scirocco, Cabriolet, new Beetle turbo) to “move up” to a BMW. Still a huge VW guy too.

    Looking back on it now, he also took me to the Alfa Romeo dealer–thank God that experience didn’t “stick.”

    2006 e60: 525i
    1985 e28: 535is
    1986 VW Cabriolet

  21. BenC says:

    driving an ’04 e46. Awesome machine, fell in love with BMW ever since. I think i’ll drive it for another 2-3 years then switch it for the new BMW 3 series.

  22. George says:

    I drove a 1989 E30 318 and now I have a 116 5 door.

  23. Josh B says:

    I am 15 years old and i Love BMW’s. Since the age of 12 my parents were Mercedes-benz drivers, they went through a range of models. When the 6-series came out my mum fell in love with it but could not justify spending AUD$250,000 on a car. (she was driving a CLK) My mums CLK was a lemon-(roof) so she went to by another one but the car M.B was selling her for the same price included no options, and the car my mum currently had was full of options. So, pissed of she went to the local BMW dealership and orderd a stratus grey BMW 650 convertible. My mum has never been a car fan but she just absolotly loves her 6! she made my dad trade in his M.B for a 750LI individual. They both love their cars and i love BMW’s the most. Even my dad puts the 750Li in manual and floors it at the lights, smashing the other cars. Both cars hit 200km+ so easily, its dangerous!!! My dad has the new 750LI on order already-TWIN TURBO V8 :)

  24. Jon H says:

    I guess I can be considered one of the younger enthusiasts here, at the ripe young age of 20. I used to looooove mustangs, and thought they were the coolest, until one of my older sisters friends got one and took me for a ride in it. I was like….this is it? A raspy v6, oxcart suspension, and a dull plastic interior. No thanks, in 2002 my mom bought a bare bones euro-spec e46 325 black on black 5 speed. Thats pretty much when it started, but since I got my license at 17 it has really intensified. Just the feeling of rowing that shifter and revving the 2.5 to the redline made my spine tingle. I basically beat the crap out of my poor mother’s ride so in 2006 when the warranty was up she traded it for an e90 325i 6 spd, also black on black with sport trim. I drive it every chance I get and now she makes me pay for gas because she knows im not just going to the store for milk. I’ve driven a bunch of newer BMWs now and have enjoyed every second in each one of them. My girlfriend drives a brilliant blue 335 sedan and lets me get behind the wheel whenever im in the car, what bliss. I also had the great opportunity to drive an e92 M3 in florida before it was released for a breast cancer thing. SO SWEET.

  25. Horatiu B. says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Please keep going :)

  26. Eric says:

    Our first BMW in the family was around 1980, when my father bought a used 320i (model year 1977) – it was the sport model, 4-speed manual in a lurid shade of bright acid yellow, with gold BBS rims and black velour recaros. It was loud and tempermental and downright dangerous in the wet (dad spun it into a ditch once in the rain). I was about 8 and I LOVED that car.

    From there he strayed to Mercedes (much to my chagrin) but came back to BMW in 1989 and bought an E34 535i 5-speed. To this day, I think it’s one of the best-looking Bimmers ever. Years later I was lucky enough to inherit the car, and I’ve been a loyal BMW fan ever since.

    I had an E36 M3, followed by an E46 M3, and now drive an E92 335i. Meantime, my father has had an E38 740i, first-generation X5, and now has the latest X5.

    I’ve always loved the consistency of the cars – the perfectly fluid controls, the firm damping, and steering and throttle response. My only quibble with the latest models is the heavy weight – the cars lack the purity of the cars from the 80s/90s.

  27. Mike D says:

    I’ve been a car nut since I was a little kid. I developed an affinity for car brochures at age 6 after my parents bought a new 1976 Oldsmobile and gave me the literature they collected during their car shopping adventures. It was kind of like the moment an addict tries their drug of choice for the first time … I was no longer in control … :)

    I still collect brochures, and have around 20,000 pieces. There aren’t many brochures offered in the U.S. since 1980 I don’t have. European brochures, though, were (and are) always among my favorites … something about the smell and feel of the paper, and the level of quality and detail in the design of the pieces.

    BMW brochures have always held a special appeal for me because of the extensive information they provide … especially since the mid 90s when the specs and features included in the brochures were greatly improved, and colors and trims were shown in greater detail. I have every BMW brochure offered in the U.S. since 1987, and quite a few dating back to ’81.

    When I was old enough to drive, I started buying cars. I’ve had a weird assortment of every day cars … ’67 Buick; ’76 Toyota Celica; ’80 VW Rabbit diesel; ’87 VW Fox; ’92 Hyundai Elantra; ’93 Hyundai Elantra; ’95 Mazda Protege; ’97 Geo Tracker 4-door (don’t ask me why!); ’99 Hyundai Sonata; ’01 Hyundai Sante Fe; ’02 VW Jetta GLX VR6; ’03 Mitsubishi Montero (the big one); ’03 Saab 9-3 Arc; ’03 Mercedes C230; ’04 Honda Accord V6 coupe; ’05 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/HEMI; ’06 Hyundai Sonata; ’06 BMW 330xi; ’07 BMW X3. Then there’s been the toys … ’57 Cadillac Fleetwood (all original w/60k miles and every option); ’58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham (stainless steel top); ’93 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (rear-drive); ’76 Buick Park Avenue.

    Doubt our garage will have anything other than BMWs from here on out. They’re just, well, special. A convertible will be joining the fleet in the next year or two … a new Z4, 135i drop-top, or possibly a used M3 or 6-series. Might need to give in to a first-generation, V12 750i at some point too, just ’cause I can …

  28. Brad says:

    When I turned 16 my grandpa bought me a 2000 hyundai Elantra, (2004.) When I turned 18 I got on the hybrid kick and picked up an 02 Prius because that was what Larry David drove. Then around 2005, I picked up a brand new loaded Prius. In 2006, I traded it for a C class mercedes. He passed away just after that, and I felt guilty because I never told him about the Mercedes. Somehow I ended up with a Buick Rendezvous (worst car I ever owned.) Bought an 06 Prius, and love/loved it. I just gave it to my parents for Christmas and bought an ’06 BMW 330i. I tried every luxury car that is about the c-class 300 series size, and there was no beating the 330 (with manual gearbox.) I hated the first one I drove, it was an automatic. I decided after seeing all the other cars, I’d give it one more try. I told them I might want to do some track events, and to give me one with a stick. SO, I tried it out and fell in love. When we got back, I told the guy to get started with the paperwork. He said something about starting the loan papers, and I told him I had my checkbook. :P HE was surprised because I’m 22. I work for my family though and do pretty well. I have no real expenses and was ready to take on the extra fuel $. Well, gas came down, and much to my surprise its fairy easy to pull off 30mpg in that beauty! If I drive like a total maniac I am still getting an average of 25. SO much more fun than a prius. It is like it is a glove when I put it on. I can’t even explain it. The best part of all, is when my friends notice the headlights turning when I turn the wheel. That gets them every time. I love the handling. Well.. I’ll stop because I could honestly go on all day about this car.

  29. janus says:

    I wish to be like all you guys in the future in owning my own bmw. I’m 23 and i’ve been obsessed with the brand ever since, I have images of the x5 all around my desktop and on my phone. when it comes to cars all what i see are bmw’s. My maxim is you don’t have a car if it’s not a bmw. I believe gods drive bmw’s. I can remember this day a tourist parked an x5 by my house and i sat in my balcony for the entire night just staring at the 07 x5. when i saw the first bmw x6 on my island (st.lucia) i nearly fainted. My good bmw friends, you simply can’t compare a bmw with any other cars it’s a crime.

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