Is this the BMW CS Concept/8-Series/GT ?

Spy Photos | December 16th, 2008 by 13
cs 1 Is this the BMW CS Concept/8 Series/GT ?

November 4th represents the day when BMW fans’ hopes to see a hig-end luxury car were shuttered by BMW. The highly-acclaimed and admired CS Concept …

November 4th represents the day when BMW fans’ hopes to see a hig-end luxury car were shuttered by BMW. The highly-acclaimed and admired CS Concept was officially cancelled by BMW’s Board of Directors due to financial reason and the current economical climate. 

Even though the project received the axe, we did learn that the CS Concept might make its return in the future, most likely as under the Rolls-Royce brand. The CS Concept was rumored for months to take on different name conventions, starting with CS, then the revival of 8 Series or even GT. 

cs 2 498x331 Is this the BMW CS Concept/8 Series/GT ?

The fellows at Autobild spotted two photos of what it seems to be a model based on the new 7 Series but with some differences, especially on the front-end.

EnI, a member of Germancarzone, as someone close to BMW, confirms that the CS Project is still going on, but most likely, it will emerge as a baby Rolls-Royce. 

I was told although BMW GT project had been ready to begin the initial testing when BMW Board of Directors decided not to offer this car under BMW but under RR badge. Of course RR design is far from being ready; the design process has just begun … But the BMW-like CS prototypes are starting the testings as scheduled – until RR design is ready. 

cs 1 498x331 Is this the BMW CS Concept/8 Series/GT ?

What’s certain at this point is that BMW has not completely erased the CS out of their Road Map and the state of the economy will dictate their future plans. We can only hope now!

[Source: BMWToday ]

13 responses to “Is this the BMW CS Concept/8-Series/GT ?”

  1. adood84 says:

    it would make sense to offer it under RR , for it to compete against the Lambo and Austin new cars . This will allow them to ask more for it I guess because I’m sure the Lambo and Austin will cost alot

  2. Gragop says:

    My money is that it’s some sort of GT platformed BMW. It would make sense to be based on the 7 Series architecture as it will likely be a very large car.

    What’s also strange is the awkward paneling on the hood used to hide it as well as there being no moonroof.

  3. vc says:

    5 series ???

  4. Auday says:

    How does it make sense to move a car that is supposed to be the flagship of BMW a revival of the old 6 and 8 series, a GT category, driver oriented car to a a brand that is mostly known for owners sitting in the back seat and being isolated from the road (not to mention getting anyfeed back from it).

    Basically the way I see it is either the CS concept has no concept what so ever and could easily change from a GT to Luxury Chariot, or BMW is going to polute the RR brand with a sport car and deny the BMW brand it’s right to have a flagship.

    Ok, this does not make sense what so ever, and you guys should say loudly that those rumors make no sense, this article looks very short sighted to me.
    The Baby Rolls is been under developement for years and its mule pictures have been around for over a year. The image here has nothing to do with the CS, with the baby RR, or any GT/8series car. It looks like a 7 with some mods, the new 5 maybe, or anything else other than the big statement this article is making.

  5. Gragop says:


    Looking at the length and rear doors I’m guessing it’s a long-wheel base 7 that’s acting as a testbed for something of similar size. This is definitely way too big to be a 5, even the new 5.

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    @Auday: The point of the article is that the CS Concept project is still going and it’s unclear when, where and how the concept will come out.

    As far as the baby RR, I think we’re talking about something else, since I head the RR design is not even finalized yet, meaning…final version hasn’t been chose.

    I think Grapop is right, they’re using this platform to test something else and they are definitely hiding something. Look how only the front-end is covered.

    And here what my closing statement was:

    “What’s certain at this point is that BMW has not completely erased the CS out of their Road Map and the state of the economy will dictate their future plans. We can only hope now!”

    I should have said: RUMOR ALERT!!

  7. Giom says:

    Could this be a big 7 series coupe? Since it’s obviously a mule, and that nose is very low…

    What ever it is, I’m real glad to see some mistery from BMW. There’s nothing attractive about a ‘safe’ car manufacturer. After the Z4, I’m real hopefull!

  8. Gragop says:

    @Giom: yeah, i think it’ll be attractive.

    If it’s a big 7 coupe then that makes it the 8 Series – or something comparable in today’s terms. As a said earlier, odds are a suspension, subframe, engine, and drivetrain could all be worked out on a testbed F01 7 Series as a means of preliminary testing before a full test mule was built. Odds are we’re seeing that, especially with the camo-clad hood and no sunroof on the 7 we see here…unless they’re testing a new hybrid 7?

  9. Giom says:


    Agree with you, I do. However, a hybrid would have a bigger nose.

    Maybe this is a new Aston Martin test mule. Maybe BMW is going to buy AM… I’m sorry, not April first yet…

  10. Gragop says:


    Yeah…we’re not that lucky – and I’d hate for Bangle to get his hands on the current gorgeous Aston line-up.

  11. Giom says:


    Astons are beautifull cars indeed! But they havn’t changed design lingo in a long long time. If they don’t come up with a fresh approach soon, history will repeat itself. The Rapide is same old same old (though beautifull), but very predictable.

  12. Matski says:

    Okay so I’m putting 2+9 together and getting 5.6 but….

    M3 Saloon had “new” nose (it was the coupe one, but it still unique for a 3-er saloon)

    X5M will (rumour) have the front end styling of the X6…

    BMW has new Twin Turbo M power engine (rumour) with lots of torque and power for hauling round big-ass SAV/SAC’s

    …. sooo ….

    put all that in the blender…. and you get an M7. A 500+bhp Twin Turbo V8 7 series with a unique CS style front end to differentiate it from the standard 7-er. Would be more expensive than the 7 and therefore rule out sale-dilution from the rest of the 7 series line-up….

    … just a theory.

  13. Gord says:

    V12 7 series ?

    Aren’t there already spy pics of the RR4 ?

    And I read something that the flagship V12’s would get some different styling to separte itself from the V8’s and diesels.

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